Link's Shadow
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“Link’s Shadow”

Link’s Shadow

By: Tyler Mangino


In the land of Hyrule there is a large population. Among them, there are locals and the ones who travel in to town to trade and sight see. However, some have evil intentions like an evil figure sitting on a throne. He is the new leader of the Gerudo race. The light shining from the window hides this figure's face and characteristics, but he seems familiar and it's uncertain to say who he is. The evil intentions this elf has are enough to destroy Hyrule. There is only one elf that can thwart this evil figure's intention: a young elf that every body knows and recognizes in an instant. Everybody knows him as...Link.

"Urian. We have the Spiritual Stone of Fire like you asked," Nabooru said uneasily.

"Thank you Nabooru. I will remember you when I rule Hyrule and the rest of the world. Now I need the Emerald of the Forest. The only problem is that Link is there as well as a sage to protect it. Nabooru!" he yells excitedly. "Dispatch six soldiers to attack the forest," the new king orders.

"Yes sir," she says.

"Excellent. Once I get the Kokiri Emerald I'll steal the Ocarina of Time and open the gate of time. Then I will obtain the Triforce and rule the world!" Then the evil King puts out a laugh that makes everyone in the room shudder in fear.

Chapter One

Setting: Kokiri Forest

As the day becomes bright, people in the forest get busy right away. Mido keeps his strict control on everybody and makes sure they all work (as usual). The only one who doesn't work just trains day and night working to perfect his skill with his sword. However, nothing could prepare him for what was about to happen in the future. Now there is one problem Link will have to worry about now.

"Link...Link, help me!" As one Kokiri child approaches him with bloody gash across his chest.

"Kayel! What happened?" Link shouted.

"It was a Gerudo Link. They're coming here."

Link sat there and held Kayel as Kokiri gathered around the dying victim. Kayel's sister Alariell comes rushing to the scene curious as to what has happened.

"What the...oh my god. Kayel, what's happened? Link you have to do something to help Kayel. You need to save him. He's dying!" she yells and begins to break into tears and falls to her knees covering her eyes.

"I...I...I don't know what I can do Alariell. I don't have a potion or anything for that manner," Link says worried.

"Link. Don't worry about me. You need to stop the Gerudo from coming here. Alariell don't worry about me. I will always be with you. Now is my time to go and leave this world," Kayel says as tears enter his eyes.

"Don't worry Kayel. I will make whoever did this to you pay dearly for this," Link says, saddened by the loss of his friend.

"ALL RIGHT EVERYBODY. LISTEN UP! We're takin' this place over until we get what we want," a Gerudo says with a commanding voice. "I want the Spiritual Stone of the Forest now," she says.

Link then stands up with his newly acquired gilded sword and shield, and a flame in his eye. He grips his sword tightly and gets ready to charge the small force of warriors. The Kokiri there could see a flaming blue aura emanating from Link's body. Just then the mighty hero charges the females, sword in hand held high and ready to kill. Five female warriors got in front of the leader ready to guard her with their lives. Then one of the guards stepped up to the challenge first. Link cut her down as if she was nothing. Then the others learned from her mistake and the four of them attacked at the same time. Link fought valiantly and with great skill to the four females. And one by one, they dropped to Link's sword. When this was all over, about 30 seconds, Link sat there staring at the last female warrior with a sweat that he barely broke. They stood there staring at each other for five minutes, each not moving a muscle. When suddenly Link charged faster than lightning and they started fighting. For minutes blows were exchanged faster than the eye could follow but to know avail–the champion Gerudo lay headless on the floor.

"Sir the force has failed you."

"Just as I figured. Then I will have to go myself to get the stone. Nabooru, come here!" the king says.

"Yes sir."

"Nabooru. You are in charge while I'm gone. I will be back soon."

