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"Nightmare in Hyrule"

A Nightmare in Hyrule

By : Alexandra Spears

Link and his wife, Queen Zelda, were playing with their two children one evening. They had a five-year-old son, Prince Jacob, and a three-year-old
daughter, Princess Caitlin. They had many evenings together like this since the defeat of Ganondorf seven years ago. A year after that Link and Zelda were

"Okay, kids, time for bed," said Link.

"Aw, Daddy, do we have to?" asked Jacob.

"Yes, you do," said Zelda. Caitlin climbed up onto her father's back; she wanted a piggyback ride before she went to bed. She was the more docile of the two; she was more like her mother in temperament, and she had her mother's golden blonde hair and violet eyes.

"Bedtime story first?" asked Jacob. He loved hearing about his father's adventures as the Hero of Time and he wanted to be just like him. He was the
child that looked more like Link; he had hair a couple of shades darker than his sister's and he had blue eyes.

"All right," Link chuckled. "Just so you're at least in bed, young man." Link and Zelda went up the stairs with their two small children. Link was still
carrying Caitlin on his back. Zelda had their son by the hand.

They went into Caitlin's room first. Link set her down on her pink and purple canopied bed. "Me big crib," Caitlin grinned. She'd just turned
three and had recently proved that she could sleep in a regular bed without falling out.

"That's right," Zelda smiled as she undressed her daughter and put her in a nightgown. She and Link tucked her in and gave her a kiss good-night. "Sweet dreams, Caitlin," Link whispered to his child.

"Bedtime story," Jacob requested again.

"Okay, okay," Link laughed as he lifted his son under his arms and swooped him up in the air. Caitlin laughed at that as her mother tucked a doll in beside
her and gave her another kiss. Then went into the room next door to Caitlin's; this was Jacob's room. Link and Zelda waited while their son changed into his nightshirt and climbed into his bed. "What would you like to hear about tonight?" asked Link.

"Where you found out Sheik was really Mommy," the little boy replied.

"All right," said Link.

"Well, I'm going to be in our bedroom reading, Link," said Zelda. "Good night Jacob." She bent over and kissed her son good night. She straightened up and kissed Link. "I'll see you in bed, Link."

"Good night Mommy," said Jacob. Link smiled at his wife. She smiled back, seductively, sure that their young son wouldn't notice. She then went to their room, across the corridor from the children's rooms.

"Okay, Jacob, you know that Sheik had been helping me out when I woke up in the Temple of Time...."

Zelda looked up and smiled when Link came into their bedroom. She laid the book down on the nightstand and sat up. She could tell by the way he was smiling at her that she was going to have even more reason to smile very soon. "Good night, darling," Link said about an hour later.

"Good night, my husband," Zelda replied. Oh, that had been so good tonight.... They fell asleep in each other's arms, looking forward to waking up to another peaceful day in Hyrule.

Link jerked awake. Next to him, Zelda was still sleeping peacefully, a slight smile on her pink lips. He'd put that smile there, he reflected. It was still the middle of the night. He could see the clock on the dresser in the moonlight. "Now why am I up?" he murmured.

He decided to check on his children. Throwing on a robe and slipping his feet into slippers, he went across the corridor and peered into each of their rooms. Little Caitlin was snuggled up to her doll, sleeping soundly, her golden hair spread on her pink pillow. In the other bedroom, Jacob had kicked off his
blankets again, so Link straightened out the blankets and covered him. Nothing seemed to be amiss, but every instinct was screaming that nothing was
what it seemed. He felt on edge and he couldn't place why.

"Liiinnnkkk...," a hoarse, whispery voice called. It sounded awfully familiar. It sounded just like-him! The voice kept calling and he followed it down the stairs, through the corridors, out into the courtyard. Link realized that he'd forgotten his sword and shield.

A lone figure stood in the courtyard, dressed in a black cloak that fluttered in a cold breeze. All Link was wearing were his robe and slippers. The same
breeze blew through his dark blond hair and sent a chill through him. Or was it the breeze that gave him the chill? "I've been waiting for you," the figure said in that raspy voice. In one swift move he shed the cloak and pulled out a sword. Dark Link!

"You're dead!" said Link. "How dare you come here and bother me again!"

