The Lost Legend: Episode II
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"The Lost Legend: Episode II"

The Lost Legend: Episode II

By: DarkSith

Author's Note: The Link used in this story, is the Majora’s Mask Link and all the main characters are around the same age.

     A long long time ago in the land of Hyrule an epic tale of three people changed its people, forever, but before I tell you that story you must hear how they met and of their first adventure together…
     The boy Link was riding his horse Epona through the lost woods in search of a valuable friend, a partner in times of need, when his horse was suddenly frightened by two faeries that appeared out of nowhere, the boy was thrown off and fell unconscious. When he awoke he was surrounded by a bunch of boys his age, he suddenly sprang to attention and pulled his sword from its sheath. They reacted but they were too slow and their leader, a girl in a pink tunic about the same height as Link with shoulder length brownish blonde hair and icy blue eyes and a sword just like his, but a little more gracefully made, stepped in and they fought for about 30 minutes till the girl managed to knock Link off his feet. The girl then jumped into a tree and was gone.
     One of the boys immediately ran up, he was about two inches taller than Link with reddish brown hair and brown eyes said, “Sorry about that Jaime just gets a little temperamental, and by the way my name’s Eric who are you and where are you from?”
     “I’m Link,” he responded groggily, “I’m from Hyrule.”
     “Really,” he said “because if you are that makes two of you in all.”
     “There’ another kid from Hyrule?” asked Link.
     “Yeah, ” the kids responded, “you’re one of them and Jaime’s the other!”
     So they started walking to where their camp was and the other kids introduced themselves. As they got closer Link heard a familiar tune that he’d learned a long time ago from his travels through time, though the trip through dimensions made him groggy but he was sure it had something to do with horses.
     When they got closer a kid with dirty blonde hair and deep blue eyes was sitting on a stump playing his ocarina, he quickly put away his ocarina when he saw them approaching and said, “Hi, your new my name’s Lan how about yours?”
     “I’m Link,” he replied, “I just got here by falling through an inter-dimensional portal type thingy. Where did you learn that song you were just playing?”
     “I really don’t like to talk about my past very much,” the boy responded while staring at the ground.
     “Oh, okay it just sounded familiar,” Link responded
     “Must be just a coincidence,” Lan said quickly
     “Well, maybe,” Link replied
     “So, how did you get here in Termina?” he asked quickly changing the subject.
     “It was weird, I was just riding my horse through the Lost Woods when two fairies came up and startled her, I was thrown off and woke up here.” Link responded.
     “Really, that’s strange, because most people don’t get transported here against their will, and they are normally with someone from here. I don’t know maybe you’re just special,” said Lan.
     “Yeah,” said Link looking at the Triforce of Courage in his hand, “just special.” So the two boys talked for a while longer when Link mentioned that he couldn’t find his horse.
     “I know the perfect place to look for her follow me,” said Lan. They walked to a ranch when Lan let out an earsplitting whistle.
     “What was that for?” asked Link.
     “I was just calling my horse, Midnight, and Romani, she’ll know where your horse is.
     A girl with flaming red hair looking almost exactly like Link’s old friend Malon and a black horse with some white spots on her came up. Then the girl said,
     “Hi Lan who’s your friend?” she asked.
     “Oh, that’s Link, he lost his horse and I was wondering if you could help him out.”
     “Well sure he just has to describe it.”
     “O.K.,” Link responded, ” Well she’s brown with a white and black mane, and answers to the name Epona.”
      “Well I ain’t heard of an Epona but we found a horse matching your description.”
     “Really, can I see if it’s my Epona, please?”
     “Sure I was gonna take you back there anyway to see if you knew anything about it so follow me.” They followed Romani until the got to a little stable and sure enough the horse that they found was Epona. Link thanked Romani and started back to the woods where he would stay with the other boys. As soon as they got there they heard beautiful music and Lan explained that Jaime liked to go off on her own to play her ocarina.
