Shadow: Part 3
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"Shadow: Part III", chapter 1

Shadow: Part III

By: Okichan

Part 3: Duty

There comes a time in every warriors life, it is the period of unsure feeling. It is a blast of emotions of fear, anger, and questions that all come to you at one point along your path of hopes and dreams. This is the most dangerous time in our lives as people, where anger can either bring us to new understanding, or a path down the road of a darker future.

To over come this fear we may question our actions, stalking our own ways even to an insane extreme. And the demons that could be lurking in the darkest part of our minds awaken to try and stir us into our darker thoughts and desires.

But if a soldiers heart is pure enough that he can overcome these demons, he will lead the life of glory and happiness. He will acquire a sense of himself and others, and gain greater knowledge through his swords guidance. I heard Sheik say it once, to master your power and weapons is to master yourself, and frankly, I believed it.

The duty that awaits my own decisions, and my own period of uncertainty gave me an empty, hopeless feeling deep in my soul. And the emptiness of any human soul will expand so much, many can not take the pain and and darkness that surrounds them that they run from it.

But duty is the light that pulls warriors from the demons and shadows of our own power, duty and hope are the moonlight on the darkest of nights. And it is that light which saved my own mind and pulled me to the better path, and so I was not lost. And as many of my warrior prospects say, duty calls!

Link J. Calamara

Chapter One: Under the Shirian Castle

It was a sunny mid afternoon, the trees swayed in the wind. The leaves rustled, and the sun light shined warmly down onto the green field. A meadow lark chirped off in the distance, but something about the situation wasn't quite right.

Link stood alone, the rolling grasses and flowers brushing against his bare feet, he stroked the green grass with his fingers, the feelings and smells of spring calming him with there sweet enchantment. The field had no restraints, only a border of glacierel mountains. the Hylian dared not look up at the sky, its golden tint was strange and alien to him. Link looked about him, not sure of his blissful surroundings. The golden sky cast an eerie glow on the grass, Link scanned over the landscape, not a cloud or trail in sight, it was only him.

Link flinched in fear, the earth shook under his feet, spitting open, and spouts of red gas spewed out, the air turned hot and muffled his senses, he couldn't breath. the grass field seized and burned with flames that licked his feet, Link stumbled backwards, a sense of panic and helplessness strode over him. the golden sky swirled, turning a frightful green, clouds cast depressing shadows, Link was flung forward, he clung to the stone and dirt that rocked beneath him, the deafening sounds of the violent earthquake shook in his ears. Link struggled to his knees, trying to hold onto the rising earth as he dared to look into the swirling sky, two suns rose above him, there white light cast over by the heaving green clouds, the mountain ranges turned a pitch black, like onyx rock with jagged, twisted peaks and sides.

The Hylian wanted to close his eyes, his fear shook him more then ever, the fear he had felt so many incidents before this. Link suddenly heard a far off call, it wasn't a voice, but a feeling. Link looked in the direction that his senses told him to, the earth had stopped shaking, there stood something strange, a black beast, four legs and silky black fur, with radiant wild eyes, he couldn't make out the shape as the creature stared at him, wild eyes piercing him to his very heart. the landscape turned white. Link was shaken awake by the sound of a door slamming shut.

Link looked across the wooden floor, carpeted and plush, with funny designs to please the eye. Link felt his sense's come back to him as he lay sideways in comprehension, the vivid dream echoing in his disturbed thoughts. He realized he was back in the quiet Inn room he had come to sleep in last night, and felt a sense of calm fall over him.

"Eh, me' boy is awake!" Came a familiar, husky voice. It was loud and excited, Link shut his eyes, trying not to listen as Shigrel flung off his covers, leaned over and ruffling his scruffy hair. Link growled and swatted his broad hand.

"Of course I'm awake with your entering the room!" Link snapped at him, Shigrel merely threw back his head and laughed, then swatted Link playfully in the small of his back, knocking the surprised man clear off the bed. Then barreled over with laughter, walking over to help him to his feet.

"I did mean well boy, didn't know I would knock you clear off the bed. Don't know my own strength I'm afraid." He stood Link up and then beamed down on him, as Link, still quite tired, was trying to regain his balance as he stumbled back a little. Link grumbled and squinted at him, then grabbed his covers and dropped them over his broad shoulders, they where comforting and still very warm and familiar to him. Link sat down on the side of the bed.

