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"The Assimilation"

The Assimilation

By: Ryo-chan

Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Japan, and Nintendo Nintendo Inc own The Legend of Zelda characters.  The characters Chango, Kiro Kiro, Kaysho, Zuny, Okopo, Puppy, and others are of my own creation.  A very special thanks to dc talk's Toby MacKeehan, (Also known as Toby Mac) Michael Tait, and Mark Heimermann who wrote the lyrics to 'Minds eye' and 'What have we become?'  May the lord's light shine from you all.

3 months after Ganondorf disappeared

Link was wandering once again through Ganondorf's Castle.  He reached the top, where so much had happened to him.  Where Chango had been poisoned, where Malon had been kidnapped, where Ganondorf had cried, where Link had unlocked a mysterious power and spared Ganondorf's life.  Link looked around, and saw Ganondorf hovering, he seemed to be asleep in midair.  He looked on the ground, and saw some water, the water Ganondorf had used to protect himself from Link and Volvagia.  As before, Ganondorf had no reflection.  Out of curiosity, Link stepped into the water.  Suddenly, the whole room started to glow an eerie blue color that hurt Link's eyes.  When he reopened his eyes, Ganondorf was gone, and Link was now in a world of water.  Waterfalls surrounded him, and all he could see was the tip of the horizon.  In the middle of the endless world, a huge waterfall that was bigger than the others, fell straight down from the sky.  This makes no sense, Link thought.  Inside the middle waterfall, a figure stood.  A shadowy figure who was tall and thin.  Link tried to touch the waterfall, but couldn't get near it.  The figure spoke,

I am alone in this endless ocean.
With only my regrets to comfort me.
I try to grasp my life, my soul, my body, my love.
But I cannot reach, it has been taken from me.
I almost surrendered.  Almost.
My feelings are what kept me alive.
He cannot take my feelings.
But they are all that is left of me now.
I can only pray for love's help.
But pray I will.
Faith is eternal hope in things unseen.
But still, there is a mystery to it all."

The figure turned, and looked straight into Link's eyes.  Link looked into his deep, passionate purple eyes.  "Who are you?" Link asked.  The figure was gone, Link was back in Ganondorf's Castle.  Ganondorf suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Link with an icy cold stare.

Link woke up from his dream, and was back in Hyrule Field.  He had fallen asleep sitting against a tree.  Link looked up into the sky.  "Who.?"

2 weeks later

Everybody was there, all of their friends and loved ones.  Link and Malon were getting married.  By twist of fate, Okopo was swearing them in.  Zelda and her father were there, they brought two bouquets of flowers.  One was for Malon, the other for Impa's grave.  The sages, Chango, Kaysho and Zuny were also there.  Even Kiro Kiro was attending, leaning on his walking stick in a tree.  Nabooru stood at the bottom of the tree and spoke with him.  "Is something wrong?" Kiro Kiro asked her.

"No, and don't you dare read my thoughts," Nabooru answered.  Kiro Kiro decided to mind his own business and leave her alone.

Okopo spoke some in his own language, and some in Hyrulian.  "I now pronounce you husband in wife.  Afra ta javan kaldaisk yajl ranftant."  Malon and Link kissed, and everybody clapped.  Well, almost everybody, Ruto didn't want to.  Nabooru was happy for them, but Kiro Kiro was preoccupied.  He climbed down the tree and tapped Nabooru's shoulder.

"Looks like we have a party crasher."  Nabooru turned to see Ganondorf behind another tree, hiding in the shadows.  His fierry orange eyes seemed to glow in the darkness of the shadow.  He didn't really care about Link and Malon, he was looking at Nabooru.  Nabooru walked over to him, but made sure nobody noticed.

"What are you doing here!?" she demanded.  He made sure no one was watching them.

"I.want my sake back," Ganondorf said.

"You can't be serious," Nabooru said.

"Oh, believe me, I'm dead serious."

Nabooru started to giggle, " and Chango.drank it all."  Chango drunk was not a pretty sight.

"What?!" Ganondorf was not very happy.  Nabooru went back to see Link and Malon.  Malon had just thrown the flowers that Zelda had given them.  According to legend, whoever caught them would get married, even if that wasn't always true.  The wind carried the flowers into the air, and then let up.  Nabooru caught the flowers, then looked back at the spot where Ganondorf had stood.  Surprisingly, he was still there.  He smiled at Nabooru, then disappeared.

4 months after the wedding

Lon Lon ranch had become wild with activity.  Zuny still had a fear of horses but had learned how to take care of the cows very well.  He worked at Lon Lon Ranch now.  Chango and Kaysho came by a lot, Kaysho amused himself by harassing the chickens.  And Chango would play music with Zuny.  Zuny kept his drum set in his room by the barn.  Nabooru would come and go as she pleased.  She had become an artist, always sketching her friends.  At night, she would either leave for Gerudo Valley, or spend the night on Talon's roof.  Nabooru basically made herself comfortable wherever and whenever she felt like it.  "I hope you guys will find your own home someday, this place has become a boarding house," Talon would say to Link and Malon.  And that's how things went for a while.  Epona and Bancha had a foul, Nabooru would strangely disappear for days on end, and Chango's and Zuny's tattoos and earrings seemed to multiply over time.

"I wish they would shut up!" Link moaned.  A few weeks had passed.  On that night Link, Malon and everybody else on the ranch couldn't sleep because Chango and Zuny were writing songs.

"We promised we'd let them be loud tonight," Malon sighed.

"Yeah, but it's 3 in the morning!"  Link complained.  They went outside and sat down in the grass.  Talon was there, too.  Not even he could sleep through the racket.

"Hey!  Nabooru!" Malon yelled.  Nabooru didn't answer.

"Good luck finding her," Talon said sarcastically, "that girl's all over the place.  I think she left."

"YEAH!!  Rock on!!"  Nabooru yelled.  She was at a huge party in the Gerudo Fortress.  The music was so loud that everybody was shouting at each other.  She was with some of her old friends playing cards, and she was winning.  "I'm gonna beat you, Lyn!"  Lyn was a good friend of Nabooru, and Lyn usually won at poker.

"Well, that's a first huh, Nabooru?" Lyn said.  Lyn and Nabooru were playing with 4 other Gerudo girls, too.

"It's too bad Zuny and Chango couldn't come here and play,"  Nabooru said to Lyn while she dealt the cards.

"Who are they?" Lyn asked.

"Oh, they're a band, but they need a singer.  They'd fit right in, they play nice and loud!"

"Yeah, LOUD!!" Lyn yelled, "Ah crap!  We're just about drunk again!"

"Oh well!" Nabooru shouted, "Hey!  No more sake for us girls!"  Someone put his hand on Nabooru's shoulder.

"Deal me in," Ganondorf said.

Zuny and Chango finally cut the music after getting yelled at a lot, and went to bed.  "Finally!" Link said.  Talon had fallen asleep in the grass after Chango and Zuny stopped playing.  Link and Malon went to bed.

"I wonder where Nabooru at this time of the night?" Malon asked.

"Who knows, lets just hope she's not getting herself into trouble again."

"She'd been gone a lot lately, hasn't she?"

"Yeah, I think she's been with her friends in Gerudo Valley."

Malon giggled, "Maybe she's got herself a boyfriend from Kakariko Village!"  They laughed.

"Goodnight Malon," Link said.

"You're late!" Nabooru yelled at Ganondorf.

"Yeah.get used to it.  I'm always late," he shouted.

Lyn was a little confused.  "I thought you hated each other!  And.oh, hee hee, I see!"

"See what?"  Ganondorf asked though a bottle of sake.

"Nothing, nothing at all," Lyn said.

"Eh, Nabooru," Ganondorf said, "Give me some of that rice."  Nabooru handed him the rice, and he picked up some chopsticks and started to literally inhale the food.

"Somebody was hungry," Lyn said dully.

Deep in the Gerudo Desert, Koume and Kotake were bowing to what seemed like only a voice.  Arise, the voice commanded.  It was an evil voice, a voice that could frighten anyone. The boy is stronger than I expected, he might gain complete control soon.  You two were supposed to contain him!

"We're sorry, master," Koume stammered, "He used your powers to his advantage."

Yes, I know that.  Even with half of me possessing him, he is starting to control himself.  His will power has grown, why is that?

"We don't know sir," Kotake said, "Perhaps the feelings he has for that girl..."

Impossible!  Human emotions are useless and are a nuisance!  They amount to little more than nothing compared to my immense power!!

An hour or so later the party in Gerudo Valley had died down a bit, because everybody there wasn't feeling very good after all the drinks they had.  "I'm going home, then I'm gonna sleep all day," Lyn moaned, "see you later Nabooru."  Nabooru was lying on the floor half asleep, and Ganondorf was amusing himself by throwing little grains of rice into sleeping guards' mouths.  He stopped after he had woken 7 people up and had run out of rice to throw.

"Ganondorf," Nabooru said, "I don't feel very good."

"How much sake did you have?" he asked her.

She got up and thought for a minute, ", 6 or 7 bottles, I think."

"That's real smart!  I only had 3,"  he replied.

"I can't go back to Lon Lon Ranch like this," Nabooru sighed. "I hope Lyn won't mind me staying over."

"I guess you can stay with me," Ganondorf said.  "I kicked Koume and Kotake out.  Besides me nobody really lives there."

"Where.still in that old castle?!"


Nabooru looked at him, "You."

"What?" he asked.

"It's just've changed, a lot.  I don't know if I should trust you.but," she laughed, "It's just like old times...  Okay!  What the hell!  I'll trust you, but on one condition."

"And what would that be?" Ganondorf asked.

"Get your nose pierced again, I liked it!"

"So did everybody else," Ganondorf muttered.

That's it. That is the sign. The boy has control.  Now if he gets his complete memory back, my secret will be reveled.  And we can't allow that to happen.  He is of no use to me anymore. Heck, I shall leave him!  But I will take the parts of his memory that might reveal me.  And then we shall dispose of him.  It may be risky, but this way we can get rid of him faster.  Koume and Kotake nodded.

That day Zelda visited Lon Lon Ranch.  "Hello Link, Malon, Talon.not you too!"  Zelda never got along with Chango and Zuny.

"Funny, I didn' hear ya say hello to us," Chango said.

"That's because I didn't," Zelda said.  Zuny made a hissing noise, and Chango snarled.  The Raykia were able to make a strange array of noises and sounds using their large teeth and lungs.  Noises such as snarls, raspy quiet screams, something that sounded like it came from a half-lizafos-half frog, and other unexplainable sounds.  Chango was particularly quite good at it, and Chango was also much smarter then he looked, despite his odd slang speech.  He could somehow sense how people were feeling.  Chango knew that Zelda didn't like loud noises.

"C'mon, Zuny.  Lets go play our music as loud as we possibly can."

"Won't that hurt our ears?"  Zuny asked. Zuny, on the other hand, was oblivious to pretty much everything, and didn't catch on to Chango's plan.

"Jus' come on!" Chango yelled and dragged Zuny to the room that their instruments were in.

"Hey!  Let go let go!!"  Zuny whined.

"Zelda, do you know where Nabooru is?" Link asked.

"No, I don't," Zelda replied.

"I know we shouldn't worry about her like this, she can take care of herself, but.she didn't come back to the ranch last night."

"Give it a rest, you three," Talon said.  "Nabooru will do fine, whatever it is she's doing."

Later that afternoon Nabooru woke up on spare bed in Ganondorf's castle.  I must have fallen asleep on the way here, Nabooru thought.  She got up and, after trying to find her way around the castle for an hour or so, gave up and sat down on a large pillow.  A few minuets later, Ganondorf came sleepily walking into the room.  Nabooru started laughing, "You know if I'm going to be your house guest, maybe you should run a comb through your hair when you get up."

Ganondorf looked up at his crazy orange hair, "oh.yeah."

Zelda was being driven mad by the amount of noise Zuny and Chango were making.  "They're so annoying!" Zelda shouted.

"No, not really,"  Link said, "The most annoying person in the whole world is." Then, even over the music, they heard it.  Just outside the door, they heard the noise.  A faint little jing-a-ling noise that Link knew far too well.  "Oh no..." Link mumbled tiredly, "I thought I told her not to visit me today."

Ganondorf and Nabooru sat on the floor at a low table.  "You've been hiding out here for a while, you know," Nabooru said.

".Yes, I know.  Well, it's home," Ganondorf replied.

"Yes.the desert." Nabooru said, "How long has it been?  Not since.then.since you.and I."

"About.four months" Ganondorf replied.

Nabooru looked out a window and sighed, "I really wish it could stay this way forever.but eventually, I'll have to tell them.  It's going to look odd, me always sneaking back at night.  And Malon might be on to us."

"You're welcome to stay here."

"I guess I could.Ganondorf, why did you try to take over Hyrule?"

Ganondorf looked down, "I don't was like it was someone else doing it.  It was like.I was outside my body, watching it all.  Are you holding that against me?"

Nabooru smiled, "Not anymore.I think."

"Is she gone?" Link whispered to Malon.

"I think so," Malon whispered back.  Link got up from behind their dresser.

"Link!  Link!!"

"Oh no." Link whined.  Navi flew in the room and came up right to his face.

"Oh, Link!  I missed you!  I haven't seen you for a whole year!  A whole year!  Hey, are you listening to me!?  Are you?  Are you?  Listen!!  Hey!  Hey."

"Go away, please," Link threatened, "Before I lose my sanity."  For once, Navi stopped speaking and seemed to be listening to something that only she could hear.

"Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  The Deku Sprout summoned me, I've got to go!  Go!  GO!"  Navi flew out of the room and headed for the forest.  Link was amazed the torture was over.

"God I love you, Deku sprout!!   Thank you thank you thank you thank you.Of course, I love you more, Malon,"  Link said quickly after he saw a very annoyed Malon.

"So.what do you want to do?" Ganondorf asked Nabooru.  After a while, they had gotten pretty bored.

"Well, we could take a walk, this place is so big, it could take a while."

".Yeah all right.  But some of it has collapsed."

"Is there a way to get light in here?  The dark is no fun."

"There was always light here," Ganondorf said.  He stood up and waved his arm.  All of the windows in the castle opened, and light spilled through.  "All right, let's go!" Ganondorf shouted playfully.

"Race you!"  Nabooru yelled and started running down the hall.  Ganondorf took to the air and followed her.  "Cheater!" Nabooru yelled at him.  He came down and picked her up, and carried her through the air.  With Nabooru in his arms, Ganondorf sped up, and took them to the roof of his castle.  He set Nabooru down.  "Wow."  Nabooru gasped.  Before, she had been here at night, but during the day, they had quite a view.  "I can see the whole desert, and the Spirit Temple!  Look over there!  I can even see some of the fortress!"

"It is quite a view," Ganondorf said.

"Maybe we should get our own home sometime, Link."  Malon and Link were on their way to Hyrule Castle delivering milk for Talon.

"Yeah, but not in this town, it's too crowded," Link replied, "maybe in Kakariko Village?"

"Maybe, it's a nice little town."  The king happened to be walking by and greeted them.

"Hello Link, Malon!  Would that be the milk we ordered from Lon Lon Ranch?"

"Yes, sir," Malon replied, "and it's fresh."

"Thank you," he said and told a guard to help him carry the milk into the castle.  Link and Malon started to walk back to the ranch.

"Well, still no sign of Nabooru.  Maybe she moved and forgot to tell us."

"Link?  Sometimes you think of the stupidest things!"

Nabooru was sitting on the castle roof, staring out into the Gerudo sunset, while Ganondorf stood thinking about something deeply and quietly.  Nabooru sighed, "Sometimes." she started to say, but stopped.

"Yes?" Ganondorf asked.