Dark Link merely smiled mysteriously, not bothering to explain anything. He slashed at Link, put a long gash in his left shoulder. "That's only a taste,
Link," hissed Dark Link as Link clutched at his shoulder, bright red blood running through his fingers.

Suddenly, Link was sitting up in bed. "No! Not again!"

Zelda was wide awake in a second. "Link, what's wrong-your shoulder! Link, what happened to your shoulder!?" Link was still holding his shoulder. The blood was still there. So was his wound. Zelda hurriedly got a towel and wet it. She began cleaning his wound. "I'll be right back," she told him. "I need to get some potion. Hold that towel there." Link held the towel to his shoulder. He knew Zelda was every bit as confused as he, if not more. He'd been wearing his robe, he thought-but when he found himself in his bed he was naked, as he'd been when he'd gone to sleep.

Soon Zelda was back with a red jar, and she carefully applied its contents to the gash. It closed up instantly and Link felt better. "Now how did you get
cut sleeping?" asked Zelda.

"I don't think I was sleeping," said Link. "I put on my robe, checked on the kids, and there was this voice that I followed into the courtyard." He related
the rest of what had happened, including his encounter with Dark Link. He stood up and took his robe off its hook. There was no tear in it. He and
Zelda looked at each other, wondering just what was going on.

That morning, it was another beautiful day in Hyrule, and it seemed to diminish the events of the previous night. After breakfast, Jacob went out to play in
the courtyard while Link was teaching Caitlin how to ride horseback, on Epona. Zelda came out to the stables, where Link was teaching Caitlin how to dismount. She held two glasses of lemonade. "One for you, one for Caitlin," she said, smiling.

"Thanks, Zelda," said Link.

"Thank you Mama," said Caitlin.

"That was just so...unreal last night," Zelda said softly. "I'm not sure if it was a dream."

"I'm not sure either, Zelda," Link said as he sipped his lemonade.

"I have this feeling that this is only the tip of the iceberg," said Zelda as she crouched down and adjusted Caitlin's ponytail. "Something is really wrong and I feel Ganon is involved. I wonder if your dream or whatever it was is part of it?"

"I wouldn't doubt it," said Link. "Come to think of it, I wonder if that was really Dark Link or someone or something toying with me. But how can you be
injured by a dream?"

Zelda shuddered. "I don't know if I want to sleep tonight...and what if it affects Jacob and Caitlin?" That was enough to strike terror into Link's heart. He felt that same chill.

That night, Link went to bed and went to sleep, hoping that just maybe everything had been an insane dream. He pulled Zelda close to him and hugged
her. "Zelda, maybe I was sleepwalking," Link suggested. "Perhaps I cut myself on something and returned to bed."

Zelda gently released herself from her husband's arms and sat up. "What if I stayed up all night to see?" she suggested.

"Do you want to do that?" asked Link. "For all we know it may have just been a fluke and it might not happen again."

"Link, something tells me that dark magic is involved somehow. I just can't place my finger on it," said Zelda. "I'll stay up and keep an eye on you."

"I just hope the kids will be okay," said Link. That was the most frightening thing-that whatever was out to do him harm would harm Zelda and the children.

"Just go to sleep, Link," Zelda whispered. "I'll be here for you."

Link woke up, found Zelda peacefully sleeping next to him, wearing the same indigo-colored nightgown. "I thought you were going to stay up," he murmured as he kissed her lips. This time he was in his nightshirt. He sat up, saw that it was still late at night. He peered out the window-

-and that was when a vine grabbed him around his chest and dragged him to the ground below. "Zelda! Help!" he cried. Link was thrown onto the lawn. He shook his head and brushed his long, dark-gold bangs back from his face. Then he looked up and stared.

"Remember me-hero?" asked Ganon. "You may be able to imprison me in the Sacred Realm, you and all your cursed Sages-but in your dreams I can do as I wish. I'll turn your sleeping mind into hell!" He laughed wickedly, throwing his head back. "Dark Link was only a teaser!" Link had forgotten his sword again and he was clad in only his nightshirt. He felt that familiar cold breeze. "I wonder...shall I enter the dreams of your beloved wife and children and do
away with them?" mused Ganon, toying with Link. "You know, with my new plaything, dreams become reality. Know this-if you die in your dream, then you
truly are dead!"