Shigrel beamed at him, then walked towards the door, Link was about to ask why he had been woken up when the Lionan answered quickly. "Sheik wanted me to wake you if your wondering, the Sheikah said he has a plan." Link smirked and Shigrel shrugged. "You better eat something Link, you might waste away with that scrawny look of yours." Shigrel laughed as he closed the door. Link smirked, Shigrel was queer, but he had been a major help to them in there hour of need, and direction.

Link noticed how wise the Lionan was about the land, much more then Link or Sheik, who where rather limited in this area of the world. Link stretched and looked around the room, looking eagerly for the food Shigrel had promised him. His stomach gurgled and tightened with the void that had developed there in the last day, which Link had been sleeping all the way through, still trying to recover from his strange sickness he had fallen under.

Link walked slowly over to the oak table, there was a large silver tray with various fruits and pastries. Link licked his lips, he wasn't surprised and was suddenly very hungry and delighted at the same time. The room was quiet, except for the slight buzz of voices outside, the shops where open and everyone was probably out shopping. Link bit into one of the apples, and closed his eyes, trying to absorb the taste, he really hadn't had very good food for the last week, and this was like bliss to the famished Hylian. There was a large clay bowl, smoothly painted with bright colors holding many fruits, including apples, a slice of orange and berries, and a leave of grapes was dropped over the side. The pastries where even more appetizing. with more then enough to satisfy his hunger.

That's what Shir seemed to be good about, in the little relaxation they had here, this was a city of rest, food and fun, which was a good turn from what they had just gone through for the last season. Link didn't even know how far away Hyrule was, except that they had come full circle over the mountain ranges behind death mountain and out onto the plain behind that.

But Link knew there break wouldn't last long, Sheik had formed a plan of where to head next, he had to be on task. Link sighed, finishing the apple and grabbing a glazed pastry, eating it and leaning his chin onto his hand as he chewed, looking at nothing particular.

The dream came racing threw his mind, Link frowned, he tried to go over and over with it in his head, playing the scenes out, he finished the pastry and sighed. It didn't make any sense, what was that creature doing, and even more, what was it? Link suddenly realized he had finished everything, plucking the last of the purple grapes from the skeleton of a steam and popping them in his mouth, Link didn't quite feel full, but he was fine for the time being. Another good thing about Shir, Link thought. Cheap prices! Link sighed again, clearing his head, maybe the dream didn't mean anything, Link told himself, he wanted to believe it at the time, but the vivid memory of it would hang over him in the future, it had happened before.

Link grabbed his gauntlets which where hanging over a hook over the brick fire place. He slipped them on as he closed the door and made sure his dagger was still in his boot, he figured he didn't need his sword, Shir was a place that seemed to govern it self, there where no need for open displays of weapons here.

The town was large, with beautiful archways and streets full of eager and friendly people who welcomed and smiled at him anywhere he went. With an array of shops, many for wine or food. And in some situations, even Link couldn't figure out what most of the things they where selling where. There where also entertainers and mistrals of strange origin, many sang in languages far from his knowledge. Shigrel had mentioned the town as being the gathering place of the mid western countries and distance travelers. Link thought it was a wonderful place all together.

Link walked past the common lounge, looking reluctantly at the people inside, sipping tea and eating and chatting, he saw a group of Gorons laughing in the corner and a few large Hylian men mingling around the room. Link opened the oak door to the Inn and walked out into the clear day.

Link took in a well needed breath of fresh air and walked out into the crowded street. Sheik noticed him almost instantly, and walked over, he bowed in greeting and his calm voice greeted him like usual. "I see your awake now." He said with a hint of long waited relief. Link figured he hadn't done much this morning besides eat and wait on him.

Link looked around curiously, suddenly wondering where Mayoree and Dalton had gotten to, but then remembered the other day when Mayoree mentioned wanting to go out into town and shop away, and basically take a well needed break.

Link began to walk in line with the two of the party that remained. He absently observed the many colorful shops and things around him.

"I heard you have a plan for tomorrow?" Link finally asked after a moment of silence.

"Yes." Sheik said plainly. Link looked over at him, urging him to continue. Sheik smiled behind his guise slyly. "I'm open for possibilities though." He said. Link smirked.

"So you woke me for nothing?" Link implied grimly, the Sheikah shrugged.