     They soon met the other boys and Eric came up to Link and said, ”You and Jaime got off to a bad start and we wanted to help so we found a great spot to take her to, you see she likes forests with leafy trees not pines like these so we figured you could take her there tomorrow and say that it was your idea.”
     “Okay I’ll go ask her now if she’ll go.” Link walked through the woods following the sounds of Jaime’s ocarina.
     When he found her he called out, “Hi remember me, my name’s Link, we were never introduced.”
     “Oh yes, I remember you what do want?” she asked.
     “I just wanted to say that I found this cool spot and I wanted to see if you would go there with me tomorrow.”
     “Sure why not I don’t have anything better to do.”
     “Really, thanks I’ll get up at sunrise and show you it.”
     “Whatever, by the way I heard that you were from Hyrule too.”
     “Yes I lived in the Kokori Forest with the Kokori children, where did you live?”
     “I’ve lived here my whole life, but I was born in Hyrule, I was taken here to avoid some things that I don’t know about,” she replied.
     “Oh, I see,” said Link remembering his alternate timeline adventures, “I guess I’ll meet you at the entrance to the forest in the morning.”
     “Sure, whatever,” she replied and continued to play her ocarina.
     The next morning they mounted up with their horses and headed out. They reached a point where Jaime told Link to stay extra quiet, “Shh,” she said, “we’re in murderer territory now!”
     “What are you talking about?” asked Link in a confused voice.
     “Just shut up, I’ll explain later,” she replied and they moved on quietly.
     When they were almost to the spot Link told her that they were going to walk their horses from there on. They finally reached the spot and Jaime was in awe of what she saw, “H-how did you find this place, it’s beautiful!” she exclaimed.
     “I just did a little bit of exploring and found it,” Link replied. They both sat in sheer wonder looking at the clearing in the trees that Jaime’s friends found and told about to Link, they looked from the tall leafy trees to the perfectly round pond in the center.
     “You know what,” Jaime said, “most guys take me to places like this just to get on my good side, that’s why I was acting like I was just blowing you off yesterday, well guess what, it worked.” They sat talking for a long time and Link told Jaime about places like that in Hyrule.
     “There are places just like this in Hyrule? I sure wish I could go there,” she said.
     “Hey, what’s that around your neck?” Link asked.
     “Oh, I was told it was on me when I was brought here, my parents must have given it to me,” Jaime replied. It was a pendant with the triforce on it and one of them was a bit darker than the others.
     “Hmm,” Link muttered, “Triforce of Wisdom.”
     “What?” Jaime asked.
     “Oh nothing, just thinking out loud,” Link replied.
     They finally went back to the forest after about two hours at the spot, being extra careful in murderer territory. Link asked about it after they were out of it and Jaime explained that a few years ago they made gangs (A/N not like “Yo cuz you best be getting out of my crib what!”) and had fun playing games of prisoner of war until one group lead by a boy named Anthony started torturing the people they caught, some groups protested, but others joined Anthony, and they actually killed a person, that was why they called it murderer territory.
     “That’s just sick, I mean no life should be taken without a very good reason, that includes animals,” Link said.
     “I know, and that’s why we’re secretly making a movement to stop it, us and a few of the other groups,” Jaime replied. “Good, maybe soon we’ll be able to stop them,” Link responded.
     When he got back Link asked Eric and Lan about Anthony and murderer territory, “So what’s the deal with him, why’d he do it?”
     “I don’t know why he did it, I mean he used to be a real nice guy and all, and he was real good friends with Jaime and me, but one day I guess he just snapped and that was that,” Eric replied.
     “One thing I know is that a dark cloud hangs over his fortress, not a physical one but like a spiritual one. He also moved, his headquarters used to be about a hundred yards that way, then he went to that desert,” said Lan.
     “I guess we’ll just have to our best to stop him and put an end to all this,” Link responded.
     “Yeah, we’re going to show him what’s what!” Eric exclaimed.
