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“Zelda’s Sleepover V”

Zelda’s Sleepover V

By: Chibi Sakura

Author's Note: I have added three new characters: Majora's Wrath, Giant Popcorn Kernel (special thanks to GOKU and NateTheWorm for these suggestions) and the Humor Queen...Misty Margera! Also, the kernal only speaks in pops, so the translation will appear between * *.

(everyone is at Zelda's swimming pool)

Link: How come we have to have another pool party?

Zelda: It's a welcomming party for John, Misty Margera, Majora's Wrath and Giant Popcorn Kernal!

Link: Oh God...

(Chibi and John appear with the three new guests)

Chibi: HELLO!

John: Sup?

Majora's Wrath: Greetings.

Giant Popcorn Kernal: Pop pop pop *hi hi hi!*

Saria: Eeeeeeeek! More guests!!! (runs around the pool)

Misty Margera: Wazzzzzzup?!!!

Nabooru: Who invited her?

Chibi: Me!

Nabooru: Fine.

Darunia: Can we go into the pool now?!

Impa: Maybe.

Darunia: MAYBE?! You have to give me a better answer now!

Impa: Maybe.

Zelda: Stop it, Impa...or I'll make you wear a pink bikini!

Impa: Pink bikini? That's my worst nightmare!

Saria: (finally stops running) I like the color pink. Look at my bathing suit! (shows off her Hello Kitty bathing suit)

Nabooru: Yes, yes. We see, Saria.

Ruto: Let's go in!

Darunia: OK. (walks into the changing room)

Ruto: Into the pool, you idiot son of a dog's mom!

Darunia: Oh. (walks out)

Ganondorf: (belly flops into the pool) Yipeeeee! (evil laugh) Now I will dominate this side of the pool by peeing in it! Bwa ha ha ha! (pees)

Zelda: Eeew... Why'd you do that, Ganon?

Link: Because he's Ganondorf.

Saria: Eeeeeeek! Jaws might be in the pool!

Misty M: And you're telling us this now 'cause....?

Saria: I might get eaten if I go in there!

Chibi: OK...who let Saria watch Jaws?

Ganondorf: (raises his hand) I did.

Everyone: GANON!!!

Saria: (whimpers) I'm going in. (runs to the changing room, but slips and falls into the pool)

GPK: Pop pop! *oh no!*

MW: SSssssaria fell.

MM: I'll save her with my...*dun dun dun* LIFEGUARD SKILLS!!!

Chibi: Misty's a lifeguard?

MM: Of course I am! I played the guest on the last episode of Babe Watch!

John: I can't watch. (covers his eyes)

MM: (sings her life guard theme song) Misty! Misty! The best lifeguard in the whole freakin' world! Saving leaves and garbage and cute little girls! (jumps into the water)

Saria: Save me! Save me! Jaws'll get me! Eeeeeeeek!

MM: (swims in slow motion) *talking in slow motion* Iiiiii'lllll saaaaavvvve yyyyoooooouuuuuu.....! (does a slow motion jump onto Saria and lifts her out of the water)
Yaaaa-aaaaaah! (jumps onto the edge the pool in slow motion, the slips and falls in again)

John: That, if I may comment, was very messed up.

Impa: (lifts Misty and Saria out of the water) The things I do for a paycheck...

Saria: Thank-you, Misty Margera! I'm forever in your debt!

Impa: *grumbling* I save her, and what do I get? Nothing! I'm leaving and not coming back until the next sleepover!

Link: Uh...Impa...after this, there probably won't BE another sleepover.

Impa: Oh well! I never had any funny lines anyway... (does that flash n' disappear thing)

GPK: Pop, pop pop pop pop pop.  *well, that's the end of that*

MW: Yesssssss....

Saria: Let's *eeeek* go *eeeeeek* in!

People who didn't get wet: But we didn't get wet!

Saria: *eeeeeek* So?

John: Good point. Let's go in everybody. (goes to the changing room)

Everybody but John: OK. (follows John)

Saria: (walking behind) Howcome nobody listens to me?


Chibi: Since this might be the last Zelda sleepover, whaddaya say we do some ka-ree-o-kee?

Darunia: OK! It'll be swell!

Impa: But who will go first?

Chibi: How about the order of who's coolest?

Darunia: But Impa, Ganondorf, and Saria and I don't know which one of us will be last.

Chibi: Bah...fuck the idea then. We'll just go in good ol' guests first, veterans last, with the exception of me of course.

Misty: I'll be singing a song I made up for Bam Margera! Here goes:
Bam! Bam! Bam bam! Bam bam! Baaaaaam Margera! Who's name starts with a B? Bam Margera! Who's name has two Rs? Bam Margera! Who's name has only one E? Baaaaaaaaam Margera!

John: I will be singing the DBZ theme song! Here goes: Dragon dragon ball! Dragon ball z! Dragon dragon ball! (theres a big pauses where it's just music) Dragon Ball Z!!!!

Chibi Sakura: I'll go next because if it wasn't for me, you'd never have these sleepovers! I'll be singing my special "stuff" song. Ahem:
I like stuff! Stuff likes me! Stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff!

Majora's Wrath: I will sssssing a ssssong about taking over the world! Ahem: Taking over the world issssss what I want to do! Do do do do do do do! Thank-you...

