Link and Ronins to Arms
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"Link and Ronins to Arms", Chapters 1 to 3

Link and Ronins to Arms

By: Spirit of Halo

Chapter One: A Reason to Fight

"Revive me, revive me and you shall have life eternal."

"Who are you?"

The voice laughed and manifested itself. A gruesome, smiling red mask with a black helmet and two large horns sticking from the back of it. White stringy hair came from behind the mask. "You shall know soon enough."

"But I have both already, why should I aid you?"

"If you are immortal, then why are you here, in this realm?" The voice asked.

"Grrrr, because my enemies temporarily killed me, but my servants will revive me soon so that I may take my revenge!"

The mask gave an evil laugh. "So, you want revenge as I do, very good! Hwahwahwa!!! I am pleased! We can help each other."

"Hmmm, keep talking."

"If you revive me and assist me in reclaiming what is mine, I shall assist you in getting what you want."

"And just what do you want?"

"My dynasty back!!"

"Hello there little spider." Dais said with a smile watching a spider spin a web in his and Kayura's room. "Gonna catch yourself lunch huh?" The spider looked at him in response.

"Must you encourage them, Dais?" Kayura said sitting on a chair, looking up from a scroll she was reading. Dais and Kayura had married shortly after Talpa was killed two short years ago. They were quite happy but, Kayura wanted a child and they had yet to produce one.

Dais smiled. "Maybe." Kayura rolled her eyes. Dais walked over to the balcony that hung out from Talpa's former castle. He took in a deep breath and sighed happily The Dynasty had finally been healed after countless centuries under Talpa's control. The Warlords, now freed from their former master's grip, had become kind once more and rebuilt the Dynasty to its once former beauty before Talpa. Something caught Dais's attention and he squinted into the distance. "What the gods is that?" He wondered aloud.

"What is it Hon?" Kayura said walking over to her husband. Dais pointed out into the distance. In the corner of the room, Kaos's magical staff's rings started clanging fast and loud. The two whipped around, looking in worry at the staff. There was a knock at the door.

"Come." Dais instructed.

"Dais! Kayura!" We are under attack!" Cale said already armored up with his sword drawn. Dais and Kayura armored up.

"Armor of Cruelty!"

"Armor of Illusion!"

"Is it Talpa?" Dais asked after he was done.

Cale shook his head "Don't think so, Talpa never had walking and talking dogs and skeletons."

"Come again?" Kayura asked cocking an eyebrow behind her facemask.

"You heard me, talking dogs and skeletons. Now come on, Sekhmet is down there fighting them already he can't hold out much longer!" Cale said, then transporting himself back to Sekhmet's side in the fight.

Sekhmet sliced through another Moblin. "These things just keep coming! Its never ending!" A skeleton came flying past his head and he turned around and saw Dais, Kayura and Cale fighting off these strange creatures. "Its about time you guys got here!" Sekhmet said finishing off another enemy with a slice through it's head.

"Black Lightning Slash! What's the matter Sekhmet? Can't handle it?" Cale's sure kill shot black lightning into the enemies surrounding him. "These guys are way too easy!"

"Quake With Fear! Yeah what's the deal? Getting weak in your old age Snakey?" Dais sliced through the enemies that were caught up in Kayura's chains.

"Hey I may be over four hundred, but so are you!!" Sekhmet whined. "Snake Bite Strike!" Sekhmet grew four extra hands and gabbed his extra swords and started slicing madly in every direction, chopping everything in his path into mincemeat. "And don't me Snakey!!"

"We can't keep this up for much longer!" Dais said after five short minutes of fighting the unending army. "If we want to keep on living, we have to leave the nether realm!" Just then a loud clank came to their ears, then another, and another, and another.

"What in the gods' name is that sound?" Cale asked nervously. All the monsters started to part and within a few seconds they saw what was making the racket to be heard above the battle.

Hundreds of white and black armors came stalking steadily toward them. They had huge double sided axes. "Those aren't Dynasty soldiers!!" Sekhmet said about ready to pee his armor.

Indeed they were not. They were the most deadly and ferocious weapon in this army. The Ironknuckles. "Umm, I agree with Dais." Sekhmet said.

"But where?" Cale asked.

"The only place we can go." Kayura said, her gaze not parting from the moving masses of shinning armor.

Knock, knock knock!!

Ryo awoke and sleepily looked at the clock by his bed. 3:18 A.M. "Who the hell could that be?!" He mumbled angrily.

