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“Alone, on the Edge of the World”

Alone, on the Edge of the World

By: Clayton

As I stare in the field, the sun shines high,

it's life-giving rays bounce off the water into my eye.

I hear the voices and laughter echo through the air,

my loneliness is something I can't bare.

I watch time go by, from day to night,

while I hold back my tears with all my might.

My fragile soul can only take so much,

all I ever wanted was a friendly touch.

Alone in this ranch, only my dad and me,

and not another soul, for as far as the eye can see.

That's all I can take, and I can't take no more,

I'll bleed myself till I hit the floor.

Then the thought of my father wafts into my mind,

and how he's always been so kind.

Do I really want to leave him all alone,

leaving him to cry on my dress, that my mother's sewn?

I couldn't do that to my father, I love him to much,

and this feeling for friendship, I use as a crutch.

I have the true love of my dad to help me get by,

Now that I think about it, this house is as pigsty.

I love my dad with all my heart,

so he's the reason I could never depart.