Nabooru was silent, then she spoke, her voice sounding as if she was holding back tears, "Sometimes.I wonder." she said, calming herself a bit, "I am a sage.  But, I am a Gerudo warrior.  I worked to banish you.  Now, I.I drink with you, with all the other Gerudo.  Sometimes.I wish I could." Nabooru stopped, and choked up again.  Ganondorf looked down at her, then sat down next to her.  She looked at him, trying her hardest not to cry.  A Gerudo didn't cry.  She took a breath, and continued, "I wish that I wasn't a sage.   Heh.I admit it, I've considered forsaking Link and Zelda and returning the desert.  Oh, why am I telling you this.forget it-"

"No.  Wait," Ganondorf said quickly, "Live your own life.  It doesn't matter what others think.  And if someone tries to stop you, get up in their face about it.  .Well.that's what.I think."  Ganondorf got up and stood facing the opposite direction.  The sun had set.

"I guess I'd better go," Nabooru said.

"Hey!  Wait.Nabooru?"

"What?" Nabooru asked.

"I'll.walk you home.if that's all right with you." Ganondorf said.

Nabooru smirked, "Are you sure?  Link does happen to live under my nice little roof."

"I don't care whose roof I'm on, let's go."

Link had the same strange dream that night.  He was in Ganondorf's Castle, and stepped in the water.  And then he was in the strange water place again.  The figure was there, and it spoke:

 "My battle has begun.
But he hasn't made a move.
Something is wrong.
I pray for you, love.
My life is yours now."

"Who is love?" Link asked. "Who are you?"  The figure turned and looked into Link's eyes.  Link was back in the castle. Ganondorf woke up, and Link was back in his bed, back in reality.  He heard two voices on the roof.  One was Nabooru, and he couldn't tell whom the over voice belonged to, just that it was a man.

"You shouldn't have followed me this far."

"Oh well.I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah.  I'll miss you."

".Me too. Goodnight.Nabooru."

So Nabooru does have a boyfriend!  I wonder why she's so secretive about him?  Link thought.  I guess Malon was right.  Link didn't wake Malon, he could tell her tomorrow.

Early that morning, Okopo and his daughter and leader of the Raykia, Tiija, met with the king of Hyrule and Zelda. Tiija asked, "We are here to discuss boundaries, am I correct?"

"Yes," The king replied, "Now, I asked a scholar to take a look at the locations of the jungle a week ago, and he has come to a conclusion."

"What would that be?" Okopo asked.  The king took out a large map that now included the vast jungle that the Raykia dwelt in.

"The area you live in is very large, and uncharted.  It could link to places never explored before."

"It does," Tiija said calmly, "There are many dangerous places out there.  There are vast caverns filled with water, rocky plateaus, a burning valley plagued by volcanic activity, and seemingly endless grassy plains."

The king was surprised that Tiija knew that.  "Oh!  Well.we suggest that that land be your own, instead of part of Hyrule."  Tiija and Okopo spoke in their own language about it, and then turned to face the king and Zelda.

"We agree," Okopo said.

Tiija was excited, "Wow!  This is good news! I shall name our land.Ryuuku.  In honor." She put her hands together and bowed her head, "Of our guardians."

The king was confused, ".Exactly what does 'Ryuuku' mean?"

"Year of the dragon," Tiija replied calmly.


"This is weird, I actually have a normal life," Link said to Malon, "It's almost boring."

"Is that so?" Malon giggled, "It looks like Mr. Hero here can't go two months without saving something."

"Heh.yeah that's me," Link replied, embarrassed. "I you think Ganondorf is even still alive?"

"I don't know.  Zelda was pretty ticked after you let him off."

"That was kinda funny.  Oh, I forgot to tell you, Nabooru snuck back in late last night."

"What was she up too?"

"I didn't speak to her, I just heard them on the roof."

Malon was surprised, "Them?"

"Yep, looks like you were right!  Nabooru does have a secret boyfriend."

"So.who is it?! Come on, tell me!"

"I don't know," Link said, "Why don't you ask her?"

"All right, I will."  Malon walked outside and shouted for Nabooru.

"She's gone again!" Zuny chirped.  "Left a few minuets ago."  Chango was about to head home but stopped when Zuny said that.

"She's gone again, hmm.Where?"

"I don' know, swimming?" Zuny said.

Chango rolled his eyes, "She lives in a desert, yei idiot.  There is no water to go swimming in a desert."

"Oh!  That really bites!"

"For you, you're a Zora."

"Ganondorf?" Nabooru shouted over and over.  She was looking all over his castle but couldn't find him anywhere.

"Hey!  Over here, Nabooru."  Nabooru followed the voice and found him digging threw some old books.

"What on earth are you doing!"

"Getting rid of this junk.  It belonged to Koume and Kotake, but I havn't seen them for a month so I take it they're not coming back."  He was taking handfuls of books and tossing them into an old, empty cauldron.

"I'll help," Nabooru offered.

"All right, can you hand me those books over there?"  Nabooru went to get the books, and Ganondorf accidentally knocked some sort of glowing blue potion off the shelf into the cauldron.  He didn't notice this and kept throwing books in, but Nabooru did.  The potion brewed in the pot and set the books aflame.

"Um.Ganondorf?  I don't think you should throw anymore books in there."

"Eh?" he turned around and saw the now purple goop in the cauldron.  ".that.can't be good."  He backed off, and the potion kept changing colors.

"Why is it doing that?" Nabooru asked.

"Because it's mixing with the spells in all of those books, who knows what will happen."  Suddenly the goop exploded!  Then it did it again, and again.  Finally it stopped moving and settled down.  Ganondorf breathed a sigh of relief.  But then a gust of wind blew through the window and knocked another potion off the same shelf into the bubbling slush.  It was labeled, "Dangerous!  If you touch this Kotake I'll kill you!!!  -Koume."  That was one of Koume's most powerful spells.  "It figures," Ganondorf mumbled.

The goop erupted and filled the room with smoke.  Nabooru was thrown back, and Ganondorf was buried under debris.  When the smoke cleared, Nabooru gasped, but Ganondorf wasn't able to see anything because he had a bookshelf on his head.  A white floating bubble emerged from the pot and landed on the ground.  From it came out a dog/cat-like creature that was a little bit smaller then a panther.  It had white stripes and markings covering its whole torso, and two long tails with bushy, furry ends.  It had big, red eyes and a blue V-shaped crest on its forehead.  Also, very big ears.  Nabooru fell in love with it in about 2 seconds flat.

"Oh!!  It's so cute!!!  Aren't you a sweetie!?  Yes you are!  Yes you are!"

"Don't mind me." Ganondorf said from under his bookshelf and other items.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Ganondorf!  Do you need any help?"  He teleported himself to where Nabooru was standing.

" it?"

"I don't know, but she's so cute!"  She showed it too him.  It made a "Mreow!" noise.

"It is nice.  You can have her, Nabooru."

"I can!?"  Nabooru hugged him so hard he thought he might collapse.

"Thank you!  Thank you!  Oh, you're a good little.Kyoki!  I'm going to name you Kyoki!"  Kyoki purred and seemed happy with her name.

" exactly did you know that it was a 'her?'" Ganondorf said, confused.

Zuny was still speaking to Chango when Kaysho appeared out of the sky and landed on top of him.  "Sorry, man!  Hey, Chango!!  Guess what!"

"Not taday, jus' tell me already!"

"Rerrrr.fine.  Tiija and Okopo met with the king guy this morning and our jungle and the areas around it are our own lands.  Outside of Hyrule!  Tiija decided to call it Keto!  Dude, we live in Keto now!"

"Great, now I need a passport ta go pretty much anywhere.  I hate my life," Chango said sarcastically.

"Someone's in a bad mood today," said Link.  Chango ripped out his claws, he does that when he's ticked off.

"OKAY!  Yei know what!?" Chango yelled, "I AM in a bad mood!!  And I LIKE my ATTITTUDE PROBLEM!!!  Do YOU have a PROBLEM with that!?!?"

"Never mind," Link mumbled.

"I am so outta here," Chango said to no one in particular, and flew off.

"Don't worry!" Kaysho said, "When he's in a bad mood, he goes and takes a nap in a tree or something.  He'll cool off."

Zuny was still face flat on the ground, "Why does everybody have to LAND ON MEEEE!?!?" he whined.


Nabooru was playing with Kyoki, and Ganondorf floating around gripping his head.  "What's wrong, Ganondorf?"

"Nothing.I have a headache, that's all."

"Let's go somewhere else, fresh air will help your headache and, no offense, but it really stinks in here."

"All right."  They risked it and went to Hyrule Field.  Kyoki was chasing birds and accidentally ran into a tree.  It was an apple tree.

"Mreow!  Mreow, reowww!"

"What is it Kyoki, do you want an apple?"  Kyoki decided to help herself, and started to make hissing noises.  The blue crest on her forehead started to glow and suddenly, a blue beam shot out of the crest strait at a large branch on the tree!

"Whoa!  You didn't tell me Kyoki was dangerous!" Nabooru yelled at Ganondorf.

"How was I supposed to know!?"  The beam hit a branch that had a very large, juicy apple on it.  Kyoki not only hit the steam of the apple, but the whole branch fell down.  Kyoki took the apple, but then noticed something else on the branch.

Chango had been taking a nap on in the tree that Kyoki blasted.  He woke up from a dream.  "what..Jesus freak.Hey.oh, jus' a dream.  Hi N'booru, hi.ah!"  Chango got up and hid his guitar from Ganondorf, "N`booru, what is he doing here."  Chango stopped.  He looked at Nabooru, then at Ganondorf.  Chango sensed it.  "I this is your mystery boyfriend N`booru."

"How.You little.Chango!  Swear you won't tell anybody!!"

"I won't," Chango said.  "But you should tell them soon.  Especially Link, he has a right to know.  After all, you, Ganondorf, you owe him your life.  And I'm not one ta keep quiet for long."

"Yeah." Ganondorf mumbled.

Perhaps this was not a good idea.  The boy is revealing things he shouldn't.  We have to get rid of him, and soon.

"How, master?" Kotake asked.

The voice paused, .well, it has been two hundred years.

Koume and Kotake gasped.  "You will infect him with that!?"

Yes, I will.  He has been enough trouble, and he is just a worthless human, I am much stronger without him.  The only reason I used him was to fool that old man.
     "Are you sure about this master?" Koume asked.

Do not question my authority!  I have all ready infected the boy.  Within a few days, he will get the first serious symptom, and then that will be the end of him.

"There you are, Nabooru!" Link said when Nabooru walked into the ranch late that night.  "Uh.what is that?"  Link pointed at Kyoki.

"Never mind her.  Link.I have to tell you something."  At that moment Chango came back from Hyrule Field.  Kaysho and Zuny came over to talk to him.

"What Nabooru?" Link asked.  They were all looking at Nabooru now.  Chango left to make it easier for Nabooru.

"Um.never mind.  It wasn't important anyway."  Nabooru disappeared and then reappeared on the roof.

"You sure it wasn't important?" Link yelled up to Nabooru.  Nabooru pretended not to hear him.  Have it your way, Link thought, and he went inside.  Ganondorf appeared on the roof next to Nabooru when he left.

Ganondorf whispered, "don't worry about what they'll think of me, Nab."

"I know, it's just."

"Do you want me to tell him?"

"No, I can do it, I just need to talk to Link alone."

"Good!" Ganondorf said, relieved.  He stopped talking and gripped his head again.

"Still have a headache?"

"Yeah."  He let go of his head, "Oh well, I'm out of here-"

"Wait!" Nabooru whispered, "I don't feel like sleeping tonight."

"Maybe that's because you sleep on a roof." Ganondorf replied.

"I like my roof," Nabooru said dully. "I'm just not tired, and little Kyoki wants to play with me!"

Ganondorf looked up at the moon.  "Hey, it's snowing."  Kyoki was curious; she didn't know what snow was.  Nabooru and Ganondorf went to Hyrule Field again, this time Chango wasn't there.  Ganondorf was still thinking that maybe he should be the one to break the news when Nabooru threw a snowball at him.  He made a snowball and threw it back at her.  Kyoki watched them exchange fire and tried various fruits that grew in Hyrule Field.  Ganondorf was going to throw a large snowball at Nabooru but slipped in the snow.  He ended up falling on her instead, then both of them rolled down the hill.  They got up and sat at the bottom of the hill.  Nabooru shuddered, "It's cold, of course, we live in a desert."

"Yeah, I'm freezing!" Ganondorf said.

"You're freezing!?  I'm the one dressed to go swimming!"

"True."  Ganondorf made a blanket appear out of thin air and wrapped it around Nabooru, Kyoki, and him.  Ganondorf suddenly looked around to see if anybody was watching them.

"What is it?" Nabooru asked.

"Something's not right."

Link had that same dream again.  He was in the castle.  He stepped in the water, and then was surrounded by endless waves.  But this time, the figure turned before he spoke.  "What is going on?  What does this all mean?" Link asked.  For the first time, it answered him.


Chosen one.
Remember me.
Remember my love.
Remember the one thought to be evil.
Please, forgive and forget.
The true evil will surface.

He turned and looked into Link's eyes again.  Link looked deeper this time.  He looked past the sadness, past the passion, past the mysterious blankness, and saw.  "Wait!" Link yelled as he woke up.

"What the heck, Link!?" Malon said.  "What's wrong?"

"Nothing.I'm going to take a walk, I'm not very tired."

Link went outside to find Zelda waiting for him.  "You sense it too?" Link said.

"Yes, I have Link!" Zelda said, annoyed.  "For quite some time!"  Even though Zelda didn't have her piece of the Triforce anymore, she could still sense that Ganondorf was nearby.

"I tried to ignore it, sorry Zelda.  But you know that I'm not going to what you believe is best."

"I just don't understand, Link!  How on earth can you forgive Ganondorf!  After everything he's done!  How!?"

Link smiled, "I'm not sure how, some things you just.know.somehow."  Zelda was angry but Link didn't care.  Then Link noticed his hand was glowing.

YES!!  Today is the day I'm strong enough to take my own form!  The voice said as Koume and Kotake flew in circles around some sort of altar.  They mumbled magic chants, and the voice cackled.

"Nabooru, we'll tell them together."

"Yes, that's best.  And by the way, Link knows that the letter was from you.  Even if your handwriting is practically illegible."

"Well, it's usually difficult to write when one is on the verge of dying."  Ganondorf's hand started glowing.  "They're here as well," Ganondorf said. "Shall we go?"

"All right, I'm ready," Nabooru said.

"Just one problem," Ganondorf said, "Zelda's there too.  She's gonna be mad."  Nabooru laughed, Zelda might never truly forgive Ganondorf for anything.

"Your hand is glowing," Zelda scowled.  Then, her eyes went wide and she started to back away.

"There's something really big and scary behind me isn't there?" Link said dryly.  He turned around to see an evil creature that looked something like Bongo Bongo, but smaller.  Link attacked it and was winning pretty easily, but slipped in the snow and dropped his sword.  The creature picked up the Master Sword and threw it a good distance.  It loomed over him and was about to attack but someone ran in front of Link and held his arms up.  "What the.Ganondorf!?" Link said, surprised.

"Don't just sit there, get your freggin sword!!" Ganondorf yelled.  He was holding the creature still using magic.  Nabooru ran up and saw Zelda.  They didn't like each other but both knew that that wasn't important now.  Link ran back with his sword and struck the creature.  It screamed in rage and disappeared into the earth.

"Um.thanks," Link said.

"We're even." Ganondorf mumbled.

But Nabooru cut them off.  "Link, there's something I have to tell you, and I have to tell you now."

"What?" Link asked curiously.

"Never mind that!" Zelda scowled, "How did that monster get here in the first place?"  Without having to turn around, Ganondorf knew what Zelda was saying.

"Point that finger at someone else girl."

"I wasn't saying that it was you." Zelda said as-a-matter-of-factly.

"You were implying," Ganondorf sneered.

"Would both of you shut up and pay attention to me!?  Ganondorf!"  Zelda stuck her nose up and Ganondorf mumbled something harsh.

"Stop fighting and listen to Nabooru!" Link said firmly.  Zelda and Ganondorf stopped fighting, but Zelda still didn't show much interest in what Nabooru had to say.

"Link," Nabooru began, "um.the reason I've been gone a bit lately."