"Ryo," Mia asked, waking up beside him. "What's wrong?"

"Someone is at the door." He said, walking out of the room and down to the front door of Mia Koji's mansion. When he opened the door, he was quite speechless when he saw who it was.

"Hello, Wildfire," Kayura greeted in full yori, with the staff of ancients in her hand. "May we come in?"

"So-o-o," A teenager in orange boxers started. "The Dynasty's under attack and it wasn't Talpa?"

"That's what they said, Kento." Another answered with blonde hair that swept over his right eye.

"No-one asked you, Seiji." Kento gave Seiji a hard look, but he ignored it.

"Who could it have been then?" A man with an English accent asked, sitting on a chair. No-one could answer so they sat in silence for a moment.

"Perhaps my friend here could be of some assistance." They looked over at the voice to see two glowing spirits. One had red-brown hair and catlike greenish blue eyes while the other had blonde hair, blue eyes and pointed ears.

"Anubis!?" The group said amazed.

"Yes, it is I."

"Who's your friend?" Mia asked tilting her head.

"My name is Perrin Mandorag and I'm from the Kingdom of Hyrule." All looked dumbfounded at the boy-spirit.

"High-rule?" Kento muttered out.

"Yes, and the army that your friends faced was that of Ganondorf Dragmire's, The King of the Gerudos, a desert dwelling people, or just Ganon for short." The Hyrulian explained. "In the land that I hail from we have a magical item known as the Triforce that grants the wish of any one who touches it, it was created when our three goddesses left after creating Hyrule."

"And this Ganon guy, he has it?" Rowen asked.

"Uuhh, yes and no, for you see the, Triforce is divided into three different pieces, Power, Courage, and Wisdom. The person who touches it receives the force they most believe in and the remaining pieces go off and inbed themselves into the ones destined to be holders of them, and Ganon got Power. He used his wish and turned my country into a living nightmare for seven long years."

"So," Dais asked enthralled. "who received the other two pieces?"

"I was coming to that." Perrin said annoyed. "Luckily for Hyrule we have two very special citizens, Zelda the Princess of Destiny who received Wisdom and Link the Hero of Time who received Courage. Link fought Ganon in a pig-like form after Power corrupted him. Zelda, along with the six other Sages of Destiny sealed him in the Sacred Realm where the Triforce once was."

"Okay then," Ryo asked. "I've two questions for you. One: what, if any, relation are you to Zelda and Link, and two: how did he get out?"

"The first question is easy," Perrin said. "I am-was Link's apprentice until I fell into one of Ganon's traps last time he escaped from his prison and snapped my neck."

"You mean that he has escaped before?" Cye asked in disbelief.

"Numerous times, we just can't seem to keep him in. That leads me into the second question. His minions revive him and free him whenever they gather up enough power. He is a scourge upon Hyrule."

"And now on the Dynasty." Ryo yawned.

"No, not really, he just helped Talpa get back into control. And Talpa is going to help him take back Hyrule." Perrin's spirit said with a shudder.

"Well, part one is completed." Seiji said with a frown.

"And part two is about to begin." Seiji's best friend Rowen said.

"Yes, and even though the Dynasty is lost to us," Anubis said, his voice echoing. "Hyrule still is in peace."

"And if I know Talpa, and I think I do," Ryo said, "it won't be like that for much longer."

"So, now what?" Dais asked.

"Perrin and I are going to Hyrule now to warn Zelda and Link of this danger, I shall return to you when the time comes." Anubis said as he and Perrin faded from the room.

"Well, that was interesting." Kento said. "Now that we're up, who's hungry?"



"Hey you," Link said with a big smile, standing in the doorway, looking at his wife, Zelda with only her white night shirt on.

Zelda looked up startled, then when she realized it was her husband, she smiled back, got up and walked over to him. "Hey yourself." She said before kissing him.

"Missed you." Link had been settling a dispute in Zoras domain for the past three days.

"Same here, so did you get everything under control there now?" Zelda kissed him once more.

Link gave a wry smile. "Of course, was there any doubt?" Zelda giggled.

"You really want an answer?"

Link was about to answer with a smart remark of his own when his daughter came bounding into the room. "Daddy! You're home!"

"Cheyan!" Link's four year old daughter leaped up into her father's arms and laughed when he tickled her stomach.

"Daddy, stop it! That tickles!" Her blue eyes sparkled with laughter and her blonde pigtails hung over her slender shoulders.

"You've gotten bigger, I think." Link set Cheyan down, smiling.

