The Way to the Triforce
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"The Way to the Triforce"

The Way to the Triforce

By: Cecily

"Link," Saria, a Kokiri girl, said to her friend, Link. "How much of the legends do you know?"

"You mean the legends of Hyrule?" Link asked. Saria nodded. "Not many. Just the ones the Great Deku Tree and Zelda told me."

"Oh. Well, I think I remember a legend about how to get the Triforce."

"How to get the Triforce? Please tell!" Link grew excited. How to get the legendary Triforce!

Saria nodded, closed her eyes and started.

"The legendary Triforce can only be obtained by a person of great skill of fighting and power. With the Door of Time opened, the Triforce seeker must pull the Master Sword out of the Pedestal of Time. He will be transported to the Sacred Realm if the Master Sword comes out. Anyone in that room will be transported as well. Once he is in the Sacred Realm, he must defeat the Triforce's guardian. Once done, he will be able to obtain the Triforce."

"Wow. I'm going to try that." Link said as he left for Hyrule Castle Market Town.

When Link got there he went to the Temple of Time. Strangely, when he got inside, the Door of Time was already opened, but the Master Sword was still in its rightful place. Link pulled the Master Sword out of the Pedestal. He soon found himself in the Sacred Realm.

"Hmm.... I wonder where I can find this guardian. Uh, nevermind that." Link said as a huge Iron Knuckle appeared. Link defeated him after a while. Suddenly, the Triforce appeared in Link's hands.

"Whatever you desire, wish for it..." a voice whispered.

Link silently wished that Hyrule would have peace forever, that no evil would come to it. The Triforce transported Link back to Hyrule. Link ran off to tell Zelda about the Triforce, a smile on his face.