After the small fight that took place, Link started to bury the lifeless victim that was so tragically lost to this fight. During this a small funeral was given. In addition, as for the Gerudo they were just thrown out into the Lost Woods, as they would then never be seen again. After this, everyone went back to their daily lives. Moreover, Link sat there and comforted Alariell as she just kept crying for hours. "I miss him Link, I miss him," Alariell says.

"It's Ok, just let it all out," Link says. Then suddenly a dark figure in a cape and hood enters the forest. Link stands up. "Who the hell are you?" Link shouts at the strange figure.

"Me? You wanna know who I am? Why, I'm you Link," Urian says confidently.

"What did you say?" Link says, surprised at what this elf just said.

"That's right. I am you," Urian says.

Just then Urian pulls his hood down and eyes everywhere pop right open. He looked exactly like Link but he had an evil look. His eyes were solid black and so was his hair. On his back was a sword as big as the Master Sword and a shield similar to the Hylian shield except it was black. He wore a tunic similar to Link's except a dark gray.

"My name is Urian. I'm you twin brother. We were separated at birth because our parents saw the evil in me. Therefore, they decided to get rid of me. Now I'm back to take revenge. And trust me it won't be pretty when I get it," the evil king says in his usually evil voice. However, this was more sinister-like. The king got increasingly evil by the minute.

After that, he started to walk to the great Deku tree seed. Then suddenly Link dashed in front of him and put his hand in front of Urian. "Get out of my way you insolent bug." Urian then backhanded Link across the head. Link then went flying through the air, hit the ground, and slid seven feet from were he landed. Link stood up immediately after he stopped sliding across the ground, recovered, and pulled out his sword and shield and charged Urian with his sword held high. Urian dodged this move and tripped Link. He then gave Link an evil look. Then out of nowhere Link was engulfed in a large cylinder of energy. Link defiantly stood up trying to take the energy. He managed to escape the cylinder of doom that was cast upon him but with disastrous results. He had burns all over him. Link tried to keep his balance but he collapsed to his knees dropping his sword and shield.

"You coward. Fight me like an elf. Don't use any magic and give me a fair fight!" Link says as he sits on his hands and knees breathing heavily.

"A fair fight! Who do you think I am? Some noble elf that will fight you fair and square? I think not," Urian says.

Then out of nowhere Saria pops out of the sky and floats down next to Link. "Well if you won't fight fair then neither will we," Saria kneels down and heals Link of all his wounds. Link then stands up feeling like he could take on an army of Ganondorfs. "You see, I control the forest and if I find something that threatens the forest I have to stop it. But obviously I can't beat you in hand-to-hand so Link can do that. I will help stop you from using your power," Saria says. She then puts her hands in the air and suddenly a flash of light blinding everyone for a few seconds. "Link you don't have to worry anymore. He can't use his power," she says confidently.

Link then proceeded to pick up his sword and shield ready to fight. He then approaches Urian cautiously expecting all. Urian, with no choice, pulled out his black sword and shield. Within minutes, they engaged in combat. It was a battle the like of which those present had never before witnessed. It was as if the goddesses themselves made war. Sparks flew as blade clashed on blade. Both warriors fought in deadly silence. Again and again, Urian's blade was overturned by Link's shield. Repeatedly the evil king ducked the sweep of Link's gilded sword. They fought for an hour and it seemed that neither would have the mastery. Witnesses held their breath. It seemed impossible that anyone could survive in the middle of that storm of blades. Then Link slipped and Urian loomed over him, blade held high. It was the opening that Link had waited for. A quick thrust of sword found the king of evil's heart. The host of darkness let out a howl of anguish and fell to the floor dead.

Chapter Two

Setting: Kokiri Forest

"That was close," a Kokiri child commented.

"No kidding. But what do we do with the body? We can't just leave it here," Link said as he put his sword and shield in his sheath.

"That's easy. We put the body in the Lost Woods. Then we never have to see his butt-ugly face again," Saria says excitedly and with a slight giggle.