     The next day they were playing horse tag, Link was it, and hot on Jaime’s trail, he dove of Epona and tackled Jaime, they both went tumbling down a hill and stopped in front of a pond. Both of them sat there panting when all of a sudden Jaime’s pendant that she wore touched Link’s right hand, they both glowed brightly and two golden triangles came out, they floated over the pond and flashed. When they were able to see again both Jaime and Link saw a beautiful woman floating above the pond She had bright blonde hair, almost white and striking blue eyes, just like Link’s.
     She spoke to them saying, “Hello you two, I wondered when I would be seeing you.”
     “Who are you,” asked the boy, “and how do you know us?”
     “I knew you’d go straight to that, you’re as stubborn as your father,” the woman said.
     “What, that must mean…” he trailed off.
     “Yes Link I am your mother,” she replied in a loving voice.
     “Hey Link, that’s great you actually got to talk to your mom!” said Jaime.
     “Not just his mom but yours as well, you two are brother and sister,” the woman replied.
     “R-really, are you serious?” they both asked.
     “Yes I’m serious, do you think I wouldn’t recognize my own children,” she said in an impatient voice.
     “Which one of us is older?” asked Jaime.
     “Link is the oldest by about two minutes,” she replied.
     “Cool, I’m the oldest,” Link said.
     “It was good to see both of you but my time is almost up so before I go I must tell you, there is another,” she said.
     “What?” Link asked.
     “I’m sorry but there’s no time left good-bye!” and with that the woman disappeared.
     “I wish we could have found out who the other one was,” said Link in a mournful tone.
     “Yeah but at least we know that we’re siblings,” she replied.
     “Hey, where have you guys been, we’ve been searching for you for ages,” said Lan as he was riding down the hill on Midnight.
     “Oh we’ve just been listening to our dead mom tell us that we’re siblings,” Jaime replied.
     “No way,” said Lan in a bewildered voice, “are you serious?”
     “Of course we’re serious, would I lie to you?” asked Link.
     “Uhh… well no I guess, but man this is exciting, I mean we’re going to have to tell everyone about this,” Lan replied.
     “We will, when we get back,” Link said. With that they rode back to their camp and relayed the whole story to their friends.
     Later that night Link lay in his bed thinking about who the other could be when all of a sudden he heard shouts and the sound of horse hooves then he got hit in the back with something heavy and everything went black.
     Jaime woke up with a raging headache trying to remember what had happened she was woken by some shouts and then had a smelly rag put over her face, she blacked out and couldn’t remember anything after that. She then realized that she wasn’t in her tent anymore, she was on a bed but she felt different as if something had happened that shouldn’t have.
     A boy with black hair and eyes and about a three inches taller than Jaime, walked in and sat in a chair just staring at her with an evil looking grin on his face when she yelled out, “Anthony, you son of a b**** what the f*** did you do to me!?”
     “I did exactly what you said,” he replied, “f***.”
     Jaime sat there in sheer disbelief then responded in all the fury of a ten year old girl, “You son of a b**** I’ll kill you for this!” She was about to spring when a big guy came into the room and hit her hard on the head with a club, she was knocked out and thrown into a cell next to another boy.
     “Jaime! are you alright, what happened?” Link asked frantically. He saw that there was a large bleeding wound on her head.
     “It was Anthony,” she said in a weak voice, “he-he.” She blacked out before she could finish her sentence.
     Link sat there in his and Jaime’s cell thinking about how he would avenge his sister and kill Anthony when heard a loud crash and explosion. He quickly spun around and through a smoking hole in the wall he saw Lan and Eric.
     “Hurry up,” they said, “we have to go, now!” They rushed them out, Lan and Link on Midnight, and Jaime and Eric on Eric’s horse. They quickly rode back to camp and when they got there they immediately tended to Jaime.
     “She’s in bad shape,” Lan said, “we’ll need a red potion to save her.” Link pulled out his ocarina and played his song of healing, he knew it wouldn’t save her though.