"A bit?"

"Okay, a lot lately is, well, Chango told me that you heard my conversation with someone on the roof last night."

"Yes, I did.  But I didn't mean to!  Sorry Nabooru, so who is it?"  Link asked anxiously.

", or should I say, Zelda won't like this.  But I don't really care about her opinion anymore."

"Hmf!" Zelda mocked.

"That" Nabooru pointed to Ganondorf.  Link, who wasn't always the quickest to catch on to things like this, was confused.  Suddenly, a thought struck him.  Why is Ganondorf. putting his arms around Nabooru!?  He looked at Nabooru, then at Ganondorf, then at Nabooru, Ganondorf, Nabooru, Ganondorf.  And then it finally hit him.

Ganondorf spoke rather calmly, "How's this for a wake up call?  I'm in love with Nabooru, you moron."

Link was on the verge on fainting and Zelda stared in shock when she heard Ganondorf say 'the L-word.'  Link's was about to fall over.  Ganondorf sighed dully, "Bend down and put your head between your knees."

"Nabooru.even can't be serious!" Zelda shouted.  Nabooru was angry with Zelda, very angry.  She walked over to Zelda and slapped her furiously twice.

"God, Zelda for once can you think well of me!?  Ever since Link set me free, I've always listened to you and the other Sages!  Always!  I thought that.being a sage and living a more.'proper' life would be good for me.  But I was wrong!  Years ago, I had what I needed!  Link, remember what I told you about an old boy friend?  About what he said to me when I was feeling sad?  That man is not dead!!  I lied to keep it a secret.  That man is standing next to me!!!"  Ganondorf was a little shocked, What?  I don't.remember that. But he didn't show it, instead he angrily looked at Link.

" you know," Ganondorf said to Link.

Zelda calmed herself down as much as she could.  "Nabooru," she asked a nasal anger hint in her voice, "What if Ganondorf were to try and get the Triforce again, or take over Hyrule?  Then what would you do?"

"You do realize that I'm standing right here!?" Ganondorf shouted at Zelda.

"Well," Nabooru sneered, "Then I guess I've got my old job back.  If that happens, so be it."  Nabooru called her Sages medallion to her hands.  She took one last look at it, then smashed it into pieces within her fist.  She stood tall and looked down upon Zelda.  "I am Nabooru," she said firmly, "second in command of the Gerudo militia.  And I will not tolerate this any longer."  Nabooru was no longer a sage. Now, she was once again a Gerudo warrior.

Zelda was shocked, How could Nabooru make such a foolish decision! Zelda thought, I mean, of all people!  What can she see in that monster!?  Gerudo, hmf!  Zelda disappeared in a flash, and Ganondorf and Link were still staring each other down.

Suddenly Zuny came running out of Lon Lon Ranch holding Chango's guitar and snickering.  After him, a very angry Chango came running after him cursing.  When Chango was angry, he wasn't to be messed with.  "GIVE IT BACK ZUNY OR I'LL RING YER NECK!!!" Chango raged.  Zuny reached where Link, Nabooru, and Ganondorf were standing.

"Nah nah!" Zuny yelled back in a way that made him look more immature than usual.  Chango flew over and tried to grab it from Zuny, but didn't succeed.

"Oh, yeah!?" Chango shouted, "Well maybe I should have a little fun with.THESE!!!"  Chango held up Zuny's drumsticks and Zuny gasped.  Chango pressed his razor sharp tail spike to the sticks.

"You wouldn't!" Zuny said.

"Oh, I would.  And I will if you don't give me my guitar back," Chango hissed.  Link rolled his eyes, and Ganondorf was very entertained by all this.  Zuny and Chango finally returned each other's musical instruments and Zuny turned around to get his first look at Ganondorf.

"Huh?  Who are you?" Zuny said, oblivious to the fact that he was a powerful sorcerer.  Ganondorf could not believe that Zuny didn't realize who he was, after all, Ganondorf had made quite a name for himself.  He decided to not answer and keep Zuny guessing to have a little fun.  "Dude, that like, the coolest nose ring ever!" Zuny exclaimed.  Here we go again. Link thought.  "Check it out Chango!  It's almost as good as the second one on your left nostril!"

Chango was offended, "Don't even go there, man."  Ganondorf rolled his eyes, obliviously putting all guilt on Link.

"You know what?" Zuny said all perky-like, "You look at lot like that big scary guy that tried to kill Link!"

"Gee, really?  Maybe," Ganondorf said in a sarcastic, mocking singsong voice, "that's because I am that guy who tried to kill Link!"

Zuny, once again proving himself to be as stupid as ever, took about a minute to catch on.  When it did finally hit him, he screamed a high pitched scream and hid behind Link.  "Hee hee, nice sorcerer!" Zuny said, "Nice.big.scary.sorcerer.with a really cool nose ring."  Zuny's voice trailed away as he backed off back to the ranch.  Chango held his guitar close to him so Ganondorf wouldn't try to steal it again and flew off.

Nabooru turned to Link.  "You don't think what Zelda does, do you, Link?"

", but.I don't exactly agree with you either, Nabooru."  Ganondorf suddenly started coughing violently and shivering.  He couldn't stop coughing.  "Are you.all right?" Link asked.

"I'm fine!" he said proudly, stood tall, and looked down coldly at Link.  Link was about to say something when they both disappeared like Zelda had, and he was alone.

"My head is going to explode," Link murmured to himself.  He was confused about all this.  Ganondorf hasn't done anything wrong since our last encounter, but.I worry for Nabooru.  I really hope she knows what she doing.maybe she's right about him.  Who's right, Zelda or Nabooru? Link sighed as he went back to tell Malon.  Ganondorf.there's something wrong with him.people just don't start coughing.and shaking like that.

Yes!  Glorious power!  Marvelous power!  Now, that little brat will die a slow and painful death!  The voice was taking a form, now he was a black ball of pure evil.  He let out an evil laugh, and it echoed throughout Hyrule.

Link returned to find Malon waiting for him.  "What happened?" Malon asked.

"First Zuny ran off, then Chango went running after him, and I heard people yelling."

"Long story, okay." Link proceeded to tell Malon about Ganondorf and Nabooru, about how Zelda reacted, and Zuny and Chango's little scuffle.  "Ganondorf.and Nabooru!?  Well, I don't know what to say about that.  But I guess those rumors were true." Malon giggled, "I guess we shouldn't go to his castle tomorrow after all!"  Link nodded, and they went to bed.  But Link couldn't sleep at all that night.  Well, it looks like Ganondorf has got me out of a job.

Nabooru and Ganondorf went back to the desert, where it wasn't snowing.  "Ganondorf, when you said that you loved me in front of Link and Zelda, that was so sweet!  Thank you."

"Well.I was just telling.the truth," Ganondorf replied.  They looked up at the moon.  It was always big in the Gerudo skies, but tonight it was very large.  "Nabooru, I want to show you something.  Will you come with me?"

"All right," Nabooru said as she set Kyoki on the floor the castle.  Ganondorf teleported them all to an oasis in near the western end of the desert.  No one, not even the wisest Gerudo, knew what was beyond the desert.  Inside the palm tress and plants, there was a little stream and waterfall.  Ganondorf stood by the water.  Nabooru stood next to him and they both looked down at the water.  Nabooru saw her reflection, but Ganondorf didn't have one.  "Ganondorf, why don't you have a reflection?" Nabooru asked.

He sighed, "I don't know."  Nabooru felt sorry for him, Ganondorf could never live a normal life again.

"Hey, it doesn't matter.  Don't worry about it."  Nabooru pushed him into the water playfully.  He surfaced, grabbed her pant leg carefully, and pulled her down with him.

"Hey!" Nabooru yelled.

"You started it," Ganondorf replied.  They laughed and splashed each other.

From the skies, Volvagia and Iylustice had been watching Nabooru and Ganondorf falling more and more in love with each other. That man had truly changed, Iylustice said.  Yes.  That woman is special.  Has she tamed the serpent?  Or is there something else to be reckoned with? Volvagia pondered on her older sisters question as they left the desert.

Ganondorf and Nabooru sat by the stream in their soaking wet clothes.  Ganondorf closed his eyes, he had never been happy like this in his entire life, that he could remember.  Though he didn't tell Nabooru or anyone else, there was an empty place in his memory.  He remembered nothing of that time.  He looked at Nabooru, "I love you," he said to her.

She looked back and said, "I love you.  More."  It was like a Gerudo to take everything competitively.

"No, I love you more" Ganondorf whispered as he touched the tip of his nose against hers.

Nabooru wasn't about to give in, "I love you more!" she exclaimed and she gave him a hug.  Ganondorf suddenly had an urge to do something, something very out of character.

He put his hands on her shoulders, "I love you more," he said calmly.  And then he kissed Nabooru.  Nabooru put her arms around him and kissed him back.  They stopped momentarily.  "You win." Ganondorf whispered, and he continued kissing Nabooru and as she unbuttoned his shirt.

In the depths of the woods, Kiro Kiro stood near the Cherry Blossom tree where he had first met Link.  Volvagia and Iylustice came and greeted him.  They told him everything that happened between Ganondorf and Nabooru.  Kiro Kiro simply nodded and smiled.  He spoke in parables,  "What is forever cannot be forgotten.  What is love without jealousy?  What is the desert sun without an eclipse to meet it?  What is true will prevail all.  What is a mystery will be taken aback.  What is a man without love?  What is a legend without a surprise?  What is true love?  It is more important than life itself."

Link once again had that strange dream.  He tried not to step in the water this time, but did it anyway.  Once he was in the ocean place, he noticed something was different.  The figure had a shackle on each arm.  He turned, and Link could tell by his eyes that he was happy.

What is forever cannot be forgotten.

What is love without jealousy?
What is the desert sun without an eclipse to meet it?
What is true will prevail all.
What is a mystery will be taken aback.
What is a man without love?
What is a legend without a surprise?
What is true love?
It is more important than life itself.

The right shackle disappeared, and Link woke up.  He and Malon got up and watched the sunrise.  Link kissed Malon's cheek. "I love you," Link whispered in her ear.

Ganondorf and Nabooru had woken in bed together, and now sat watching the sunrise.  "It's a beautiful day," Ganondorf said.

Nabooru smiled and leaned on his shoulder, "I hope life will go on like this forever."  Ganondorf put his arm around her shoulder, and Kyoki sat on their laps.  After a while they went to the Gerudo Fortress.  It was pretty empty because most people weren't awake yet.  Lyn stood at the top of the fortress and watched Nabooru and Ganondorf in secret.

"I envy you, Nabooru.  Not many Gerudo find true love.  Good luck," Lyn said to herself then went down to see them as if she hadn't been spying.

"Hello, Lyn," Nabooru said.

"Good morning," Lyn replied.

"Hey, Lyn?" Nabooru asked, "Would you mind doing me a favor?"

"Sure, what?"

"My old horse needs a good home.  I almost never ride him anymore, and he still has a lot of speed in him.  Would you find him an owner?"

"Yeah," Lyn replied, "I'll take him myself.  What's his name?"

"His name is Spitfire.  Odd name, huh?"  Nabooru went to the Gerudo stables and said goodbye to her old friend, then went back to with Ganondorf to his castle.

"I can't wait to get rid of this place.  It's falling apart," Ganondorf said.  Nabooru just laughed and put held her sleeping pet in her lap.

"Hey, Chango!" Link yelled at his furry friend, "got a minute?"  Chango put down his guitar and turned to face Link.  "You knew about Ganondorf and Nabooru before I did, didn't you?"  Chango started scratching the back of his head.

"Uh.heh.yeah." Chango said, "I was takin' a nap, and when I woke up, that cat thing was starin' at me.  They were there, and.well, it was a little obvious.  To me, anyway."  Link was a little annoyed that Chango didn't tell him this, but Nabooru had probably told him not to.  And, knowing Nabooru, she probably threatened him with bodily harm.

"Thanks, Chango," Link said.

"Kyoki!  Kyoki!  Where are you?" Nabooru shouted.  While attempting to clear out Koume's and Kotake's junk again, Ganondorf had accidentally stepped on one of Kyoki's tails.  Kyoki started hissing and ran off.

"There she is," Ganondorf said after they had been trying to find her for about half an hour.  Kyoki jumped into Nabooru's arms, and after being bribed a bit, forgave Ganondorf.

"Ganondorf didn't mean to step on your tail, Kyoki.  Right Ganondorf?  .Ganondorf?  Oh my God, Ganondorf!!!"

Link was talking to Malon and Chango about what happened last night a glowing ball of energy appeared in front of them.  From inside it, Nabooru's troubled voice came.  "Link!!  Can you hear me!?"

Link was a little surprised, "Uh.yeah.  How are you doing this?"

"Ganondorf showed me how, but that's not important now!  Something is wrong with Ganondorf!  I.I think he's.dying!!!"

"What!?" Link shouted.

"I need you to come, you and Zelda, and anyone else who can help!!  Hurry!!"  Nabooru's voice bubble-thing disappeared.

Zelda appeared on the scene.  "I got the same message," Zelda explained, "I don't know what's going on, but lets get moving."  She teleported Link, Malon, Chango, and herself to the desert in front of Ganondorf's castle immediately.  Once again, Chango awed at the size of the castle.  Kyoki came running out and started making noises and pacing around in front of Link.  "Reow!  Mrrew!"  "I think it wants us to follow it!" Malon said.  They followed Kyoki through the castle.  Kyoki ran through room after room, until it finally stopped and sat by Nabooru's foot.  Nabooru was crying, and Ganondorf was on the floor screaming and howling in pain.

It was now black as midnight in the desert. begins.

Kiro Kiro looked up into the sky.  Perhaps it was time for him to open the portal once again.  Iylustice and Volvagia looked at each other.  We must leave you now, Kiro Kiro.  We are needed.

"What's happening to him!?" Nabooru screamed.  Link, Malon, and Chango just stood and wondered what on earth was happening.  Whenever Ganondorf tried to get up, he would fall back to the ground in more pain.  Zelda was trying to recall something that Impa had spoke of long ago.  Impa said that there was a legend of a sickness.a horrible sickness.

"Wait!  I know!" Zelda said.  Everyone except for Ganondorf, who was grinding his nails into the grout, turned to listen to Zelda.  "Impa told me once that there was a legend about a horrible illness.  It was so bad that no one who had it ever lived through it.  No one knew much about it, there was only one case of it every two hundred years.  The cure was supposed to be made of silver stone from the headpiece of the guardian of the deserts, Yuru.  And a feather from the Pegasus, Kulop.  They are to be brewed in dragon tears.  And, the hardest part of all, the sickly person must be blessed by the Giver of Wishes, a mighty sea dragon last thought to be in the seas of Terminia.  Only this could cure the illness.  It first took the life of a Gerudo Sorceress thousands of years ago.  Since then, it had been known as.Scurge's Death."

Everyone was surprised, and Nabooru was in shock.  ".No.NO!" Nabooru yelled. "He can't die!!  Does he really have this.this thing!?"

Zelda looked down, "Yes.he has it.  I'm sorry, Nabooru."

Ganondorf did not have to hear it, he knew of the legend.  I'm.going to die? the thought went through his mind many times.  Ganondorf tried to get up one last time, but fell again.  "Rrrr.AHHHHH.ahh.." he gave one last shout, then lost consciousness.  Zelda stared at the floor and Link looked at Malon.  Nabooru sat down next to Ganondorf, crying, and held his head gently in her hands.  Malon hugged Link, and whispered something in his ear.  Link nodded, and looked at Nabooru.  Her tears were falling onto the unconscious Ganondorf's head.  He slowly opened his eyes and stroked her hair.

"Ganondorf." Nabooru started to say, but he hushed her and wiped the tears from under her eyes.  His voice was so hoarse and quiet that everyone had to strain to hear him.

