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"Zelda's Sleepover Party III"

Zelda's Sleepover Party III

By: Chibi Sakura

(all the males are at Zelda's swimming pool, while the girls get ready)

Link: What the heck are they doing in there?!

Rauru: (does a few stretches) Link, my child please wait. Do not be so demanding.

Ganondorf: I'm gonna show Nabooru my cannon ball!

Darunia: Guys, I don't mean to be rude, but I brought a video game and you can't play it if you're gonna get into anything sexual...

Ganondorf: Whaaaaaaaat?! I'm only telling you that I'm gonna show-off my superb cannon ball!

Darunia: Seeeeee?! You're doin' it again!

Ganondorf: (tries to ignore Darunia) Maybe I'll call it a Ganon-fall instead...

Darunia: That's it!

Everyone: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

Darunia: Shut-up!

Everyone: Okay....

Darunia: This is for being sexual... (bonks Ganondorf on the head with a noodle)

Link: Darunia, what's your game called?

Darunia: (stops bonking Ganondorf) Wait and see!

Meanwhile in the girls change room...

Zelda: Look at my bathing suit! (puffs out her chest to show-off a blue bathing suit that says:) I'm an angel!

Saria: You're not an angel!

Zelda: This is true.

Saria: Look at my suit! (shows-off a bright pink swim suit with a picture of Hello Kitty)

Everyone: Aaaaaawwwwww! That's so cuuuuuuuuuuute!

Saria: (blushes) Oh it's not that cute.

Nabooru: Look at mine! (shows off a black and orange striped swim suit)

Everyone: So?

Nabooru: (sighs) Well, at least I think it's pretty.

Everyone: No duh!

Ruto: I forgot my suit! (looks around wildly)

Everyone: You're a Zora! You don't need a swim suit!

Ruto: (blushes) I knew that.

Everyone: Yeah-right!

Impa: Mine is the best! (shows-off an iron bikini)

Everyone: Whooooooa!

Impa: Well, we are all done. Now let's go!


Link: It's about time! (girls come out of their changing room)

Ganondorf: (climbs onto the diving board) Watch me do a cannon ball, Nabooru! (does a cannon ball into the pool)

Nabooru: (sighs) That was nice Ganondorf...

Rauru: That's nothing! (does a belly flop into the pool, but because of his own weight, he emptys the entire pool)

Everyone: Rauru!!!!!!!!

Rauru: Oooooooooops???????

Zelda: Well, at least we all got wet enough to say that we got wet.

Darunia: Let's play my video game!

Zelda: We'll meet in the entertaiment when we're done getting changed.

Everyone else: Right!

In the entertiament room...

Impa: What's your video game called, Darunia?

Darunia: It's called: Conker's Bad Fur Day! For N64.

Saria: Is it scary?

Link: No, Saria.

Darunia: How do you know?

Link: I read about it on

Darunia: Oh.

Link: And Conker's B.D.F. is for people aged 17 or older.

Impa: C'mon, Saria. Zelda has a SNES in her room. You can play one of her games. (takes Saria to Zelda's bedroom)

(suddenly a voice comes out of nowhere)

Voice: Behold! I am Chibi Sakura! I will pause your party to leave an author's note!

Zelda: Only if you join the party after.

Chibi Sakura: Oh alright! (sighs) Here is my author's note:

Author's Note: www. is a real web site. I've seen it with my own eyes, so you can check it out. And what it said about Conker's Bad Fur Day is true- trust me, I played it at my friend's house. So if you aren't a big fan of bloody violence, and lot's of swearing, I suggest that you skip this part. So when it's over, I'll leave a line with this symbol *. But if you're gonna read the part, remember that I warned you, so don't flame me. But I won't put too many mature parts in, just in case you're under the age 17. - Chibi Sakura

(unpauses the party)

Chibi Sakura: Well, I'm joining the party, just like I promised.

Zelda: Good for you.

Darunia: Can we play the game now?

Link: Wait! Chibi Sakura is only 10 years old!

Chibi Sakura: I played this game before.

Darunia: I'll test you with three questions to prove it!

Chibi Sakura: Okay! (Who Wants to Be a Millionare music starts to play)

Darunia: What's the name of Conker's girlfriend?

Chibi Sakura: Berri.

Darunia: Right. How do you defeat the cave man?

Chibi Sakura: Pull down his pants and bite his butt.