"Ha ha ha, very funny Saria. How about we throw you in the Lost Woods with him?" Link said with an incredible amount of sarcasm.

"How about no, Link. I swear that sometimes you get very annoying."

"Thank you Saria you're so kind. But, can we just do this and get rid of the body. I can't stand the sight of him anymore." Just then, Link started to lift the figure up and suddenly the dead figure started to vanish into thin air. "What the..." Link lifted one eyebrow up and gave a strange look. "Whatever. I'm going fishin'. I just finished my new rod and I'm desperate to try it out."

"Oh, oh! Can I come?" Saria says excitedly."

"Whatever. But try not to get in the way."


Link and Saria walked into the Lost Woods to Link's secret fishing hole that only Saria knows about. Link then cast out to the area usually with the biggest fish. "So do you come here a lot Link?"

"I guess I do. I come here a lot when I'm bored or want some time to myself."

"Oh I see. So then why am I here then?"

"Because I invited you."

"You invited me? I don't think so. I asked you if I could come."

"Well, whatever." Then suddenly Link got the biggest bite he has ever felt. "Holy crap. This sucker is huge. It'll feed me for a few weeks." Link fought and fought for ten minutes. Then the fish pulled the line so hard that it snapped. "Damn it. It got away." Link dropped his rod and dove into the water. He then dived underwater. Three minutes later, Link shot out of the water and the fish he had previously caught was in his hands. "I got it. I got the S.O.B. and now he's mine. I'm gonna kill it. And eat for dinner," Link shouted.

"That's incredible Link. I can't believe you caught that thing with your bare hands. Your going to give me some of that fish aren't you?"

"Of course Saria. Nevertheless, I need a new knife. My old one is two small for this," Link exclaimed as he dragged it out of the water. "Feel free to help me take it to my house."

"I guess I could, but what's in it for me?"

"Ah man. That's foul of you. I swear you're mean Saria."

"Oh and your not mean. So then tell me who was the one who made fun of me when I 'stuffed my face like a cow' at that feast, we had a mister big shot."

"Ok, just shut up. I will share with you my fish. There, will you help me?"

"Oh all right." They then proceeded to carry the fish to Links house.

"Ok, Saria just stay here and I'll go get a bigger knife."

"Where you going to?"

"The market."

"The market! Why the hell are you going there for? Just borrow from someone here."

"I guess I could but I don't want to. You see if I did then I would have to return it. However, if I had my own then I would not have to bother other people or go out of my way. All right, so then I'm going to the market. I'll be back in an hour and a half." Link left the room with Saria inside.

Link took about a 20-mile walk to that castle market. When he got there, it was the usual hustle and bustle that there usually is. He had no idea were to buy a knife so he went around to ask were to buy them, but he never realized how rude some of these people were. But he eventually found the place and purchased his knife. Link walked out very upset. He never imagined paying 80 rupees for a stupid knife. As he walked out, he noticed a commotion going on so he decided to check it out. When he got there, two men were fighting and beating the living crap out of each other. In addition, since it was in Link's usual nature to stop a fight, or anything for that matter, so that's what he did. He unfortunately did not have his sword or shield. All he had was the knife he purchased and a dagger he always keeps in his boot.

As he started to interrupt the men who were fighting, people tried to stop him because they wanted to see a good fight. But as the hero Link is, he pushed people out of the way with no trouble. When he reached the two men, they had beaten each other with sticks, pummeled the other with rocks, and punched each other with fist of furies. Link shoved each of them into separate areas of the circle. "You two need to stop fighting. Besides it not good for you."

"Listen you little imp get out of our way. I'm a little anxious and I feel like kicking someone's butt. And I don't care if it's you or his," the vexatious man screeched.

Then as Link was about to say something the other guy started to speak, "Shut up you stupid arthropod piece of crap. Oh that's right. You're too thick- headed to know what that means. You don't have the cranium capacity to be smart enough to understand, you shmuck."

"Ya come over here and say that."

