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“Reuniting Anju and Kafei”

Reuniting Anju and Kafei

By: Chibi Sakura

Chapter One: The Letter

Link was wandering around East Clock Town. He wanted something to do. He had defeated all the bosses, so he thought that he deserved a break. Suddenly, the Stock Pot Inn's door opened, and a man walked out. Link knew that man. His name was Gorman. Link had earned Gorman's mask by softening him up with the Ballad of the Windfish.

"Hello, Mr. Gorman," said Link happily.

"Bah! I'm busy right now! Don't talk to me!" growled Gorman.

Whoops, Link thought, when I turn back time, my effects on people go away. Just then, Link heard a door slam. It came from the Mayor's Residence. Link was curious to know what Gorman was doing, so he walked inside. Inside, Link saw Gorman talking to a woman at a desk.

"Hello, I'm Gorman," said Gorman, "I have an appointment with Madame Aroma-"

"To the door to the right," the woman answered quickly, not looking up from her book.

", Miss," stammered Gorman, as he entered a room.

Link cautiously followed, until a firm voice stopped him. "Just where do you think you're going?"

Link turned around. The young woman was staring angrily at him. "Uh, I'm with Gorman," Link lied. He fled into the room. Link carefully crawled to a table, peeked around the edge, and listened hard to what Gorman was saying to a large woman who was wearing lots of make-up. That must be Madame Aroma, Link thought. Soon the two began to speak.

"Hello, Madame Aroma," said Gorman nervously, "I-I have come to discuss my troupe's act."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Gorman, but I have a change of plans. You see, Toto, the manager of the band The Indigo-Go's has told me all of his plans already. His band will perform instead," said Madame Aroma.

"I am quite sorry, Gorman, but my band will be a better act. But I don't mean to brag," said a short, chubby Zora.

"B-but, Madame Aroma...w-what will my troupe members say? We have to go on! I promised!" complained Gorman.

"That's enough, Gorman. The Indigo Go's are performing, and that's final!" declared Madame Aroma.

"B-but...that's just...not fair!" moaned Gorman, as he stormed out of the room.

Link gasped. Now that Gorman and Madame Aroma were finished talking, he didn't know how to get out. Stepping as carefully as he could, Link made his way to the door, but the voice of Madame Aroma stopped him.

"Excuse me, but are you the expert child-finder that I hired?"

Link looked over his shoulder. This is great, he thought, being a child-finder would certainly give me something to do. Stepping up to Madame Aroma, he said, "Yeah, I'm the expert," Link lied.

"That's good," replied Madame Aroma, "you see, my son, Kafei, has disappeared. He was supposed to get married to the inn keeper, Anju. But he has run off, and I haven't seen him since."

Link nodded his head. "I'll find him for you."

"Then you'll need this," said Madame Aroma. She handed him a mask. The mask had blue hair.

"This mask resembles my son. Show it to people to get advice on where my son might be hiding," explained Madame Aroma.

Link nodded. "I won't let you down."

Link sat on the bench in the Stock Pot Inn. He looked at his new mask. Where do I look first? he thought. Suddenly, the inn keeper walked into the room.  "Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you wait," Anju apologized. "Um, did you have a reservation?" she added.

Link didn't want to lie about having a reservation, but having it would give him the chance to take a closer look at what was going on.

"Yes, I have a reservation," Link answered.

"That's good," sighed Anju, "we don't have any rooms for any other people." She handed him his key.

Suddenly, the Post Man entered the room. "I have a letter for you," he said, as he gave Anju a letter.

"T-thank-you," Anju stuttered, as the Post Man left. Suddenly, Link had an idea. He put on his new mask. ''Oh! You must be looking for Kafei," said Anju. She looked around. "Tell you what, come see me in the kitchen at eleven o' clock tonight." Link nodded his head, and walked up to his new room

That night, Link was sleeping, until he heard a sound. He cautiously opened his door, and found Anju walking down the stairs. Link walked over and joined her. "Hi, Anju," Link whispered.  Anju nodded. Soon they reached the kitchen.

"I am terribly sorry to wake you at such a late hour, but I need to talk to you about him- Kafei," said Anju. She explained that she had a letter to Kafei, and needed it delivered. But, she was afraid to go. Link said that he would take the letter for her.

That morning, Link walked outside to put the letter in a post box. There, now that that's taken care of, I'll just have to wait, Link thought. Link sat down and waited. And waited. And waited. Soon the Post Man arrived, and took the letter.