"Ya think so?" She looked up at her father with wide, hopeful eyes.

"Yep, now scoot off to bed, me and your mother have to talk." Link smiled over at Zelda and she grinned back.

"Okay!" The four year old skipped from her parent's room, humming. Her pigtails bouncing along with her skips.

"Heh heh, she takes after you, you know." Zelda said placing her hands on Link's chest.

Smiling, he kissed her again. "Yeah, just wait a few more years then the real fun will begin."

Pulling away from Link's arms, Zelda said. "We can have some fun right now ya know..."

Link laughed. "Really?" He asked, feigning ignorance. "What kind of fun?" Zelda sat on the bed and wriggled her finger at Link. "Why not come over here and find out?"

Link dropped his hat to the floor and undid his belt as he walked over to his beautiful wife. He leaned down and passionately kissed her.

"Ahem!" The two looked up to see none other than the spirit of Perrin looking at them with a huge grin on his face.

Link groaned in aggravation as he sat up on the bed. "You know Perrin, it would be great if I could say that I was happy to see you again, but do ya think you could have picked a better time?"

Perrin's face grew deathly serious. "No, I could not, there is something you both need to know."

"What's wrong Perrin?" Zelda said, drawing the sheets up to her chest.

Perrin started to explain the situation, but was interrupted. "Perrin my friend, let me tell them." An echoing voice from behind him said.


Another spirit stepped forward. His long red-brown hair flowed down to the middle of his back with strands coming down infront of his ears, making his cat-like bluegreen eyes stand out even more and he wore a blue robe with puffed out white sleeves. "Hello, my name is Anubis and I have come to warn you of a great danger coming upon this land."

"Don't tell me its Ganon again!" Link sighed.

"Yes, it is, but I am afraid that he now has a friend of sorts,

"Along time ago, in feudal Japan, an evil man named Talpa came across an armor with mystical powers. My mentor, Kaos fought him and sent him to the nether realm, but his soulless armor remained, so he split it into nine separate armors.

"Six hundred years later, I and three other men were corrupted by his promises of power, wealth, and immortality and we became the Dark Warlords, serving him loyally. I was their leader, the Dark Warlord of Cruelty.

"Four hundred years past, until Talpa and his army invaded the mortal realm. But, five teen-aged boys with the remaining armors fought against us. I was captured by them and showed the errors of my ways by Kaos himself. I joined with them against Talpa and the remaining Warlords. To make a long story short, the Warlords realized that Talpa cared nothing for them, only their armors to take over the mortal realm and assisted the Ronins in destroying him."

"Wow!" Zelda said in the bed. "That's some story, but what happened to you? You are dead are you not?"


Anubis laughed. "Zelda, you bring a breath of fresh air to this spirit! Yes, I am indeed dead. I sacrificed myself to save one of Talpa's most powerful servants, Lady Kayura from his wicked control."

"Quite a noble sacrifice," Link complimented.

"Thank you Hero of Time." Then Perrin cut in.

"This is why I came Link! Ganon has already assisted Talpa in taking back his Dynasty and Talpa is assisting Ganon in taking Hyrule!"

Link rolled his eyes. "Gee, what a surprise."

"With all due respect, Link. Ganon has Talpa in his corner now, and both of their armies are combined." Warned Anubis.

"Anubis, if this Talpa has joined with Ganon, what can we do? After all we are only two people." Zelda questioned the former Warlord.

"You are but two pieces of the puzzle, behold!" Anubis waved his hand and images of nine people appeared infront of them. "These are nine more pieces, they are ready and only need to be brought to your world."

"Well great! Send'em here right away!"

Zelda placed a hand on Link's arm. "Don't you think we should wait until tomorrow?" She winked and continued. "Besides, I'm sure that a certain couple that would just love to help us."

"Hmmm, good point." Link said thoughtfully. He looked up at Perrin and Anubis. "You two think you can come back tomorrow?"

"Sure Link," Perrin said his voice serious. "I hope they come, we're going to need all the help we can get." After all agreed to Perrin's statement, the spirits disappeared.

When they were alone again, Link started where he left off. After they shared a long and passionate kiss, Zelda asked, "Link, do you think that we can get through this? I mean, sure, we've gotten rid of Ganon before and it wasn't all that easy. Now that Talpa with who knows what kind of army is helping him! I just don't know if we can do it."