"Ooh, good comeback. You're too smart for me. You know what? You can just go to hell. It's not worth fighting a dumbass like you." Then the person abruptly takes off. The other person that was eager to fight tried to pursue the person walking away. However, Link stopped him. The big guy that looked somewhat similar to an ox tried to beat up Link, but Link, being too fast, dodged every throw and tripped the man. He hit the ground so hard that you could feel the ground starting to shake. After this had taken place Link returned home. With his new knife, they were able to have the fish Link had caught.

Chapter Three

Setting: Gerudo valley

Inside the Gerudo fortress there is an empty room with only a mere coffin inside. Then all of a sudden a loud screaming occurred. Afterwards an elf broke through the coffin. It was Urian, and he was back and 100% alive.

After this Urian stormed out of the room pissed like hell. "That's it. I'm gonna kill that little maggot. He's history. But first it's time to unleash hell." After he stormed out the door Urian walked into a room. It was his spell room. He walked over to a table and picked up a book. This book will open the portal to the Chaos Dimension. He proceeded to walk to the main room were his throne is. "I want everyone in this room to leave now!" He opened the book and began to chant something, waving his arm around. After fifteen minutes the room became illuminated and a bright white ball of energy appeared in front of him. It eventually got bigger and bigger until it was the size of a door. Then there was a sudden flash of light and that ball of energy had turned into a swirling vortex.

"Come warriors. Come warriors of evil. Come here to destroy this world and I be your leader." Just then, five warriors came pouring out every second. They were huge creatures maybe a foot taller than normal elves. They wore evil black armor that covered every part of their bodies. They wielded large mighty swords and axes. Then, just as they stopped coming, more warriors came through. However, these weren't the usual warriors that were coming out. These were evil beasts. They were rams that stood on their hind legs and had a dark complexion. They held assorted weapons. Some had shields and others had a small plate of armor on their chest.. When this was done, somewhere around three hundred warriors and maybe two hundred or so beastmen came through.

Then as this was done, the portal did not close. A large figure began to walk through. As he walked through even Urian could feel the evil powers that this creature held. He was a tall red creature. He stood fifteen feet tall and had black wings that had a wingspan of thirty feet. He had arms the size of tree trunks. In one arm was a whip and in the other hand was a mighty axe. He was the size of two elves, about eight feet tall. He had a built masculine body. He wore a black suit of armor blacker than midnight. He had a face that only a mother could love (maybe). He had horns, and the face of an ogre. This was the champion of the great god Carydreis.

Urian approached the mighty warrior with caution. "Excuse me but who are you?"

The great figure turned to face Urian. He then kneeled down and bowed his head. "We are you the army you asked for at your service," the big grunt said in a deep tone. Little did Urian know but this creature was the biggest blockhead in all of Hyrule now.

"Well good," he thought for a moment. Then he realized that the room was completely crowded full of monsters and warriors. "All right everybody, listen up. Everybody head outside. I know our first target. We're going to attack a country just west of here. Then we can get everything together and destroy this place."

After a few days, everybody gets word that the country Aver was conquered by an unknown force. When Link got word of this, he started to worry that Hyrule may be next. Afterwards Link got his sword and shield and headed for the castle. When he got there, he realized that the security was tightened up. But Link didn't have to worry because he was known through the castle so he just introduced himself to the guard. The guard led him to the king and was introduced into the meeting. "We need to increase the western wall defense sir," as one of the kings advisers was talking to the king.

"Yes I know that. However, can we afford to weaken other border defenses? Kliestes is a country we can't afford to keep a low defense on," the king says in a defiant tone to what an adviser was saying.

"Then what do you suggest we do sir?" an adviser says starting to stand up.

"Look, it's simple. We take castle and town guards from the market, Kakariko village, Morain village, and from lake Hylia. That would give us fifty more men to add to the defense. Plus don't forget about the Barracks at the Death Mountain site. There are 100 men there, you know," the king says as he points to the map. "That would put almost 300 men on the west border."