Link stood up, his back against the cold wall. The grass was frigid beneath his bare feet. The chilling breeze blew through his wild hair, freezing him to the
bone. The thought ran through his mind that he was as cold as death itself. "You leave my wife and children out of this, Ganon!" he snapped as bravely as he
could. The problem was, he was virtually defenseless. In this dreamland, no one could help him. He was on his own and things did not look good.

Ganon moved closer to Link. He was easily twice Link's size here, and Link had the impression that Ganon could probably make himself even bigger should he choose to do so. "How shall I kill you, O Hero of Time?" Ganon chuckled. He reached out a clawed hand and scratched Link's left cheek, leaving four bloody trails on Link's young face. "Make you bleed to death? I would like it to last as long as possible so you'll rue the day you interfered with my plans! And when I'm done, I will use this new power to put an end to the Royal Family of Hyrule! No heirs. No descendants. All gone. Even your innocent little babies!"

Suddenly, Link was in his bed and Zelda was shaking him awake. "Link, wake up! Please!" she was begging.

Link felt the pain in his left cheek. He touched his hand to it and looked. He saw the blood. "It was Ganon this time," he said.

"Link, something is really wrong! I saw those gashes just...happen, as if someone invisible were clawing you!" exclaimed Zelda. Fortunately she had that
potion handy and she applied it to Link's wounds.

"It didn't feel like a was very real," said Link, taking a deep breath. His heart was still beating furiously. He had to calm himself down and
tell what he'd heard, as it might yield a clue. "Ganon said something about thanks to a plaything, he is able to invade our dreams. He said he would kill me when in my dreams...which make me dead in the waking world. And you and Jacob and Caitlin-your whole family-are next."

Zelda started to cry. Their children were only five and three, but that made no difference to Ganon. Jacob was next in line for the throne, and should anything happen to him or if his line were ended, it would go to his younger sister. That was all that mattered to Ganon-destroy anyone of royal blood. But first, it seemed, Ganon wanted his revenge on Link. "What are we going to do?" Zelda sobbed. "Next time I may not be able to wake you up in time!"

Link was sitting on top of the wall near Hyrule Castle Town that morning. To his right was Hyrule Castle, now his home, and to his left was the bustling town itself. His bright blue eyes had shadows beneath them from two nights of interrupted sleep. Link yawned and stretched. Oh, how he wished he could just lie back, rest his head in the soft grass, and really sleep. But he knew that if he fell asleep he might never wake up again. The thought jerked him awake. Eventually, he knew, his body's demands for sleep were going to win out. The question was-what to do about Ganon? How was he doing it? How could he be stopped?

He'd decided not to train until this was over-if it would ever be over. It would tire him out. Thankfully his two little children hadn't had any nightmares. Ganon could be toying with him there too-just make him wonder and drive him crazy wondering if or when the children would fall victim to these dangerous dreams. Link let out a "hmph" as he thought about this. Apparently Ganon wanted to do a bit of psychological torture before finally killing him.

Speaking of Jacob and Caitlin-to his right Link could see them coming towards him, walking along the path. Jacob had hold of his baby sister's hand.
"Daddy!" called Caitlin.

Link dropped down off the wall. "What're you two doing out here?" he asked.

"Mommy wanted us to find you. She said it's real important," said Jacob. That's right. Zelda had said something about talking to Impa about this whole
mess. And who better to discuss dreams with than a Shadow Sage? Apparently they had found something.

"Want ride," said Caitlin, breaking into his reverie.

Link crouched down and let his little girl climb up onto his back. He hooked his elbows under her knees and she clung to his neck, giggling. He straightened himself up. "Well, let's go see what your mother wants," he said.

Zelda was waiting for Link when he walked up with their children. Link gently lowered Caitlin to the ground. "You two go on and play," said Zelda. "Your
father and I are going to be busy." Jacob took his sister's hand and they ran out in the direction of the courtyard. Zelda watched as they ran. Then she turned her attention back to Link. "Impa wants us to go with her to her house in Kakariko Village," said Zelda. "I'm sure you remember seeing all those books there."

Link nodded. "I didn't feel like stopping to read them though."

"I've arranged for one of the guards to keep an eye on the children. Their favorite one, Jolan," said Zelda. She smiled. "He thinks the world of them and
he agreed to do it."

They walked together to Impa's room. "Good, the children found you," said Impa. "We need to go to my former home in Kakariko. I can't say that What's been happening sounds at all familiar, but I know something about dreams. We need to consult some of my books, and three people would be faster than one or two."