     “Thanks Link,” Eric said, “she’s a little better but she still needs that red potion if she’s going to make it though, take this, it’s a purple rupee that should buy it now go, hurry back!”
     “I will, and thanks,” Link said as he rode off quickly in the direction of Clock Town. He got there and haggled the potion seller to meet his price and he swiftly rode back to their camp. They slowly gave Jaime the red potion.
     Eric examined her and said, “She’ll be fine now, she just needs a good nights sleep.”
     “That’s a relief,” Link replied, “I guess I’ll take watch duty tonight with Lan.” They both got up and took their positions near the entrance to the forest. Link told Lan of what he knew happened to Jaime and saw Lan looking in complete shock, which then shifted to anger.
     “How could they do that to her,” he said, “what did she ever do to them, it makes so mad that, that I just don’t know what I want to do about it.” Link agreed and looked down, he thought he’d seen a faint glow from Lan’s left hand; no it couldn’t be, could it? No it was just his imagination. The rest of the night occurred with out any excitement. In the morning Jaime was up and back to her usual self. They started calling their allied gangs together, it was time to stop Anthony once and for all. They all gathered in the forest and laid out the plan, Jaime was going to lead a band around to the south and Link and Eric would head a band from the north and they would trap them in a pincher like movement. They were gathering their groups together so they didn’t notice a shadow move its way in the direction of murderer territory.
     “Anthony, sir I have the plans for their attack, do you think we should call our allies?” the messenger said.
     “Yes inform them, I’ll devise a plan to stop Jaime’s foolish band,” he said with an evil tone.
     Anthony outlined his plan to his allies, he would go in for the main attack and his second in command would stop Jaime’s group from ever getting there, with out their leader, they would fail.
     “You ready for this Link?” Lan asked; he was also part of Link’s group.
     “Ready as I’ll ever be,” he responded.
     “Good, then let’s move out,” Eric commanded.
     Jaime’s group was in position, they would strike soon when they heard sounds behind them, someone had betrayed their plans to Anthony!
     “Break off and attack people, we have to stop this group, go!” she ordered. They all plunged headlong into a battle that they knew most wouldn’t come back from. Link’s group also encountered Anthony’s main force; they fought savagely with Link trying to get to Anthony to render his punishment.
     Eric was right beside Link, until he was hit by a spear in the chest; he managed to pull it out before he passed on.
     “No, Eric,” Link cried, “Anthony, you son of a b****, your going to pay dearly for this!”
     Jaime’s group took on the other group while making their way to the main battle, when they got there they saw what was going on and rushed to help.
     “Hold on troops, we can’t just go charging in like that,” Jaime called, but it was of no use they were already on their way and gone. Link kept battling and eventually made it through to Anthony, both were oblivious to what was going on around them. They fought on and on when Anthony managed a direct hit right into Link’s gut, he knew the end was coming as darkness began to nibble away at his vision, and with one final effort he managed to lay a mortal blow Anthony, both of them collapsing right on the spot.
     Jaime went into the battlefield, the ones he weren’t dead were mortally wounded, as she surveyed the carnage she saw Lan and Eric both fallen, on the ground, there was a large group around Lan, there was also a lot of burnt and charred vegetation around the crater, they must have swarmed him and used a bomb.
     Then she saw him, her brother, lying there. She ran to his body and cried and cried. She was so miserable that when a sudden urge to play her ocarina came she didn’t even try to resist, she pulled it out and started to play the song she always played but it was somehow different. Suddenly a large shining light came! When she had regained vision all the people on the ground were stirring, they were alive! Jaime immediately hugged Link as hard as she could.
     “Wow, dying hurts, don’t think I want to do that again. How did you bring everyone back to life, Jaime?” Link asked.
     “I just played the song that I normally play but I this time I played the crucial first six notes of which I had never quite known, that started to enact the power of what I call ‘Song of the Sages.’”
     “She is right, surprising how she takes so much after me,” replied a familiar voice. They both turned around and saw their mother looking down on them.
     “Mom!” they both cried in unison.