"But sir. The men in the barracks are totally inexperienced."

"Well they won't get the experience they need by sitting in the barracks, will they?"

"I guess not sir," the adviser says feeling like a sack of manure.

"Lord. I'm here to introduce Link, sir," the guard announced.

"Hu.wa.ah Link. Welcome to this meeting."

"Thank you sir." Link walked up to the table and asked the King what was happening.

The King replied, "Well what we've got here is a pretty bad situation. The country to the west has been totally conquered. There military was pretty weak, but they should have been able to hold longer than they did. But that ain't the biggest problem right now. The main problem stands on how they defend the country. The one to the east is a warfaring country and we don't know how to deal with that. We aren't to sure if we should pull men from that border to strengthen the western line. Right now we're pretty sure that the force that took over Aver will head to us next." The King paused for a second. "That's it. Kliestis is a war faring country right. So then we just ally up with them and get them to help us. But I'm also worried about the leader of that strange force. I think that this force has to do with the leader of the Gerudos. A person named Urian," the king said with the adrenaline flow due to his nervousness.

"Urian...Urian.... I've heard that name before," Link thought as hard as he could to remember were he heard it from. Then all of a sudden it hit him like a rock. "Holy shi...." Link covered his mouth. "But that's impossible. I killed him yesterday. Are you sure?"

Then the King replied, "Yes we've have sources that have proved it."

Link then decided that this guy was going to be a problem. He thought about it and that there would be no choice. He decided that he would need the Master Sword. But he wondered how we would get it. He could get the Kokiri's emerald easy but what about the others. The other stones could be a mission each on its own to receive. He thought about last time how hard it was to get the stones. Especially the spiritual stone of water. Besides, there may not be enough time to get the other stones to open the gate of time any ways. "Umm excuse me sir, I want to get the spiritual stones of fire and of water so that I can get the Master Sword and help."

The King thought for a moment. "Why would you want to do that Link? If you need it open then you should just tell me. I know a secret on how to open."

Link thought, this is perfect. I don't have to go through all of that now. He can just open it. This is perfect. "Excuse me, but how are you going to do that?"

Then the King replied, "That is my little secret Link."

Link stood there in front of the Altar of Time. The king and some servants were with him, and of course Zelda was there to see him off, too. "Ok, Link. This is the best magician I have. He isn't exactly a magician, but he has special abilities like no other. He is also my most trusted adviser. If it weren't for him, I would be dead or Morain may not exist today." Morian village was just recently built.

The man picked up the Ocarina of Time and started to play. Link could not tell what he was playing but it sounded like the Song of Time. After about two minutes the Triforce crest that sat above the Door of Time began to glow and the door opened. After that Link, but not before Zelda hugged him, kissed him on the cheek, and wished him good luck, began to approach the Master Sword. He was wondering why everyone was acting like he was going away. Link was very apprehensive now. He could feel his heart pounding and his adrenaline flowing. He wasn't sure why but he remembered the last time he felt this way because he forgot about something. But Link racked his brain trying to think what it was he was forgetting. Then he put his hand on the sword and pulled it out. Then it hit him like a brick. The only thing Link failed to realize was that he was 16 years old. A year short of being the "Hero of Time." When he finally realized that, it was too late. A year had already gone by.

Link looked around the Temple was a mess. It wasn't destroyed due to the magical force of the Triforce. It made the stone harder than diamond. Link walked outside of the Temple and the entire Market was burned to the ground. Link saw the castle and it was almost demolished. He thought that there might be survivors so he checked it out. When he got there Link saw a single guard hiding. He was hidden in some rocks and was shaking nervously. Link approached slowly but the guy got up and ran towards the castle. Link chased after him and eventually caught up to tackle him.

"Calm down I'm not going to hurt you."