"" Ganondorf lost consciousness again and didn't finish talking to Nabooru.  Zelda tried to comfort Nabooru, and Link stood and mumbled to himself, "Yuru's headpiece, Kulop's feather, The Giver of Wishes blessing, and dragon tears."   Zelda and Nabooru seemed to forget the grudge they had and Zelda was giving Nabooru a hug.  Kyoki ran over to Ganondorf and licked his nose.  When she saw that he didn't get up, Kyoki started to wine mournfully.

Malon spoke to Link, "Link, it looks as if you will have to learn how to forgive and forget.  Who are you to let that man die without any hope?!"

Link looked again at Nabooru, "Well.let's get going."  Nabooru lifted her head up from Zelda's shoulder and looked at Link.

"Link, you would really do that?" Nabooru asked, "for him?"  Link smiled and nodded.  "Thank you!" Nabooru exclaimed through her tears, "He has changed Link, and I will never be able to thank you enough for doing this!  So.what's the plan?"  Everybody looked at Link, he was usually in charge in times like this whether he liked it or not.

"We'll split up.  Chango, since you can fly, you go find Kulop's feather.  Nabooru, you know the desert well, you and Malon go find Yuru.  I'll go find the Giver of Wishes, and we can get the dragon tears later."

"What should I do?" Zelda asked.

"Your job is probably the most important, you stay here and take care of Ganondorf."  Zelda didn't like her job; she had never liked Ganondorf either.

"What!?  Why me?"

"Because if he starts doing.that again, you can call on the Sages power to help," Malon explained.  Nabooru held her arms up in the air and closed her eyes.  The Spirit Medallion appeared and sank back into her body.

"You didn't actually think that breaking this would make me no longer a Sage, did you?" Nabooru said to Zelda.  After some convincing Zelda agreed to stay behind and do what Link asked of her.  Nabooru found the bed that she had slept on a few nights before and Malon and Link put the unconscious Ganondorf on the bed.   "I don't think he will last longer than a weeks, and a full week itself is very unlikely," Zelda said, "You'd better hurry."

"I never raced a Pegasus!" Chango said, he left his guitar and told Zelda to guard it with her life.  Chango flew out the window and then straight up.  Link went to find Kiro Kiro and the gate to Terminia.  As Malon and Nabooru were about to leave, Kyoki bounced up onto Nabooru's shoulder.

"Not this time, Kyoki," Nabooru said sadly and put the little thing on the bed.  Nabooru looked at Ganondorf and kissed his cheek.  She and Malon said goodbye, and Zelda sighed and sat down against the wall.  Why can't I have a normal life?

Link went into Hyrule field and called for Epona.  She reluctantly came without finishing her lunch.  "All horses care about is their stomachs," Link said to no one.  Epona was a good horse, when it wasn't dinnertime that is.  Link rode off into the forest wondering how long it would take him to find Kiro Kiro, who never stayed in one place for more than a day.  Then Link saw a familiar scaly, turquoise face in front of him.  Kiro Kiro was hanging from a tree by his tail, something that the Raykia did a lot.  "Kiro Kiro!  I need you too open the seal because-"

Kiro Kiro held up one of his four-fingered hands.  "Because you need to find the sea dragon, I know.  I know what you know, remember?  Go my friend, the seal is open."  Link thanked him and rode on.  Besides getting attacked by a group of Wolfos, the only problem was finding the gate itself.  Link remembered that the plants around the area had been strange colors and there was a dense fog.  After 3 hours, Link came to the area he was looking for.  He stepped into the hollowed out tree trunk holding on to Epona's reins tightly and seemed to fall into the other world.  After a very dizzy few minutes, Link and Epona walked out of the clock tower in Terminia.

"Where are we headed?" Malon asked Nabooru, who was leading the way through the desert.

"We have to go the fortress first, to get horses and supplies.  It figures, I just sold my horse."

Malon smiled, "Well, at least things can't get any worse!" Malon said.  They stopped and looked up at they sky.

"Well, it can't rain here, but don't say that.  It works, I swear it does," Nabooru said back.  Malon kept walking but Nabooru stopped walking and listened to something.

"What is it?" Malon asked.  They turned around to see a huge sandstorm coming right behind them.

"I told you it works!" Nabooru shouted and they ran for their lives.  Luckily they made to the Gerudo Fortress before it got any worse.

"Are you all right?" a guard said.  It was Lyn, "That's wasn't too smart, Nabooru!  You and your friend should be more careful!  Oh, and you can have your horse back!  The thing won't listen to a word I say!"  Nabooru sighed; Spitfire did have quite an ego for a horse.  Malon bought a horse from the bazaar within the Gerudo fortress and wasn't very pleased with it.

"Our horses are better.  What was her name, again?" Malon asked the merchant.

"Rilo, roll the 'r' sound," the woman replied.  Malon sighed.  She would have to remind herself to ask Nabooru to show her how to roll her tongue.

Chango flew up above the clouds and floated aimlessly for a while, stopping only to pump his wings.  I've heard of Kulop before.  Supposed to be the fastest Pegasus ever.  Well, I'm the fastest Raykia, so lets play!  Chango stopped, he sort of knew where the Pegasus was supposed to be located, but getting there would be difficult.  The grassy plains, that's where I should go, but to get there I have to pass through the water caves and the volcano canyons.  Dang!  Well, lets hope I can hold my breath.  He flew at top speed towards his homeland.  He stopped only to get some food and supplies before he hurried off.

The voice in the desert was slowly taking on a form.  It had glowing green eyes and large spikes across its back, but besides that it was still a glowing ball of fog.  But, it grew bigger and bigger by the moment.  Hyrule, Terminia, Keto, it will all be mine.  I am my own now! it cackled.

Link had left Epona in a stable and was about to leave Clock Town when he saw a familiar face, or actually, hair color.  A young man about his age, with long purple hair tied back into a ponytail, was facing opposite Link.  Link tapped his shoulder, and the man turned around.  He was wearing somewhat odd clothing and only his long bangs fell across his face, just as Link remembered they did.  "Kafei?" Link asked the man, "Kafei, is that you?"

The man recognized Link as well, "Link!  It's been years!"

"It's great to see you, Kafei," Link said.

"Likewise!" Kafei said happily, "But, what's with you?  You look pretty bummed.  Hey, I hear you got rid of that guy who almost killed the four giants!  Is that true?  You defeated that strange man?"

Link sighed, "Yeah, but I let him off and.almost died?  The giants lived?"

"Yeah, good thing too!" Kafei replied, "Because there was a big drought a few months back!  So, What brings you here?  Tell me the whole story!"  Link sat down and explained what had happened between him and Ganondorf in the past and why he was in Terminia.  "Whoa.that's pretty amazing," Kafei said after he heard the whole story, "You sure can forgive people!  I'll help you out!  Sounds like another big adventure!  Is that all right with you?"

"Sure!" Link said.  Link was glad to get some help, he had forgotten his way around Terminia, and finding a legendary sea dragon wasn't exactly going to be easy.

Malon and Nabooru had set up into the desert as soon as the sandstorm had cleared up.  Malon felt that Nabooru was rushing them, but it was her boyfriend who was dying.  She felt bad for Nabooru, and didn't complain about their pace.  "Where should we go exactly?" Malon asked.  Nabooru held up a map of the desert and pointed to a blank space on the map.

"See this place?  It's uncharted; no one has ever dared to go there.  It is supposed to be extremely dangerous because some sort of monster is said to dwell there.  That monster could very well be the person we're looking for.  So I say we go there!"  Malon nodded.  They set out for the northeastern part of the desert as fast as the horses could go without getting too tired.

Zelda was pretty bored.  There wasn't much for her to do, and Ganondorf was out cold.  She looked around and finally found a few books to read.  She opened one of them, and started to dust it off a bit.  It was written in Gerudo.  She tossed it aside, and started to look through other books.  After a while, she found only one written in Hylian.  It was a book about swordplay.  Zelda skimmed through it, but it wasn't a very interesting book.  She closed it and noticed that someone, probably Ganondorf; had placed something between two pages to serve as a bookmark.  She opened to that page and found a crinkled up little note.  It was also written in Gerudo.  "Link was right about him having horrible handwriting." Zelda giggled.

Chango found the water caverns and quickly dove in.  He was worried about having to hold his breath, but if he got caught that would be even more trouble.  The areas on the other side were dangerous, so it was off limits to anyone.  He used his wings and tail to propel himself around, which made swimming fast easier.  There would be little air pockets in the cave every now and then, and that was how he drew air. I wish I could just fly over this thing! Chango thought, but he knew better.  Dang!  If I flew over, I'd be seen for sure.  I'm not that great of a swimmer, either.  One of the air pockets was a small cave that was large enough for Chango to sleep in for the night.  Only then did he realize how beautiful the water and its surroundings were.  He brushed one of his dreadlocks off his face and leaned against the rock to rest a bit.

Link and Kafei were headed to the Zoras Hall to find out where they could find this sea dragon.  "Hey! Look over there!" Kafei said excitedly.  Link looked and saw that a Keaton was starring at them from atop a grassy hill.  "Keatons are a extremely rare sight to see," Kafei said. "They are such magnificent creatures, I have always had an interest in them.  See this?" Kafei held up an old Keaton mask, "I've kept this old thing for years!  An old friend gave it to me when I was a lad." Link smiled, he knew more about that than Kafei thought.  The Keaton didn't disappear like ordinary Keatons do; it just sat there and stared right at Link.

"Okay.let's go, it's starting to creep me out." Link said to Kafei.  They made it to the beach by nightfall and camped out under the stars.

"You're a strange guy Link." Kafei said, "Going all this way for.what was his name?"

"Ganondorf," Link replied.

"Yeah, Zelda thinks I've lost it.  But, there's something else I forgot to tell you.  He himself a girlfriend and.she is a good friend of mine."

"Ah.  Say no more," Kafei replied.

Malon and Nabooru stopped at an oasis because their horses needed a rest.  Nabooru made a tent and felt Malon tap her shoulder.  She turned around to see Malon giving her a bottle that was filled with fresh water.  "Where did you get that?" Nabooru asked, but then looked more closely at the oasis around them.  It was the same little stream, and the same little waterfall.  This was the same place Ganondorf had taken her the night before.  It was where they had stayed that whole night before.  Nabooru broke down and started crying again.  Malon didn't understand why, but comforted her just the same.

"I'll make us something to eat," Malon said as she got some of their food supplies out and started a fire.

Zelda was leaning against the wall and trying to get some sleep when Kyoki parked herself in front of Zelda and started whining.  "You're an odd little creature," Zelda said to Kyoki. "Nabooru's little pet.  Well, what is it that you want?"  Kyoki moaned and opened its mouth.  Zelda sighed, "You're hungry, huh?  Me too.  I wonder it there's anything to eat around here." Zelda got up and Kyoki followed her around.  Zelda looked around for almost an hour, but found nothing but some rice.  There wasn't anything to cook it in either.  Zelda moaned, and dragged her feet back to the room at the top of the castle, where Ganondorf was.  She stood out on the small balcony and let the night air blow through her tangled hair.

Chango was amusing himself momentarily by throwing pebbles at the ceiling of the cave.  He had one pebble left, and was about to get back into the water.  Just for fun, he skipped the pebble.  "All right!" He yelled as the rock kept skipping on.  His yell shook the rocks at the top of the cavern a bit.  Then, the rock that was skipping hit a rock, flung into the air, and hit the rocks at the top of the cave that acted as the roof.  Between his shout and the rock, they started to shake and a little water started to spill out from between the cracks.  Only then did Chango realize that the cavern above him also was a tunnel of water.  "Oh." Chango didn't get to finish cursing because the rocks broke and he was instantly pushed down into the water.  The bottom of the cavern was smashed, and revealed another cavern below.  Chango hit the ground and was knocked out all in a few seconds.

Malon was worried about Nabooru.  She was woken up many times in the night because Nabooru was crying and moaning in her sleep.  I hope she'll be okay. Malon thought.  Nabooru, on the other hand, was having strange dreams.  The first one was pleasant, she was sitting on a fence at Lon Lon Ranch watching Ganondorf racing on a horse.  But the next dream was horrible, in that one she saw Ganondorf being stabbed to death by a dark figure.  And in the third dream, she saw the same shadowed figure that Link had seen.

"Love speaks but had no voice.
The soul is what makes a person,
But is no bigger then a grain of rice.
The Goddesses will not sleep tonight."

Nabooru suddenly woke up and sat right up.  Malon had fallen asleep next to her because she had been comforting Nabooru that night.  Nabooru walked outside and let herself fall into the stream.  At least no one can see my tears underwater.

Link and Kafei had made their way to the Zoras Hall and were looking for someone you could tell them where they could find this sea dragon.  Link asked all the members of the Indigo-go's, but they didn't know.  Kafei went about and asked random Zoras, but none of them knew either.  Link and Kafei met up a few hours later.  "Any luck?" Kafei asked.

"None," Link said heavily.

"Hey." a voice said.  Link turned around and saw a person in a black robe.  She was one of the pirates.

"Who are you?" Kafei asked.

"I'll tell you later.  You want to find the Giver of Wishes, right?"

"Yes, we do," Link replied suspiciously.

"Then follow me," the girl said as she started to walk away.  Link looked at Kafei, who shrugged his shoulders and followed the girl. Link reluctantly followed as well.

Iylustice and Volvagia were in their temple, when Iylustice suddenly dove into the water and disappeared.  She reappeared in the water caverns and saw Chango being tossed around by the water pressure in front of her. She swam towards him like lightning, and held him in her arms as she swam on, freezing gaps in the cave so they would not be destroyed.  In front of her stood a wall, the end of the caves.  She narrowed he eyes and put her horns in front of her as she rammed through the wall and stuck her head out into the little valley that was at the end of the caverns.  Iylustice put Chango down against a tree and healed him.  In a few minutes, he woke up coughing up water and gasping for air. Good luck, young one, Iylustice said as she flew away and disappeared again.  Chango just stared and said, "Dude." then bowed his head and flew off again.

Zelda was trying to get some sleep again with Kyoki curled up on her lap, when Saria appeared.  "Wha." Zelda mumbled as she woke up, "Saria?  What are you doing here?"  Saria smiled and let Puppy fall to the ground, because he had been squirming around to be let go of.

"All of us Sages are connected, remember?" Saria explained, "I heard some of your thoughts, so I thought I'd come and fix you something to eat!" Saria held up food and cooking supplies, then dashed off to find a place to cook it.  Zelda sighed with relief, and Kyoki walked up to Puppy.  Soon, Saria was back with a nice meal in her arms for Zelda, and Puppy and Kyoki were playing around.  Kyoki was biting Puppy's tail, and Puppy was grabbing at one of Kyoki's ears.  Zelda sat and ate, sharing her food Kyoki every now and then.  Saria's eyes were drawn to Ganondorf, who was sweating and seemed to be in great pain.  Zelda didn't feel like explaining, and Saria already knew what had happened.  Saria smiled, "Don't worry, Zelda.  I'm sure we'll get this whole mess straightened out.  For now, just take good care of that man and call for me if you're hungry again!" Saria took puppy and disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared.

"I hope you're right." Zelda said.

Link and Kafei followed the young Gerudo girl all the way to the Pirates Fortress.  She led them through the guards and up the main tower.  She stopped on front of a large door.  "Wait here," she instructed, and went inside.  After about 15 minutes, two other guards came out and bowed them through.  They walked inside and saw a Gerudo taller than the other women, and the cloaked girl beside her.

"State your names!" the tall woman ordered.

"I'm Kafei, and this is Link," Kafei said sweetly.  He seemed to have the ability to charm people.  The woman's face softened a bit.

"All right, so you two want to know where the sea dragon lurks?"

"Yes, we would," Link replied.

"I will tell you," the tall woman said, "on one condition."

"What would that be?" Link asked, hoping not to be led off on another wild goose chase.

"You must not tell the Zora of this!  Not a word to the Zoras!  Understand?!"  Link sighed; this wasn't that big of a setback.

Kafei bowed politely, "You have my world as the mayor of Clock Town, miss.  I will not tell a soul, and neither will he."  Link put on a forced smile, and the tall women smiled devilishly.  She turned to the cloaked girl and nodded, then waved her hand.  The guards shooed Kafei and Link away, and the cloaked girl met with them outside the room.

