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"Legend of Zelda: Rebirth of Evil"

Rebirth of Evil

By: DarkGamemaster

One year ago:

It was a dark and stormy day at the near empty Lake Hylia as inside the cursed Water Temple a battle of epic proportions was taking place. Swords were clanging as Link and his darker half, Dark Link, were each fighting each other and though Dark Link was not as strong as Link, his complete knowledge of Link's sword technique allowed him to keep Link from defeating him.  Once Link unleashed the magic of Din's Fire, however, Dark Link was beaten and Hyrule would never have to worry about the evil Dark Link ever again or so it seemed.

Present day:

It was a clear and sunny day on the shores of Lake Hylia as the sun began to rise over the lake, and as usual, the hard-core fishermen had already been on the lake for a while.  Even though the sunrise was very beautiful and the lake appeared to be as peaceful as it had ever been, there was still a great deal of evil still in the lake.  Inside the Water Temple was a great and powerful evil that was getting stronger, and planning his revenge against the one that had defeated him, the one who caused his pain, the one who bears the Triforce of Courage, the one whose very image the strengthening evil bore, Link.  Elsewhere, deep in the Kokiri Forest, life was continuing just as it had for the last year, ever since the Deku Sprout had come into the Deku Tree's Meadow.  All the Kokiri of course, had been up for quite some time all watching one thing, all except Mido, the boss of the Kokiri, and Saria, the Sage of Forest, only because they had to the Deku Tree's valley by the Deku Sprout.  Link had been training since 5:00 in the morning, preparing for the darkness that only he knew was around.  As usual it was a sight to behold, as Link, using the dagger that he had found in the Lost Woods.

Normally he would have used the dagger as a cutting knife for fish, but Link had a feeling about this dagger that it was very important and so he decided to
train with this weapon.  While Link was training in the forest the evil Dark Link was preparing to leave the Water Temple after a year of confinement within
the temple because he was too weak to leave because of his defeat at the hands of his light counterpart.  As Dark Link stood with his mighty blade, the Dark Master Sword, he longed for the moment that he could break free of his prison and not only get his revenge on Link, but take the Triforce and conquer all of Hyrule.

It was about 10:00 and Link was getting ready to go to Kakariko Village to buy some arrows.  Link usually called Epona to take him to the Village but for some reason he walked this time.  Meanwhile, at Zora's Domain, Princess Ruto, Sage of Water, started heading towards the Water Temple with an escort.  "Princess Ruto, why are we going to the Temple?"  The Zora guard asked.

"Because, I feel that a great evil has taken control of the Temple, and I must do something about it" Ruto replied, in a grave tone.  This feeling was also felt by Zelda, as she asked Impa to find Link and the Sages, for she felt that a great evil was about to emerge from the Water Temple, that could not only destroy Hyrule, but the entire world.

"It is time, time to emerge from my prison, now Link, prepare yourself, for now you face the supreme might of Dark Link, the destroyer of light," Dark Link knew his time had come, he knew now that not only would he destroy Link but take the entire Triforce and conquer Hyrule.