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"Lord of the Triforce"

Lord of the Triforce

By: Chibi Sakura

Chapter One

Link was turning twenty that day. It was such a depressing time in a Hylian's life; it marked the very day that you were expected to take responsibility and become important. Link had learned some of his family history over the years and found out what they became. His mother was the Royal Family's scholar, his father was the King's head (and favorite) knight, and his Uncle Kiln was a famous explorer. Link met his old uncle one day in Kakariko Village. Link then moved from his tree house in Kokiri Forest to his uncle's cozy cabin. Kiln's blue cloak and hat, grey beard, and wise old face definitely did not show he used to go on adventures. Link took care of him, but the old man was very hot-tempered and, in Link's opinion, could probably bake clay on his face in anger.

But there was much more to Kiln than adventures and temper. Far more than that.

One day on his travels, Kiln stumbled upon a mysterious piece of treasure.

"What in the name of sacred beings is this?" he asked himself, picking the piece up and examining it.

Closely eyeing it, he saw it was a pure gold triangle. Kiln held it close to him. He felt around it. Yes. It was what he had been searching for: the fourth piece of the Triforce. Legend had it, that a fourth goddess, Celedriel, goddess of Kindness, created the fourth piece. The Triforce was then known as the Quadraforce. The only thing wrong was, the Dark Lord, Sarumort, seized the piece of kindness for himself. But he was overcome by greed and began to use the power to give himself more power than ever. However, all the magic in the piece caused Sarumort to wither into a form of which he had no body and was completely powerless. He dropped the piece afterward and lost it. Not knowing where it was, he went searching. He craved its power, to feel the tingle when he held it, to feel stronger and wiser as he gazed deeply at what he called his, "precious".

So this is why Kiln wanted to find it; he wanted to feel the same way. Not to use the power, but to feel braver and to know more. He gazed longingly at the triangle, wishing to put it in his pocket, go home, and experiment on it.


An evil voice whispered. "Preciousssssss? Where are you hiding? I need you. Sssssso long. Sssssearching..."

Kiln felt a chill run down his spine. He heard the whisper loudly in his ear.

"Precioussss? Is that you, preciousssss? I want you back with me!"

Kiln's eyes widened. He backed into a corner, shaking with fear.

"L-leave me al-alone!" he cried. " I found it! It is mine! You shan't come any closer!"

"My precioussssss! My preciousssss!" moaned the voice.

Kiln screamed. "I am leaving and taking the treasure with me!"

"No! That is my precious!" rasped the voice.

"If you are Sarumort, I will not give this triangle to you! You will only return back to mortal form and be what you used to be!"

"I am Sarumort! I do not lie! Now give it to me! I am Sarumort! I am not a liar! Give me my precious!"

"Never!" Kiln vowed loudly.

Suddenly, a rush of air made Kiln's curly blond hair wave around and the cave was silent, save for Kiln's whimpers.

"Listen," commanded Sarumort, his voice more solid and deep, "I must obtain that piece to become myself again."

Kiln shook his head. "I am taking this, and even when I am old with no longer my curled golden locks, I shall keep it safe...for eternity!"

Kiln then took off and never returned back.

"Fool! Ass! I shall find it! And rule all!"

That was the story of Kiln, and because of him, Link would have to leave on a dangerous quest.

"Aye, Link! You are very much beside yourself with worry! What is the problem, my lad?" asked Kiln.

"Uncle, I am scared. I am the Hero of Time, and yet I must become important! And to think I already I am and they believe I still must keep up tradition!" said Link.

"Oy, Link! Do not live like this! It is your twentieth birthday! Be merry!" said Kiln.

Link had never been more worried in his life. But really, he was frightened of a birthday! He had faced much more scarier things than this.

"Oh, Mr. Link!" cried a voice. "Happy birthday!"

Link's friend, Autumn, was standing at the door, holding a slightly sticky cake. Beside him, two other Hylians stood. They were Autumn and Link's best friends, Barry and Patrick (whom liked to be called Puck).

"Crikey, Link, you're a year older now! And you don't have to celebrate with Kokiri! You've got your good ol' Hylian friends with you!" exclaimed Barry.

"Ho ho! What a jolly time of year!" laughed Puck.

"Yes, though it would be perfect if I didn't have such a job coming in for me! I am the Hero of Time! Yet they say I must become important! Curse them! I already am important!"

Autumn glared at Link. "How dare you say 'curse them' to the Royal Family!"

"Never mind!" said Barry. "I grew up in a joyful family; I hate the sounds of fighting! Settle down!"

Autumn left the house.

"What in blazes is Autumn doing?" Puck asked.

Soon, Autumn returned with a large beer barrel and five mugs.

"Drinks for all!" Link said cheerily.

Autumn passed everyone ( including Uncle Kiln ) a mug. They each filled their mugs with beer and drank to Link's health and future. Puck began a speech about Link's greatness, but his words weren't listened to; he had foam under his nose and they couldn't help but snicker.

