The Battle
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“The Battle”

The Battle

By: OmniSplash

Swords clash, their echoes ringing through the terrible halls.  Cutting through air, they hum and sing a song of death.  Quick as panthers, the two warriors parry and strike.  One of Hyrulean heritage, clad in green tunic, Hero of Time.  The other, black man of the desert, billowing cape behind him, from the dusty valley.  The swords meet again in a test of wills, raw strength surging forth from their shining blades.  Flames lick up in the dark man's eyes, dancing across his face, burning with the rage of a thousand suns.  The young boy's expression unchanging, grave, cold and hard.

The sinister man strikes twice, forcing the Hyrulean down with pure might.  The golden triangle on the top of his hand glimmers with the recognition of his true powers.  He thrusts the sword down harder, cutting a deep gash in the boy's shoulder.  The blood gushes forth, staining his tunic a deep crimson.  With a grunt of effort, he is up again, gripping his shoulder, but still maintaining his composure.  His hand, too, shines brightly as courage blasts through every limb of his blood-stained body, forcing him onward to fight further.

The flames in the evil man's eyes dim, replaced by an unmistakable tint of fear, fear for the Hero of Time, the one dashing toward him, wielding the Master Sword, bringing it down upon him in a single glittering blow.  The sword cuts deep, carving a wide gash in the dark man's robes.  He bellows in pain, letting his immense sword fall to the ground, the once victorious eyes now darkening, deepening, falling into an endless blackness the consumes his very soul.

Suddenly the great hall is filled with blackness, long tendrils raking forth from the villain's body, covering everything.  Every candle, every miniscule projector of light, is suddenly snuffed out.  The room darkens with a low hiss as the desert man's black body blackens with decay.  The only light comes from the ever-burning fire of the golden triangle on the boy's hand.  With a giant explosion, a sickening and deep-red monster erupts from the smoldering carcass of the black man, howling with such fury that the walls shake with its might.  Up and up, through the roof it goes, crushing every ceiling, floor or wall it encounters.

When the dust clears, the two warriors find themselves on the roof of the castle, surrounded by a dark sky, lit by a blackened sun.  A pale maiden stands to the side, surrounded by a blue ring that she longs to breach.  The boy draws his shining sword, preparing to battle the evil monster to the end.  With a deft swipe, the villain disarms him, flinging his sword across the roof like a twig.  It sinks into the crumbling stone across from the princess, shaking angrily with the rumbling of the castle.

With no other options, the Hero pulls out a simple bow and arrow, barely dodging a second swipe from the monster.  He aims high, drawing the string back, letting it sing with power as raw energy flows out from the golden arrow.  The boy fires it, watching it arch high and tumble down through the thick air, headed directly for the monster's head--crack!  With an easy swipe, the arrow snaps in half, plummeting in vain to the stone ground.  Mirth surrounds the monster, compelling him to chortle in humor at the hero's feeble attempt.

He encircles the struggling Hyrulean in a thick fist, drawing him up to one immense eye to examine him.  He laughs again, throwing his head back and throwing his triumph to the heavens.  In a quick movement, the princess ignores the pain of the blue barrier and reaches forth the grab the Master Sword.  Summoning all her strength, she throws it to the Hero of Time, closing her eyes in cold anticipation of his next move.  With obvious dexterity, the boy catches the sword, and screams a battle cry at the top of his lungs.

The monster looks down just in time to see the legendary weapon flash toward him.  The sword splits skin and skull, tearing through the villain's head.  He grip fails and he collapses, allowing the boy to drop swiftly to the ground.  The barrier around her disappears, and the princess rushes up to meet the hero in a warn embrace.  Tears of happiness stream from her eyes as the monster quickly rots into a meaningless pile of ash.  The Hero of Time lifts his sword high into the air, and the silver blade catches the sun's golden rays.  The triangle on his hand glows brighter than before, reflecting on his victory.  Good has triumphed once again!