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"The Underground Dungeon"

The Underground Dungeon

By: Savieboy

Part One: Escape

A young boy, thirteen years of age, stands on the balcony of his cell. He looks out at the choppy sea. He had been in this prison as long as he could remember. It was huge. He had gotten lost a lot of times. He had never been given a name by anyone. He was a sickly looking kid, with pale skin but beautiful, blonde hair. His eyes were sky blue and his face was quite cute. His guard's name was San. It was probably the only person who had ever been nice to him. He would always let him come out at night and they would take a walk through the gloomy corridors. San wondered why the boy had never tried to escape. The boy had been very loyal to him over the years. San guessed that he knew that there was nowhere to go. The prison was completely surrounded by water. The boy felt a cold breeze against his bare arms. He turned and walked into his cell.

Link rushed through the castle corridors, anxious to get to the meeting between the king and his advisors. Zelda had fallen pregnant two months before. Link let out a long yawn. He was up all night attending to Zelda's ridiculous cravings. She'd also thrown up more than usual this morning. Link was running around trying to figure out if this was normal or is it just that her cravings had made her sick. Link slowly creaked the door open. All the faces turned to the door. Stupid door, Link thought to himself.

"Sorry I'm late. Zelda was sick this morning," Link said, blushing.
No one said anything so Link took advantage of it and sat down quickly.

"As I was saying," the advisor said, obviously directed at Link, "we have discovered a strange little island off the coast about two hundred kilometres out. We haven't found out what it is as it's closer to Feilor than our country and they won't let us in their waters."

"So why don't you tell them to find out what it is?" the King asked, not looking or sounding that interested.

"Um." the advisor broke off.
A funny looking man stood up and walked out to the front. Link eyed him suspiciously. He'd never seen him anywhere before. He looked like one of those clumsy professors. The advisor's clothes were very baggy. You wouldn't know he was working for the King if you passed him in the street. The advisor who was just there had sat down and the clumsy professor cleared his throat. Link hated these boring meetings.

     San awoke from his sleep. He had fallen asleep in his wooden chair. Being a guard here isn't that riveting. San checked the boy. He was fast asleep. San got up and walked through the gloomy corridors out to an opening. He stepped onto the sand. There was only about a metre of sand before the water, but it was enough for San to do what he wanted. A few days earlier San and the boy found a huge wooden model of a bull in a deserted hallway. They had looked at it for a while and then moved on. San went back last night and collected the wood. He had stashed it out here. He was wondering what to do with it when an explosion caught his attention. He jerked his head back and noticed it was coming from the boy's cell. He dropped the plank of wood he was holding and sprinted up the stairs to the boy's cell. When he got there the room was completely blown up. Where the boy's bed was were ashes of the cheap wood. The walls were lined with dust and soot. The curtains had only half of them left. San couldn't believe what he was seeing. In the morning he would talk to the council of Aghabar Prison.

Link throws open the door to his room. He looked as stoned as a person who hasn't slept in years. Zelda walked through from the other side of the room and hugged him. Link wasn't paying attention to reality. All through the meeting he had imaginary beds float past his head. He saw his bed in the corner. The situation made it glow, with a look that made you want to dive in and doze off. Link dropped his folders, pens and other stationary onto the stone floor and ran to the bed. He jumped up, up into the air and landed on the soft, warm, squishy bed. Zelda watched this and didn't care. She didn't know how ten minutes of sleep could get you through ten hours of work. She walked back into the lounge room and to her dish of strange foods Link had gathered the night before. Her book had fallen onto the floor and she had lost her page.

"Oh, crap! That's a thousand page book!" Zelda yelled a bit too loudly as Link was stirring in his sleep.
Zelda felt another craving for cooked tomatoes so she called for a servant which she wasn't meant to do before she was queen, but Link was getting much needed sleep and the castle is too busy on Saturday nights.

San didn't sleep at all that night but the need to see the council was what kept him up. He briskly walked through the corridors. They were much more posh than those he's use to. There were two guards standing at a huge, protected door. He showed them his tattoo of the guards. A tattoo is one of two legal ways of showing ID. They let him through. The room that stood before him was like no other. It had a silver chandelier on the roof and gold-lined walls and carpet. In the centre of the room stood a table with ten people, the council of Aghabar Prison. San slowly stepped up to the spare chair at the front of the table.

"Please tell us your business here, if it is something of no interest to us we will dismiss you without questions," the council leader said with a tone that sounded like that was the millionth time he had said that.
       "Well, last night there was a terrible explosion in the cell I was guarding. I want to know why!" San confidently said.

"If you were guarding it then why are you here?" the council head yelled.

"Well the boy was asleep and there's no possible way he could get out," San said, losing his confidence.

"No matter, I see your point. I'm glad you brought this up, as we did have a perfectly good reason for blowing the boy's cell up. It was just that that boy is extremely old and he was taking up room. We had a few other young boys come in the other night so we needed his cell."

"But there are other ways of executing a boy!" San yelled, furious.

"I'm tired of this now and we have finished our discussion."

Link woke up in his bed. He took a tired glance at the clock. His eyes widened. It had reached twelve forty. He jumped out of bed and rushed over to his wardrobe. He opened it and snatched his nearest tunic. He turned around and Zelda was standing there.

"Holy shit!" Link yelled clutching his heart.

"Did I scare you?" Zelda asked in her sweet tone.

"You scared the shit out of me!" Link replied still clutching.

"Dad said you didn't have to go anywhere today 'cause he saw how stoned you were yesterday and he thinks you can't handle two jobs a day."

"Thank Din!" Link said, relieved.

For the rest of the day Link and Zelda relaxed and ate ridiculous things together until Link threw up, so Zelda stopped him eating what she did. They decided to go for a ride because it was getting extremely hot in their room. They took a stroll to the stables and released Epona and Raurus, taking care not to damage Zelda's fragile child. Zelda ended up having to ride on Epona with Link because it caused her pain to control Raurus. Epona galloped off into Hyrule Field with Link and Zelda as her passengers. They galloped to the east heading nowhere in particular. They reached the coast and decided to turn back before Link saw a dot in the distance.

"What do you reckon that is Zelda?" Link said not taking his eyes off the dot.

"Don't know."

The boy feels a wave washing against his face so he opens his eyes. He sits up to find himself on the sand under his balcony. How did I get down here? His head hurts and he can't remember anything at all. He gets up and gets as much water out of his tunic as he can and walks up to the door. A dark figure stands there.

"So you lived," is all he said.

The figure draws a sword and charges at the boy. He doesn't know how he did it but he dodged and kicked the figure square in the stomach. The figure kneels down, breathing desperately. The boy stole his sword and killed him. He grabbed the dead figure's sheath and strapped it on. Now he had a weapon. The boy ran through the corridors, trying to find San. He knew full well he was lost but he didn't have anywhere to go anymore, so it didn't matter. He turned a corner and knocked into someone. He fell back, onto the floor and clutched the handle of his sword. San sat there on the floor rubbing his stomach and gasping for air. San looked up and breathed a sigh of relief.

"I don't believe you're alive!" San sounded, relieved.

"What?" The boy asked, itching to know why everyone was so surprised that he was alive, as yesterday only San knew that there even was a boy in a cell, twenty eight stories high on the east side of the prison.

"I'll explain when we figure out what to do with you."

Link and Zelda had had a picnic at Lake Hylia and were now just heading back to the castle.

"Remember the last child that we had?" Zelda asked Link in her dazed tone.

"Yep. The night I heard you were pregnant I didn't sleep because I was thinking about our other child," Link replied.

"Did you ever wonder were he went?"

"Well, yes!"

"Sorry, stupid question."