"Too much of a good thing can turn on a person my cousin, and since this is our last day here , I hoped everyone could contribute to what we should do and go to next."

Shigrel snickered. "Tricky fox. can't think of anything can you?"

"Now, I never said that." Sheik said defensively, his keen red eyes still smiling slyly. Shigrel yawned and scratched the back of his head, lazily closing his eyes as he looked up into the clear sky.

"Well, I'm a cat of the land, if you're searching for these medallions and your queen, I suggest we head west." he mentioned, pointing to the western mountains, which where brilliantly peaked with white capes of fresh snow.

"Why should we head there?" Sheik asked.

"Oh, there be a Lionan man out that way, knows much about worldly lore and all that, he's my only guess to who can help us." Shigrel took in a long breath of air as he strode forward. "He's hard to find though. I've heard he lives way out west, out to the beginnings of the dunes of the great desert he does, on a cliff face, high up, very hard to reach!" Sheiks keen eyes darted on him, suddenly interested as he mentioned the desert. Link noticed to sudden distant look in his eyes as he lowered them to the ground, Shigrel yawned and then continued. "They call him Shadowlynx, he's a wise wizard, does magic spells much like the wee one you've picked up." Sheik nodded absently, his eyes where wondering in inner thought, and not present to the current conversation.

"I'm convinced, he may know more then anyone else any chance of where Zelda may be." Link shrugged. They both looked at Sheik, who came back to the present again.

"I have no objections." He said passively, his voice calm and soft like it usually was. Link nodded in confirmation, then starred back ahead of him, Links mind buzzed with new adventurous thoughts. The sleep had done him good for regaining his awareness and strength, which he had very well lost in the last grueling months of winter. Link suddenly wondered as he glanced back at Sheik, his eyes focused at nothing in particular, his hands behind his back and his steps trained to be silent. Link suddenly wondered where Sheik had hidden the fierce deities mask.

Link was suddenly distracted, something was happening up the ally. a shop door was flung open and a ragged, cloaked figure burst out into the street. People stopped and starred, many running out of the way as he barreled headlong down the street, right towards the three standing there. a canvas bag was dangling over one shoulder.

"Stop, thief!" yelled the fat shop keeper, stumbled out of the door in a desperate cry for help, yelling in the fleeting mans direction.

Link had been though this routine enough times in the past, Sheik and Link sprang forward into a fast run, heading to tackle the criminal head on. But Link soon realized that attacking the thief head on wasn't such a good idea. as the man crashed through them, and Link soon found himself sprawled painful on the cobble stones, looking after him as the burly thief continued on his hasty way. Sheik was still struggled to regain his footing, and grabbing his throbbing shoulder. He shouted back at them, but his words where blurted out with anger, and totally inaudible. he sounded quite enraged.

He noticed it right then, seeing Shigrel standing, feet apart, eyes narrowed and arms gingerly folded over his muscular chest. The cat-man curled up his upper lip aggressively. he hadn't followed there lead.

"Stop him!" yelled Sheik. Shigrel nodded to him and smiled broadly, then snapped out his right hand, letting the surprised thief run directly into his iron grip, he snapped his fingers around the burly mans thick neck and with one swift movement heaved him a full two feet off the street. his feet dangling helplessly as he gasped for air. Links eyes widened with amazement. Shigrels voice was low and grim.

"Drop it scum bag!" He snarled. The thief gagged, clutching he free hand at his throat, not bothering to give any attention to the Lionan who was threatening to collapse his neck and break his spine with a simple twist of his wrist. Link and Sheik stumbled back to the Lionans side, staring up at the man. Sheik merely crossed his arms and watched the Lionan work his magic.

"They...there..." the thief struggle to get out.

"Drop it!" Shigrel roared. The man dropped the sack and a load of gold and silver coins spilled onto the stone road, stopping many people in there tracks to watch. Shigrel tightened his grip, and the man kicked out pathetically. "What are you mumbling about?" Shigrel inquired. The man resisted, even gritted his teeth to try to show his rebellious stupidity.

Shigrel golden eyes narrowed dangerously. "Tell me or I'll tear your throat out right here and let you die in the street." His voice was like ice. Link was surprised, at this side of him, the warrior was usually carefree and laughing all the time.