"Let's get our horses," said Zelda. "Link and I can ride on Epona, Impa."

On their way to the stables Link and Zelda waved to Jolan, who was entertaining the two small children. He waved back and smiled. "Your parents are going on a short trip and they'll be back soon," Link and Zelda overheard him telling them. Impa mounted her horse, and Link and Zelda got on Epona, Zelda riding behind Link. They galloped through the gates and over the drawbridge and headed east.

Zelda put her arms around Link and laid her head on his back as they rode. "I hope we can find a way to help you," she said.

"Not just me-what if he comes after you and the children?" Link replied. Soon they arrived at Kakariko Village. The three dismounted their horses and
went up the steps. The guard nodded and smiled at them as they went through the city gate.

"Impa! Good to see you again, ma'am," said the guard at the door to Impa's house. "What brings you back here?"

"I brought the Queen and her husband to look through my extensive library," said Impa.

"Go right on in!" There was no one in the house right now. Link, Zelda, and Impa each took out an armload of books and sat down at the table with them.

After a few hours, Zelda came upon something in one of her books. "Impa! Link! Look here," she said. She pointed to a picture of a purple-black sphere. "According to this, this stone can be used to view people's dreams. But it doesn't say anything about controlling them."

"What if Ganon used the Triforce of Power? He still has it," Link pointed out.

Impa jerked her head up. "That may be true," she said thoughtfully. She closed her eyes, as if remembering something. "He had that sphere a long time ago, and he'd told us that he'd found it at the bottom of the well here in town."

"That's how you get to the Shadow Temple!" said Link.

"No doubt he was going through the various temples, trying to amass power to take over Hyrule," said Zelda. "By itself the sphere wouldn't do any harm, just enable the user to view the dreams of anyone he desired. And since Ganon still holds the Triforce of Power, I think it's possible that he amplified the
abilities the sphere gave him, making it so he can make dreams into reality."

"Ganon is imprisoned in the Sacred Realm," Link pointed out. "He could actually do that from where he is?"

"Yes," said Impa. "He is physically bound. And it looks like he's found a way to seek his revenge even from confinement."

"How can we find the sphere and beat him, Impa?" Zelda asked.

"Tonight, let me monitor Link's dreams. It's possible that Ganon will try to keep Link in the dream realm, but with my powers as Shadow Sage I can wake Link if he is in danger," said Impa.

"Would it help if I slept with my sword and shield?" asked Link.

"Perhaps, perhaps not," said Impa. "You may try it. Tonight, meet me in the Shadow Temple. You know you can use your Ocarina to transport you there. Of course you are also welcome to come, Zelda."

Link was armed to the teeth when he and Zelda arrived at the Temple of Time that evening. He carried his Biggoron's Sword, his Megaton Hammer, and his Nayru's Love, in addition to his Master Sword and Hylian Shield. "You're going to sleep with all that?" asked Zelda.

"Sure. I noticed that whatever I was carrying with me or had on when I was sleeping went with me into my dreams," said Link. "Well, here we are." They stood on the platform that had the symbol of the Triforce. Link held Zelda and took out his Ocarina and played the Nocturne of Shadow. Instantaneously he and Zelda were transported there. Since Ganon's defeat seven years ago there were no enemies in the temples, so the Shadow Temple would be safe.

Impa met them at the entrance; her Shadow Medallion allowed her to transport there at will. "This way," she said as she led them through the temple. In one of the chambers was a large bed that had been prepared for Link and Zelda. They lay upon it, and Impa pulled up a chair on Link's side of the bed.
"I will enter your dreams," said Impa. "If you are in trouble, hang on to my hand and with my medallion I'll pull us out." Soon Link was fast asleep.

Impa remained awake. Her Shadow Medallion glowed when Link started dreaming. Impa leaned forward and placed her hands on Link's head and concentrated. Immediately she found herself standing next to Link. He was wearing his tunic and leggings, which he was sleeping in, and he had his weapons with him. "Impa!" he said. "I'm dreaming, aren't I?"

"Yes," said Impa. They looked at Zelda, who was still sleeping. "I will follow you. As I've told you before, if we are in danger, take my hand and I'll pull
us out."

Suddenly, Ganon appeared. "Well, I see you brought a friend! How nice!" he cackled.