Epona slowed down and stopped in front of the drawbridge. She was used to not being allowed to carry people in the market. Link walked Epona through with Zelda to meet the king standing at the stables.

"Hi Dad!" Zelda said, hugging her father.

"I've been waiting for you two," the king said abruptly, "It seems that your department has fallen surprisingly behind, Link."
Link was in control of the army. The king had been behind it for years but was too nice and had lost countless numbers of battles between nations that others thought harmless.

"Well, blame Zelda for that," Link answered, looking at Zelda.

"Who pulled a fastie on me when I was er. holding you?" Zelda remarked with her hand on hip thing.

Link gave her a cold look. He was about to answer back when the king stopped him.

"Anyway, I must be getting back to whatever I'm meant to be doing," the king says, walking off.

Link and Zelda sat down and read a book and just lounged around for the rest of the day.

San and the boy had found a room, deserted in the dark hallways of the west and sat down and decided what to do. If a guard was sent to see whether he survived, which he did, then they must not know what his status is. They won't care if he disappears because they might think the guard followed his orders and disposed of him. They have no shortage of guards so one dead wouldn't matter. They just needed to destroy the body and get away. They were deciding a name for the boy when they heard footsteps outside so they hid under the table until they died away. After a while of thinking the boy finally said something.

"You know, your name's all right."
   " I know what you're thinking. No you can't be named what I am. How about Ectholia?"

San took Ectholia down to his pile of wood that he was going to do something with. They made a boat out of the old planks. It was tested and was quite good for hurried work. They had a problem on their hands though. Filarians would surely shoot at him, because Feilor didn't like neighbouring countries, as they had been betrayed by many of them. Their only choice was to go to Hyrule, even though it was triple the distance. San and Ectholia were still finishing off waterproofing the boat when San was shot. He fell to his knees and then onto the boat. The arrow stuck out the front of his chest, covered in San's rich blood.

"Go to Hyrule. Lie low until you know it's safe," San said, every word a struggle to get out.

Ectholia jumped in the boat and grabbed the oars. He dug them into the sand to push himself off. He frantically rowed towards the direction San said was the way to Hyrule. Arrows were narrowly missing him and, after a while, he became extremely tired. He was determined to get to safety though. He knew he was strong but this would test any adult. Finally he was too far away for them to hit him any more. He could rest. He rowed for hours and finally got his first glimpse of Hyrule. It was dawn and the castle gleamed like it enjoyed the sun. He breathed a sigh of relief. Life was finally going to get easier. He wondered how normal people lived their lives. Probably sit back all day and pay someone, with their unlimited money, to do all the stuff that they don't want to do, he thought. Near the shore he saw a fishing boat, or at least he thought it was a fishing boat. They were just sitting there, maybe waiting for fish? He got closer and noticed that they were sitting with arms folded and had no fishing utensils. One of the two guys loosened up and put out his hand. That is all he remembers.

     Link was barely staying awake. Months and months had passed and Link was counting the days before he could go back to his normal life. According to the castle doctor, only three days remained until the baby would pop out of its shelter and breathe its first breath. Link took the rest of the time off from work (not willingly) to stay with Zelda in her painful state. Link didn't really want to be around Zelda at this time. Unbeknownst to Link, she started hating him and cursing at him for doing this to her. The doctor said it was normal, but Link wasn't really convinced by this. The day had finally arrived and Link wanted more than anything for this ordeal to be over so Zelda could go back to her loving state. Link wanted not to watch the birth and only would go in when they told him what sex the baby was. The doctor opened the solid, wooden door and told him that it was a. boy. Link practically ran in. Zelda looked up at him with her big, blue eyes.

"Sorry I've been so bad to you these last couple of days," Zelda said, trying desperately to get Link to forgive her. After a few seconds he did. They took a while to get out of the hospital wing as they were taking in turns to hold their newborn child.

     Ectholia wakes up. He's in a circular cell about as big as he is and also as wide. His vision is blurred and so he can't recognise the man coming towards him.

"Ah, the child has awoken," the man said calmly.

"What?" Ectholia asks, all giddy.

The man laughs, though it sounds like a cackle. His deep voice and Ectholia's drowsiness make it hard to distinguish. The man lifts his arms and mumbles something. He had cast a spell on him. Ectholia falls back in agony. What has he done to deserve this? Ectholia's consciousness starts to fade until he is forced back awake by the man's powerful sorcery.

"You have much untapped power," the man says, rubbing his chin.

Ectholia wants to ask him why he is torturing him but can't find the courage and he is too sick to do so. A big ogre comes running up where the man came from.

"Master, some Filarian assassins have come and are breaking in," the ogre says with an unbelievably low voice.

"I shall see to it shortly," the man replies.

The ogre bows and runs back the way he came. He turned his head back and smiled at Ectholia while still running. Ectholia looked at his back in bewilderment. The man looks around and then teleports away. Ectholia slumps down to the floor, happy that the torturing has ceased for now, but the words 'for now' just make the situation worse. A girl, who, in Ectholia's drowsy vision, is very pretty, sneaks into the room. She walks up to his cage and mumbles something. Ectholia shields himself, expecting the blow any second, but it never came. He looks up at the girl. Now that she's close she is a blur, like the man had been. She had actually picked the lock as she was trying to take it off its hook. The door, which is practically the whole cage, creaks open.

"Wh- who are you?" Ectholia asks.

"I'm Saleeva," she answered. "Anyway we've got to get out of here, that guy is planning to do something horrible to us, I know it."

"My name's Ectholia," he told her, not sure if she was listening. She started to sneak out with Ectholia walking like a drunk alcoholic behind her. She turned back and stoped.

"You won't ever get out of her like that," she whispered.

She lifted her hands and started mumbling again. All of a sudden Ectholia's drowsiness and sickness just disappeared. He finally got a clear view of the girl. She looked older than she was. She also had blonde hair, down to her shoulders. Ectholia's first impression was correct, she was very pretty. Her elegant body allowed her to sneak un-noticed.


Link and Zelda spent the rest of the day taking care of the baby. They had named it Shale, after looking through bookcases of books about ancient people. The ancient Shale had been a saviour for a country named Xanidonia. He fought a sorcerer name Valiendator the eighth. Their family had all been great sorcerers of black magic. Link was especially fond of Shale, not only because he was his son. Shale had pissed on everyone at the birth, except Link. Shale continued his wickedness, leaving a surprise in Zelda's coffee. She thought the coffee had gone off, so she chucked it away. Shale was probably the cutest baby Link had ever seen, because it was only baby he had seen. This didn't stop him boasting to every person that went near Shale though.

Link even forgot at times that he was only days old. He once took him outside with Link's dagger (quite a long sword to Shale) and tried to teach him to duel. Link paid next to no attention to Zelda anymore. Link's whole impression of fatherhood had taken a sharp turn since that day waiting for Shale to be born. Link was determined to start Shale off with the best things in life. He often found himself asleep on the chair with Shale in one arm and a book about something on his chest. Zelda disapproved of forcing Shale to be best at everything - it was sapping Link's energy like a leech. Shale didn't mind though. At least he wasn't doing wicked things anymore. It was probably the only good thing (in her opinion) that came out of it all.

After days of trying to get Shale to hold the dagger instead of looking for the caterpillars in the grass, he gave up and let Zelda do her thing. He still read to Shale at night. One day Link looked up at the wall in his room. There hung Link's most valuable possessions, maybe even priceless: the Master Sword and the Mirror Shield. It had seemed like an age since he gave the final blow to Gannon with his trusty Master Sword. In fact, it had only been three years. Link walked up to them and put them on his back. It felt so nice to have a shield hug his back like that. He wanted to do something with them. He retrieved his bow and quiver from the chest at the end of the bed and walked off to the stables on the north side of the castle. It seemed totally pointless to him to have the stables on the north when the gate is on the south, what if you need a quick getaway?

