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“Spirit of Darkness”

Spirit of Darkness

By: Nitron

Fifty years after The Adventure of Link

This isn’t going to be good.

Link was standing at the entrance to the Lost Woods, directly in the path of an army of Gerudo women, all with large swords. And at the front of the force was his own apprentice, Khint.

Khint had been a little boy when Link found him in the desert. Because of his age - he was almost seventy years old - Link had taken the young boy in as his student to be his successor as Hero of Time. But this child had taken that training and twisted it into an evil hatred for all Hyruleans. Khint had run away from the forest, and Link had discovered that he had joined the Gerudos and declared himself King of Thieves.

Link had the trusty Master Sword and his Mirror Shield, but Khint had an army. These odds were not good.

Mido had come running into the woods and said there were Gerudos on the way, but Link hadn’t expected this. “What do you want, traitor?” Link asked Khint.

The other looked him over. “You know,” he said. “It occurred to me that you wouldn’t tell me about true power. You never taught me about the Dark World, or the Sacred Realm. I never knew about true power until I joined the Gerudos.”

Link stared at him. “I couldn’t tell you that. If I had, this would’ve happened anyway.”

Khint looked him over. “You never cared about me.”

Link held his ground. “I did. You never listened to anything I said. You were always daydreaming. Now it’s obvious I wasted my time.”

“That was your mistake. Now, let us through.”

Link didn’t move.

Khint advanced two steps and raised his sword. “I could destroy you and march on the forest myself. You couldn’t stop me.”

“But you won’t.”

Khint laughed. “Who’s gonna stop me?”


Link hurled around at the sound of Mido’s voice. He was standing behind Link, Kokiri Sword and Deku Shield in hand. He motioned behind him, and more Kokiri boys came around the corner, also holding swords and shields.

Link stood there in amazement. He had never seen this from the Kokiri. He never expected this. “Go back.” he told Mido sternly.

Mido looked at him. “The forest is our home, and we will defend it.”

His tone left no room for argument.

Link turned back to Khint. “They’ll fight to the death.”

Khint looked back at Mido. He was so small in comparison to the large Gerudo leader. “Might I have the pleasure of your name, before you and your friends are run through?”

Mido didn’t even flinch. “Mido, leader of the Kokiri.”

Khint looked back up at Link. “This will be an honorable battle. I look forward to writing it in our history books.”

And with that, the Gerudo force charged.