Living Up to a Legend
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"Living Up to a Legend", prologue

Living Up to a Legend

By: Chris


Cries and screams were heard all throughout the village, frightened people were running in panic, some were running for their lives, some were helping their fellow man out, and even a few were welcoming the death.  A line was forming from the well, and people with buckets full of water scurried back and forth in an effort to stop it.  One man collapsed from exhaustion and heat, and watched the people frantically run back and forth, he knew their efforts were futile, and that they needed to flee this village and leave all their belongings behind, there was no hope for it.  All is lost, he thought, as he remembered all the priceless belongings he had in his home.  It wasn't the coming destruction of his home that bothered him, it was the priceless things, the paintings of his wife and children he had, his journal he kept full of his memories, the old love letters and poems he wrote to his wife, it was the little things like that, that were the most important.  He felt a few people step on him as they fled in panic, and he groaned at the pain.  I can't believe this is happening, he thought as tears starting forming from his eyes and falling to the ground, it took a lot to make him cry, but this was enough to do the trick, he then screamed in agony as a carriage full of people quickly ran over his legs and crushed them to dust, he then closed his eyes and gave up all hope and lost consciousness.

He wasn't even in the perimeter of the village yet he could feel the intense heat of the flames hit his face.  He came galloping on his horse as fast as possible, and quickly jumped off and begin aiding the people as best he could. As the people saw sight of him, they saw hope, they saw justice, they saw their champion and friend, it was their hero, and all would be well.

The man awoke from a strange tune he heard, for a minute he couldn't remember what had just happened, he then shivered as cold rain hit is face, he then realized where he was; in the middle of a once burning village.  His vision was a bit blurry, but as he slowly opened his eyes, and caught sight of a man dressed in green lifting rubble and wreckage off people, his hopes quickly began to rise.  Maybe our prayers were answered! he thought, as he recognized that it was none other than the Hero of Time saving their lives once again.

The rains were pouring harder as the storm was becoming stronger and more aggressive.  As most of the flames became extinguished, the thunder was booming and voices became faint, and hard to hear.  It was also pitch dark, as it was night time and there was no moon out.  Flashes of  lightning was his only source of light, he mostly had to rely on sound and touch to help anyone. The immediate danger was over, but damage buildings were still collapsing, and many people were still missing.  He worked quickly, his limbs were full of cuts and burns, and he was feeling a bit fatigued, but he didn't' stop, he would never stop, he carried some more villagers from the wreckage and placed them somewhere safe, he couldn't let anyone die.  As he was sprinting to the faint screams he just heard, he heard a man groan, and pleading not to let him die.  He looked down and saw a man with mutilated legs begging for help, he picked him up and carried him to safety.  The man was thankful that not only were his belongings safe, his life was too.

As hours passed, the people were taking count of one another and not one of them was missing.  "This truly is a miracle," said one man. 

"That boy's definitely a godsend," said one women, "a real miracle worker." 

"Dethacy!" said one man, "Goodness! What happened to your legs, are you alright?"

"Yes I'm fine, now," Dethacy said.  "Thanks to that young man there"

"But what about your legs?" the man said

"That's the least of my worry son," Dethacy said, "as long as my wife and children are safe, that's all that matters" materialism wasn't in his vocabulary.

"Speaking of which, where are they, are they alright?"

"Yes they're fine, my first priority was their safety, I led them to that shelter, there on that northern hill, do you see it?"

"Yes," said the man

"They are my entire world, if anything were to happen to them, I don't know what'd I do."

The rain was beginning to calm down, and the Hero made one last check of the village, and then ran over to the crowd.  As he approached them, the people started applauding, and cheering for their champion.  He had saved their lives once again.  "If he hadn't summoned that storm, all would have been lost" one women said.  Dethacy crawled over to the Hero, and gave him his heartfelt thanks

"you gave me a second chance' he said.  "Now my children won't have to grow up without a father, and my wife won't be a widow." 

The Hero then saw the man's condition and said, "If only I were to get here sooner, maybe your legs wouldn't have been..."

"Think nothing of it," he said with tears of joy in his eyes.

"I know a real good doctor in Hyrule Castle town." said the Hero.  "I'll get him to check you out, you know, make sure there isn't any infection or further complications"

"Thank you young man," said Dethacy with tears in his eyes

"My pleasure," said the Hero  "The best thing to do is try to get your life back to normal as soon as possi..."

His voice was then cut off, but a crackling and a huge flash, followed by a ear deafening noise.  The impact was so close, the ground begin to shake.  "Is everyone alright?!" He yelled.  He looked to see where the lightning hit, he saw that it struck the top of a nearby northern hill.  The Hero saw smoke rise into the sky, and realized it was from the debris of old shack.

Dethacy couldn't believe his eyes, but it was real, no matter how bad he hoped this were all a dream.  He saw his whole life go up in smoke with the house, his three children and his wife, all gone.  The Hero quickly ran up the hill and saw the remains of four bodies.  All that was left were charred bones.  The Hero slowly walked down the mountain with tears almost coming from his eyes.  The crowd hushed.  Dethacy knew the harsh truth at what just happened and at who's fault it was.  "Damn you!"  Dethacy whispered, he pulled a dagger out of his pocket and threw it at the Hero. "Damn you to hell! " The Hero caught the knife in mid-air, and tried to calm him down. 

"Sir please listen." the Hero said. 

"You son of a bitch, you did this, you killed my family!"  Dethacy said.  The Hero was perplexed at what he meant by it, but soon realized it was truth.  It was the storm he summoned that killed Dethacy's family.  The Hero was shocked beyond words, and was speechless.  He was at fault here for the death of this crippled man's family.  Dethacy broke down in tears.  The whole town loved Dethacy very much, as he was a good friend to all of them.  They began to sympathize with him, and soon as if some force was influencing them, they were agreeing with him. 

"He's to blame here."  a group of people said.  Soon the whole village was jeering their hero, and throwing rocks and sticks at him.  The Hero felt like a failure, and even more worse, a murderer.  For once he didn't know how to approach a situation.  He felt a pain and sadness in his heart, one that he felt would never go away.  He then mounted his horse, and quickly fled the scene, for he was no longer wanted there.

The next day Dethacy was lying on his bed in his now empty house.  His wounds were bandaged, and his lets were awaiting amputation.  He had much time to think, his mind and heart were full of rage, but his body could not move an inch on its own.  His hatred for the Hero was his new motivation, and that day, he made himself a promise, and came up with a decision regarding his new purpose in life.

The Hero was struck with a flood of different emotions, for once he didn't know what to feel or do.  He slowly walked toward the Hyrule Castle courtyard, where his Princess sat awaiting him.  She heard all about what happened the previous night, and knew what he must be going through.  The whole town hated him, he was now infamous, and the thought of that was enough to make her cry, he didn't deserve this.  All of this wasn't fair to him, it seemed so strange that his reputation could take such a dive in one night due to one mistake.  He didn't deserve any of this, and right then and there she promised herself that she would not let him be remembered through time as this, that he would be remembered as the great hero he was.  She could read him like a book, and when she saw the look on his face, her heart felt broken.  She quickly embraced him, they sat together and talked for hours.  It was at this time, he made a very important decision regarding his life.