Link didn't need to walk all the way over because of Epona's Song. Link whistled it, as he didn't have his Ocarina at hand and then, out rushed Epona from her stable and around the corner like someone who has needed to piss for a year. He mounted her and trotted off. She was still saddled since the day Zelda and Link went on a picnic. He wanted to feel like an adventurer again. It had been so long since he had vanquished Gannon and sent all his followers into hiding. He galloped as soon as he got past the gate. Epona loved to race. She was racehorse material but didn't exactly take kindly to fellow horses trying to beat her.

They reached Gerudo Valley in no time at all and trotted through the dirt streets. They were re-building the fort. It certainly seemed higher than when Link snuck through it three years ago. He went around, bringing old memories back to the front of his brain and also getting perfect scores in whatever competition he engaged in. He only started to get tired at midnight, when Tito, the Zora diving guy at the top of the waterfall, banned him from doing his game because he was making the rupees disappear from Tito's pouch. In other words Link was extremely good.

Ectholia enjoyed what he was doing. Not at all the part about dodging ogres and goblins and such but perving on Saleeva, who was starting to get annoyed at her companion staring at her constantly. They opened a steel door and walked in. The room was empty so they turned around to find the door closed and locked. They tried everything but nothing prevailed. They turned back and found an aged ogre sitting on a table that wasn't there before.

"I've kept a close eye on you two since you broke from your prison," the ogre said in that deep ogre voice. "My name is Legem. I am the chief ogre of this place. More to the point, you two are the only one of the captors to be sober enough to actually stand up in a cage. You have a small chance of escaping without help from the inside."

Ectholia and Saleeva jumped almost to the roof when the ogre showed itself.

"So y- you are saying that we can never g- get out of here?" Ectholia asked, bringing up every ounce of courage he could muster.

"I'm not going to attack you!" laughed the ogre.

This loosened up the two rebels.

"You think that every being here is here out of will? I bet you could only find a few obedient guards here, but they're the ones that have been or will be rewarded greatly. There are also a few monsters here that are so big and dumb that they don't care where they are or who they're working for."

"So why exactly are you here and talking to us?" Saleeva asked.

"Well, you have definitely noticed that the place is swarming with my kind. Against us you have zero percent chance of escaping."

"So are you making an alliance with us?" Ectholia yelled.

"Well. more like helping you for now. See, long ago our captor sought out every kind of strong animal he could find. I was the elder then and now of the Ogres of the Lost Valley. I am would charge of all the ogres here in this underground Dungeon if he had let me. I'm now just another ordinary ogre to him but am royalty to all other ogres here. I'm going to help you get out of here for two reasons. One being that his plan we don't like and will do anything to ruin his evil plans. Another reason being you two could be the saviour of all the unwilling slaves here in this dungeon."

"What exactly is his plan, Legem?" Saleeva asked.

"His plan is to create the most powerful human on the planet by fusing one of every type of human. So Saleeva, you are obviously a thief, and Ectholia is either a wizard or a swordsman."

"How did you know our names? We never told you!" Ectholia blurted out.
       "I have a very old and wise brain in the attic," the ogre said not looking or sounding at all modest.

"I will send a message to all ogres here. They will know who you are and will assist you in any way if you stumble across them. He thinks very highly of our race so you will find us guarding a lot of important rooms."

"Why don't you just come along with us?" Saleeva asked.

"I can't because I don't have a very good stealth rating so if he finds me helping an escaped prisoner he will murder me and torture my people. I hope you get out alive. You'll find two ogres guarding an extremely important room for you two around the corner."

With that the ogre disappeared with a puff of smoke. Ectholia and Saleeva opened the door and walked out. Sure enough, around the corner were two ogres with deadly looking blades. The ogres waved them over as soon as they saw them.

"In this room are weapons!" the ogre started, "They are mostly swords but you will find some bows in there too. But before you go in you must know this: take the weakest looking weapons. He put a spell on them to prevent escaped prisoners getting good weapons. They are illusionally weak and the door will lock as soon as you come out so, choose well!"
The two prisoners were happy to have friends such as the ogres. They stepped into the dark room. It was quite big. There were tables and tables full of weapons that looked incredibly strong. It wasn't as easy as it sounds picking out weak things. In the end they both took a sword with wooden handles and many holes in the blade. Ectholia found half of a bow and was unsure if it would be a full, strong bow when he walked out, or half a strong bow. He took it anyway. Saleeva found on without a string. They both took tiny quivers with a small amount of rotting arrows in them. When the walked out they marvelled at their powerful weapons.
       "Oh my God!" Saleeva shouted. "You got the Horn of Vorpals!"

This was one of the most powerful swords of their time, as Saleeva informed Ectholia. It was sharper than sharp and could cut through boulders without blunting. It was bewitched to get sharper and sharper with each blow. My father told me it was made by the gods and has a destiny to destroy the greatest of evil. Saleeva begged him for that sword but as Saleeva had told him how valuable it was, he would keep it his whole life. They had mint condition weapons so they walked off thanking the ogres. A library was next on their list, as Ectholia had quite a bit of unused magic strength. They found mounds and mounds of scrolls that would help them greatly, but were only able to carry twenty scrolls each. They had a powerful inventory and had decided on a good idea. If a thief and whatever Ectholia was escaped, he could just get more of their kind, so they would free every prisoner. This would not be easy, as you will find out.

Link was back at work. He was back, ruling the army as their greatest general. Link was eager to fight anything evil now he had released his fighter side again. There had been rumours of powerful magic being used on the west coast of Hyrule, as was soon confirmed. There were great big holes in the cliffs and marine life was disturbed in their homes. Hylian wizards had sensed evil magic growing there for months, but couldn't find the source of it. This had been brought up by Link in the weekly meetings they had with all advisors of the kingdom after many known wizards had told Link that they were scared that an army of evil was growing, right under their nose. Link was sitting at is desk, trying to put new recruits into squadrons when a knock came at the door. Link opened the door to find Seldon, a well-known wizard standing with his wooden staff clutched in his right hand.

"You'd better come with me, Link," Seldon said, sounding disturbed.

Link ran to get Epona. He could tell that it was an emergency, as no one would go to the highest order of general for a small catastrophe. He galloped to where Seldon was waiting and they rushed off, towards the west. Link knew this was about that evil force in the west that was disturbing people because Seldon did not turn into the town nearest to the sea but to where the force was at its greatest. They stopped when they reached a hole. It led to something underground, as it was not one of the normal holes that evil wizards made in the cliff. Instead, it slanted.

"You feel that?" Seldon asked Link, looking suspicious.

"I'll never forget what evil feels like," Link said, looking at the hole with an angry face.

"I've got what I used for the temples right here," Link said pointing at his magic leather bag (which was bottomless), "So I'm going in! You go back and get the best thieves we've got and bring them here. All of you go in when you get back here."

Seldon nodded and galloped back towards the castle. Link drew a deep breath. He was motivated after all the contests he did yesterday. The hole was more like a cave and well concealed too. There were animal holes everywhere and this one just looked like a big one. He drew his sword and shield and cautiously walked down the hole. It went on forever until opening up into a sort of cave. Stalactites and Stalagmites were everywhere and at the end of the cave were wrought iron bars. He was sensing evil magic more powerful than Gannon at this point. His leather gloves were cold with sweat. The bars obviously needed magic to open so he pulled out of his bag a book full of magical scrolls. He flipped through until he found exactly what he was looking for.