     “Sorry to break the party but this isn’t over yet!” said an evil voice. Jaime and Link turned around and were facing the phantom Gannon.
     “I possessed this boy but he is no longer of any use to me,” he said, “Now I shall destroy you bwah hah hah.”
     “I don’t think so Gannon,” Link said as he pulled a light arrow from his quiver, “You seem to have forgotten how much these sting… goodbye.” With that Link fired his arrow along with about twenty others, all aimed at Gannon’s heart.
     “Nooo…” Gannon cried as he was again vanquished to the evil realm. Link and Jaime both turned back to their mother.
     “Mom, I’ve been literally dying to know, who’s the other?” Link asked.
     “Well, I should probably tell you that he’s not your sibling, more of your cousin,” she replied.
     “Really, then it’s beyond me who it is,” Jaime said.
     “Me too, come on just tell us please,” Link asked.
     “Well Lan is your cousin, and you’re all bound together by the power of the Triforce. He holds the Triforce of Power, that explains the crater and the large amount of bodies around him,” she replied.
     “Is this true Lan?” Link asked.
     “Whoa, is that you aunt Arisa? What Link oh, yes, it is very much true, I woke up a couple of nights ago actually it was the day before you arrived, and saw this weird glowing light on my hand, I looked closer and saw that it was indeed the Triforce of Power, but I didn’t tell anyone and thought it best to be kept secret, sorry I didn’t tell you,” he answered.
     “Wait, you’re from Termina, how would you know about the Triforce?” Link asked.
     “I never said I was from Termina, I just didn’t want to discuss my past, I’m really from Hyrule. You just insinuated that I was from here,” Lan replied.
     “What’s the Triforce?” Jaime asked.
     “It’s the symbol of the three goddesses when they left Hyrule after creating it, Din goddess of Power, Nayru goddess of Wisdom, and Farore goddess of Courage. If someone unable to wield it touches it, it splits into the three parts and becomes one with those who deserve it most,” Link replied.
     “More or less Link has it, I’m surprised you know so much about Triforce lore at such a young age and living in the forest, Now are you ready to go home?” asked Link and Jaime’s mother.
     “Wait!” exclaimed Anthony, “I…I…I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for all the things that happened.”
     “It’s not really your fault,” said Link, “Gannon was controlling you so he could get the Triforce from Jaime and Lan.”
     “Still I feel as if it’s all my fault,” he replied.
     “Don’t worry, it’s all over now, we’ll help you get over it,” Eric responded offering his hand. Anthony took it and they shook hands.
     “Wait, before we go, Eric will you please keep my ocarina for me?” Jaime asked.
     Eric looking startled responded, “Uhh, sure whatever you want, oh and goodbye I hope we see each other again.”
     “Me too,” Jaime responded blushing a little, “ Me too.” Jaime then walked over to stand by Link and Lan, they were waving goodbye to all their friends when they were transported back to Hyrule. They would never see Termina again but it would not long forget them nor would their friends.
     All three of them opened their eyes and saw that they we’re surrounded by a luscious forest. “Come on Jaime,” Link said, “We’ve got loads to show you!”
     “Yeah, welcome home, Jaime,” Lan replied.
     With that, they set off, with new adventures and discoveries awaiting them.


Author's Note: First off I know this is hard to believe but I do not repeat I do not own Nintendo or Zelda in any way shape or form, they belong to Mr. Miyamoto. Secondly this is my first fanfic and I hope it was good so please review and be nice, I’d prefer constructive criticism over flames any day. If you do flame me offer advice don’t just say, “That sucked you’re the biggest moron on the planet!” I’m hoping of writing a sequel so give me some ideas about it. Oh also the original story that this idea was pulled from was Friend, Foe, or Family? which was originally posted on (Wow, I don’t own that either) and since I didn’t see it anywhere else and apparently is out of commission, I decided to recreate it and post it on this site, KASUTO.NET is the best Zelda site on the web, thank you and good night.
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