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By: EricJ

Author's Note: This story continues after my last one Titled "A New Evil" so just sit back and enjoy. But be warned it contains more descriptions of violence so if you hate violence it is recommended you don't read this.

This story starts out  four months after Link and Nick's death. Zelda is very depressed and is in Hyrule castle trying to find a way to bring them both back from the  the dead. "Oh Link why did you have to die?" Sobbed Zelda. "You shouldn't have risked your life to save all of us now there is nothing left of you but a stone monument." She again sobbed.

Then Zelda walked out to the castle garden where the monument was that she'd been talking about. She then dried her tears and placed her hand on the monument. "But that was a very honorable thing you did fighting one of your friends just for us must've been the hardest thing you've ever done," She said.

Impa then walked next to Zelda. "Yes to risk his own life for us no wonder he was chosen to be the legendary Hero of Time," She said.

"Well I won't be sad about this anymore because I know he didn't die in vain," Replied Zelda. "Now it's late I'd better get some rest, good night Impa," Zelda said.

"Good night," Impa replied.

The next day had started and while waking up, Zelda had heard voices coming from the garden. Now what in the world could they be doing in the garden this early? She thought. She then walked out to the garden where the voices were coming from, and at least thirty people and castle soldiers were standing in front of the monument. "Impa what is going on?" Zelda asked.

"Well Zelda, from what I can see the monument of Link has been stolen and the king is furious!"

"Oh no not the monument!" Screamed Zelda. Then she shoved through all the people. "Excuse me I apologize I'm awfully sorry!" She said. When she reached the monument all she saw was a sign she read the Hylian script on it:

Whoever has stolen the monument will be sentenced to fifteen years of punishment in the castle dungeon, as for the person who finds the monument I will reward you with three thousand rupees.

Zelda and the others then heard a loud voice and a soldier in purple armor  walked into the garden. "Excuse me everyone may I please have your attention the king has something to say!"

Then the king of Hyrule himself walked slowly into the garden and said, "As you all have probably read on the sign over there, I am very angry that someone would commit such a crime to steal the monument of the man who saved the entire land of Hyrule and take it from me: YOU WILL BE PUNISHED. However, if you find the monument you will be greatly rewarded that is all you may continue," Said the king loudly, and the crowd continued to try and figure out who did this.

Zelda saw all the people leave and she started to sob again. "Oh Link I know I promised I wouldn't be sad that you died but now all I have left of you is gone I wish you were..." Zelda then heard a strange sound followed by a blue light behind her and a familiar voice interrupted her.

"Wish I were what?" asked the voice.

Then Zelda turned around, scared and slowly. "LINK YOU'RE ALIVE!!!" Screamed Zelda with happiness. Then she ran and hugged him with all her strength. "Oh Link you have no idea how sad I've been without you!" said Zelda with tears of happiness.

"Yes Zelda, that's very nice, but would you please let go of me before my bones break?" said Link sounding like he was being chocked.

"Oh sorry," said Zelda.

"That's alright Zelda, and before you ask, the reason I'm alive is because as long as I'm The Hero of Time, I can't be dead any longer than four months, because this world needs me for protection," explained Link.

"Really Link then you can't die while being Hero of Time?" asked Zelda.

"That's right, and Nick isn't under Flanolan's Spell anymore, he should arrive here any moment." They then waited patiently for Nick to arrive. Then they again saw the strange blue light and heard the strange sound again. Nick had finally arrived.

"Hello Link, Hello Princess Zelda," said Nick. "Before you ask, the reason why I am alive is because the three goddesses have given me another chance to live. And I apologize for being so foolish as to seek the power to be as strong as Link is, and to fall under that hateful spirit Flanolans spell, and before I died Flanolan had told me that he was Ganondorf's older  brother, and that Ganondorf would find a way to bring him back to life as soon as he found a way to escape the Evil Realm and form together," Explained Nick.

"But what did he mean by form together?" asked Link.

"I don't know that's all he had told me," said Nick.

"Hmmm... I think we'd better visit the Temple of Time," said Link.

"Why?" Nick and Zelda asked.

"Because it allows the Hero of Time to travel any where he or she wants and I want to travel back to that temple that Flanolan took me to because when I reached the last door to fight you Nick, there were some kind of ancient markings on it that I couldn't read and they could be useful to us," explained Link.