"The magic bar slice," Link said to himself.

He looked at the incantations. They were of course in Ancient Hylian script because this sort of magic is forgotten and lost now. He mumbles at the bars, desperately hoping that he still remembers how to pronounce Ancient Hylian. He finishes the incantation and blasts the bars. They instantly split in half and fall to the ground.

"Useful little thing," Link said, checking the attacking spells of the book.

He pockets the book and draws his weapons once more. He continues on to find the dead bodies of Filarians lying on the floor. Link swallows hard and continues. Whoever did this is fucking strong, Link thought to himself. Up ahead he sees movement. He takes out his bow and is ready to strike until he hears the cry for help from a man of Feilor. He reaches down and gives him some red potion. The man sculls this and thanks Link for his kindness. He stands up and breathes deeply.

"You are foolish if you continue," the man tells Link.

"Why would that be, soldier?" Link replies, failing to be sarcastic.

"Because that man is stronger than all evil put together. Non-magical weapons are just like little pricks to him. You would need powerful magic or more stealth than a thief to beat him!"

"Look, I'm getting reinforcements coming and they happen to be thieves trained from when they were old enough to walk. And with them probably the most powerful wizard in Hyrule."

Link thought he had convinced him with this but not quite.

"If you insist on battling him then lead him out of here! He is far too strong with all his evil air circulating him. I don't care if you're not coming with me but I'm going now because I actually have had first hand experience with this beast. And that experience was with forty thieves and with forty wizards, all trained as soon as they were brought home from when they were born! One wizard and a few thieves will not get anywhere further than here."

"I'm Link if you want to know and I have beaten many forces that have been as powerful as this many times. And on my own at that!"
Navi suddenly flew out from Link and he corrected himself. The Filarian shrugged and walked towards the entrance. Link somehow knew that man was right and he should be led out from his lair.

Saleeva was determined to help trapped people in his lair. She didn't even flinch when some ogres told them he scattered the prisoners around his dungeon that stretched one thousand metres every way. They had found one but couldn't open the cage; it was like it was bewitched to stay closed. Ectholia moved in to help. Saleeva laughed at him.

"I've been practising magic and theft since I was born and you've only known you had magical powers a few hours but you think you can break a cage that I can't!"

Ectholia was hurt at this.

"I was only trying to fucking help!" Ectholia yelled.

Ectholia's pupils went glowing red. He lifts up his hand and blasts the bars so that they burn to a crisp. He snaps out of his anger and looks at his hands with amazement.

"How did you do that?" Saleeva asked with a scared face.

Ectholia didn't know either but wasn't going to let Saleeva find that out.

"It happens when I'm angry," Ectholia replies sounding cocky.

"Why did you look at your hands in awe then?"

"It was the most powerful blast I've ever done."

Ectholia was surprised at how quick he'd thought that up. This place was doing things to him. The prisoner was hurt in the blast and ran off, despite Ectholia and Saleeva's yells.

"I told you I could help!" Ectholia yells at her.

"Let's just get going," Saleeva puts in, not wanting him to boast like he was better than her.

They walked on to find a round, blue thing on a stand. It was about the size of the two of them and gleamed with blue light.

"It's a portal!" Saleeva squeaked.

"Stay away from that!" a voice said from the darkness.

A little black cat walks out from the shadows.

"Who are you?" Ectholia asks, more confident to strangers now that he has tested his power.

"I'm Druid. You don't need to tell me who you are; the ogres have informed me."

"What is a cat doing in a place like this?" Saleeva asked.

"I'm not really a cat. Come with me, this place isn't safe to talk."

He leaded them out of that room and into what looked like an underground forest. There was a hut in the distance that was quite old. Inside it was like a luxury inn. There were fluffy mats everywhere and pictures of old wizards on the wall. When they walked into his house, Druid transformed into a human. He had short, black hair with a few scars across his eyelids.

"I told you I'm not a cat," Druid said calmly.

"Why would you shape shift into a cat, why not something that could blast this place open?" Ectholia asked, exited that he had met a shape shifter. Druid listened to the question and turned to Saleeva.

"To answer that I have to answer this young girl's question. This story is also a long one so get comfortable."

He seemed nice for someone who is stuck in this dungeon. Ectholia and Saleeva sat in some armchairs in front of Druid's great, big chair.

"Long ago, when Durin ruled Hyrule, I was an extraordinary wizard. I was the strongest ever (and from what I sense still am). There was a sorcerer of darkness named Valiendator who came to this land. He built an underground dungeon and captured unsuspecting civilians to torture them. He disguised himself to venture out into Hyrule without looking conspicuous to get a degree in science, which he did. He was unbelievingly strong after this. Wizards could still scent evil around, though. With his scientific mind he created many artificial humans and sent them to other countries to take them over. I discovered his lair and ventured into it to find out what was going on. He outsmarted me with his magic and led me deep into the Dungeon. He hid behind a rock and tried to cast spells on me. He tried to make me drop dead but he couldn't because he wasn't strong enough. Instead he gave me immortality but there was more to it. I couldn't escape the lair or I'd be shocked with electricity one thousand times more powerful than mine. He trapped me inside his lair. I would be immortal and be trapped only if he was alive. To fix this inconvenience he gave himself immortality so I would be here forever."

"So there is no way at all that you can escape?" Ectholia asked, feeling sorry for him.

"I was just getting to that. He cast the spell out of a book because it had so much magic involved with it. The book also has the antidote spell. I've looked for it for my whole life but never found it, until today. He is a very smart sorcerer, I figured. So he must have hidden it and put a spell on it to conceal it even more. The most common way to do this is a Know Where spell. It will make the object visible only to people who know exactly where it is. So the way to find it is to trick your brain into knowing that the object is there. I only started looking a few minutes before you two showed up. It was in the pipe right were you were standing."

"Is that the reason you led us away, because it would be guarded?" Ectholia asked, being smart, for once in his life.

"Yes! It was the luckiest thing you two showed up because the victim of a spell cannot cast the antidote spell."

They all stood up at the same time and walked out. They found the book and flipped through it, searching for I for Immortality.

Link waited outside with Epona. He watched the Filarian stumble around for entertainment. He had absolutely no idea where he was going. A rustle in the trees snapped him back into reality. He saw Seldon and twenty two thieves push their way through the dense trees. The Filarian drew his broken sword. When he noticed its fault he threw it away and ran, not caring where he was going.

"These were the best ones that were awake in the guild," Seldon said, disappointed with the low numbers.

"We're not going in yet," Link replied.

"Why not? Is there something horrible in there that we can't take down?" Seldon asked, disappointed once more.

"That Filarian that was here. He was one of forty assassins that were taken down not long ago. It looked like they were all taken out with one blast as well. We need bigger numbers and strong wizards. The scent of evil out here is weak compared to what is in there. It's like the scent is multiplied one hundred times. This is serious. We can't take this lightly."

Seldon nodded and hopped back on his horse to lead the thieves back to their guilds in the castle. Link also mounted Epona to look for the Filarian. He headed towards Lake Hylia and towards that flock of Guays he saw in the sky. Link had to hurry or yet another Filarian life would be lost in Hyrule. That would probably cause a war between the two countries. Feilor doesn't like the killing of their people. Link had been whipped hundreds of times by the branches and the Deku Scrubs were getting mad. The Filarian noticed Link coming and started to run again. Link couldn't continue on a horse, even with his skill, because of the logs continuing to appear in his path. He reached into his bag for his bow but accidentally grabbed some Deku Nuts.

"Oh well, this means I don't have to kill him."