Link placed a trail of kisses up Zelda's cheek to her extra sensitive long pointed ears. "Zel, let's not worry about that now, okay?" Gasping lustfully from Link's skillful kissing, Zelda agreed. They spent a very enjoyable night together.

Chapter Two: Travel

Link and Zelda were rather rudely awakened by Cheyan leaping into the bed in-between them as the sun came over the horizon. "Mommy! Daddy!" Cheyan giggled bouncing up and down on the bed.

"Hi sweety." Zelda said with a smile, brushing away a blonde locke from the young Hyrulian's face. "What are you doing up so early today?"

Cheyan shrugged. "Cause I wanna ask Daddy if we can go see 'Pona and Malon today at the ranch." Link shook his head.

"Sorry hon, not today."

Cheyan pouted. "Okay."

Link smiled. "But, how would you like to go see visit Uncle Sage and Aunt Emily?"

"Really?!" Cheyan said, her eyes lighting up.

"Sure! Now go down and start eating you're breakfast, we'll be down soon."

"Okay!" Cheyan said jumping off the bed and running out of the room. Zelda sighed.

"Too bad it won't be just a friendly visit." Link peeled his view from the door way to see his wife looking down and wringing the sheet nervously. He leaned over and gave her a reassuring kiss on the cheek.

"Don't worry Zel, I'm sure that with their help, we're going to do just fine." Zelda was still looking down when she nodded. "Now, C'mon." Link said getting from the bed. "I'm sure Cheyan is there by now, so if we don't want her bouncing off the walls, we better get down there too."

"Ung!" An ax split the chunk of wood in two. Sage McIntire, a Scotsman with short brown hair, hazel eyes and a goatee stood up straight and wiped the sweat from his brow. Four years ago, he happened to stumble upon a portal to Hyrule during a battle with the nearby clan, MacInnes. There he met Link and Zelda, and just moments after they introduced themselves, Ganon attacked the castle. Two nights after that, Ganon kidnapped him after meeting his future wife Emily and infected him with a shadow creature, and he easily defeated it. He then left the protection of the castle to seek revenge upon Ganon and as he was about to battle three ironknuckles, he was saved by Zelda, Link, Emily, and Perrin. After Perrin had died in a fall, the four remaining heroes battled and killed Ganon, or so they thought.

"Da', I'm bored, ye gaun be done soon?" A four year old with wide emerald eyes which he got from his mother, short brown hair from Sage and long, but rounded ears, the result of human and Hyrulian heritage, complained.

Sage laughed. "Well Connor, ye could always help ye ken!" Connor held up three fingers.

"But Da' I'm only four! I canna lift that ax!"

Sage continued playing this little game. "Oh come noo lad, I'm sure ye could!" He said laughing.

"Sage! Connor!" Emily, with long black hair, wide emerald eyes and a slim figure called from a window from their cottage, "Lunch is done, come on inside! We have some visitors as well!"
<Hmmm, visitors, wonderwho?> Propping up the ax on the stump, he called back. "Okay lass, comin'! Who is it?"

Emily laughed slyly, "You'll just have to come and find out!" Sage looked over at his son.

"Wit is yer mither up tae noo? Huh? where'd ye gae?"

"C'mon Da' hurry!" Connor said running to the house, nearly jumping with excitement just to see who came to visit. "I canna reach the door knob ye ken!"

"All right, all right, keep yer kilt oan lad!" Sage said opening the wooden door. When Sage saw who it was, his eyes lit up. "Link! Zelda! 'tis great tae see ye two again!" Sage and Link shook hands then Sage bowed and kissed Zelda on the hand.

"Uncle Sage!"

"Chey!" Sage picked up the girl and tossed her up in the air. "How ye daen' little lass?"

"Fine, um Uncle Sage, can I go play outside with Connor?"

"Aye Da', can she?" Putting Cheyan down, Sage said.

"I dinnae see why nae. Link?" He questioned.
Ruffling Connor's hair Link laughed "Sure! Us grown-ups need to have a talk anyway." Sage then noticed the false merriment and forced smiles coming from the rulers of Hyrule. <Something is up, an' it ain'tguid.> He thought, his eyes narrowed abit.

"Yeah! C'mon Cheyan!" The two children ran out.

"And don't slam the-"


"door." Emily finished with a sigh.

"Connor is getting big, Sage." Zelda complemented.

"Aye, and Cheyan is as beautiful as you." Sage replied but then grew serious looking back at them. "This isnae just a friendly visit is it?"

Link went over to Zelda and sat down at the table, holding her hand, both wore faces of worry. "Link, Zelda? What's wrong?" Emily asked worriedly.