"Oh, you think you do not need to pay close attention to me? Link is a brilliant man! His history is worth knowing!"

"It's not the speech we are laughing at, Puck!" assured Barry. "You have foam under your nose and it looks like you have a mustache made of something very unpleasent!"

Puck blushed until the party ended.

Chapter Two

Kiln sat before the fire place in his creaky rocking chair. Never had he thought of doing what he was going to do. He had had a strange dream a few nights ago. The dream was about Sarumort's spirit, coming closer and closer to the piece of kindness and obtaining it. The world then was covered by dark shadow. Kiln knew this was a sign that something bad would happen. He would have to take the piece to the Quadraforce Shrine, where the piece would be put back into the Quadraforce forever, away from that wretched Sarumort.

But I am far too old for such a task! The shrine is at the edge of Hyrule! Almost impossible to reach! I must ask Link to do this for me! thought Kiln sadly.

Link was asleep at the moment, dreaming no doubt. How could Kiln break the news to him?

Kiln stepped up to Link and shook him awake.

"Link, listen to me! I need you to take this piece of kindness to the Quadraforce Shrine at the edge of Hyrule. Only there will it be kept safe for eternity! I am fleeing to Zora's Domain! Take the piece!" Kiln said. He handed Link the piece of kindness. As he went out, he said, "Keep it secret! Keep it safe!"

Link would not see him again for a long time.

"Absurd! Your own uncle? Leaving you like a dog or cat at home with no love!" burst Barry the day.

Autumn, however, was more concerned about Link and the quest he was about to set off on. He wished to go along with him. No matter what, Link was his best friend and Autumn couldn't just let him leave by himself! Besides, if it was Autumn who had to take on the perilous task, Link would have done the same for him.

"Link," Autumn piped, "I want to join you on this adventure...thingy.."

Link burst out laughing. "Autumn, pardon me, but you cannot visit the Hyrule Market without taking your slingshot! How dare you think you can do what you certainly could not?"

Autumn frowned. "I didn't say I wanted to take the piece and do your job, I just asked to join you."

Link paused. "Well..."

"Please?" pleaded Autumn.

"So be it," declared Link. "You may come."

"Wait a moment!" commanded Puck. "If Autumn is to go, so shall we!"

Barry's expression made him look like a dog begging for a sample of his master's food.

"Very well!" laughed Link. "But do not be lazy! I want to make this quest end as soon as possible. I've been on one before and I have learned that many gruesome things await you on every path you take."

"Never fear, Master Link!" said Autumn. "We promise to make haste!"

Link, Autumn, Barry and Puck packed four sacks of food. Each of them had a sword with them, as well. They were all nervous but eager to start off.

"This is it," Puck said solemly.

"Not exactly," said Link. "Autumn has not yet arrived."

As if on que, Autumn stumbled toward them, carrying a large sack.

"Can we go now?" asked Puck eagerly.

Autumn halted.

"All set to leave?" said he.

"Yes, Barry, we may leave," said Link.

So the group set out, slightly scared yet excited, and ready to take on what was being put before them.

And everywhere, the word spread out. Beings all over Hyrule were drinking to Link, Barry, Autumn, and Puck, saying, " To Link, the Hero of Time, Autumn Brownleaf, Barry Beerale, and Patrick Overgrass, the brave ones wandering out to the mythical shrine, bearing the Piece of Kindness!"

Chapter Three

Barry moaned as the group trudged through a large wheat field. "Can't we stop to rest, Link?" he asked weakly. "My feet are incredibly tired."

Link shook his head. "No, Barry, we cannot stop. It shall be dusk soon, and we haven't even gone three miles!"

The tired Hylain sighed. "I guess that is best," Barry admitted. But still, he wasn't entirely sure that continuing was a good idea...

The group finally came to a halt in front of a large oak tree near a rushing creek. Link signaled that group to settle there for the night. Puck and Barry sat down and fell asleep quickly, but Link commanded Autumn to stay awake.

"We need someone to stand guard," he explained. "And since you wanted to come so badly, you can prove you won't be a waste by keeping guard tonight."

Autumn felt hurt at Link's words, but he nodded. "I'll do my best!" he replied with determination.

Link smiled slightly and lay down to sleep.

Autumn stared at his surroundings, checking for anything unusual. He moved the other way and scanned the area. Nothing looked suspicious, so he nodded in approval. Nothing strange, just a small chill.

But that was a tad odd; the weather had been hot all day, even in the sun set, when it was usually cool. Autumn narrowed his eyes and smirked. That's silly, he thought. Nothing's wrong; the wind just cooled down quicker than usual.

But it was small comfort.

Suddenly, a whoosh came forth. Autumn shivered. Now, something's wrong!

Another whoosh of wind came up, but this time, it was hot, wet air. A swirling noise sounded, and a tornado formed. Autumn's eyes widened. "Mr. Link!" he shouted frantically, obviously terrified. "Mr. Link, a tornado!"