"Here," she said. "Take this and get out of here." She handed them a map then walked away.

"Just remember that you're married, hot stuff," Link said sarcastically to Kafei, annoyed at Kafei's ability to be a girl magnet.

Nabooru and Malon were up and racing to the ends of the desert once again.  They rode on for hours, but Nabooru suddenly stopped and held her hand up.  Malon stopped her horse.  "What is it?" Malon asked her quietly.

"We're not alone." Nabooru whispered, and looked around.  Just then, two snaky laughs were heard over the sand!  The earth around them shook, and two pillars of sand started to grow in front of Nabooru and Malon.  Malon got her horse under control, and Nabooru narrowed her eyes and looked at the things coming out of the sand.  Suddenly, from the huge pillars emerged two hippogriffs, each about the size of an elephant.  They kept laughing; both sounded like a mad hyena.  "Who are you?!" Nabooru demanded as she drew her sword.  They straightened up and glared at Malon and Nabooru.

"I'm Fid!" the one on the left said.

"And I'm Pid!" the other said.  They both snickered and wagged their tails vigorously.

Fid stopped laughing a bit and spoke, "Answer our riddles-"

"And you can see our master!" Pid finished.  They both howled with laughter and leaned against each other drunkenly.  "And if you don't." Pid sneered mockingly.

"You cannot pass!" Fid finished.  They both burst out in laughter and fell over.  Fid banged his paws against the ground and snickered, while Pid was rolling around laughing out loud.

"All right, so start talking," Malon said.  She knew very well that she was a very smart person, the brains of their little group.  But she could defend herself just as well.

"Okay!" Pid gasped through his unstoppable laughter.  Then suddenly he and Fid straightened up and glared at Nabooru and Malon.  Somehow, they stopped laughing, and looked like truly mystical Hippogriffs.

Fid spoke first, his voice was slightly deeper than Pid's.  "What speaks.but has no voice?" he said.

"What makes a person.but is no bigger than a grain of rice?" Pid continued.

"Trouble has struck, fear its plight.Finish this rhyme."  Malon usually thought of a quick answer to these things, but was stunned this time.

Nabooru gasped, then closed her eyes and smiled.  She opened them, then shouted out her answer at Fid and Pid.  "Love speaks but has no voice!  The soul is what makes a person, but is no bigger than a grain of rice!  Trouble has struck, but I fear not of its plight!  The goddesses will not sleep tonight!!" she shouted triumphantly.

Chango flew on and soon found himself in the dreaded volcano canyons.  The mountains were constantly erupting, and the ground was a barren, burning valley.  Chango flew low, and dodged the flying embers and whatnot well.  When he finally reached the other side, he sat against a rock and cringed.  He had been burned a couple times, but luckily nothing too serious.  "Oh, this is just peachy," he mumbled, then started cursing in his own language.  He fell asleep for a few hours against the rock, having traveled through that valley all night he was tired and needed rest.  "N'booru's dude can wait." he said, letting his slang slide onto his tongue.

Link and Kafei left the pirate's fortress, and Link looked at the map that they had given him and Kafei.  The place marked for them was out to sea, near the water temple at a place labeled, Dragon Cloud.  "Well, shall we get going?" Kafei said happily.

"And just how do we intend of getting there?" Link asked him. "Swim?!"

"Hmm?" Kafei stopped slacking off and looked at the map, only then did he notice that they place they were headed was far out to sea.  "Dang, didn't think of that.  Well.we could get a boat somewhere.but where?"  Link was deep in thought.  He pulled out his ocarina and dusted it off a bit.  He looked at the symbols on it, and Kafei rolled his eyes.  "What are we going to do with that?!  It won't help!"

"Oh, it could," Link said, "if I could just remember.dang!  I."  Link strained to remember that song that he had learned from LuLu's baby Zora years and years ago.  He put the ocarina to his lips and tried to remember the notes.  He played the first few, but the rest wouldn't come.

"Hey, man.  Let me try," came a voice from behind them.

Fid gaped and Pid's jaw dropped.  "How." Pid started, then he turned and whispered to Fid.  "How did she know that?!  It's the ancient Rhyme of the desert, no one it supposed to know that!  Not even.the feared one knows that!"

"Yes, this is very strange." Fid said confusedly, "No one had ever gotten past us!  This.this is definitely not an ordinary Gerudo."  Pid and Fid turned and stared at Nabooru.

"I guess we have no choice." Pid said slowly, not a hint of laughter in his voice now.

"You may pass, now go." Fid said.  Nabooru bowed her head mockingly, got on her horse, and she and Malon sped off again.

Link turned to see Miaku standing behind him holding his guitar.  "Hey Miaku," Link said.  Miaku just nodded and put his hand to his guitar.  He started playing the strings and a sweet melody echoed across the ocean.  No sooner than when Miaku had finished his song, the seawater started to shake and tremble.

"Listen!" Kafei said as what sounded like a whale's call could be heard over the ocean.  Link heard it again, and the earth stopped shaking.  Kafei breathed a sigh of relief, closed his eyes then did a double take as he opened his eyes to see a huge eye right up in his face.  He shouted and quickly hid behind Miaku before his knees went out.

"Hello young ones," came a booming voice that belonged to the island of a turtle that had just surfaced.  "Played my song eh?  Well, let's see.Miaku, yes I know you.  And.Link?  That little boy with the mask?  You have grown.some.  And who might you be?"  Kafei gaped when he realized that the turtle was speaking to him.

"Hey relax man, it's just a turtle," Miaku said to Kafei as he slapped him on the back.

"A.big.  Turtle," Kafei said as he shakily got back up.

Link rolled his eyes and spoke, "Could you by any chance give us a lift?  I'm looking for this sea dragon-"

"Ahhhh.Yes, I see.  Well, get on all of you!" the turtle replied.  Link smiled started to climb onto the turtle's shell.  Miaku hoped up, followed reluctantly by Kafei.  "Yes, the Giver of Wishes.  Somewhat a rival of mine, in fact.  I'm not sure where he is exactly, but we'll find him," the turtle said comfortingly, that helped Kafei relax a bit.

Chango got up and stretched, he had slept a little longer than planned.  He quickly got up and started walking quickly from the rocky valley.  He put his arms behind his head as he walked and headed for the grasslands.  Mists gathered around him and thickened ever more as he strode on.  "Okay.where am I?" Chango yelled to himself.

Nabooru and Malon had to slow their pace because their horses were getting tired.  "Nabooru, how exactly did you know that?" Malon asked.

"Well.I had a vision.that's how, I guess."  Malon nodded, apparently Nabooru wasn't sure herself about that.  They rode on for hours, and talked about things.  Malon and Nabooru seemed to be best friends now, they shared deep secrets with each other.  Nabooru talked a lot about Ganondorf, and Malon didn't seem to mind.

Malon finally brought up an akward question that had been bugging her for an hour or so.  "Nabooru." she began,  "You, and Ganondorf.  Have you." she tired hard not to giggle, " know." Malon bit her lip and wondered why was pondering such a stupid question.

Nabooru raised an eyebrow, then smiled.  ".Yeah." Nabooru tried hard not to laugh herself. "Quite a few times, actually.  Well, he's a party guy, and a month back we where at this big party once, and we both got really drunk.   And.well.yeah." Nabooru and Malon both laughed, each pondering their own slight stupidity.  Nabooru suddenly stopped, and listened.  Malon listened too, and they each heard a slight noise coming from over the sand dunes.  It almost sounded like a rain stick.

"Ya!" Malon said as she raced her horse towards the noise.  Nabooru followed, and they both halted when they reached the top of the sand dune.  Below them was bare valley.  Flat, soundless, only sand and one other thing: an immense, towering statue of a sphinx with a silver headpiece.

Ganondorf suddenly opened his eyes in utter fear.  He looked around the best that he could, and slowly pieced together some of what had happened.  He saw Kyoki sitting in the shadows of a corner, and noticed that he was lying in the spare bed that he had carried Nabooru to only a week or so before.  They.could they have gone for the cure? he thought, No one would do that.

Zelda was sitting at a nearby table and had nodded off a bit.  Nabooru! She was all he could think about.  He tired to get up, he had to, but his spine and legs just seemed to be 'dead.'  So Ganondorf used all of his remaining energy to speak.  ".Zelda." he said quietly, his voice scratchy and hoarse.  Zelda woke and was surprised that he was talking, and even awake at that.

She got up and looked at him, "You really should try to save your energy," Zelda said softly.  She herself didn't have the energy to be mad at him, "Get some sleep."  Ganondorf moved one of his arms, and after a minute pulled something up out of his clothing.

"If I.die," he coughed and closed his eyes, breathing heavily, ".give Nabooru.this." He coughed, then fell out of consciousness again as he handed Zelda the prized possession.  Zelda looked at it, and tears weld up in her eyes.  It was small and of many beautiful colors that blended together.  It was a ring.

"Hey, wake up Link.  Wake up." Link heard this voice as someone shook him awake.  He opened his eyes and looked at Miaku.  "And I thought Jappas was lazy," he said playfully as he punched Link on the shoulder.

Link shoved him lightly as he got up and yawned, "Guess I did nod off a bit."  The turtle was swimming swiftly through the quiet water, and Kafei was trying his luck skipping stones.  Link yawned again; everything was so peaceful it made him tired.  That's when he realized.  "Hold on!" Link said suddenly, "Listen, what do you hear?" Kafei stopped throwing stone and Miaku quieted.

"Nothing." Kafei said, confused.

"Yeah...weird," Miaku said.  Link stood and looked at the water.  It was a clear dark blue, with strange plants popping up out of the water now and then.

"How odd," Kafei said.

"What?" Link and Miaku asked.

"See those plants?" Kafei explained, "That's bamboo!  What on earth is bamboo doing in the middle of an ocean?!"  Link looked at the green pole-like bamboo trees.  That doesn't grow in the woods. He thought.

"We are almost there, I believe," the turtle said. "I'm not sure what will happen, but I do know that you must somehow summon the dragon.  Brace yourselves."

Chango walked through the thick, misty grasslands.  Then, he heard a noise behind him.  "Who's there?!" Chango said firmly as he spun around and looked for the sound.  But he saw nothing.  Chango still felt as if he wasn't alone.

"Funny, isn't it?" a strangely polite voice came.

Chango stopped walking and opened his claws, "Show yourself!  I know you're here!"

"If you know I'm here, then why do you need to see me?"  the male voice replied. "Yes, because you want to see me to prove my being here to yourself.  But, you cannot see me, now can you?  So, if you cannot see me, am I here?"

"You are near," Chango replied, not turning around at all. He was playing along with this little game.  "I am one of faith.  I do not have to see you to know that you are here, speaking to me.  As with God; my faith is belief in things unseen," Chango replied smugly.

"Well spoken," the voice seemed pleased with Chango's answer. "You are brave to express your religion.  Such segregation between beliefs in this world.yes, you are a brave one."  Chango turned, and saw the owner of the voice behind him.  Behind stood a horse sized Pegasus with glimmering aquamarine wings, hooves, horn, and tail.  And a simmering white coat.  Chango gaped in awe of the very beauty of the creature.  "Your faith has won you my trust.  I am Kulop, emperor of the skies."

Malon and Nabooru gaped at the huge statue.  It was by far the biggest thing they had ever seen in their lives.  "Maybe.we should go see it." Nabooru suggested absent-mindedly.  They rode their horses down the sand dunes and reached the front of the statue.  It was even bigger this close, they couldn't see the top.  "I wonder what it's doing here." Nabooru pondered.

Malon closed her eyes, deep in thought, then opened them again, "I think.I think that that is a statue of Yuru!  You don't suppose Yuru is a sphinx, do you?"  Nabooru shrugged, then looked at the statue.  Then, in front of them she saw a tiny rock.  It was like the top of a pyramid, and stuck up out of the sand ever so slightly.  It was silver.

"Hey, look at that!" Nabooru said as she got off her horse and walked over to it.  Malon too got off her horse and joined Nabooru.  Nabooru stuck a finger out and slowly touched it to the top of the point.  She then drew her finger back quickly, somehow the point was so sharp that at the slightest touch it drew blood.  A few drops of Nabooru's blood remained on the silver stone, but then it was absorbed into the stone!  "What the?!" Nabooru said.

".Hold on...get back." Malon said quickly as she back up quite a bit.  Nabooru did the same, just as the earth started shaking.  A violent earthquake shook the whole valley, and their horses decided that this wasn't that safest place to be, and ran.

"THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED." a booming voice suddenly said out of nowhere.

The turtle stopped, it couldn't swim any further because of the bamboo.  "Good luck to you all.  I will now leave," the turtle said, as one by one Link, Miaku, and Kafei jumped into the water.  They waved, then started swimming towards the place inside the bamboo, that seemed to make a circular barrier that only a person could fit through.  Miaku led naturally, because he was a Zora.  Kafei followed him, and Link brought up the rear.  But when they reached the bamboo it was like a forest without ground, making it extremely difficult to swim through.

"We're almost there!" Link yelled as he cut through some of the bamboo with his sword.  Inside the thick barrier of green, was a place so wonderful and so mysterious that they all stopped swimming and looked around them for at least five minutes.  Crystal clear water surrounded them, with the tall bamboo sprouting beautiful leaves and flowers.  In the very center of the paradise, a small shrine sat floating above the water, with stairs that were also floating leading to it.  Everything around them seemed to shimmer in the brilliant light that seemed to shine in from the heavens.  Link finally stopped staring at the beauty and swam over to the  stairs.  He got on them and walked to the shrine that floated only a few meters above the water.
     Kafei and Miaku just watched quietly.  Link couldn't read the inscription at first, but then to his amazement it changed.  It must change so whoever looks at this can read it, Link thought as it changed into Hylian.  "What.does it say?" Kafei asked quietly.

Link read it to himself, then aloud.  "It.says:

"Creations of life roam the earth.
Guardians of peace fight off evil's spawn.
Life is a chance, life is joy.
But arrogance and pride crawl through the grass
And thus wars and disputes are created,
For land, for peace, for religion.
It is real, the question is.
Why?  Who created such a riskful power?
Hylain trust in the three Goddesses.
Gerudo pray to the Goddess of the Sands.
Raykia put their faith in God almighty.
God, Goddess, Goddesses, which to believe..?"

Miaku and Kafei were taken aback at the parable, it struck them deeply.  Link thought, and then was staring at his shirt.  Something underneath it was glowing.  It, and the shrine, was glowing a bright orange.  He pulled Kiro Kiro's pendant out of his shirt and put it on the shrine.  He then put his hands together and bowed his head.  Link heard a voice come from nowhere, and so did Kafei and Miaku.  It communicated somewhat like Volvagia and Iylustice did.  A soothing yet firm voice, male's voice.  It echoed mysteriously and soothed all who heard it.  "Hello, Link."

Chango put his hands together and bowed his head to Kulop.  Kulop nodded and closed his eyes in return.  "Why have you come here, young one?" Kulop asked.

"Cure.  The Cure to Scurge's Death."

"I see." Kulop replied. "Well, you can have it.if." Chango narrowed his eyes, Of course!  There's always an 'if!' Kulop too narrowed his eyes, "If you can get touch it." Chango understood exactly what Kulop meant.  A race, he wanted to see who could do better in the air, even thought Kulop would of course win.  But Chango would never back down from a race.

"I gladly accept," Chango sneered as he opened his own wings, lifted his tail, and threw out his claws.

"Well then, let us see what you can do, boy," Kulop said, then opened his own wings, reared, then came back down and pointed the horn on its head at Chango.  Kulop neighed, then sped off.  Chango jumped high into the air, opened is wings completely, then dived at Kulop.

Nabooru and Malon both cowered when they heard the immense voice booming at them.  Malon was right, after all.  The statue's eyes glowed, then it stood.  Standing the sphinx was even taller.  It shook all the dust and sand off itself, revealing golden fur, every strand of fur pure gold.  "Who has awakened me?!" it boomed at them.  It had a deep powerful voice that make the ground shake with every word.