GPK: Pop pop pop pop pop pop... *oops, I did it again!*

Everyone: No no no! Don't sing that song!

Saria: It's my turn! I'll sing....the Caillou theme song! Ahem: I'm just a kid who's four! Each day I grow some more! I like exploring! I'm Caaaaaillou! So many things to do! Each day is something new! I'll share them with you! I'm Caaaaaillou! My world is turning...changing each day! With mommy and daddy I'm finding my way! Growing up is not so tough, except when I've had enough! But there's lots of fun stuff! I'm Caillou! Caaaaillou! Caaaillou! I'm Caaaaillou! That's me!
(everyone stares with their jaws open wide)

Link: I don't wanna do kareokee anymore...

John: Let's have a race!

Nabooru: A raaace?

John: Yes.

Nabooru: OK.

John: Who'll be the announcer?

Misty Margera: I will!

Chibi: It's all settled, then! (transforms the entertaiment room into a race track)

The *dun dun dun* RACE!!!

Misty: Coming in first is John, who's got Chibi and Link trailing behind him.... But look! Darunia is catching up with...a helicoptor? Ahem...DARUNIA! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE RACE!

Darunia: Aw man... (heads to the "Out" box)

Misty: Now Impa is....tsk tsk tsk...using a horse! IMPA! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE RACE!

Impa: Aw man... (heads to the "Out" box)

Misty: Zelda and Ruto are close together. Both are in a tie...who will pass? Wait a moment...Zelda is eating an energy bar! ZELDA! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE RACE!

Zelda: Aw man... (heads to the "Out" box)

Ruto: Yaaaay! I passed!

Misty: We return to the battle for first between John and Chibi! Who will win? Wait! Link is coming behind running shoes? LINK! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE RACE!

Link: Aw man... (heads to the "Out" box)

Ruto: Noooo! If Link's out, I'm out, too! (follows Link to the "Out" box)

Misty: Well, so far we have five racers out! Who will win? Now then, Ganondorf is...flying? I thought he'd never fly again! Ahem: GANONDORF! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE RACE!

Ganondorf: Bah, screw the race! (heads to the "Out" box)

Misty: That's six racers down! Who-will-win? GPK is rolling at a great speed! What an athlete! He is being closely followed by Majora's Wrath, using his tentacles as propellars?! MAJORA'S WRATH! YOU ARE OFFICALLY OUT OF THE RACE!

MW: Ooh...drat! Foiled again! (heads to the "Out" box)

Misty: That's seven! But wait! Saria and Nabooru are a race car! NABOORU AND SARIA! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE RACE!

Nabooru and Saria: Oooh...fiddlesticks! (head to the "Out" box)

Misty: That's nine racers down and only three left standing! Who will win? I don't know! Now then...John and Chibi are running with the fastest legs I've ever seen! Wow! How fast---say...GPK is using wheels! GIANT POPCORN KERNEL! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE RACE!

GPK: Pop pop...*aw man...* (rolls to the "Out" box)

Misty: Two racers are left! Both are tied! How exciting! John and Chibi head towards the finish line! But wait... (squints) Chibi's got mini-jet packs on her shoes! CHIBI SAKURA! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE RACE!

Chibi: Nooooooooo! This cannot be!

Misty: Believe it, baby.

Chibi: Grumble grumble... (heads to the "Out" box)

John: (crosses the finish line) Yeeeeeaaaaah!

Misty: And John has won! Duh!

John: I win! I win!


Chibi: OK. (turns the entertaiment room back to normal)

(everyone is silent)

Chibi: Well, peeps, this is it. The last sleepover.

Ganondorf: Yup. I'll never forget all the great, and insane, times we had.

Impa: I'll remember them with absoloute fondness.

Ruto: I'm just going to try and forget it all.

Everyone besides Ganondorf and Impa: Yeah, me too.

Chibi:'s not the end after all. Maybe I'll organize one again as a surprise.

Ruto: No.

John: Yes.

Ruto: Cool.

Misty: I better go. Jackass is on. Grazie! (disappears)

Majora's Wrath: I have much evil to plan. Good-bye. (disappears)

GPK: Pop pop pop poppop poppop. Pop pop pop pop! Pop pop pop pop! *I've got to become popcorn. TTFN! Ta ta for now!* (disappears)

John: I've got to go practice my martial art skills. See ya. (disappears)

Chibi: I've gotta go for no apparent reason. Bysidoodles! (disappears)

Zelda: Well, all the guests are gone. I guess we'd better go to sleep now.

(everyone gets into their sleeping bags)

Saria: This'll be the last sleep I ever have here. It had better be a good one.

Nabooru: Uh..that's right. Ganondorf, please don't put bugs in her sleeping bag again, OK?

Ganondorf: Suuuure...I wooon't...

Saria: (whimpers and goes to sleep)

Ruto: G'NIGHT, Y'ALL! (falls asleep)

Link: Yeah... (goes to sleep)

(soon everyone's asleep)

Zelda (dreaming): This has been what is probably the last Zelda's Sleepover. Remember the laughs and wrinkled noses... Every single one of the main characters in the series, including the guests that appeared today, say "good-bye". Happy laughing...and good...bye.

The End!