"Let me go, I have to warn them. Please don't kill me." The guy lay there on the floor struggling to get free and going crazy.

Link kept restraining him. "Warn who?" Link was wondering.

"The others. I have to warn the others." This guy was hysterical. Link had to think fast. If not then this guy might croak and keel over. Link thought hard and only one solution came to mind.

"Ok, calm down. Just listen to me. You need to calm down. I'm not going to hurt you."

The guy realized this and started to calm down. Link asked him what was going on and the began to explain, "It was maybe a year ago. I...I think. But we were attacked. Vast, merciless, and darker than midnight was that army, and the mere sight of it struck fear into the hearts of the bravest of us. Above the black-clad regiments whipped the banners of there blood-god, decorated with twisting runes which seemed to writhe as if alive. Cold steel glittered amongst their ranks, and they were led by their champions whose weapons screamed for blood.

"They marched towards us in full armor without tiring, without slowing. They beat great drums that made the planet shake as they marched. Arrows we fired at them and did not deter them. We prepared a shield wall and they smashed it aside as if the soldiers inside it were small children. The cavalry that charged them was crushed like bugs. No swordmaster could best even one of them in combat. They shrugged off wounds that would have slain any mortal in an eyeblink. The skulls of our comrades they carried in their belts. I still remember their warcry 'blood for the blood god! Skulls for the throne of Carydreis!' Even as they died they still chanted, drowning out the screams of the dying and the blaring of our horns. 'Blood for the blood god!'

"And at the end of the day only I survived, buried under a mound of headless corpses. We didn't stand a chance. We outnumbered them three to one. It was a mix between the Kliesten empire, Hyrule and what was left of Aver. We didn't kill many of their men but they slaughtered us." What this man had said frightened Link. After the conversation the guard took what was left of the castle. There inside that castle Link was guided through the damaged or destroyed corridors until they reached a door. The guard knocked strangely, like there was a code to knock by.

After a minute or so a slit in the door opened and there were eyes staring at us. Then the slit closed and you could then hear locks being unlocked and the door flew open. Link and the guard were let into the room. When Link looked inside there were two familiar faces. One was Impa and the other was Zelda. Link was so happy that she survived after what he heard from the guard.

"Queen Zelda, a young man is hear to see you," the soldier said, and then excused himself.

"Thank you Jatin." Zelda turned around and saw Link and stared at him for a bit. "Oh my gosh. Link your finally here. I'm so happy!" Zelda exclaimed.

Link was totally confused. "Wait, wait, wait. First of all, you knew I was coming here?" Link wondered.

"Of course, Link. We all knew you would be gone for a year after you pulled out the Master Sword. Didn't you know that?"

Link stood there pondering what she had said and thought of something. "Noooooo," Link said sarcastically. "Why did you deny me this very important need-to-know information?" Link said, curious to know the answer.

"Gee Link, I thought you knew that." Link stood there very upset. "Well, I'm not going to worry about that. I also want to know is when they started to call you Queen Zelda?"

Zelda turned around with her back facing Link and her head down. "Because, Link, I'm the ruler of Hyrule now."

"But that would mean..."

Then Zelda interrupted, "Yes my father died." Zelda turned around with tears in her eyes. She was trying to hold it in.

Link approached Zelda and placed his hand over her. "I'm sorry Zelda. I didn't know."

"It's ok, Link. You would have found out sooner or later. I guess I should tell you what happened while you were gone. After you pulled the sword out we had hoped the best for you and that we could hold out long enough. Around three days after you were sealed in the Sacred Realm, that unknown force attacked Hyrule. We managed to get allies by then. We got what was left of Aver, and amazingly the country of Kliestes to help in the fight. We managed to convince them to help us. It was amazing. We outnumbered them three to one. But they still managed to beat us to the floor. They lost maybe forty people, give or take a few. But us, we lost we lost I think 1800 soldiers. It was a massacre. After that they split up the force. Everything, all the towns were burned to the ground..."