"I...I am Malon, of Lon Lon Ranch," Malon stammered as loud as she could.

"And.I am Nabooru of the Gerudo," Nabooru said right after Malon.  The sphinx looked down at them, they were like ants to his size.

"Why hast thou sought my audience?!" it boomed.

"We need to see Yuru!" Nabooru back once she had found her bravery.

"I am yuru, protector of the sands," he replied. "What is it thou wantest?"

"We were sent to find the cure of-" Malon didn't get to finish her sentence.

"Scurge's death," Yuru finished for her. "You wish of a silver stone of my headpiece?  .Fid and Pid did not stop thee?  You!" He looked at Nabooru, "Why do you need this?!"

Tears came to Nabooru's eyes, again, "Ganondorf.I have to help him," she said, then whispered to herself, "My love.I pray for you."

"And you Malon!  Why do you come to me?"

Malon thought about that for a moment. "Everyone deserves.a chance,"  she said firmly, that was her reason.

Yuru looked down upon then, then nodded, "Well chosen.  Love's strength and wisdom's consciousThus you shall take this." Yuru bent his head down so that Nabooru and Malon could reach his face.  His lion's face smiled as he let Malon and Nabooru climb unto his head.  He then stood at his full heught again, with Malon and Nabooru on his snout.  "Take well this offering I bid you," Yuru said as a large silver stone appeared in Nabooru's hands.  Malon smiled, they had done it.  A silver stone of Yuru's headpiece lay in Nabooru's grasp.

Kafei and Miaku seemed to be in a trance, so it was only Link and the voice speaking.  "You are."

"The Giver of Wishes?" the voice replied. "Yes, I am.  I am the Dawn.  I shall shine the light upon the people.someday."  A whirlpool formed around the shrine, and something seemed to be coming out of it.  Suddenly, from the whirlpool came a mysterious-looking dragon.  It had sea blue skin that shimmered and seemed to flow.  Deep eyes with a crystal lime color, and black claws and horns somewhat like Volvagia's and Iylustice's.  His body seemed to stretch on forever, he seemed to have no end to his long, slender body.  Fins were on where his hips would be, on his elbows, shoulders, and a huge whale's fluke replacing his tail.  Silvery ribbon-like things fell from his shoulders and fluttered behind him the wind.  "You are Link, the hero of time, the chosen one, the forgiver.  I am Masako-raynak-hei-na'sjian.  Yes, that is my name.  Only the Raykia have ever pronounced it correctly." The voice chuckled, "You may call me Masako, or Raynak.  Whichever you please, or if you see more to a, you've come to my shrine why?"

Link stared up at him in awe, then spoke, "Please.Masako.  My.'friend'." Link wasn't too sure if Ganondorf could be even considered an ally, "he needs to be blessed by you."  At this Masako-raynak-hei-na'sjian looked deep into Link's eyes, his scaly face almost touching Link.

"Yes.yes, it is time!"  Masako's voice echoed; he knew something that Link didn't, something important.  "Link, Link the hero of time, Link the chosen one, Link the forgiver, Link.the dawning!  The dawning nears, the new age shall form!  Link, I shall help you, but listen to my words.  This world will change very soon.  A change so powerful, so mysterious, so amazing even I do not know what shall become of the earth, the time draws nearer.  I can only tell you this.Shine.  Shine, o hero, do not silence.  Shine, and the truth shall set you free."

Chango chased Kulop for what seemed like ages.  But no matter what, Chango could not get near Kulop.  "You grow weary, young one," Kulop said as he and Chango glared at each other in midair.

"I.I!"  Chango gasped, "I will not play these games!  I will not give up!" Chango said, dead serious.  He did not act like his usual self, he was serious and angry; a mysterious anger.

"I like your attitude," Kulop said.  Chango lunged for Kulop again, and again, and again.  It went on for hours, until Chango could barely stay adrift.  "Have you given up?" Kulop said, with his odd over polite voice.  Chango did not answer, but he used every bit of energy in his body and lunged at Kulop one last time.  Then, as if Chango had been blessed, a miracle occurred. Chango grabbed Kulop's beautiful wings and ripped two feathers off.  Kulop stared in fear and amazement.  "How?!" he yelled.

".Hah.!" Chango gasped.  Kulop stared at Chango in utter disbelief.  Chango smirked, then was out cold.  His wings went limp and he fell from the sky and landed hard.  Kulop landed beside him, and looked at him for a few minutes.

Kulop smiled, "So, the time dawns.the shadow dwells within us now, but the true fury waits for another day."

Tears of joy ran down Nabooru's cheek.  "We did it.thank you, Yuru."

Yuru closed his eyes and nodded, as Malon stroked is fur.  "YOU ARE WELCO." Yuru stopped, he sensed something.

"Aaahhh!" Nabooru fell over the grasped her head.

Yuru looked down at her, ".IT HAS BEGUN." he said to himself, although they could easily hear him.

"Are you all right?" Malon said gently as she helped Nabooru to her feet.

"'s just.something went though my head.  It odd.  It very cold." Nabooru shivered.

"YOU MUST HURRY.  IT APPROACHES," Yuru said to them.

"What is." Nabooru said, but then Malon stopped her and pointed.  Nabooru stared.  The sand was turning blackish green, all around them.

"WE MUST GO, NOW.  BUT BEFORE THOU LEAVEST, REMEMBER MY WORDS." Malon and Nabooru looked up at Yuru, whose voice softened incredibly, he almost seemed afraid.  He spoke a parable, "When the shadow consumes the desert sands, the silent dreamer will once again stand.  And thus begins the sin of sins, beware the wrath of Kuru Rin."

".Thank you," Link said, having not understood a thing that Masako had said.  I wish Malon were here, she's smart, she would know what he meant. Link thought, even though Malon probably wouldn't understand this either.

"Now, your wish," Masako said.

"Oh!" Link exclaimed, remembering that he didn't have much time, "I wish that you bless the Gerudo man, Ganondorf, who has Scurge's Death," Link said clearly.  He had read the books, and knew how to wish for something.

"It shall be done," Masako said. "Now, let me ask you something.  I know of Ganondorf, I know what he has done to you and Hyrule.  But you give him yet another chance to survive.  Why is that?"

"Um." Link mumbled, "I'm not sure."

"It is because of you, boy," Masako answered for him. "You are The Forgiver.  By fate, that is who you are.  Now." Masako looked at Kafei and Miaku, who both seemed to be in a trance.  Masako loomed over, them, then spoke loudly, "AWAKEN!"  At once Kafei and Miaku snapped back to life, and walked up to Link.  They both looked up at Masako, who was beaming.  "And, what do you two wish of me?  You also get a wish."  Kafei's eyes went wide, and Miaku was the first to speak.

"Dude." Miaku said, "I.don't know.I wish that the band would never break up, yeah."

Masako nodded, "It is done."

"I know," Kafei said happily, "I wish that my unborn child would live a long and healthy life."  Link did a double take; Kafei and Anju were going to have a child!

Chango woke up coughing.  His back was sore, he felt like he couldn't walk at all.  That must have been a long fall, he thought shakily.  As his vision came back in, he realized that he wasn't in the jungle anymore.  He was definitely not in the jungle anymore.  Chango coughed some more, as he pushed his head up from the sand.  He was in the Gerudo desert.  How could I have.Kulop, Chango thought.  He managed to get to his feet, "Curse you Kulop!!!" he yelled into the sand dunes, "How is being here gonna help me?!"  Chango walked as far as he could, but his leg seemed to be broken, his tail had a large slash on it, and his back felt horrible.  After only a few mere meters, he fell on his face again, covered in sand and a little blood.  "Help.someone." he said weakly.

"Mrew!!" Kyoki suddenly squealed as she got up and ran over to Zelda.

"What is it?" Zelda asked, "What's wrong?"  Kyoki pulled on Zelda's dress, and Zelda assumed that Kyoki wanted her to follow.  "Oh.I hope he'll be okay," she said, looking back at Ganondorf.  So she did, she followed Kyoki out into the desert for what seemed like hours until Kyoki stopped.  Zelda listened, and heard a faint call for help.  She ran towards the voice until she reached Chango.  He was a mess, his once smooth fur matted and he himself was wheezing for air.  Zelda instantly forgot her grudge, against her disliking of Ganondorf, it was child's play.  "Chango!  Are you all right?  Speak, Chango!"

Chango opened his eyes, and moaned.  He coughed and gaped for air, then spoke, ".I'm gonna die.die single," he mumbled.

Zelda sighed a sigh of relief, then bent down next to Chango, "What on earth happened to you, you silly oaf?!"  C

hango grinned sheepishly, "Kulop's feather." he handed Zelda the glowing feather.  Zelda took it and looked at it with wonder, it alone was beautiful.  She tried to help Chango up, but his leg was broken and he couldn't stand.  So she ended carrying him back to the castle.

"It's a good thing you're short," she said jokingly.  He grinned and brushed his hair out of his face.  Zelda was able to use her power as a sage to get Chango back quickly.  And when she did, she laid him down on the floor and gave him some water.

".Thanks," he said weakly.  Kyoki rubbed up against Chango as a cat would.

"WE MUST LEAVE NOW," Yuru said. "HOLD ON!"  And with that he started bounding away towards the Gerudo lands.  Malon and Nabooru held on for dear life, as every step Yuru took made the ground shake.  As he ran on into the desert, they passed Fid and Pid, who both bowed to Yuru.  Yuru smiled upon them, than ran on, Pid and Fid followed.  "I CANNOT GO ANY FURTHER," Yuru said. "FID!  PID!  TAKE THESE TWO TO GANONDORF'S CASTE." Fid and Pid nodded and few up to Yuru's snout.  Malon jumped onto Pid, and Nabooru leaped onto Fid.  The two hippogriffs spread their feathery wings and flew on.  Yuru closed his eyes, then disappeared.  Nabooru put her hands together, and when they were close enough to the castle, she contacted Zelda.

"We got the stone, and will be back soon," Nabooru said telepathically to Zelda.

"All right.  Please hurry, Chango is here and he's hurt badly.  But, he got the feather."  Nabooru opened her eyes again, and looked at Malon.

"Chango got the feather," she explained. "But he's injured."

Malon smiled and nodded, "Let's go then."

"Congratulation, man!" Miaku said.  Kafei smiled, Miaku elbowed him.

"Come now, you three," Masako beckoned. "I shall return you to your homes."  Masako put one hand over Kafei.  And in an instant, Kafei was gone, he had been returned to clock town.  The dragon then held his other hand over Miaku, and Miaku also vanished.  He was returned to the Zoras Cape.  "I am not finished with you, lad." Masako said. "Come here, stroke my snout." Link did as he was told, even though it was an odd request.  Masako suddenly jerked his head up and seemed to be listening to something.  He narrowed his eyes, and looked up at the sunset.  "Curse him!  He's complicating this."

.I am complete.  Hah!  Vengeance draws near! The voice now had a body.  A pure black, scaly hide, and spikes running down its back.  Glowing green eyes that sent a chill through your spine, and canine-like fanged teeth.  And it will start now, with the life of that brat!

Nabooru and Malon ran into the room where Zelda stood watch over Chango and Ganondorf.  Nabooru was now finding it easier to get around the huge castle.  "Is he all right?!" was her first question.  Zelda nodded, and stood to welcome them.

"Oh my, poor Chango," Malon said quietly.  She walked over to him, and he managed to sit, leaning against the wall.  His leg was wrapped up in bandages, and so was his tail.

"Hey, Malon," he said quietly. "Hand me my dignity, girl." Zelda didn't understand, but Malon smiled and handed him his guitar.  He strummed it quietly, and closed his eyes.  Nabooru sat on the bed next to her unconscious loved one, holding Kyoki in her arms.

"He's going to be alright." Nabooru cooed quietly to Kyoki.

"What is it?" Link asked Masako.

"Come Link, we must leave now.  Show me the way to the one I am to bless.  Not much time is left."

Link nodded, "All right.  First we have to go to Hyrule, then go to a castle deep in the Gerudo deserts!"  Masako nodded and flew around a bit.

He stopped in front of Link, and smiled, "Get on."  Link climbed onto the huge dragon's neck, and held onto his horns so he wouldn't fall.  Masako let out a ferocious roar that echoed throughout the land, and flew towards Clock Town.  They passed many people.  Fishermen on the beach stared in awe as the long snake-like creature flew over them, and some of the Zoras cheered.  "My, it's been to long since I walked among my people," Masako said to himself as he few on, Link holding on.

Ganondorf slowly opened his eyes again.  How he found the strength to even regain consciousness, he would never know.  No.No! he thought shakily.  It has going to happen again, he knew it.  He looked around him, The Raykia, Zelda, .Link's wife.Nabooru! Nabooru sat next to him stroking Kyoki, unaware that he was awake.  "I wonder what Link's doing now?" Malon said, and Chango slowly played a tune on his beloved instrument.  Ganondorf used all his strength, and put his hand over Nabooru's.  She suddenly looked down at him, with tears of joy in her eyes.  Zelda, Malon, and Chango all looked up, then decided to leave the two to themselves.  Ganondorf smiled weakly, but said nothing.

Nabooru just smiled, and talked to him, "You're going to be all right.  Malon and I found Yuru, and Chango here risked his neck for Kulop's feather."

"Damned Pegasus." Chango mumbled as he rubbed his aching back.  Ganondorf ran a finger across Nabooru's face, and she held his other hand.  Ganondorf closed his eyes; then.something happened.

Hello, boy, a voice said to him, a voice that seemed to come from inside his own head, And so ends your life.Ganon.

What.Ganon?  Who is- Ganondorf thought, but then his thoughts blocked out because of the immense pain. "No.!" he stammered.  Nabooru looked at him, as electricity jumped across his body.  He screamed and yelled and gripped his head.  It was happening.again.

"No.this won't work." Masako said to himself.  Link was confused, but then something inside of them just snapped to life.

"Malon!" he suddenly shouted.  Link could see everything through Malon's eyes somehow.  It made no sense, but now wasn't the time to worry about that.  "No!  Masako, we have to go now!  We're out of time!!"  Masako turned and looked at the young man on his neck.  He wondered how Link was able to do that, but didn't question.

"We can still make is very dangerous.  Link, this will be very, very fast.  You being human, I am not sure.if you can survive this. It is the only way to get there now.  Link, are you willing to risk your life for this man?  This man who has brought you so much pain, so many hardships and deaths.  Would you do it for him?"  Link said nothing, but he had such a light to his eyes, that the answer was obvious.

"Well, I am what you call.the forgiver,"  Link replied.  Masako nodded, and beamed upon Link.

"Yes.a brave choice.  To humanity, it is unbelievable.  That Link, the hero of Time, would risk himself for a man who swore in his face.  A man who would stab you in the back, yet, the man who regained his sanity.  The man of darkness, the man of pride, the man who fought back, the man with two sides."

"Let's go," Link said, as he got a firm grip on Masako's huge horns and braced himself for whatever was going to come.  Masako nodded, and stopped flying.  He was now above Clock town, casting a shadow over all who looked above.  Masako climbed higher slowly, and pointed his head to the sky.  All was still; then.Masako let out an immense roar that could be heard throughout the land of Terminia!  He did this again, and again, and again, as Link covered his ears, then gaped at what he saw.  Every time Masako roared, something above him grew larger and larger.  It was some sort of portal, swelling in every color imaginable and spinning in a tornado-like motion.  It finally grew large enough, and Masako stopped roaring, much to Link's satisfaction.

"Hold on," Masako said, and Link listened.

Hold it! Link suddenly thought, We're going in there?!  "'re not going to-"  Too late.  Link yelled and held on for dear life as Masako reared, let out one last bellow, much louder than before, and dove into the spinning mass of energy.  "AHHHHHH!!"  Link yelled as he held on as best as he could, praying to the goddesses that he wouldn't fall as Masako flew through the blurred colors.  It was all so fast, everything was blurry.  Masako was still roaring, his voice echoing on and on and seemingly never ending.  Link felt as if it would never stop, this was torture.  Link's own vision started to blur, as he was losing his grip.  It seemed as if he would either let go and fall into oblivion, or fall unconscious, then fall into oblivion.  But, suddenly it was all over.  Link's head was still spinning and zooming about, but he could just make out a blurry Gerudo desert.