He shook Link rapidly, repeating "Wake-up! Tornado! Wake-up, wake-up!"

Finally, Link stirred. "What is it?" he asked groggily, not entirely knowing where he was.

"A tornado!" Autumn squealed, "We must leave or we'll be killed!"

He had spoken too soon. The tornado cycled straight for them; leaving behind a path of debris. Autumn screamed, but Link grabbed him and leaped right out of the way. "Where are Barry and Puck?" Autumn asked, getting up slowly; he was shaking from the fear of near death and the shock of his sudden rescue.

Link's heart sank. "They're still up there!" he said, horrified.

He began to dash up the hill. The tornado spun right for the two unaware friends, but Link jumped and stretched his arms out and rolled; barely missing the tornado. Luckily, his plan worked, and Barry and Puck were tangled together in the strong grip of Link's arms.

"What the hell happened?" Puck asked.

Link pointed his chin toward the tornado, which was starting to dissipate.

Barry made a face that looked like he had just ate a lemon. "That horrible storm nearly killed us!" he said with both shock and amazement. "You saved us from an unexpected death! I can't thank you enough!"

He wrapped his arms around Link and gave him a squeeze. Puck soon joined in.

Autumn was still at the bottom of the hill, breathing heavily. Poor Mr. Link! he thought. He risked his life for those two and me...what a noble man he is!

He cocked his head to relieve the ache in it. I'll go up and see them--Mr. Link is probably exhausted, I don't want him to feel like he has to come down here and get me, he thought, getting up as he cocked his head again.

Autumn made his way up the hill, panting. Finally, he reached the top. "Oh, Mr. Link! You saved me! How can I ever repay you?" he asked with deep emotion.

Link shook his head with a smile. "You don't need to repay me," he assured. "I rescue people for a living." He grinned.

Puck tapped his foot, his pack was already hoisted onto his back, and he was eager to leave. "Let's go! The sooner we go, the sooner we reach Zoras' Domain!"

That was where Link planned to go first--Zoras' Domain.

Link nodded, impressed by Puck's deep sense of dedication to the quest that was supposed to be Link's alone.

"Let's get off, then!" Link said, his decision automatically final.

"You heard the man!" said Autumn. "Let's get going!"

The group swung un their bags and set off--out of civilization, into danger.

Chapter Four

They had walked for hours on end, only stopping to urinate or take a drink. Each of them were confident to reach the watery city of Zoras' Domain, and they all knew that failing wasn't an option.

After a while, Link, Autumn, Barry and Puck heard the pleasant sound of rushing water.

"We're almost there!" Link said. Then he frowned. "But it won't be easy; there is lots of water and plenty of Octoks to keep you busy. The currents are pretty strong, too. I hope you all know how to swim."

Puck and Barry nodded. They both were excellent swimmers; they had both competed in the Hyrule Swimming Relays at Lake Hylia and won second and third place.

Autumn, however, looked down at his belly and shuffled his feet back and forth. He didn't know how to swim; he had to help around the house with the cooking and cleaning; he didn't have time to learn how to swim.

"Uh...Mr. Link...I can't really..."

He was just about to admit his disability to swim, when he realized the troop was already half way up the path into the Zora River. Autumn stumbled into the group.

Link, meanwhile, was puzzling at the best route to the Zoras' Domain entrance. "Too many twists and turns," he mumbled. He looked to another stream. "Hmm...there's too many Octoks and Tektites..."

"How about that one over there?" suggested Puck, pointing to a small part with two Octoks standing guard and a medium-speed current.

Link squinted to the stream Puck was pointing to. After a few minutes of scanning the whole route, he nodded his approval. "We'll take that way," he decided.

Link dived into the current. He cocked his head to the right. "Follow me!" he commanded.

Puck and Barry nodded and jumped in at the same time. They began to trail Link as he swam, but Autumn stayed on land and ran after them. As long as they don't see me, I'm okay, he thought.

But his advantage to follow the route came to an end. The path ended in a small waterfall. Autumn whimpered in disappointment. Suddenly, a crow swooped down over him. Autumn screamed and flailed his arms to defend himself. His efforts scared away the crow, but it made Autumn loose balance and fall into the river.

"Agh!" he yelled, coughing and sputtering.

Link noticed the splashing, hollering Autumn and swam to his rescue. He kicked with all his might and grabbed hold of Autumn's arm. He tried swimming back to Puck and Barry, but Autumn's weight kept him from moving. Link's lips squirmed in frustration. He had to get Autumn to pump his legs and help get him moving. "Autumn! Please start pushing your legs! I need help getting you to the others!"

Autumn didn't budge.

Link felt his eyes start welling up with tears. No...he can't be's all my fault...I should have asked him if he could swim or not...Autumn never joined us when we went swimming...I should have known anyway.

He pressed his foot against the bottom of the river and began to move. His budge worked! Link swam with all his might, kicking until his legs and arm got sore, but he never stopped. I have to get to Zoras' Domain...for Autumn's sake...