"It was the mages of..." he struggled. Shigrel brought him inches from his barred fangs and piercing eyes "I was the mages of Din...they've returned, the world is..." he went limp, fainting in mid sentence. Shigrel grunted and dropped him.

"Scummy street types." He said to himself.

By that time, the fat shop keeper had caught up to the group, he rounded up his money, bowed respectfully, patted Links shoulder and ran back to his shop.

"He's talking nonsense, the mages of Din have been a lost religion for thousands of years." Sheik said, seeming confused. Link focused his attention down onto the unconscious thief. Link had heard about the mages of Din before. They where a group of priests and sorcerers that dwelled somewhere in the southern hemisphere. He had heard that the where a powerful pagan group of prophets. and a secret organization for keeping to well being of the people around them and looking after the safety of the earth. They where sent to earth and chosen from it by the Goddess of power, Din. But for some reason, Link got the impression that many people feared them.

"Why do you think he was acting so paranoid?" Link asked.

"Oh, the boys talking gibberish, has a screw loose in his head or something, the prophets of Din have been dead for thousands of years, even before to times of the dark world and the Demon lords uprising." Shigrel said, then frowned and scratched his furry chin.

"We should go and find Mayoree and Dalton, if where to get everything packed and the horses saddled." Link said matter of factly. The other two nodded, they began walking again, each wondering in there own thoughts, leaving the thief to wake on his own time.


The stars poked there sparkling heads out from the blanket of the night sky. the trees swayed with the light breeze, rustling and whispering in there own language of the wind. Link looked down onto the peaceful town, the orange lights twinkling down in the valley they had traveled from. the lanterns in the town of Shir shown brightly even at the distance they had come that evening. like a beacon in the clear night out of the dark surroundings, it glowed with brilliance.

The fire cracked and sizzled as the small party huddled close to it, Link bothered to look over his shoulder at them. he turned away from the small towns silence welcome, and into the group again, taking a seat on the cool ground.

Shigrel laughed as he unwrapped there food. "I got this in town, good bakery there, haven't had Shirian food in a long time." he said.

"I frankly would have liked to dwell in that lovely place a little longer." Dalton whined, reaching out and grabbing the hot peace of garlic bread Shigrel passed next to him. the cat-man snickered and patted his back.

"Ah, it's not that bad wee one, we can come back someday!" he said cheerily, though Link knew he was bluffing, and smirked at his try to bring there hearts back up to the occasion. "I would like to get more of this bread and meat anyway!" he said before stuffing it into his mouth, after that, no one could rightly make out his words as he rambled.

Link looked into the firelight as he ate, he felt great, rested and altogether ready for what the world had to throw at him. The fire died down and they had finished there meal with a quiet conversation.

"Why did you drag us out of Shir so quickly?" Mayoree asked, her voice a little annoyed. she looked anxiously around at the three who had dragged her out of her mood.

Sheik answered with a grim voice. "We must get on the move, I overheard some of the men in town talking about Moblins in the area, possibly Bloodtooth is with them." Mayoree looked surprised, more that they would be concerned then that he was following them.

"And we have to move west me girl, we have an idea of who to turn to next, there be an old wizard out that way, towards the dunes. He will help you find your queen." Shigrel reassured. Mayoree nodded, and Dalton merely took in the information without a conflict. "We have to move though, through the mountains is a dangerous place, beasts up there not many have escaped, but I know the way, my tribe has passed through many times." Shigrel said. then he yawned and drew in a huge breath of air and lazily stood up and shambled towards a nearby tree, his long tail swishing back and forth and lazily twitching around. "It be time to sleep, have to get up by dawn." He said again, yawning and loosely crossing his arms over his muscular chest. his snoring could be heard a few seconds later.

Link finished eating his share, and looked up to see every ones eyes on him. Link looked over at Sheik, seeming confused. The Sheikah smiled and stood up, going to his horse and reaching into the saddle bag, he took out his glinting harp. curved and streaked with gold, and the strings as thin and silver as moon beams. "I suggest a song to lift our spirits, Shir had much to give to relief our weary condition, and I think a tribute would be a good idea." He said in a higher voice, he ran his fingers over the tensioned strings and they rung with rich tones.

"I agree!" Mayoree said. Dalton looked at both of them, and his face suddenly brightened.