"I-its Ganon, he back." Zelda said, looking down at the table. A wave of cold terror ran through the bodies of Sage and Emily as memories of the hell that Ganon put them through when Sage first came to Hyrule.

Emily sat down in disbelief, "But, I thought we finally got rid of him four years ago when Sage and I helped you two!"

"It was only temporary, Em." Link explained. "As long as Ganon holds Power, then he is essentially immortal. You should know that. And now he has a companion of sorts who's power is even greater then his!"

Emily shuddered and whispered. "By Nayru's love how!"

"Link," Sage began, "How dae ye ken this?"

"Because," The images of Perrin and Anubis appeared in the room with a flash of golden light. "we told them." Perrin said simply with a smile.

Sage's and Emily's jaws dropped. "Perrin?!"

Perrin chuckled "Its too hard to explain, but they are right, and my friend here will explain everything." He waved his hand to Anubis.

"Hello," Anubis' voice echoed. "Friends, I bring news most dire." He then went onto explain about his life with Talpa and about the Ronins and the deal with Ganon. After a few moments of silent disbelief from Sage and Emily, Link spoke up.

"This is why we came, we need your help, Hyrule needs your help."

"Well of course we will Link! After all if it wasn't for Sage helping the last time, there wouldn't be a Hyrule to save now." Emily said for the both of them.

"An'," Sage added with a smirk, "I bet a few of me clansmen will love tae help as well." After he laughed lightly for a moment, Sage continued. "The stories that Em told them about Hyrule, I'm sure they'd jump at the chance, since the fighting 'round here has ceased, it has left'em itchin' for a fight. This will be a great way fer them tae let off alittle steam."

"All right, but please make haste, Talpa's and Ganon's powers grow stronger with each passing moment." Anubis said, strangely calm for his statement.

"We'll stay here until you get back Sage." Perrin continued. "Then we'll return to Hyrule and with the help of the Sages, we can bring the Ronins and Warlords to the kingdom." Sage nodded and gave Emily a quick kiss on the cheek and walked out the door. The remaining persons and spirits heard him shouting. "McIntire tae arms!" as he made his way to the village square.

Out in the back yard, the two four year old children were playing. "Cheyan, how come ye look sae sad?"

Cheyan looked down at the ground and twirled a locke of blonde hair around her finger nervously. "Mommy and Daddy said that the evil King Ganon is coming back to Hyrule soon and that we have to bring some people from another place to help us." She explained softly. A child that age shouldn't worry of such things, but those are the signs of the time she guessed.

"Is that why ye came tae visit us today?" Connor guessed.

"Yeah, Daddy said that your mom and dad will help us." It was almost a question for Connor.

"Well o' course they will!" Connor exclaimed picking up a stick and swinging it around like a sword. "An' sae will I!" Cheyan just had to giggle at the young boy's 'swordsmanship'. Zelda and Emily were watching them through the window.

"Well," Zelda began with a smile, "Connor certainly seems to have taken the news well. Heh heh, reminds me of his father you know." She looked over at Emily through the corner of her eye to see a look of concern.

"That's what I'm afraid of, you know how Sage gets when he is getting into a fight, I don't want Connor to pick up that nasty little habit and have him bite off more than he can chew." Emily sighed and shook her head. "But its probably too late for me to worry about that, Sage has already taught him the basics of swordplay, there is no stopping it now."

Zelda put her hand on Emily's shoulder "You should be happy though, Connor will make a fine Knight of Hyrule." She said jokingly. Emily smiled but didn't find it funny.

Chapter Three: Gathered

There was a large crowd of McIntires infront of Sage's wooden house after about two hours. Banter and laughter was prominent, for they knew that this may be the last time many of them could show laughter for a while, maybe ever again. All were armed and kilted ready for anything that faced them in the days ahead. "Link, nearly all o' me clan that could help from our small village have come, we number nearly two hundred!" Sage boasted proudly. "All ready tae assist in the defense o' yer homeland."

Link slapped his hand on Sage's shoulder. "Thank you Sage, they look like a fine fighting force."

"Aye the best in Scotland!" Angus shouted from the front of the gathered mass.

"Angus!" Link shouted as Sage's younger brother rushed up to his brother's side. "Great to see you again!" He said shaking Angus' hand heartily.

"As ye, Link." Angus turned to his brother. "We're ready." He said solemnly.

"All right let's get gaen!"

