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By: DarkGamemaster

Many years ago, the goddesses Din, Nayru, and Farore created the world and the Triforce which everyone had come to worship even in the present day, but this was not all that the goddesses created.  Knowing that someone might try to steal the power of the Triforce, they created a powerful artifact to protect it from people that would ever want to wield its might, the TriSword, the original key to the Triforce.  As another safeguard, the goddesses also created the six temples over the many parts of Hyrule to prevent evil from invading the six major parts of the world.  The temples each had a sage to protect them but the only one that had a direct role in actually protecting the Triforce was the Sage of Light known only as Sage.  Back in that time, there was no Temple of Time, there was only a Temple of Light, and the Sacred Realm that the Triforce was housed was the actual Temple of Light and the TriSword was in a pedestal just in front of the Triforce.  The TriSword created a small barrier around the Triforce to keep anyone from touching the sword.

There was a flaw in this however, unlike the Master Sword of the present date; the TriSword was not a weapon that would recognize good over evil.  In fact the TriSword was so powerful that anyone who could feel the Triforce could feel the power of the Sword.  The reason that this is a bad thing is because the TriSword itself contains the three elements of the Triforce; power, wisdom, and courage.  The reason why this is so bad is that the power emitting from the TriSword and the Triforce itself corrupts those who remain near them for a long time.  The Triforce of Wisdom and the Triforce of Courage are the only thing that prevents power from corrupting the one who can truly hold the entire Triforce.  Unfortunately, courage and wisdom are both internal qualities, the only quality that is an outward quality is power.  The power that comes out of the sword and the Triforce are not evil, but it's also not good, for when someone feels the power it drives them to the point of madness.

That is what eventually happened to Sage, he could feel the immense power flowing from the TriSword and Triforce and he eventually was driven to the point of madness.  The other sages could feel Sage's madness growing and they knew that if anyone could take the TriSword from the pedestal, he could, and it was because of this that the sages had to make a very hard decision; they cast a very powerful spell over the Sage of Light.  They separated Sage's spirit from his body and they imprisoned his spirit within the Shadow Temple.  Sage's spirit underwent a dramatic transformation, his once light spirit transformed into a dark spirit.  This dark spirit eventually began to feed upon the darkness of the Shadow Temple, and eventually got so strong that some of his essence began to separate from him.  This led to the origin of Bongo Bongo, the evil spirit which would inhabit the Shadow Temple and the well nearby for many years.

Meanwhile in the Temple of Light, the brother of Sage, Rauru, had just become the new Sage of Light and he was intent on doing something about the TriSword and find away to keep the power of the Triforce from ever corrupting anyone ever again.  The six sages used a powerful spell to split the TriSword into two swords, the twin Guardian Swords.  Meanwhile in the Shadow Temple the evil essence of Sage, now known as Dark had gained enough dark energy to escape from his prison.  Dark was still obsessed with the TriSword at that point and his destination was the Temple of Light, but when he made it to the temple, he noticed that the TriSword was no longer there; instead there were two different swords, with the same feeling that the TriSword had.  Dark didn't have an actual body, instead he was a mere spirit, but this was actually to his advantage, for as a spirit he could inhabit anyone or anything with life energy.  Even though the Guardian Swords were not "alive" they still had a life energy to determine whether the one that held them was worthy of being held.  This person would eventually be known as the Hero of Time.

Dark, in his spirit form, used his influence to take control of one of the Guardian Swords.  The sword was now corrupted by the evil influence of Dark and would be known as the Sword of Corruption.  Using the power of the Sword of Corruption, he gained a physical form with no features and he attempted to place a death curse on the six temples and the three deities.  Dark managed to curse the Deku Tree before the six sages had managed to recapture Dark and imprisoning him in the Sword of Corruption.  The six sages knew that they couldn't afford to keep the Sword of Corruption as it was, they would have to split the Sword of Corruption and the Guardian Sword into pieces again.  The reason why they split the Guardian Sword up is because they didn't want this one to be corrupted by evil as the other one was.  The Sword of Corruption and the Guardian Sword were split into the Master Sword, the Dark Master Sword, the Master Dagger, and the Master Axe.  The Master Sword remained the key to the Trifocal, but unlike its predecessor, the Master Sword could never be corrupted by evil or be touched by anyone but the Hero of Time that was predicted to emerge in Hyrule's darkest hour.

The Dark Master Sword was sealed within the Water Temple; it contained a room that could only be penetrated by the outside, so now the only way that the evil essence of the Dark Master Sword could ever escape would be if someone opened the door to the room from outside. Some of the evil essence eventually escaped from that room and eventually became the evil Morpha.  The Master Dagger was hidden inside the Lost Woods; the sages knew that this would be the best place for it because no one could ever successfully find every part of the Lost Woods.  The Master Axe was hidden inside Death Mountain, over a giant pool of lava.  Because of Dark's evil essence, the TriSword can never be put back together, but if the Hero of Time holds the Master Sword and either the Master Dagger or Axe, they would become the Guardian Sword once again.  But the legend foretell that if the Hero of Time ever enters the room in which the Dark Master Sword lies, the dormant essence will emerge and will become a shadow form of the holder of the Master Sword and if he holds the Dagger or Axe, he'll recall the Sword of Corruption.  It was mentioned that the Deku Tree was cursed, but it was not enough to destroy the Deku Tree, instead the curse lay dormant within the Deku Tree until a fateful day many, many years later.  The King of Thieves, Ganondorf, used his powers to awaken the curse and that's how the Deku Tree was finally overwhelmed by the death curse.  Another change was that a new temple was built over the Temple of Light that housed the Triforce, the Temple of Time, to prevent anyone from being corrupted by the power of the Triforce.

The End