Link followed him to the Laundry Pool. The Post Man rang a bell, and out came a small boy wearing a mask. While the boy talked to the Post Man, Link snuck inside the boy's hide-out.

Chapter Two: The Pendant of Memories

Link stared in awe at the boy's home. It was so mystierious. Suddenly, Link heard the door open and close. The child ran up to Link, and began to speak. "Green hat, green clothes. Anju talked about you in her letter. She said that you are going to help me," said the boy. "Anju trusted you, so I shall also trust you."

The boy took off his mask. "I am Kafei. I have been turned into a child by a strange imp wearing a mask. I was going to see the Great Fairy, so she could turn me back to an adult, but a thief came by, and stole my wedding mask! I am hiding from Anju because I can't show myself to her looking like this without my wedding mask. I need to get it back, but Anju is going to take refuge at Cremina's ranch. I need you to take this pendant to her. It proves my love for her, so she'll stay, and wait for me," explained Kafei. "Now, tomorrow night, meet me at the canyon at six o' clock. I'll be hiding behind some slabs of rock. Turn at the Ocktorok Dock to get there. Just turn left, and head up the hill."  He gave Link the pendant. "I'm counting on you."

Link rushed to the Stock Pot Inn to give Anju the pendant. When he got inside, he quickly gave Anju the pendant. "Thank you very much!" Anju called as Link ran to tell Kafei.

"Thanks, Link, " said Kafei, "I'll give you a reward. Things that are stolen end up at the Curiosity Shop. Peek in that tiny hole up there. It's almost night-time, so you can check on the customers." Link looked through the hole, but until nightfall, nothing came up. That night, Link saw a thief come into the shop.

"Kafei, look at this," he whispered.

Kafei looked into the hole, and gasped. "That's the guy who stole my mask!" he gasped, and ran off. Link never saw him again that night.

Chapter Three: The Couple's Mask

The next night, Link entered Kafei's hideout to speak with him, but to his surprise, the owner of the Curiosity Shop was there instead. The shopkeeper explained that Kafei went to the canyon ahead of time, and wanted him to give Link his Keaton Mask, and his letter to his mother.

After recieving both, Link went to the post office. Inside, the Post Man was on the floor. "I want to flee, b-but it's not on the schedule." Link handed the letter to him. "Oh, thank-you! I'll deliver this right away!" the Post Man said happily. He got on his hat and backpack, and ran out the door. Link followed.

The Post Man stopped at the milk bar and went inside with Link. "Oh thank-you!" exclaimed Madame Aroma. "As a reward, I relieve the Post Man of his duties, so he can flee. As for you, expert, I'll give you this bottle of Chateau Romani."

Link and the Post Man smiled as they walked out of the bar. Once they were outside, the Post Man gave Link his Postman's Hat as a reward for getting Madame Aroma to let him flee. After, Link warped to the canyon, and found Kafei. "Just wait for the thief," whispered Kafei. Link nodded.

Soon the thief arrived. The door to his lair opened, and Link and Kafei rushed inside. "Link, look! My wedding mask!" exclaimed Kafei. He walked over to it, but accidently stepped on a switch. The mask began to move away on a conveyor belt. Link wouldn't give up. He jumped onto the conveyor belt to retrieve to mask, but he couldn't catch it.

Kafei had an idea. He stepped on the switch again to open a door. In the next room, he found four blocks and a blue switch. He pushed a block onto the switch. It opened a door. "Link, shoot the monsters on the left to keep the mask from getting away!" commanded Kafei.

Link used his hookshot to kill the monsters., while Kafei pressed blue switches. Finally, they reached the last room, with two blue switches. "Link, jump off the belt and press a switch!" shouted Kafei.

Link jumped off, and pressed the final switch. Both switches closed the hole where the mask was going to fall in. Kafei took the mask. "Kafei, let's get to town quickly by warping. Hold on to my shoulders," said Link.

Link used his ocarina to warp him and Kafei to Clock Town.

They rushed to the Stock Pot Inn, and Kafei and Anju traded masks. They were finally reunited. Kafei stepped up to Link, and gave him he Couple's Mask. The mask was formed by Kafei and Anju's love. Link said good-bye to them all, and warped back in time. I could have went straight, and got the Majora's Mask, he thought, but I would rather get some more energy.