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“Zelda’s Sleepover 2”

Zelda’s Sleepover 2
By: Chibi Sakura

(everyone is sitting in Zelda's entertaiment room )
Ruto: Look, Link! It's Nick Carter! He looks a lot like you!

Link: Ruto, I don't look like Nick Carter! And he doesn't look like me!

Ruto: Can you sing? Nick can sing! Can you sing huh huh huh? Can ya, Link?

Link: No I cannot sing. I do not look like Nick Carter!

Ruto: Nick has a little brother! Do you have a little brother, Link?

Link: (punches Ruto) I cannot sing. I do not look like Nick Carter. I do not have a little brother. I am nothing like Nick Carter!

Saria: And we all live in the house that Jack built.

Link: What?

Saria: You should've paid more attention in nursery school.

Link: Oh.

Nabooru: Look, guys! I brought a video!

(Everybody groans and crashes to the floor)

Zelda: Sorry, Nabooru. I've got a movie (smiles at Saria) that everyone can watch.

Saria: (twiddles her thumbs nervously) Um, Zelda? Is this movie scary?

Zelda: (smiles again) No. It's scare-free.

Saria: (wipes her forehead) Whew. That's good.

Ganondorf: (looks at the movie cover and frowns, but then he looks at Saria and grins evily) Saria! Zelda's lying! The title is: Scream 3!

Saria: (her eyes go wide and leaps off her seat) Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!

Impa: (slaps Ganondorf on the back of his head) Stop, you jerk, or I'll kill you!

(everyone stares at everyone at Impa and their jaws drop)

Impa: (Grins sheepishly and blushes) Uh, oops?

Rauru: I'm ashamed of you, Impa. (hangs his head)

Impa: (draws her knife) Do you wanna make something out of it, fat boy?

Rauru: Let's end this.

Impa: Bring it on!

Rauru: Hiiiiii-yaaaaaa! (does a belly-flop onto Impa and wins instantly)

Impa: Ugh. I have fallen.

Rauru: (does a victory pose) Ha-ha! The Great Rauru strikes again!

Darunia: (pulls Rauru out of the room by the ear) Come on, Rauru, let's get you some warm milk.

Zelda: Saria, you have nothing to worry about. I got a funny kids movie called: Chicken Run. (shows Saria the cover)

Saria: That's good.

Ganondorf: Whaaaaaat? I saw Chicken Run and it scared me! (dashes out of the room)

(everyone laughs)

Link: Wah-ha-ha! Ganondorf can watch and R rated movie like Gladiator, but he's scared of a kids movie like Chicken Run!

(everyone laughs)

Nabooru: Hee hee hee! Ganondorf is such a chicken! But don't tell him that, he might wet his pants!

(everyone laughs)

Ruto: Ganondorf is a " chicken" when he watches a chicken movie! Get it? Ganondorf is a chicken and he ran away from the movie Chicken Run!

(Everyone scratches their heads)

Ruto: Whaaaat? Nabooru said, like, the exactlly same thing!?

Link: It's not funny when you say it.

Ruto: (starts to cry) Oh, Link! How can you say that to your one true love?

Link: (punches Ruto) For the last time, Ruto! I'm not your boyfriend!

Nabooru: Then who is your real girlfriend?

Link: (blushes a very deep red)

Everybody else: Yes?


Zelda: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Whoooooooooooooopeeeeeeeeee! ( starts doing back-flips )

Saria: Hah-hah! Linky has a girlfriend! Linky has a girlfriend!

Impa: Now now, Saria. That's not a good habit to get into.

Saria: I'm sorry, Impa. Sorry, Link.

Link: That's okay.

Zelda: Now for the movie.

(the movie plays, everyone laughs, everyone crys at the sad part when a chicken gets its head chopped off, and then after an hour and a half later the movie ends)
Nabooru: That was a good movie, Zelda. Nice choice, couldn't have done it better myself.

Saria: Aaah. A movie the wasn't scary!

Link: But it ain't no Gladiator!

Ganondorf: (peeks his head into the room) over...yet?

(everyone nods their heads)

Impa: (yawns) Let's go to sleep... (dozes off)

(everyone goes into their sleeping bags and drifts off to sleep)

Link: Don't worry, there will be another...Zelda's Sleepover....soon....and it will include more....insanity....