"What are you doing here, Ganon?" Impa demanded.

"It got lonely and boring in exile," smirked Ganon.

"You have the Sphere of Dreams, don't you?" asked Impa.

"I see you've been doing your homework, Shadow Sage!" hissed Ganon. "You'll never get it from me! It's perfect, isn't it? In the waking world you can't
reach where I am, and in the dream world, I call the shots." With that, he fired a magic bolt at the two of them. Impa grabbed Link's hand and touched her

-and Link sat up, suddenly awakened. Impa was sitting beside the bed. "Wow, thanks, Impa," he said.

The Sheikah woman nodded. "I can see that this is going to be a hard quest-getting the Sphere of Dreams away from Ganon. He took it with him when
we sealed him in the Sacred Realm."

"I think it's hopeless," Link sighed. Next to him, Zelda was waking up. "I mean, if we can't go into the Sacred Realm...and we are powerless because he
controls the dreams...."

"We must assemble the other Sages for this," said Impa. "Link, use the Ocarina and bring the other five Sages here. We must come up with a plan, or all Hyrule is doomed."

Link, Zelda, and the Sages were gathered in the Temple of Time. Link's good friend, Saria, a green-haired Kokiri girl, was the Forest Sage. She had been like a mother to him while he was growing up in the Kokiri Forest, and she'd often defended him when Mido picked on him. She was more than willing to help Link, whom she often thought of as her own child.

Rauru, a bald, portly man, was the Sage of Light. The Sage of Water was Ruto, Princess of the Zoras, whom Link had rescued at the beginning of his adventures as the Hero of Time. She'd had a crush on Link but had since gotten over it, especially since she was a Zora and he a Hylian. Darunia, King of the Gorons, was the Sage of Fire. He referred to Link as his Sworn Brother, since Link had driven Dodongo from the cave where the Gorons mined their food source-rocks. The Gerudo Queen, Nabooru, was the red-haired Sage of Spirit. It was whispered that she'd had a relationship with Ganon, who had been King of the Gerudos. Whatever was the case, she despised him and would willingly help Link and the rest of their friends. Impa, of course, was the Sage of Shadow, as well as Zelda's nursemaid. Zelda was the Seventh Sage, and leader of them all. She briefed Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Nabooru, and Rauru on what was happening. "We need to somehow get that sphere from Ganon. While he holds both the Sphere and the Triforce of Power, he is extremely dangerous," said Zelda.

"We would need to find exactly where Ganon is keeping the sphere," said Rauru.

"We can't go into the Sacred Realm-can we?" asked Link.

"I see only one solution so far," said Zelda. "As the Seventh Sage, and as leader of the Sages, I can be embued with the powers of the other six. Ganon
said that we can't reach him in the waking world. I would need to enter the dream with Link. Apparently, in the sleeping/dreaming world, Ganon can go where he wants."

"Still, we'd need to know where he's keeping the sphere," Rauru stated again.

"Perhaps he'd have it with him," suggested Nabooru. "Maybe once Link and Zelda can get it from him...."

"I am more than willing to try it-for my kingdom and for my husband," said Zelda bravely.

"Be warned, if you die in your dream, you will actually be dead," Impa reminded her. "And we must succeed-if not, all Hyrule will fall."

The following night, Link, Zelda, and the Sages all convened in the Temple of Time. Link was dragging and his youthful face looked older and haggard, as he'd gone three nights without a good night's sleep. Zelda had slept only a little more; she was concerned about her husband.

From there Rauru warped them all to the Chamber of Sages. There each Sage stood on his or her platform. The platforms were arranged in a circle, and Zelda stood in the middle of the circle. The Sages stood and faced her. A brilliant rainbow seemed to shoot from six pairs of hands. Red came from Darunia. Orange from Nabooru. Yellow from Rauru. Green from Saria. Blue from Ruto. Purple from Impa.

Zelda closed her eyes, held out her arms, and tilted her head back as she absorbed the Sages' power. Link shielded his eyes as his wife was surrounded by white light. After a moment the light dimmed and Link lowered his arm from his eyes. He blinked.

Zelda was now wearing a long-sleeved, knee-length white dress that seemed to shimmer with the six colors of the Sages. If they didn't have such an important quest to go on, and if they were alone, and if Link weren't so tired, Link would have taken her right then and there. Off to one side of the room was a raised platform with a pillow and blanket. Rauru led Link to it, and the young man lay down, fully clothed and armed. Saria went to his side and squeezed his hand. "Good luck," she told him.