Link hurled the nut towards the Filarian. It hit him square on his back. He stopped instantly and fell with a clunk. Link grabbed him and put him on Epona behind him. Epona took one step and broke through into Lake Hylia. The Guays, with their excellent night sight, noticed them and started to swoop. Link took out his bow and shot an army of arrows at them. He destroyed the centre of the flock. The Guays that were left scattered. There were heaps of them, all swooping at Link. He drew his sword and shield. Sun suddenly poured into the Lakeland. There were rays of light hitting Link. Some of them reflected of his Mirror Shield and onto a few Guays. Those birds are very nocturnal and are weak against light. He destroyed most of the flock with light. Some were too fast for him and got close. He chopped those in half with his mighty sword. When Sun dominated the lake the battle ended. Link looked out at the dead birds. The Filarian was still out cold so Link took him to the hospital wing in the castle. Link would go back to the cave tomorrow with the majority of his army to find the fiend inside and kill him.

The three prisoners had found the exact page with the spell on it. Ectholia was too amateur to perform this kind of magic so Saleeva did it. The spell released Druid of only one spell though, and that was the captivity part. They couldn't cure him of immortality. He certainly cared. He would never be reunited with his lost family. He took his anger out on the portal that released a flock of Guays at that moment.

"Some idiot just killed a whole lot of Guays!" Druid yelled, taking cover. Ectholia and Saleeva followed him. He shape shifted into a torch slug.

"Guayssss are fearsssssome of light!" Druid hissed at them.

He rounded the corner and let his back throw flames at the Guays. They fell in great numbers. Druid walked back around in his human form and picked them up.

"Don't ask about the portal," is all he said.

He told them he knew of many ways out, but the Hyrule exit, which they were heading for, was quite a walk away. They found some ogres. They told Druid to shape shift into an eagle and carry Ectholia and Saleeva out, if he knew where the Hyrule exit was. Druid followed the advice and carried them to the exit. He transformed back at the exit. There was a rickety old bridge with many bodies lying on it. Ectholia was extremely excited as he was a prisoner his whole thirteen-year life and wanted to live normally. He broke into a run. He saw a light at the end. A smile crept across his face. Before running out into the sunlight he turned to see where Druid and Saleeva were. They stood there with open jaws. Ectholia turned back around. That same man that was torturing him was standing there. Valiendator was his name. He shocked him with his electricity and Ectholia fell back with pain. That same red glow appeared in his eyes. Ectholia blasted him. Valiendator fell back to the ground. An eagle swooped past and picked Ectholia up. It was Druid and Saleeva.

"We have to get as far away from here as possible," Druid screeched as they soared into light. Ectholia and Saleeva shielded their eyes from the natural light. Druid soared over the treetops towards the castle. They landed at the gate to the castle and Druid transformed back.

"We urgently need to see the King!" Druid yelled at the guard.

When he said no, Druid teleported them to the front of the gleaming castle. Druid was seriously out of breath. Ectholia now knew why he didn't teleport them out of the Dungeon. They went as fast as they could inside, pushing any questioning guards aside. They reached the King's Chamber and barged in. When the King looked up and saw Druid he instantly looked at a portrait over the fireplace. It, of course, was of Druid when he was young. Actually, the immortality spell didn't change his appearance at all.

"B-but you're dead!" the King blurted.

"I'll explain everything later but I must first ask you something! Do you know about the underground Dungeon in the west?"

Druid didn't know what year it was or who this King was but that didn't stop him from his mission.

"Yes, Link told me about that crisis," the King answered sounding stressed.

"That will make my explanation much easier then!" Druid said, still in his serious voice.

Link was jumpy all day that day. He couldn't stop thinking of the cave. He started wondering where the Filarian was. He disappeared when he woke up in the hospital wing. He was at his desk again, sorting out the recruits. He was looking at the pictures of them. They certainly looked tougher than Link ever did when he was sixteen. There came a knock at the door. It was Zelda. She was holding Shale while stroking his hair. It was blonde, like his mother and father, and was silky and smooth. They didn't know where he inherited that from but Link had no information about his relatives so it must have come from one of them.

"Dad wants to see you, Link," said Zelda, looking up.

Link ruffled Shale's hair when he walked out. He strolled towards the King's Chamber. He opened the door.

"You wanted-" Link stopped when he saw the King had company.

"We have some matters to discuss about that cave in the west," the King said, gesturing Link to sit down.

Link didn't have the same reaction to Druid as the King's. He lived in a world full of magic so it didn't seem that impossible that Druid was amongst him.

"Druid has told me all about his escape with these two youngsters from the dungeon out in the west."

The King then gestured Druid to tell the story, which he did. Link now had all his questions answered about him and was very surprised that he had named his son after the saviour of something that was created by him.

"I think we should destroy that hideous place," Ectholia added.

"We all would like to do that, I think, but think about the ogres and the goblins working in there unwillingly," Druid replied.

"What if we could contact everything that is unwilling in there and tell them to attack Valiendator when we do, therefore we could be attacking on every side?" Link asked hopefully.

"That wouldn't be bad, but they know his power and are very fearful of it. They're afraid because their skin is sensitive to magic, so if he decides to attack the ogres he could take them all out at once and then would turn to the human armies. So it would just be like the humans going in themselves and ogres disappearing," Druid answered.

They sat there for ages, trying to plot ways of destroying Valiendator's dungeon but every idea had a major flaw that would cost them the mission. It started to get late so Link went back to Zelda and Shale. The King found rooms for Druid, Ectholia and Saleeva to stay in for as long as they wanted. Druid would not have the King kick them out, as they had knowledge of his lair and had first-hand experience of his powerful magic. Days and days passed and still they had nothing to use. Saleeva suggested blocking the Hylian entrance to the cave so he couldn't send anything out to stir them. They blocked it with ten-foot thick boulders and also put unbreakable spells on them. They now had more time to think.

Valiendator was furious at Hyrule. He stood at the blocked entrance trying to transport the rocks somewhere else. He couldn't do it without any help. He called for his strongest prisoners. They refused to do it until he started torturing them again. They helped him move it. It, of course, didn't work. He was extremely frustrated now. He brought up a screen. It hovered in the air and was as big as a door. Druid's face instantly appeared on it. In front of Druid, a screen exactly the same appeared. Druid snarled into it. Valiendator laughed at him.

"Look, I have things to do and people to capture so I need to get this crisis over with," Valiendator said, brushing Druid's snarls off. "If you don't open my door to Hyrule and leave me and my experiments alone, I will send and army of undead right up your door! You have three days. If you don't carry out my request, the army will arrive three years after the deadline! Fare thee well!"

With that, Valiendator's screen disappeared. Druid's screen was kept there so that Link and whoever else could view it. Everyone important to the kingdom saw the message. Anger was burning everywhere. The King, in the Town Square, had given the news to the public. The news had spread to Gerudu Valley in a matter of hours. Link went out there personally to ask for their help in the matter. Link went all the way into the Spirit Temple to speak with Nabooru personally.

"Well of course we will help!" was Nabooru's reply.

"But we will only help in the war if it does happen. The decision to save a lot of lives is yours, not ours."
Link was quite happy with this and rode Epona to Death Mountain where he would do a little business with the Gorons. He entered Darunia's chamber.

"I need for you to be the lookout for Hyrule. Can Big Goron up there give a little signal if the undead army comes a little sooner than they are expected? Also, would you mind fighting along side us?"

Darunia's reply was nothing but positive to Link's request. His decision was then made up. As he was in charge of the army, his decision was the one that mattered. When he got back he ordered Druid to keep his spell on the boulder. Druid smirked evilly when he told him this. Link sat in front of the screen, in Druid's room. He waited for Valiendator to open a screen for himself, which after a while, he did.

