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"Boy Clad in Green"

Boy Clad in Green: A Majora's Mask Story

By: Kokeshi088

Told from Narissa’s Point of View, then Majora, the Mask Dude, and then back to Narissa’s POV. Don’t ask about the mask dude… Remember, this poem all started as a dream. Eeep. Makes you feel sorry for Majora.

Narissa’s Point of View

So long ago,

Once a man,

Together we walked,

Hand in hand.

But we will never

Meet again.

At nighttime’s quiet,

The shining moon,

A boy who was mistaken…

Thy sword sliced my skin,

Altogether too soon…

I watched my love in pain,

This boy of light,

Saw me,

And the light appalled.

I fell,




My spirit rests uneasily.


You cried for days,

Your love turned to hate.

As to establish our love,

In the moonlit night,

You sealed yourself within

The Mask of Majora.

Majora’s Point of View

Without you,

Creeping shadow,

Soft whispers in the night.

The silv’ry moon shines,

Yet I cannot touch you again.

The love which bound us,


In the silence of the shadow.




It cannot go hand in hand.

My desires for you,

In turn fueled the desires of others…

The lightning streaks the sky,

The clocktower bell chimes,

The night is most uneasy.

In the body of a skull kid,

Unimportant he may be,

Fulfilled my need to destroy

The town of that merciless boy.

The moon to fall,

In exactly seventy-two hours’ time.

The destruction on the city,

My mission sublime.

Yet I was stopped,

By the light that killed thee,

On that last hour,

The bell chimes,

The boy clad in green…

The Mask Salesman’s Point of View

To return which was stolen,

That was my hope,

In three days’ time.

That green clad boy,

Funny hat and all,

Bravely insured

The peace of Termina.

That Mask,

Lo! The Mask of Majora!

You escaped me again!

Your evil most viscous…

You cannot touch me,

My desire too simple for thee,

To simply sell masks,

It is my high-wire act!

Traveling abroad,

Oh Majora, you fool,

You think you can outwit,

The Courage of the Boy;

Clad in Green!

Narissa’s Point of View (Again!)

The Boy,

Has he returned?

The child in dark emerald,

His eyes so true,

Yet he wishes

To destroy you.

Alas! Once you are gone,

My spirit remains,

Crying for love of you.

Show the world your sadness,

Teardrops from the moon,

On that night,

Of which I was doomed.

Three days on the dot!

Three days on the clock!

Three days until end,

It is soon.

The boy,

Sword in hand,

Bravely marched up to you.

He thinks only of good,

Of a world so black and white,

In which he is good,

And of which you are evil.

Has he been in love?

Has he felt your pain?

Does he know why,

Thou hast sealed within,

That terrible Mask of Majora?

I cry out,

My tears non-existent,

I bid thee farewell.

My love,

If only,

I could see you again.

You were brilliant,

Strong, yet quiet.

You stayed by my side

Till the end.

The world created,

Once a mask is worn,

Your magic was powerful,

A power so divine,

Yet our happiness,

Turned to the end.

The boy of light,

A mistaken encounter,

Your tears,

My love,

Together we smiled,

Our happiness short-lived.

It all ends,


I still cry in the night,

Your power is fading.


Don’t give up on me,

This is the last time we meet

The Boy Clad in Green.

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