He finally came back into reality when he heard Masako saying, "Are you all right?  We are through the chamber now."  Link nodded 'yes' as he rubbed his aching head, and noticed that they had just passed the Gerudo Fortress.

"Go that way," Link said as he pointed northwest.  Masako turned and went in that direction, until they had arrived at the castle.

"Hurry lad!" Masako said quickly as he put his head near a balcony.  Link took a chance and jumped right off the dragon, and landed on the balcony.  He didn't even say thanks, and ran into the castle as fast as he could.  For Link could already hear Ganondorf's cries of agony.

"Link!!!" Malon yelled as Link ran into the room.  He gave her a quick kiss then ran over to Zelda.

"Do you have the other things?!" Link asked anxiously.

"Yes, but.we don't have the dragon tears." Zelda said.

"Hey, we do know," Came Chango's deep voice.  Everyone except Ganondorf turned and looked at him, then looked behind him.  In the commotion they hadn't noticed that Volvagia and Iylustice had arrived, and had knocked half the roof down.  Chango got slowly to his feet, and Volvagia cam down to him, her eyes seemed to stare into his soul.  She was the younger of the two sisters, but more fearsome looking. She quickly held out both her hands. And in between them a small drop of water hovered.  It became enclosed in a crystal ball; then she handed it to Chango.  He handed it to Zelda, who took it and bowed her head to Volvagia, a little custom she had learned from the Raykia.  Volvagia also bowed her head, then straitened back out to her full height.  They turned and stared in horror, as Ganondorf was floating in midair against his will and a glowing light surrounded him.   It flashed, too bright for the others to look at, and when it cleared Ganondorf fell to the ground with a thud.  Nabooru's knees buckled as she held Chango for emotional support.  Ganondorf was dying right before their eyes.

"Bring him to me now, Link," Masako's voice echoed threw Link's head.  Masako sounded hurried, and Link knew that they didn't have any time to loose.  "Come on!" he said as he slung Ganondorf over his shoulder quickly and with the other's help ran towards Volvagia's nice big hole in the wall.  Zelda took the silver stone from Yuru's headpiece, Kulop's feather, and the dragon tears in her hands.  She put the feather inside the large tear, and it started glowing.  The feather and tear then absorbed into the silver stone.  The stone floated in between Zelda's hands, and turned a brilliant gold.  Nabooru walked up slowly, and took the stone.  Then, she hugged it, as if she was wishing upon it, and placed it on Ganondorf's chest.  It hovered above him, and then Masako advanced on the unconscious Gerudo man.  Malon looked other at Link, with fear in her eyes.

"Something's not right." she whispered to him.  He gave her a warm smile, and held her hand.  Masako loomed high over them, his head blocking out the desert sun.  He held up both hands, then brought them down with extreme speed.  He opened his claws, and magic formed within them.  Ganondorf, who had been set on the ground, was summoned into the air by Masako's magic.  He was soon in between the immense dragon's hands.  Then, the golden stone seemed to assimilate into his body.  He was glowing, and still unconscious.  Masako closed his eyes, then reopened them.  Now, they glowed a deep crystal-like sky blue.

"Onnracna dyei ta shan." Masako's chant began.

Nabooru helped Chango to his, Malon and Link hugged, and Zelda held Kyoki still as all looked on.  Masako continued, besides his echoing voice, there wasn't a sound.

"Da to mashoies, regrettie yo neiy lasot ancantrea yanei kelos tyne jotonyei a nitte sava vay-yown javui les moust ousanya aaaalineyrooooo.esctaney redniy energo ta cantra jhanto florye lepritiena enjantra jaey jey jey na say jyiiiii.nayhenay, iynyi.kongracta.jyii.nye jye hye rye.KYETOCHYE."

Masako threw his head up, and roared his mighty roar yet again.  The earth shook, and a bright light surrounded both Ganondorf and Masako.  All knew this, When the light clears, he will either be cured.or dead. 
We made it so far, don't die.please.I love you. 
.Years ago, part of me would let you suffer.but not now, my friend. 
.Come on man, you can do it.this is the second chance.
Perhaps all is forgiven now, good luck to you.
.In my mind's eye.I can see your your loves pours a shower of grace.some people say you're just a faith is hope in things unseen.

As Ganondorf's unconscious body floated down to the ground, thoughts raced through everyone's head.  Masako said nothing, he himself did not even know what would happen.  Then, Nabooru just couldn't stand it.  She just couldn't stand there and watch.  She ran over to him and put her hand over his.  Ganondorf.please wake up. she pleaded to herself in her mind.  ".Ganondorf?" she stammered slowly after a moment.  He said nothing, he didn't move a muscle.  ".Gan." she didn't finish her sentence.
     ".Owwwww." came his scratchy reply.

Nabooru praised the goddess of the sands, and hugged Ganondorf with tears streaming down her face.  He smiled sheepishly, and propped himself up with one arm.  With the other he hugged Nabooru back.  "I was so afraid that." Nabooru said, but then her tears of joy took over instead.

"Don't worry, all right?" he said as he ran his hand across her cheekbone.  She looked into his eyes, and the fire that used to be in them seemed to have left.  They were now a deep amber, just a bit darker then hers.  Neither Nabooru, nor Ganondorf cared what other people though of them anymore.  They loved each other, and they had each other.  And that was all that mattered.  Ganondorf hugged Nabooru, and she hugged him back.  Link hugged Malon, then stepped back for a moment.

"'re?"  She pulled him lightly by his hair, so his face was touching hers.

"Yep," she said to Link quietly, "Congrats, 'dad.'"

Zelda smiled, and spoke quietly, "All is forgiven now."

Chango had finally managed to maintain his balance, as he got up, put his fist up in the air, and yelled at the top of his lungs, "YYYEEEAAAHHHH!!!"  Everyone, including the three dragons, looked at him quite strangely.  "What?!" he retorted, "Haven't you ever wanted to yell out something like that?!"  Volvagia and Iylustice turned to Masako.

"Sisters," he said to them, "I must tell you, that I knew your father.  He was a magnificent soul, full of pride, yet humble and passionate.  May you both follow in his footsteps."

Ganondorf got to his feet, and looked over at Link.  He still wondered how Link could be able to do that.  To risk his life for another.and  Amazing.  That is truly amazing. The thought ran though Ganondorf's head several times, as he walked over to Link.  Link looked at him, and they each had their little staring competition for a moment.  ". Link.  Link, the Hero of Time.I'm sorry.  I.was blinded, I was a fool.  A cursed fool.I see now that power doesn't matter.  My own life doesn't matter.  As long as I can be here with friends.and loved ones." he looked towards Nabooru. "That is all that matters.  I forgive you, and you do not have to forgive me.  I am not worthy of it."

Link smiled, "I don't care, I forgive you, just the same.  I wish you well, my friend."  Ganondorf said nothing, but Link held out his hand.  Ganondorf looked at it, then also smiled.  Ganondorf and Link forgot their grudges, forgot their pain, and forgot their bloodshed, as they shook hands.  Volvagia looked over at them. The truce is made.and thus ends this dynasty.

NO!! Came a deep enraged voice, over the sand, and echoing throughout the castle.  NO!!!  it repeated, shaking the walls and very earth.  Ganondorf's eyes suddenly went wide, and his hand fell from Link's grip.  CURSE YOU BOY!!!  It yelled, and then Ganondorf suddenly recognized the voice.
    It's the same voice.who called me.Ganon.  Why does his voice.sound so.?  Ganondorf's thoughts suddenly froze.  He froze, everything about him froze, even the very beating of his heart.  Then, it happened.  He screamed out in shocking pain, as he floated up into the air.  Suddenly, he was gone.  Everyone could still she him floating in midair, being held by a black force, but he himself was somewhere else.  He was in a place, filled with water.  Waterfalls streamed out of nowhere, and in the very middle a shadowy figure with purple eyes stood.

"What's happening?!" Ganondorf demanded, "Who are you?!  Who is that voice?! I?"  The voice looked deep into Ganondorf's eyes, those eyes were hauntingly familiar.  The figure has a shackle on his left arm, and it spoke to Ganondorf, as even its voice was somehow familiar,

"In my mind's eye.
I can see your face.
As your love pours down.
In a shower of grace.
Some people tell me that you're just a dream.
My faith is hope, in things unseen.
You, Ganondorf, you are no one.
You are the man of darkness.
The man of pride.
The man who fought back.
The man with two sides.But still.
You are no one.
You are the Assimilation."

".What?!" Ganondorf said, confused.  It made no sense, none of this did.  He then looked behind him.  There stood a dark figure, with black skin and spikes running down its back and to the tip if its long slender tail.  Its eyes glowed a neo green, and it had hooked ears, strange markings and stripes across its arms and torso.  Large feet with clawed toes, like that of a dodongo's, and it stood like a dog's back legs.  The creature glared at him, and looked at the shadowed figure.

Curse you.  Suddenly, his voice came to life, and he actually moved his mouth when he spoke.  It was a deep, snaky voice, ".Ganon.  Curse you, curse you both!  You have revealed me!  Dearly."  The creature's transformation was complete.   No longer a spirit, he was truly alive.

"What's going on?!" Zelda yelled as they looked up at Ganondorf.

"I don't know!" Malon replied, "He was supposed to be cured, this doesn't make any sense!!"  Ganondorf's screams and yelps and stopped, but Nabooru longed to hear them again.  They were better than his now icy death stare.  His eyes went so wide, and his pupils seemed to shrink.  They shrunk and shrunk, until they were smaller then a pinpoint, then it started.  A brilliant light flashed, as something started to emerge from Ganondorf.

"CURSE YOU ALL!!!" it, the black arua coming from Ganondorf's body, yelled.  As it left, the color slowly started to return to Ganondorf, but his eyes stayed the same, with the chilly stare.

"" Chango said.

"What?!" Link demanded.

"Wait.oh." Zelda said, "I see it too.  No.Link!  That man!  That not Ganondorf. no one.  Ganondorf never existed."

Malon gasped, "Yes!  It makes sense!  That thing is an evil spirit!  And that an innocent person.  Yes.  He-"

"Was possessed!" Nabooru finished, "Then.good lord..that man."  Everyone looked at Nabooru, she knew something that they didn't.  "Is-"

"Very good," the spirit sneered, "You pitiful human.  You all are fools; dumb blinded fools.  You were hinted, you were warned, and you still do as I displease.  Now, you all will suffer., 'When the shadow consumes the desert sands.'" it started, as if continued leaving Ganondorf's body, "'The silent dreamer will once again stand.'"  Then, something else left Ganondorf's body.  The one thing that shouldn't have.The Triforce of Power.  The others were taken aback.

All this time, we thought Ganondorf had the Triforce of Power... Link thought, No.

"'And thus begins the sin of sins.'" the spirit continued, as he absorbed the Triforce of Power into his own black mass of a being.  And Ganondorf's body began to glow once more, only his silhouette could be seen.  And, Nabooru could have sworn that.underneath the glow, his appearance was changing.  "'Beware the wrath of Kuru Rin.'" The sprit finished its parable, and let Ganondorf fall to the ground with a thud.

Ganondorf moaned, and got to his feet shakily as he stopped glowing.  All Link, Zelda, Chango, and even Nabooru could do was stare.  He was definitely not the Ganondorf they remembered.  A not quite as tall, somewhat lanky man emerged from the glow.  His hair that was the same color, but long and crazy as it spiked out in every direction imaginable.  His skin was lighter, now the same color of Nabooru and most other Gerudo.  He already reminded the others of Chango, with his earrings and tattoos, and had more pointy ears than the average Gerudo, they where more Hylian.  His noise had also gotten smaller, and altogther he could be considered a very attractive person.  And the strangest difference, his eyes.  They were now teal, with a hint of a very familiar looking purple in them, a passionate purple.  The spirit did not care about this at all now, instead he was very angry as he unwillingly shot two beams of energy at Nabooru and Ganondorf.  Ganondorf was hit first, and he intstantley fell to his knees and grasped his eyes.

"I.remember." he said to himself, astonished, "Every.thing."  The gap in his memory was filled.  He remembered everything, what happened from the day he was taken over.  My name is.  Nabooru was also struck, but she didn't fall.  What?!  It.all.  She too remembered what was lost.  Ganondorf got up and walked towards Nabooru.

She looked at him, ".Ganond-"

He put a finger to her lips, "Ganon.  Just Ganon,"  he said quietly, as he hugged her, then kissed her.

She wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him back, "I love you, Ganon."

They held each other like never before, and it seemed to inspire everyone around them.  Link held Malon, and at the same time his unborn child.  Chango grinned, and seemed to get an idea, as Zelda smiled warmly.  "ENOUGH OF THIS!" The spirit yelled, as it landed on the ground.  The black mass started to shape and form, and from deep within it came a black creature.  With spikes running down its back onto its tail.  Fanged teeth, striped arms, and glaring eyes that glowed a deep green.

"You!" Nabooru yelled suddenly, stepping back from Ganon and glaring at the creature.  Ganon turned, and saw him.  The same creature from the water place, with the same haunting voice that knew his real name, the same one of legend, the creature that spoke his own parable.

"You.," he said, his new voice lighter than before, "You're the one who's going to pay.Kuru Rin."

Link was shocked, but quickly pulled out his sword.  "You're Kuru Rin!" he shouted as he ran up near Ganon and glared at Kuru Rin.  Kuru Rin just cackled, showing his fanged teeth.

"Silly boy!  I am complete!  No one can defeat me know that I don't have him to lag around!  You shall feel my.WRATH!!!"  Kuru Rin shouted, as his saliva hung from his fangs.  Link was about to attack, but Ganon held out an arm and stopped him.

"What?" Link asked.

"Hold on.I want a piece of him too!" Ganon snarled.  Ganon reached back, and pulled out two twin Gerudo swords, similar to the ones Ganondorf/Ganon had used.

Link smiled at him, "All right then.  Let's go!"  Kuru Rin smirked, as Ganon and Link both charged side by side, true companions.

Link proved to be faster, and swung at Kuru Rin with all his might.  Kuru Rin jumped into the air to block it.  Ganon, however, jumped above Kuru Rin and with his left sword swung down.  Kuru Rin caught it though, and hurled Ganon towards the ground.  "It's all for one." Chango said threateningly, and he roared a war cry.  Chango ripped off his bandages, and ignored all pain as he leaped into the brawl head on.  Chango flew up to where Kuru Rin hovered, and whipped his tail towards Kuru Rin's head.  But, Kuru Rin blocked it with his own tail, which was more like a club.  Kuru Rin smirked devilishly, and he and Chango duked it out for a while, tails clashing against each other.  But Chango was overcome, and thrown against a wall.

"Take this!" Came Nabooru's voice.  Kuru Rin turned quickly, but even he was not fast enough.  Nabooru came out of nowhere and gave him a high kick right in the face.  She landed smoothly on the ground, and he too landed.  A small drop of turquoise blood fell from the corner of his lip.

"How dare you insult me, the true evil one.  I shall sink to your level, lowly humans."

Kuru Rin yelled, and held up both hands.  In the blink of an eye, Link, Chango, Ganon, and Nabooru were thrown against a wall.  Kuru Rin smirked, as he shook the whole castle.  The walls cracked and shook, and it was clear that the whole castle was going to collapse.  "All of you!" Zelda yelled to her friends, "Come here quickly!"  Nabooru ran over to Zelda, followed by Ganon and Link.  Chango limped his way in, trying his best to ignore his bloody leg and tail.  "All right! Everyone stand still!" Zelda said, and she created a barrier around them.