"We've thought hard about your offer and we've come to a decision. We are not going to re-open the Hylian entrance to your torture chamber," Link told him.

"Well you better have a good army because the undead only fall to spells and swords, nothing else! And I think I will throw something else into your troubles: me! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

Valiendator was happy that he could destroy a whole civilization. He probably would have set the army on them even if they had moved the boulder.

Part Two: The Battle of Five Armies

Link was training the army like never before. He was sending them all through hell. Link was even worse on himself. He was getting up at five o'clock for a run to Lon Lon Ranch and back. The rest of the day he would be in either the gym, the archer's guild, the swordsman's guild, or the wizard's guild. He was getting back at nine in the evening and heading straight to bed, then repeating it the next day. Meanwhile, Druid was training Ectholia and Saleeva. The two thirteen-year olds were interested in helping create Hyrule's history. Ectholia was turning improving dramatically, but Saleeva's thieving abilities still excelled over he magic strength. Druid told Saleeva to practice at the thief's guild because it was a waste of time teaching her spells when thieving was her thing. Druid had just taught Ectholia his favourite spell: Call Lightning.

"Well, there's not really anything more I can teach you without scrolls," Druid said after only a few days training.

Druid took Ectholia to the Castle Library and into the Scroll Section.

"I'm going to have a little chat with someone," Druid said, holding back a smile. Ectholia glanced over at the Librarian. She looked around twenty five years old and had a very elegant body. Her long, blonde hair left Druid and Ectholia staring. She was hot. Ectholia looked back at Druid and smirked.

"You go and pick out spells you want to learn and I'll be over in a while," Druid said, not taking his eyes of the Librarian.

Ectholia watched him talking to her for a while and turned back to the bookcase filled with scrolls. He almost ran over to where the Offensive Spells were. He grabbed a bundle and started looking through them. There were hundreds of good ones. After putting aside the ones useless to him he looked at the chosen ones. He had ones like Entangle, Summon Monsters, Drop Dead, Group Shock, Boulder Throw, Magic Missile, Conjure and Blind just to name a few. The other ones magically put themselves back on the shelf. He strolled over to Defensive Spells. He did the same thing as over at the Attacking Spells. There were much less defensive scrolls than there was attacking scrolls. Still, he chose excellent ones like Globe of Invulni, Cure Light Wounds, Cure Heavy Wounds, Freeze, Charm Animal and Hide in Shadows. He waited for Druid by looking through Great Wizards of the Hylian Race. It had profiles of every powerful wizard Hyrule ever had. It was old and not updated, but it was still interesting. He stared at Druid's one. His picture looked like it had been painted an age ago. It had what known evils he had destroyed. It had how he died - lost in battle. It also had the most powerful spells he had showcased in battles. He made a mental note to ask Druid to show him some of these. He walked back over to the Offensive Spells with his book and chose the scrolls of his most powerful attacks. Some of them he remembered for he put them back before. He put the scrolls in his bag, along with the book, which he would read for pleasure. He waited quite a distance away from Druid and Library Hottie, but close enough so he could eavesdrop on their conversation. When he got into position, they stopped talking and walked away from each other. Druid spotted Ectholia and strolled over to him. Ectholia noticed a piece of parchment stuffed into his pocket.

"Get her address did you?" Ectholia asked, indicating the parchment with his eyes.

"As a matter of fact, she wants to see me tomorrow," Druid said in a tone of boast. They walked back to where they were training, Hyrule Field. Druid took a look at the scrolls he chose while rubbing his chin.

"You're lucky, I know every one of these spells," Druid said, not tearing his eyes away from Enchant. He got up and randomly chose a spell - Stinking Cloud.

"I've had some nasty experiences with this one," Druid remarked.

He said earlier that if he knew the spell, he would demonstrate it first. He stood up and chose an area to direct it at. He looked at the thing that Ectholia thought was a flying pineapple. Druid lifted his hands and let loose a green, smelly cloud that made them both nauseous. A Poe emerged from the ground when he cast the spell. Little, green stink clouds hovered about ten metres apart. The lava took flight but fell within two seconds and lay there, lifeless. The Poe fell straight away and disappeared.

"This spell can hurt our army as well, so be careful and only use it when alone," Druid told him, sounding deadly serious.

Ectholia then had a go at reading the scroll. He would have to memorize it and rest before he could successfully cast the spell. Druid put a drowsiness spell on him and woke him up after an hour. They could only do a few spells a day and their workload was heavy because Ectholia chose so much spells. At least Druid was getting practice from casting so many spells. Ectholia also asked Druid if he could convert his anger magic into normal use. Druid said he would do it when they finished with offensive spells, which would be a hell of a lot of time.

Saleeva was working very hard as well. Her stealth rating was that of an eighteen-year-old thief. She was excelling in pick pocketing and had picked up quite a few rupees in training. She was lonely, though. She had to get up at six to get to the guild on time. She had to be there by seven and finished at two in the afternoon. Her legs were very tired when she burst into her room at around three, back in the castle. She was saving up for a horse because she didn't have the courage to ask the King or Malon for a horse, even to borrow. She still had a few dozen rupees left for the horse she wanted. At night she would either visit Ectholia or have a talk with him for a while, or would be outside in the courtyard, perfecting her magic skills. She was advancing, she admitted, in both thieving and spells, but she was nothing now, compared to Ectholia. She felt like Ectholia ignored her now. She wished he still stared at her when they were together. Even though she didn't admit it to herself, she was starting to like Ectholia. She had talked to Zelda a few times and found her quite nice. She said that she was sort of in the same position as Saleeva when she was young. She gave her advice that only Zelda could give, for she had had experience in Saleeva's situation. Zelda was a bit like a mother to Saleeva when she was with her. Saleeva helped with the caring of Shale on days that she couldn't be stuffed going to the thief's guild, which was close to every third day. Zelda took the time to actually go on a girl's day out with Saleeva one day.

"I'm going to leave Shale with Link today," she told Saleeva in the morning. "He needs rest from his constant training. Well, where do you want to go today? Kakariko Village? The Castle Market? Lake Hylia?"

"How about. all of them!" Saleeva squealed in her girlish voice.

"Fine with me!"

They decided to got to the Castle Market first, and then Kakariko Village, and then Kokiri Forest, and then, to watch the sunset, Lake Hylia.

"The sunset's beautiful at the lake, you know," Zelda told Saleeva. "Link and I went there when he first started liking each other."

They strolled down the castle path at ten-thirty, with the sun high above and no clouds to be seen. Zelda smiled at the guard, trying to flirt. Saleeva dared her to do it before. The guard went red and looked at his feet. When they were out of eyesight and earshot, they almost pissed themselves with laughter. The market had just the right amount of people. You could walk up to any merchant and get served straight away. The declaration of war had scared people away and into their homes. They bought ridiculous things with their endless supply of money, like a pink gee string (another dare), a whole set of bras and underwear, a new set of clothes each (that meant Zelda needed another wardrobe, that made her tally five) and a porno magazine each. They headed out of the drawbridge in a carriage, looking at their magazines. Zelda really wanted to masturbate, but couldn't because of the adolescent child sitting next to her. They walked up the stairs with only a purse full of rupees because they sent their packages back with the carriage (except the magazines). A lot of people were seen peeping out of their windows, hardly able to believe that the princess was in Kakariko doing a little shopping. They passed a house with stables connected onto it. A sign on the stables read:

Horses for sale - two hundred rupees

Saleeva stopped Zelda and pointed at the sign.

"You want a horse!" Zelda yelled a bit too loud.

"Yeah, I need one to get to the thief's guild because my legs are getting sick of walking there every day," Saleeva told her, trying to convince her.