"But what good will they do us if you can't read them?" asked Nick.

"Well there has to be some way to find out how to read them," said Link. "Ah and I just might know who can help us his name is Shilfin and he's been studying different languages for all his life," said Link again.

"But Link, wouldn't he be in danger because of all those monsters and traps in the temple?" asked Zelda.

"No Zelda, he wouldn't because Flanolan isn't at the temple anymore, and there are no more monsters or traps because I've already cleared the temple," replied Link.

"Oh but do you know where he lives Link?" Nick asked.

"Yes of course I know where Shilfin lives, he is the new grave keeper!" S\said Link.

"Well everyone, let's get going if we want to figure this out," said Link. Then they all set off for the graveyard. When they arrived, Link knocked on the door. "Shilfin are you there? It's Link, me and some friends need your help!"

"Oh hello Link, one second I'll be right out," said Shilfin . Shilfin then opened the door, he was a young man the same age as Link with long blonde hair and wearing  blue clothing. "Yes Link what is it you need my help for?" asked Shilfin.

"Well let me warn you it's a long story," said Link.

"That's alright I'm prepared to listen," said Shilfin. Link then sat down and told him the story. "So there is evil and you need my help to read those markings?" asked Shilfin.

"Yes that's correct," said Link.

"Alright then let's get going to the Temple of Time and teleport to that Temple!" replied Shilfin. Then they all set off for the Temple and found the door with the ancient markings on it. Shilfin then read the markings: Beware of the two wizard brothers, for when they transform into one, there monstrous transformation is un-stoppable.

"So that's what Flanolan meant!" said Link. Then they all gathered together and teleported back to the Temple of Time. But when they arrived, Shilfin and Zelda had been shot and killed by some kind of green light and in an instant their bodies fell to the ground, and their blood stained the Temple of Time's white floor. Link and Nick pulled out their swords and heard Ganondorf's evil laugh.They ran out of the Master Sword's room and saw Ganondorf standing near the exit with his hand up.

"But Ganondorf how could you have escaped the Evil Realm!" commanded Link.

"Oh it's very simple you stupid kid don't you know?" laughed Ganondorf.

"Every time the Hero of time uses the Temple of Time to teleport, the Evil Realm is emptied and people like me are free again!" said Ganondorf with an evil toothy kind of smirk on his face. "And now because of your stupidity, I was able to bring my brother Flanolan back to life too!" laughed Ganondorf.

Suddenly Link and Nick heard a voice from behind them, it was Flanolan. "That's right," laughed Flanolan. "Oh and don't bother looking outside, everyone is dead and soon you will join them!" Commanded Flanolan.

"If you want everything back the way it was, then you must fight us to the death!" said Ganondorf.

"Fine but I refuse to fight you here."

"Alright then boy have it your way we shall fight where you last fought Nick," said Flanolan, then with a snap of his fingers he teleported Link and Nick back to the battle room. Then Ganondorf and Flanolan walked right next to each other and disappeared into a giant purple swirling vortex. Then they emerged as a giant ten foot tall monster called Flanondorf and immediately charged towards Nick. Nick put up a good fight for about an hour and there was nothing Link could do to stop Flanondorf from killing him, and unfortunately Flanondorf hadn't even broken a sweat.

Link was furious because of this and started screaming in a rage saying, "NO I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!" And suddenly a red flash of lightning struck him from out of nowhere and Link began to make the whole ground shake and suddenly he started glowing red and so did his hair but his eyes were glowing blue and his muscles grew twice as big as normal. Link had transformed into Ultra Oni Link! He then charged towards Flanondorf and had him  bloody and begging for mercy!

But Link said, "NO YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME OR ANYONE ELSE ANY MERCY SO I'M NOT ABOUT TO GIVE YOU ANY!" Then Link killed Flanondorf with a quick but strong stab through the head and every thing was restored to normal once again. And the two evil brothers had been locked in the Evil Realm once again and Link had confessed that he was the one who stole the monument and destroyed it because he felt there was no need for it now that he was alive again. He was not punished instead there was a party in honor of him and all the times he had saved Hyrule and he eventually married Zelda.

The End