"Why, dishrag, I never would have thought that a man as grim as you would take up such an idea." Dalton said, clutching his heart. Mayoree punched his shoulder and scowled at him and he whined and cringed as he usually did. then scrambled to his supplies. Link snickered, the heaviness in his heart lightened immediately as Dalton, with a flip of his wrist pulled out a violin from his bag and smiled proudly as he scrambled back to the group. everyone was surprised and happy to see that he himself had his own means of an instrument.

Link couldn't help but turn to his own bag behind him. He hoped he brought it with him, one of his most prized and memorable possessions. Link hastily searched as the others looked on, excited and hoping for him. Link lifted and clay ocarina from the bag, Saria's hand crafted treasure of an instrument. Link always thought that it possessed the magic of his friend Saria herself. He could almost feel it come alive again as he held it in his fingers.

"Link?" came a distant voice, Link looked over his shoulder, realizing that he had been sitting there thinking for some time. "What do you suggest we sing?" Mayoree asked after his attention was on them again. Link thought a long moment, his eyes narrowed in a daze. did he know any songs with words? none came to mind as he thought. everyone sat in silence for a while. And the ones he did know, where all sad.

"No, none that could lift spirits very well any way. what about yourself, Mayoree?" Link asked. the human women smirked, feeling flattered to be able to pick a song.

"I do know one." she sighed in relief, weaving her fingers together in her lap. "It would visibly make us merrier before we begin traveling again, would you like me to sing it?" She asked, looking around anxiously. Link nodded and motioned for her to start as Dalton set his violin to his shoulder and Sheik stretched his fingers over the harp. Link put his ocarina to his lips, just to be ready to pick up the tune.

Mayoree took in along breath of air, a smile cracked her face as she began.

In the trees, of merry old Farnon,

the lights, of spring shines down full,

with fairys wings,

the woodland air rings,

full of light, and the spirits of old.

And there, in merry old Farnon,

lies a spirit, so gay and free born,

her skin is white,

her robes are like lights,

and she dances, to fairy songs.

Shi li, to merry old Farnon,

Shi li lay, and the spirits of old,

for she dances,

and prances,

and the woodland air rings,

with the singing, of Shi li lay lu.

And there, in merry old Farnon,

the elfin spirits, are born of the trees,

and there,

they care,

for there lady of spring,

to here the woods ring with her song

And now, in merry old Farnon,

the air sings, with the flutter of leaves,

for the fairies,

are merry,

and waiting for spring,

for what the children and lady may bring.

The group ended softly and Mayoree cleared her throat, she looked around, feeling her face go into a happy smirk, the song had done just as Link hoped, brought a ray of joy to there hearts.

"I'm surprised Mayoree, I didn't know you had such a great voice." Link said, leaning towards her as she blushed. Sheik took in a breath of air, and couldn't help but smile himself, thought his guise concealed his face, the light in his eyes was peaceful and happy.

Mayoree looked down onto the ground, feeling flattered as everyone roused from the circle, Shigrels snoring now became apparent again, but everyone had a sure smile on there face from the session. Link went over and sat next to her, dragging his supplies over too as Dalton and Sheik separated to pick spots.

"I'll be first watch." Link said so everyone heard. he laid a blanket down onto the cold ground and Mayoree lay down on it, pulling her own covers over her shoulder. Link looked down at her, then smiled warmly and turned to look into the darkness, bringing his hands around to clasp them over his knees. the others feel asleep soon, Sheik was somewhere in one of the trees surrounding the camp sight and Dalton was snoring on his stomach by the dying fire.

Link breathed in the warm night air and relaxed, wondering what tomorrow would bring to there disposal, and wondering most of all about Zelda. and if they would soon know her whereabouts in this darkening world. peering out into the darkness, the trees wavering shapes reflecting the fire light. Link swerved his head to the right. maybe his eyes where playing tricks, he thought he had also seen two round pinpoints of light reflected the fire light as well, but saw nothing there. Link dismissed it quickly as he watch was over and Sheik resumed his part. the Sheikah slumped against a tree trunk with his eyes half closed. Link watched him wearily before slipping into sleep, wondering if he was as worried and at the same time excited about there journey in the day to come.

"Wake me at dawn." Link said to him, Sheiks eyes darted over at him and he nodded partially.

Link wrapped himself in the warm covers and lay down a few feet away from Mayoree, finally slipping into a restful and deep daze.