"I've got no problem with that, but we should get it at Lon Lon Ranch. They're better there and we can get it cheaper from Malon."

Saleeva squeaked thank you to Zelda and continued with her. They had a late lunch first and then continued on. They just had fun there until four, when they headed off for Lon Lon Ranch. They bought a horse. He was brown with an even darker shade of brown for his mane. Saleeva called him Gale. Zelda and Saleeva rode him, together, to Lake Hylia. They had a swim under the gleaming sun and watched the sunset on the Tri-Force platform.

Link had a comfortable day. He was very relieved to get a day off from training. He said he wouldn't be back for a few weeks because the war was three years away and there was no reason to train hard for every day until the war. He finished his recruiting and sent the papers off to the barracks. He played with Shale basically the rest of the day. Shale fell asleep at three. Link was called to the King at around three as well, so he locked the door and quickly ran to the King's Chamber. He strolled in to see the King, the Filarian King and the same Filarian he rescued.

"We have excellent news, Link," said the King with a smiling face. "Why don't you explain the situation, Mortimer," the King said to the Filarian King.

"Okay then," he started. "We give you many thanks for risking your life rescuing our soldier here when you could have just left him to die at the wings of the Guays. We were fully aware of the evil going on down there but never knew it was as bad as this. Valiendator blocked the Filarian entrance to his Dungeon, so we sent some assassins to Hyrule to try and make him perish. We thought they would die, and he was expecting them so they were certain to die. Rescuing Sakon gave us both valuable information about Valiendator. We would like to reward Hyrule with an alliance, for the army of undead is said to be almost invincible against other armies. Our full army will be over here as soon as you send for them. We will be teleporting, so don't be shocked when we appear out of thin air."

"Oh, we won't," Link replied. "Thanks a lot! We really need you."

With that they all exited the chamber. Link hurried back to Shale. He rushed through the door. He was still asleep.

"Thank Din!" Link cried, relieved.

That night when he announced it to Zelda, Druid, Ectholia and Saleeva they all cheered, except for Druid.

"No offence, but you are all fools to think that this will help greatly. Do you not know of The Battle for Sandion?"

They all shook their heads.

"Okay, I shall tell you. A very long time ago there was a country called Sandion. This was a very powerful country compared to Ancient Hyrule. They also upset someone evil. But it was not Valiendator. He was not going to be born for thousands of years yet. It was the evil god of the underworld. His name is Calannas. I do not know how they did it, but they got him really angry. He set the undead upon them and demolished them in a few hours. They then destroyed the towns and the castle. There was nothing left. They can't travel on water so they waited there. Eventually the three gods got angry with Calannas and destroyed the army. He must have rebuilt it because we've got another one now, and he's probably improved them now."
This all darkened their hopes. They hung their heads in disappointment. Their lives would end in three years and probably the whole world would too.

Link got out of bed the next morning and strolled out to the crowd gathered in the market. They were all ready for the good news, but Link would announce something good and bad. He stepped up to the podium after an introduction by the King.

"Good morning, citizens of Hyrule. I have some news that is good and some bad news. I'll start with the good news. After the rescuing of a Filarian by yours truly, Feilor has made an alliance with Hyrule for the war against the undead."
Cheers stopped Link from going on. They went on for ages. When they finally died down he continued.

"And now for the bad news. I don't know if any of you have heard he story of The Battle for Sandion but the same thing happened to them as us. It was a very long time ago, but the result was horrific. The whole country was destroyed within five hours. People later inhabited the country when the war was forgotten. That country is now called. Feilor."
The shock of this was unbelievable. As Link looked out at the sea of faces he did not see one happy one.

"We will fight them, but the army will not be trained any more. You have three years left of your lives, enjoy it."

He stepped down from the podium and walked back to the castle.

"We're fucked, you know," Link said to a Druid as he passed.

The three years seemed to fly by. Druid still trained Ectholia and Saleeva still went to the thief's guild, even though no one was there. Link now wished he had removed the boulder instead of sacrifice the country and probably, the world. He sat at his desk with his head in his hands most of the time. He promised Zelda to rock her world when he was feeling up to it. The day that the army would come was drawing closer. Ectholia and Saleeva were getting jumpy towards people. Valiendator had told them the army would come on February the eighth, half a year earlier than expected and also on Ectholia's birthday, which was one thing he knew about his childhood.

The dreaded day arrived. A Goron messenger informed Link of their coming at nine in the morning. Ectholia was very angry that Valiendator chose this day. He wanted to take out his anger on the army. Ectholia got into his cloak and waited with Link at the army barracks. The army was very ready, and expected to die. He had a talk with Link about his family. It was quite ironic that Saleeva was in Zelda's childhood position and Ectholia in Link's. Ectholia stood there, sixteen years old in his wizard cloak with a Hylian Shield and Horn of Vorpals on his back. He felt powerful, for once in his life. On the distance, Ectholia and Link got their first glimpse of the army. They were Ectholia's height, with black and red flesh that made them look like devils. Link yelled 'they're coming' into the barracks and the army streamed out, with the archers leading. Druid arrived with his library girlfriend, who was practically on him, and sent a message to Feilor. The army lined up in front of the barracks, blocking Ectholia's view of the army. Feilor appeared next to Hyrule. The Gorons appeared with the Gerudus and lined up, together, next to Feilor. When the army was close enough Link yelled out.

"Archers! Fire!"

A sky of arrows flew through the air and struck the leaders of the army. The whole front row collapsed. Druid's eyes widened.

"They're weaker than Sandion's ones!" Druid yelled.

"They can be killed with mortal weapons!" he yelled again.
Saleeva appeared and stood next to Ectholia. He noticed she was shaking. Ectholia didn't know why but he now loved Saleeva. Maybe it was the atmosphere or the situation? He noticed he was staring and quickly looked back at the undead army.

"Charge!" Link yelled.
A roar came up and the four armies ran (Gorons rolled) into the undead army. The war had begun! The war was not anything like Druid said it might be. It was actually equal. Lon Lon Ranch was burnt to the ground, but it had been evacuated the night before so it didn't matter that much. Ectholia's anger was huge. He had killed countless numbers of undead soldiers wit his powerful magic. After yet another undead death at the hands of Ectholia, some undead soldiers formed a circle around him. He unleashed his stinking cloud. It was lucky for him that none of his men had copped that cloud, for it was stronger than even Druid could do. After a few more minutes, an undead arrow hit Ectholia. He pulled it out and healed himself. After hours of fighting, half the undead army was taken out. Luckily for Hyrule, only thirty six soldiers had died, all Filarians. When it got dark, Ectholia escaped the war and fled to the lake. He was tired and needed a sleep. He entered the Water Temple. It was the meeting place for tired soldiers. Since Link's adventure through here, the water had drained out naturally. Ectholia wandered through the tired bodies. He spotted Saleeva sitting, holding a heavily bleeding arm. He rushed over to her and healed her.

"Now we're even," she said to him.
Ectholia just smiled. He sat with her the whole night, talking about the war and about how we might just win it. They were very tired by the time it was nine. They both yawned and lay down. Saleeva fell asleep straight away, but Ectholia stayed awake and stared at her face. He kissed her on the forehead and closed his eyes.

"I thought you didn't feel the same way," Saleeva whispered.
Ectholia opened his eyes to find a smiling Saleeva. She had stayed awake, waiting for him to for something like that. They leaned closer together and kissed, this time on the lips. They didn't part for ages, but when they did they fell asleep instantly, both feeling very aroused.