Zelda went to where her husband lay. "I'll be with you, Link," she said as she softly kissed his lips. She held his left hand in hers, and her right hand
touched his forehead lovingly. "Ready to save Hyrule together?" she added in a whisper. Link smiled faintly at that. Staring up at his beautiful wife of six years, he closed his eyes and was soon fast asleep.

"He's starting to dream," said Impa moments later. Zelda nodded. She closed her eyes and concentrated.

Link was still in the Chamber of Sages, but now it was empty. He was alone. Suddenly Zelda appeared next to him. "Zelda!" Link said happily. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her gently. "Let's go find Ganon," Zelda said when Link finally broke off their kiss.

"Looking for me, lovebirds?" snarled a familiar voice.

Link and Zelda whirled around. "Ganon!" said Link as he withdrew his Master Sword.

Ganon was leaning up against a wall, looking Zelda up and down. "You know, Princess, you would have been such a wonderful lover if it weren't for him," he sneered, pointing at Link with his chin. "You know, Link, she just may have been my lover and she's trying to get rid of me so you won't find out." Link simmered. He knew that Ganon was lying, and he didn't appreciate the innuendoes. Link and Zelda had kept themselves pure until their wedding night.
So Link knew.

"I always knew of your treachery. I remember when I was a child, you kept trying to get me to be alone with you! Now I know what you were after, you
perverted bastard! Still, I knew better than to do as you asked!"

"He did what!?" Link was angry now.

Ganon laughed and reached for Zelda. "Maybe I should try it that I have the advantage...."

Zelda held her hands out, palms facing outward, and blinded Ganon with a bolt of light, courtesy of Rauru. He stumbled back. "Where is the Sphere of Dreams?" she demanded.

"Maybe we can work out a trade, beautiful one," Ganon said as he struggled to his feet.

"As if!" said Link. He was angry as anything, and he rushed towards Ganon and slashed at him with his sword. Enough was enough.

In the real world, the six Sages watched Link and Zelda. Tears were appearing in Link's tunic and cuts appeared in various places on his body- fortunately none too serious so far. "Oh, I hope they make it," Saria whimpered. This was the boy she'd raised from infancy, the boy who'd become her best friend.

"My sworn brother is a fighter," said Darunia as he placed a hand on Saria's shoulder.

"I know. But it's so disturbing to watch Link get hurt like that and not be able to do anything!"

Link and Ganon were slugging it out. Their swords hit each other, and the clanging reverberated throughout the chamber. Zelda was waiting for her moment to strike. Ganon thrust his sword at the young man, and Link blocked it with his shield. At the same time he plunged upward and thrust his sword into Ganon's heart-or at least where his heart should be. Of course it would not kill him, for as long as Ganon held the Triforce of Power he would keep on living.

However, the blow caused Ganon to collapse. Zelda raised her hands and a rainbow-colored band of light surrounded the villain, restraining him. Link
sheathed his sword and frisked Ganon. "Hurry, Link, the Sages' power is waning," said Zelda. Link finally found what he was looking for. He had used his sword to strip Ganon of his clothes and a purple-black sphere rolled along the floor. Link picked it up, and at that moment Ganon disappeared-

-and Link woke up, holding the Sphere of Dreams. Zelda was sitting by him, looking at the sphere in wonder. He'd managed to bring it back with him, and due to the magical nature of the sphere, it was possible. Impa took the sphere. "It will be safe in the Shadow Temple," she said. "It's one of the temple's artifacts."

"Now to heal you," said Zelda. "And I know of a nice way to do it." She placed her lips on his, and the cuts on his body vanished.

"Ganon disappeared as soon as I held the sphere," said Link.

Impa nodded. "As long as he possessed it he was in control. When you held it, he was no longer in control and he went back to his banishment. So long as he remains imprisoned, he won't be able to do that again."

Link stood up and hugged his wife. "Thanks for helping me, darling," he said.

"Of course I'd help you," Zelda smiled.

"Now it's time for Zelda to return to normal," said Rauru.

"I just have a request to make before you take your power back," said Link.

"What is it?" asked Nabooru.

"Leave the dress on her." He smiled, and everyone chuckled.