Kuru Rin yelled, as then the whole castle collapsed.  Rubble seemed to rain down on them, but Zelda's shield did not fail.  Kuru Rin seemed annoyed that he hadn't killed anyone yet, but calmly walked over to the group.  He stared right at Zelda, smirked even more, and held his hand to the shield.  "Omae o korosu," he said deeply, and the shield instantly exploded.

"What the heck did he say?!" Link asked.

"I shall kill you," Ganon and Chango replied simultaneously.

"Yes, that is what I said boy," Kuru Rin cackled, his snaky voice echoing across the sand dunes, "This whole world shall feel the fury, and shall heed my wrath."

"We'll see!" Link said, as he charged.

"WAIT!" Malon suddenly yelled.  "Link!  Ganon!  Chango!  Don't touch his spikes!!!  They're barbed!!!  They have poison in them!!"

"SILENCE!!!" Kuru Rin yelled at Malon, he didn't want them to know of that advantage, "You both!" he said to Nabooru and Malon, "Little wenches." She sneered.

"WHAT did you call her?!" Link and Ganon both instantly said about their loved one.  Kuru Rin looked at them threateningly, as Ganon and Link both charged at Kuru Rin.  Kuru Rin moved away easily, or so he thought.  Somehow, though it made no sense to anyone, Ganon and Link seemed to speed up instantly and they both hit Kuru Rin.  Link put a deep gash in his arm, and Ganon gave him a hard kick to the stomach.  The martial arts skills and soul that 'Ganondorf' had inherited were from Ganon, the power and ego was from Kuru Rin.  Kuru Rin roared and hissed, then glared at Ganon and Link momentarily before he shot towards them.  Kuru Rin gave them both powerful punches right in the pit of their stomachs.  Ganon fell over and gasped for air, but Link was stronger and recovered.

Chango took to his wings, since walking wasn't very smart anymore, and pounced onto Kuru Rin.  Kuru Rin grabbed Chango though, and threw him straight up.  He then flew so quickly that he passed Chango, and hovered above him.  Kuru Rin held his arm out, and Chango rammed into it, then fell.  But Kuru Rin hadn't gone high enough, as Ganon was able to jump that high.  Ganon jumped into the air, and when he stopped in midair in that second between going up then down, and drew his own swords.  With one he slashed at Kuru Rin's throat, but missed as Kuru Rin kicked him square in the face with his gargoyle-like feet.  As Ganon fell back, with blood flying from the offending kick, he threw the other sword half-blindly at Kuru Rin.  Kuru Rin wasn't fast enough to dodge the spinning blade, and Ganon's sword severed his right arm from just below the shoulder.

"ARRRR.arrrrrr!!!" Kuru Rin bellowed in pain.  His arm fell onto the ground, and landed with a sickening thud.  He put his other hand over the wound, and gritted his fanged teeth. They are.more powerful than I thought, he thought. I guess I will have to play these games.  Kuru Rin straightened up, and let go of his shoulder.  "You shall pay dearly for that," he said coldly, and ingored all of his pain, even though a pool of his own blood lay on the floor, along with his severed arm.

Kuru Rin walked towards Link, Ganon, and Chango.  But Chango's injuries was starting to take their toll on him.  Kuru Rin noticed this, and smirked.  He walked towards Chango, and suddenly grabbed him by the throat.  "Hey!  Let go of him!!" Ganon yelled and started towards Kuru Rin.  Chango roared loudly in pain, much which momentarily stopped Ganon.  Chango sounded like an animal, it went to show that the Raykia were very unlike the other races in Hyrule.  Psychically, their power was dangerous, and feared.  Ganon shook off the strange thought, and attacked Kuru Rin.  But Kuru Rin used his tail and shot a blast of energy at Ganon, which threw Ganon back to where Malon was standing.

"WHAT HAVE YOU BECOME?!?!" Chango suddenly shouted at Kuru Rin, his voice sounding odd.  What.? Malon looked deep into Chango's eyes, and just for a moment, she thought she saw something strange.  A fire.  A fire burning inside of him.

Chango shouted as he tried to break free of the glowing 'bubble' that was torturing him so.  He breathed heavily, with an enraged look on his face.  "Have you no soul?!?" Chango continued.  Then, he bared those fang-like teeth of his, and something else.something inside of him.and, it was as if two people were speaking from the same being.  "What about love?!" Chango's voice sounded out, then.came another, "What about love?!  What about love?!"  The other voice was deep, a little raspy, and furious sounding.

What's.with Chango? The thought passed through all of their minds.  "What about God?!?  What about God?!?  What about God?!?"  This surprised even Kuru Rin, because Chango was slowly starting to penetrate his magic.  "What about holiness?!?  What about what about what about what about?!?!  What about mercy (Mercy)?!  Compassion (Compassion)?!  And selflessness( Selflessness)?!"  Chango shouted this all out, as he penetrated Kuru Rin's magic, and fell to the ground.  Dead.

"Oh my god." Zelda said, shocked.

.What about? Kuru Rin replayed the voice in his head.  That other voice, it seemed very familiar.  Who is that boy.  Kuru Rin frowned, and kicked Chango's body aside.  "No matter.  Now."

"ENOUGH!" Link shouted at Kuru Rin, small tears in his eyes.  "You murderer, you KILLED HIM!!!"  Ganon stood as well.

Link glared, then suddenly, Link.Link it's happening again! Malon's voice echoed inside his head.

Malon.Chango.he's gone, Link thought back, But.but if we are able to do this, that means.

Go get that monster, Link.  You and Ganon.

Alright.thanks, Malon,  Link said, as a glow started to appear around him.

"WHAT?!" Kuru Rin protested, looking at Link's growing power, "Impossible!  I left that girl alone!  Why on earth-?!"

"It's because of YOU!" Ganon replied suddenly.  Link looked over, and to his amazement, the same glow was casting itself over Ganon's body as well.  "You shed our brother's blood!!" Ganon yelled.

Link understood, and also shouted at Kuru Rin, "And now we must avenge him!!"  Kuru Rin stared at Link and Ganon in hate, as they stood there glowing.  Their clothing had changed, each now wore strange white robes that seemed to flow as if they were underwater.

"We are the 'Nygozi'," Link explained to everyone else there, "Our power is unlocked after we earn it."

"We earn it," Ganon continued, "By the power in our heart and soul.  Kuru're going down."

"Heh.we shall see, Ganon, or should I say, 'Yahya' of the Nygozi, and Link, 'Ajani' of the Nygozi.  We shall see." Kuru Rin sneered, a slight bit a tension in his voice.

"Yahya?  Ajani?" Nabooru asked no one in particular.

"Those must be their.Nygozi names. makes sense.  When Ganon and Link turn into what they are now, they transform into their Nygozi deities," Malon explained. "Ajani is Link's other name, and Yahya is Ganon's other name.  What's weird is how they never knew before now.and how come nobody, not even Zelda knew about these Nygozi."

Nabooru nodded, then smiled, "Good luck then.Yahya and Ajani."  Kuru Rin quickly held his hands up, and two glowing, jagged blades appeared; one in his remaining hand, the other where his hand would be.  He took them and charged headfirst at Yahya and Ajani, one blade aimed at each.  But, in the blink of an eye, Yahya and Ajani each caught the blades with one hand, without being slashed.  "What?!" Kuru Rin spit out, as his blades disappeared from his hands.  Yahya yelled, then picked up Kuru Rin mercilessly.  Ajani then ripped Kuru Rin's other arm off, and let it fall to the ground next to the other.

Kuru Rin screamed in agony, then shot a murderous stare at Ajani and Yahya.  Yahya, who was still holding Kuru Rin above his head, threw him to the other side of the remains of the castle that once stood there.  Kuru Rin stumbled up, and looked at his two stubs where his arms used to be.  Then looked up at Ajani and Yahya, then smirked crazily.  He stood in a battle position, and seemed to be contemplating something.  "What the." Yahya said, looking at Kuru Rin.  Kuru Rin's shoulders were now bleeding even more than they previously were, the purple blood making pools in the sand.  Yahya still had the same voice as Ganon and looked the same, as with Ajani and Link.  Kuru Rin roared, but it was unlike Chango's roar.  Kuru Rin's was the sound of a monster, and that sound echoed throughout all of Hyrule.  Lighting rained down from the sky, from the dark gray clouds that covered the sun and made day into night.  The sand beneath their feet was now jet black, and the black sand was coming from beneath Kuru Rin.

"CURSE YOU ALL!" He yelled, then his blood spewed out from him.  It was everywhere, and Yahya and Ajani got covered in it.  Kuru Rin's blood ceased, as he has sprouted two new arms.

"He can regenerate?!" Ajani said in shock.

"That I can," Kuru Rin replied smugly. "That I.what?  WHAT IS THIS?!?"  Kuru Rin's new arms were slowly fading away, and he was left armless again.  He looked up, and saw Ajani and Yahya each holding out a hand.  In their hands, each began to create a ball of holy light.  The light grew simultaneously, until each was the size of Kuru Rin himself.  Ajani/Link stepped forward with his magic first.

"This," He yelled at Kuru Rin, "represents Love.  The love that fills our souls, and lets us not grow weary.  This is the love that could have saved you, Kuru Rin."

Yahya/Ganon then stepped up, and held out his magic and spoke.  "This, represents the Mind's Eye," he said slowly. "It is an image of our faith in the unseen."

" you can't!  I am the almighty demon!  I cannot be defeated!" Kuru Rin said, trying his best to back away, but he could not.

"So." Ajani said to Kuru Rin, "It seems that even demons sense fear, doesn't it, Kuru Rin?"  Then, at that very last second, Yahya and Ajani transformed back into Ganon and Link in a flash of light, and sent their last attacks at Kuru Rin.

"!  NOOOO!!" Kuru Rin shouted, but it was too late.  And as Kuru Rin screamed in agony, as his life ended, Link, Malon, Zelda, Nabooru, and Ganon turned their backs.  They turned, and in doing so didn't see Kuru Rin's true eye color, black.  And thus, the demon was forsaken for all eternity.

".Well done, Ajani and Yahya, Link and Ganon.  But I swear it.the fires of hell cannot stop me from returning. 'And even should the battle against evil be won. The demon's fury has just begun.'"

"He's gone." Zelda said, almost expecting Kuru Rin to pop back up out of the ground, "He's really dead!  You guys did it!  You." Zelda stopped, as Ganon sat down by Chango.

"How much more death do I have to cause?!" he demanded with a tear coming down his face.

Link put a hand on Ganon's shoulder, "It wasn't your fault, none of it ever was.  Forgive me."

"Well.Link," Masako said.  Link looked up, he had forgotten that Masako was still there.  "It seems like a could possibly.let you slide by with two wishes." Masako grinned.

Link smiled, then nodded.  "I wish Chango had never died!  He still has so much life to live!" Link said proudly.

Masako nodded, "It is done, child,"  Masako said, then waved his hand around Chango's body.

".rhhhh." Chango moaned quietly.  Masako smiled, then disappeared.

"Yes!!" Nabooru shouted, then ran towards Ganon.  He smiled then swung her around in his arms.  "Part of me knew it was you all along," Nabooru whispered into his ear.

"Hey." Chango said sheepishly as he got up, "You did it, man."

"But you helped, and did Ganon." Link replied to Chango.  Zelda was about to ask Chango about that other voice, but Malon stopped her.

"Some things are better discovered than asked of," she said quietly, then Malon nodded.  But what's odd. she thought, Is if Chango had let Link or Ganon save him from the magic, instead of stressing his own body, he would've lived.  And where he drew the power a mystery.  Chango stopped smiling, twitched his ears, and looked behind Link.

Link turned, ready to fight, "Oh." he said, relieved, "It's just you, Kiro Kiro."

Kiro Kiro nodded, "I thank you, Link, for destroying Kuru Rin.  It was something I could have never been able to do. "

"Why?  How do you know-"

"His name, you ask?" Kiro Kiro sighed, "Kuru Rin.he is my brother."

"Nabooru," Ganon said, and held her hands, "In my mind's eye, I can see your face.  As your love pours down, in a shower of grace.Nabooru, it's your face I see." Chango got up, and the others quieted.  Ganon took Nabooru's hands and held them in his.  "Nabooru." Ganon got down on one knee, and Nabooru smiled, tears running down her face.  Link beamed down upon his new friend, and Chango smiled.  "I wish that our lives would stay this way forever.  Nabooru.will you marry me?"

Nabooru's smile grew even larger.  She also got down, and said, "Hell yeah!" and hugged him happily.

"That'll look great two years from now," Chango whispered to Link about Nabooru's comment.

A week later, after the last sight of Kuru Rin, and Lon Lon ranch had been declared the hangout by Zuny and Kaysho, Chango sat strumming his guitar, with Ganon sitting next to him looking at a sheet of music.  "I still seriously cannot believe you're going to sing for their little band," Link said as he walked by, shaking his head.

"What, you don't think I can do it, man?!" Ganon said back, in a joke threatening tone.

Link smirked, "Heh, well, it's a pretty odd talent for a guy."

"Hey!" Ganon protested, as he stood up, "I grew up surrounded by girls!"

"I think you sing fine sweetie," Nabooru interrupted, "So stop fighting."

"Well," Chango said, "Me, him, and Chango went and wrote a song.  You guys wanna hear it?"

"It's.sorta about that whole little adventure we had a week or so back," Ganon explained.

"Of course we would!" Malon said, returning from taking care of the horses.  Eventually, Chango and Ganon were able to get the cuccos off Zuny's head, and set up their instruments and what not.

"Just think guys!" Zuny said happily, "This is our very first performance!"  Ganon nodded, and Chango rolled his eyes.  Ganon stepped up, as Chango started to strum his now improved on instrument.  He had decided to paint it a dark green, and changed the strings.

"Wonderful," Malon whispered Ganon, "Life is wonderful.  I hope it never changes." She closed her eyes and smiled; as Ganon, Chango, and Zuny, the oddest looking group of friends around, started their song.  Chango's almost mysterious, deep voice sounded in the background, and Ganon's surprisingly crystal-like voice rang out.

"In my mind.

I can see your face
As your loves pours down.
In a shower of grace
Some people say you're just a dream.
My faith is hope in things unseen.

In my mind's eye!  In my mind's eye!

In my mind's eye!  In my mind's eye!

You know what I'm going through

I know this is true
Because you've stood in my shoes
Questions inside of me
But it's hard to believe
In what you cannot see.

Can you catch the wind?

See a breeze?
Its' presence is reviled by the leaves by on a tree
An image of my faith in the unseen.

In my mind's eye!

I see your face!
You smile
As you show me grace!
In my mind's eye!
You take my hand
We walk through foreign lands!
The foreign lands of life.

In my mind's eye!  In my mind's eye!

In my mind's eye!  In my mind's eye!

In my mind

I'm where I belong
As I rest in your arms
And like a child a hold on to you
In my moment of truth
Yes I do

We can't ride the storm

Endure the pain
You come for me in my hurricane.
And I'll never be alone again.

In my mind's eye!

I see your face!
You smile
As you show me grace!
In my mind's eye!
You take my hand
We walk through foreign lands!

In my mind's eye!

I see your face!
You smile
As you show me grace!
In my mind's eye!
You take my hand
We walk the lands.of life.!

In my mind I can see your face

As your loves pours down in a shower of grace
Life is a gift that one chooses to give
And I believe that eternity lives
Faith is hope in things unseen
People say that you're just a dream
But they don't know you the way that I do
You're the one I live to pursue.

you catch the wind.?

Can you see the breeze.?
There's a mystery to it all.

In my mind's eye!

I see your face!
You smile
As you show me grace!
In my mind's eye!
You take my hand!
We walk through foreign lands!!

In my mind's eye.

Oh, lord I can see your face!
In my mind's eye..
Mind's. Eye.

In my mind's my mind's eye.

I'll see you there again
In my mind's my mind's eye.
I know you'll meet me there, my friend
In my mind's my mind's eye.
I know you're there, I can touch there
In my mind's my mind's eye.
I watch you there
I need you there
I can see you there
And I know you care!

.And I believe!

And I believe!