Darunia: Right again. Question three: Where does the lava monster say he'll shove Conker's head?

Chibi Sakura: Up his butt!

Darunia: Correctomundo! You can play!

Chibi Sakura: Yaaay!

Zelda: Let's play!

Everyone: Yaaaay!

Darunia: (plugs in Conker's B.D.F into the Nintendo 64) Look at this ! This part is funny! (Conker cuts the N64 N in half with a chain saw and replaces it with the Rare Ware logo)

Link: Hahahaha! Conker sure has a lot of nerve to do that!

Chibi Sakura: Hey! Let a video game super-freak play! (picks up a controller) Now watch the action!

Link: What are we gonna do?

Chibi Sakura: Let's play: The Raptor Game!

(on the screen, Chibi Sakura is controlling Conker who is riding on his raptor)

Link and Nabooru: Not even I could do that!

Chibi Sakura: Watch this! (bites the cave man's butt for the third time. The cave man reveals his secret that he has a small '' willy" and runs away.)

Chibi Sakura: Hah hah! (a movie scene plays, showing a very big cave woman)

Ganondorf: I'd like to ask her on a date!

Chibi Sakura: It's not over yet! (Conker says good-bye to the raptor and then Chibi Sakura makes him go see the cave girl. Another movie scene plays where Conker says good-bye to the cave girl, who's name is Jugga)

Darunia: That was cool!

Chibi Sakura: Let's play a Heist game now! (chooses a game with Conker in the war against the Teddiz) Oh-no! That Teddy cut my tail! (blood comes out of Conker's tail) He's gonna pay! (shoots the Teddy with Conker's gun, and saves Private Rodent)

Link: Nice move, C.S.!

Chibi Sakura: I'm getting bored of this one. Let's play something else. ( chooses a game where Conker has to fight a big alien )

(on the screen, a movie scene is showing the mad scientist getting sucked into space)

Scientist: S---! No no no stop s---!

(next , there is a movie scene where Conker is about to get killed by the alien, but the game freezes on purpose. Chibi Sakura makes Conker choose a ninja sword from a weapon rack that appears, and in three seconds after she gets the weapon, the alien unfreezes and she makes Conker chop off the aliens head with the ninja sword and the alien's guts fly all over the screen)

Everyone: Wow! Nice move, Chibi Sakura!

Chibi Sakura: Wanna see something cool?

Everyone: Yeah!

(Chibi Sakura goes to a mini game where you have to rob a bank)

On the screen...

Boss: Okay, wise guys, here's the scoop. We're gonna rob the Federation Bank at O eight hundred hours. Anyone not there is a mother's f-----.
(Chibi Sakura gets a bazooka and starts blasting the enemy robbers who wanna get the money)

Chibi Sakura's Guy : (blows up an enemy robber) Sprayed his ass everywhere. (takes the money)
(after awhile, C.S. finishes and wins)

Darunia: That was great Chibi Sakura!

Chibi Sakura: Thanks. (wipes her hands) Umm, can we do something else, 'cause my hands are really sweaty.

Link: (turns off the game) Sure.

Zelda: Let's watch music videos on the computer!

(everyone is sitting at the computer)

Chibi Sakura: Let's listen to Kids in America. (plays the music video)

Ganondorf: This song rocks! Who sings it ?

Chibi Sakura: Len. I love Len. My favorite song that he's done is: Steal My Sunshine.

(suddenly the screen freezes)

Rauru: Do not worry. I'll fix it. (raises his fist)

Everyone else: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Rauru: Hi-ya! (punches the computer, but accidently breaks the monitor. The computer makes a couple of weird sounds, blows a fuse, then shuts down completely)

Everyone besides Rauru: Raaaaaaauruuuuuuu!!!!!!

Rauru: I was just trying to be helpful...

Link: Well, you haven't been very helpful. You broke the stereo, almost killed Impa, emptied the pool, and broke the computer. We can do better without you. (kicks Rauru out of the party)

Zelda: Pheew! Now that that's over, I better put up this sign on the door. (puts a sign on the room's door that says: Big, fat, old party poopers not allowed!!)

Nabooru: Well, what can we do now?

Chibi Sakura: Say good-bye to me. (walks into a beam of light and vanishes)

Link: Well, this is the last Zelda's Sleepover story, but don't worry. I'm sure that Chibi Sakura will be working on something else. Good-bye.

The End!
But where are Saria and Impa?