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“…And Still, I Wait”

…And Still, I Wait

By: Aziera

Once so young,

once so free,

once so undefined.

Every chance left in the world

was taken from behind.

A traitor now, the Desert Man,

was leading you away

from all your highest hopes and dreams.

And when Fate stopped to set you down,

a hero, you would be.

As Destiny does give no choice, you'd be forced to survive

a reign of terror, drought of love,

a world of evil, no more.

But when you fought the traitor last,

the Hero of Time shown forth.

Even as I think of you,

tears still fill my eyes,

for it was you, the one I love, who saved my kingdom from demise!

...And still I wait, one day the queen,

but now, already greatest fool of pride.