Ectholia woke up early, kissed a sleeping Saleeva and then went back out to the battlefield. It was still going on. Ectholia's impact on the battle proved deadly to the undead. Hyrule was actually winning. After an hour of battling, he spotted Saleeva, but he also spotted an undead soldier with a bow, aiming it directly at Saleeva. His eyes widened. Ectholia instantly casted a spell that slowed down time. He then tried to snap the arrow, as it was already shot. Out of frustration the spell failed. He tried hard to concentrate but didn't have the time. Ectholia realized that he could not stop it as he was too frustrated so he teleported in front of Saleeva. Saleeva noticed the bowman before Ectholia appeared. She screamed when Ectholia appeared in front of her. Ectholia then fell down, dead. The arrowhead stuck out his back. Druid noticed Ectholia's death. His training didn't mean anything any more. He was told not to let his anger take him over. He spotted a group of about three hundred undead soldiers. He called upon his lightning and destroyed the whole group. He also used a spell on the bowmen that chopped him up into dust. He teleported Ectholia, Saleeva and himself to the Water Temple. Saleeva was crying and Druid was fighting back the tears also. Link and Zelda appeared over them. Zelda hugged Saleeva and Link kneeled down to snap the arrow.

Ectholia woke up on a cloud; feeling like his body was on the other side of the planet. The three goddesses appeared in front of him and smiled at him.

"You did a very heroic thing," Nayru said lovingly at him.

"Yes, you are very heroic and do not deserve to die," Farore agreed.

"Calannas has rebuilt that stupid army has he? We told him not to do that again. You are going to be the saviour of Hyrule and the World. We will send you back to Hyrule and into your body. You will be more powerful than the undead army and should be able to dispose of them," Din said.

"Why don't you just do what you did last time?" Ectholia asked.

"Well Ectholia, last time we struck the whole of the country because it was impossible to pinpoint every soldier. Enjoy your life. We will always love you, Ectholia," Nayru explained.

Ectholia felt himself being sucked back onto the earth. He stopped before his spirit returned to his body. He watched Saleeva weep. Link and Druid shook their head. He climbed back into his body.

Ectholia awoke. Link and Druid jumped back out of shock. Saleeva instantly stopped weeping and threw herself onto him. She squeezed his body as if she would never let him go. Ectholia saw his body glowing. He stood up.

"I'll explain later," he said.

Link and Druid walked with him back to the battlefield. Zelda wouldn't let Saleeva continue fighting. Ectholia practically ran back out there. A few undead soldiers leaped at him. Ectholia just stood there and let them attack him. They dropped dead when their swords connected to his body. He reached the battlefield and shot a line of magic at a group of undead. The line was blue, red and green. Ectholia knew why. He continued this until he found the centre of the battle. It was where there was an equal amount of undead and Hylians. Valiendator appeared in the sky.

"Lift your talent!" he yelled.
Every undead stopped fighting and stood there. All of Hyrule Field's ground gave way. Everyone fell down the one hundred-metre drop except for Ectholia and the undead army. Valiendator laughed at him.

"Foolish kid. This war is your fault. If you had stayed captive Hyrule would still be in peace!" Valiendator yelled at him
Out of the back of his head he heard the goddess' voices.

"Don't let him make you feel guilty Ectholia!" Din ordered him.

"Attack the army!" Farore told him.

"Undead army, attack!" Valiendator yelled.

It was strange, seeing all of the army charge at him. Ectholia lifted his hands and sizzled every undead charging him. He brought all of the Hylian army back up and restored the ground. Everyone wielded his or her weapons at Valiendator. He sizzled all the mortal weapons but the magical weapons stayed in their hands. Ectholia drew his sword. It glowed a violent blue, red and green.

"You thief!" Valiendator yelled at him.
Ectholia took air and charged at him. Valiendator conjured a huge sword and blocked. They were engaged a fight of the swords. Everyone in Hyrule was watching. This would be Hyrule's future. Ectholia took a huge swipe and chopped off Valiendator's left thumb. He howled with pain. Ectholia took the opportunity and sliced at his head. Valiendator noticed and ducked. They continued their fight between their swords. Valiendator just couldn't get past Ectholia's sword, though. Ectholia teleported behind him and let a spin-attack loose. It chopped Valiendator clean in half. Ectholia sheathed his sword and sizzled Valiendator's remains. A mighty cheer went up. Ectholia hovered there. He couldn't believe he just saved Hyrule. He appeared on the ground and hugged Saleeva. He was lifted up and carried around. The cheers were cut short, though. The skies turned black and a man appeared in the sky. He had black hair and looked like the male version of the goddesses. It was Calannas. Ectholia jumped up into the air. He soared towards Calannas. Calannas had his arms folded.

"Are you the fool that destroyed my two creations?" he roared
His voice was magnified one thousand times. He lifted his hand and out came ten demons. He laughed and watched the demons dodging Ectholia's magic. They were more like shadows than anything else. They had red, glowing eyes that pierced in Ectholia's sole. Ectholia drew his sword. The demons screeched and ran away. Even Calannas was afraid of the sword. Ectholia chased the demons and disposed of them, one by one. He turned now, to Calannas. Calannas unfolded his arms. In a display of red, blue and green, the goddesses appeared in front of Calannas.

"Not today brother!" they chorused as they sent their magic at them.
Calannas was weakened, but the goddesses could not finish him off without the sword that was destined to destroy Calannas. Ectholia jumped at him and slice him in half. His body turned into black clouds and disappeared, along with all the clouds above. Ectholia turned to the goddesses.

"You were always destined to kill Calannas and save the world," they all said together. They then disappeared into the now white clouds, despite Ectholia's yells. The cheers continued and didn't stop for hours.

The war was finally over and it was all because of Ectholia's courage. Ectholia was made a knight and also named the best wizard in the world. Druid would finally get to return to his family in heaven. He died after the war, but was given a proper goodbye this time. No one was sad for him because he was over one thousand years old and wanted to die. His librarian girlfriend (whose name is Veconic) disappeared and was never seen again. She probably left out of grief, for she loved him dearly. That night there was a huge banquet. A bunch of good things for the kingdom happened there. The night started with Druid's second funeral. Along with Druid, the Filarian victims were honoured. Luckily, no one from Hyrule died. The Filarians stayed for the banquet that night. A citizen's banquet was held under the stars in Hyrule Field, and the King' s banquet was in the main Dining Hall up in the castle. Ectholia was granted knighthood by the King then. They then had their meal. First course was soup, any king that you wanted. Main course there was roast everything and vegetables. Dessert was chocolate mousse. Wine was served along with water. When everyone was fed and watered, the King stood up.

"A lot of important things happened under my rule. There were the adventures of Link and of course, the war between five armies. I'm going to step down as King and spend time with my grandson."
Link stood up, holding Shale's hand. His head was just visible over the table. He handed Shale to the King and spoke up.
"I hope that under my rule, nothing terrible will happen," Link started. "I'm honoured to be King and I will try to be a good one. I would like to thank Feilor for helping us succeed in the war. I would also like to thank the Gorons and the Gerudus for helping us as well."
The banquets ended and parties started happening all over Hyrule. Ectholia and Saleeva went down to the Castle Market party. They got drunk and had sex. Saleeva enjoyed it very much, but so did Ectholia

Everyone woke up with a hangover in the morning. Ectholia and Saleeva woke up naked in the guest bedroom. They almost got it off again when Ectholia started pashing Saleeva. Hyrule was peaceful again. Link, Ectholia and Saleeva went back into the Dungeon to release everyone. The ogres went on to be one of the most trusted races of the Royal Family. Ectholia and Saleeva married a month later. They lived in the castle right next to Link and Zelda. On Saleeva's birthday, a week after the wedding, they had a party. At the end Saleeva stood up.

"I would like to announce to everyone," she started, "that I'm pregnant!"