"Wait a moment Sage," Link said putting a hand on Sage's shoulder, "I would like to have a word with them before we leave." Sage nodded and stepped aside. Link stepped forward, and the men's laughter and talk faded and eventually stopped as they realized that one of the two rulers of Hyrule was going to speak to them.

"Brave McIntire! Today you will go forth into a new place. One that you have heard about from mine and your dear friends Sage and Emily. And though you have no ties to my kingdom, you are willing to sacrifice all so that it may be free! But, I say to thee, you are not just fighting for Hyrule! You are fighting for your land as well! For if this evil were to escape to here then all is lost!" Murmurs of worry started to arise from the crowd. Sage quieted them down and turned to Link to continue. "I say to thee, brave men of the Clan McIntire, you fight for the lives of your wives, children, family and land! If we fail in this task then all will be lost and both of our worlds will be consumed in darkness by this evil." There was an eerie silence as Sage finished Link's speech.

"Brother Link is right! We must fight an' ne fail! We will once again bring honor tae the name McIntire!" After Sage spoke, the men raised their blades and bows into the air and took up cheers of "For Hyrule!" and "For McIntire!"

"You two speak well!" Anubis' calm echoing came from behind the two men. "But, the time is now, we must leave." Anubis threw up his arms and opened a red swirling gateway to Hyrule. The men said their good-byes to their families promising a swift and victorious return. Then one after another, started walking through the gateway.

After all of the fighters went through, Sage took one last look at the land around him. Then, taking a family member in each one of his hands, walked through the portal with Link's family right behind them. Before disappearing Anubis went tense and looked around toward the surrounding wooded area. "What is it Anubis?" Perrin asked.

Anubis' face brightened. "It is nothing, come we must depart." With a nod from Perrin, both disappeared back to Hyrule.

Over in the growth, an armored spirit of evil watched the scene unfold. It's dull green armor had an oriental look to it. "I must warn Master Talpa of this." It said, disappearing.

A moment later, it was infront of the reincarnated Talpa and Ganon, who were sitting across a table with a large map, probably of Hyrule. "Master Talpa, the human that Ganon warned us of is returning to Hyrule with at least two hundred armed men!"

Ganon stood in a rage. "What! Blast, tell me, did the men appear to wear a garment that looked like a dress?"

"What difference does that make?" Talpa asked, his black armor sucking the light that the torches in the throne room gave off.

"The one who that helped kill me wore one such as that, what did he call it...ah, yes a 'kilt.'" The word came out foreign to the King of Evil. He turned his attention back to the youja. "Well, did they?" He commanded in a harsh tone. After the soldier nodded silently, Ganon screamed a curse. "Aah! He has come again!"

Talpa laughed. "Surely the great Ganondorf is not frightened by this?" He asked belittlingly using Ganon's full name. "After all, only two hundred men cannot be that much of a threat with our combined forces."

"Do not ever under estimate them!" Ganon bellowed at Talpa, his eyes glowing with hatred. "The one named Sage is extremely powerful and swift with his blade. I'm sure that two hundred of him will do much more damage than you think!" The Gerudo calmed a bit then, "Besides isn't that why you were defeated, because you under estimated the power of your enemies?" He smiled smugly and sat back down, his cape flowing over the back of his plush chair.

Talpa's eyes glowed red and he muttered under his breath about "That damn Wildfire."

Sensing that he had won the argument Ganon continued. "We shouldn't give them any time to strengthen their defenses, more than they already have I'm sure. If the blasted Hero and Queen have time to fortify-"

"Patients, Ganon, patients!" The evil master of the Dynasty said, laughing. "My nether spirits have not yet revived all of my minions. We want to make a good first impression on those whelps do we not? Besides, we are essentially immortal, so what is there to worry about?"

Ganon stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Yes I guess that you are right. My army needs to be in full force as well, they have not yet recovered in numbers after the attack to take back your Dynasty. Just be quick about it! I want those triforces as soon as possible!"

"That almost sounded like an order Ganon," warned Talpa calmly, "I hope for your sake it was not."

"And if it was?" Ganon shot back arrogantly. "Remember, it was me who brought you back to life and it was me who got your Dynasty back!" He pointed his thumb at himself at each 'me'.

Talpa, his eyes glowing once more said. "Yes you did both those things for me, but you must also remember that I am more powerful then you will ever hope to be!" Ganon let out a guttural growl but did nothing. He knew that Talpa had more power, but as soon as he got the full triforce in his possession....he laughed evilly to himself.