Harry Potter and the Hero of Time
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"Harry Potter and the Hero of Time", Chapters 1 & 2

Harry Potter and the Hero of Time

By: Arthur Dent

Note:  This story takes place just after Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and seven Hyrulian years after Majora's Mask.  I specify Hyrulian years here because Terminian time flows three times slower than in Hyrule.  One day in Hyrule equals six minutes on earth, and one Terminian day without play-ing the Inverted Song of Time is eighteen Earth minutes.  The wedding sequence is based on the marriage section starting on page 202 of the Lutheran Book of Worship (LBW).

Chapter One:  The Escape

Ganondorf was not a happy evil genius, that was certain. He had been stuck in the Evil Realm, a vast, colorless, humorless wasteland for the past six Hyrulian months. Ganondorf was poised to take over all the world of Hyrule, not just the small country he was from, when he lost eve-rything in one fell swoop. Not only had that upstart, Link, freed Princess Zelda, and he had called on the Sages and the Three Golden Goddesses themselves to banish him here. Ganondorf was not happy, writhing in agony as the faces of his dead victims tormented him without stopping. Nobody could understand how he felt, not even his surrogate mothers, Koume and Kotake, or his pet dragon Volvagia.
Ganondorf was floating in the Evil Realm like this when Daragon entered the void. Daragon, that most powerful of all evil wizards ever to walk the roads of black magic, had taken an interest in the beleaguered Gerudo. If you have heard even one tale about Daragon, and there are several, then you know he is most evil and treacherous. Ganondorf, an isolated bumpkin of sorts among dark wiz-ards, had heard only the worst rumors of Daragon. These rumors made Ganondorf suddenly very afraid for his very existence.
Daragon appeared to Ganondorf as a tall man with billowing midnight blue robes. In his right hand, the evil wizard held a staff glowing with the colors of the rainbow. Daragon exuded a chill aura in front of him, designed to frighten and intimidate the less powerful. Ganondorf felt the aura to be as cold as he would feel standing in the Ice Cavern wearing only a loincloth. The writhing energies of the Evil Realm moved away from Daragon as he strode towards Ganondorf. The Gerudo bowed before the man who had caused so much havoc.
"My lord," said Ganondorf, with his eyes averted. "What brings you to this accursed place and to me, your most humble servant."
"Shut up, you fool," said Daragon in a voice even colder than his aura. "I have come to get you out of this place, and back where you belong. Follow me, and we will meet some new friends to help us get what we so richly deserve."
"Revenge, milord, is sweet when done properly," said Ganondorf as he fell into step behind the evil wizard. Daragon strode to a point where the swirling mist of the Evil Realm seemed to be thinner. He then tapped the crystal atop his staff onto the solid mist beneath their feet. A door opened, and Ganondorf followed Daragon through to the mortal worlds again.

When the two emerged from the tunnel, Ganondorf took a couple deep breaths of fresh air. It felt good to be out of that place, the Gerudo thought. Daragon strode across the misty graveyard to-ward a tall house set high on a hill nearby. Fire crackled in the windows of their destination, almost as though it had multiple fireplaces. Ganondorf looked at one of the graves and saw the name Tom Riddle marked on it.
When they reached the house, Daragon knocked three times on the impressive door with his left hand. After a moment, the door opened to reveal a short man with a rat-like face and thinning gray hair.
"Master," called the man up a nearby staircase. "Lord Daragon has arrived with a guest and they wish to see you at once."
"Show them to my parlor, Wormtail," said a high, cold voice from upstairs. "These people are friends of mine and I want to make sure they are comfortable." Wormtail bowed the two evil magi in and led them up the stairs with a candle in his hand. The glow from the fire grew brighter as they went down a hallway to an open door. There was a tall man standing in front of a fireplace, stroking a twelve-foot-long snake.
"Well done, Wormtail," said the man in his high, cold voice. "Bring our guests some wine and cakes and you may be done for tonight."
"Yes, Master," said Wormtail, bowing deeply and heading downstairs to the kitchen.
"Lord Daragon, such a pleasure it is to see you again, and in such excellent health."
"The pleasure is mine, Voldemort," said Daragon. "You are one of my best pupils, and with Ganondorf here at our side, we will be able to crush our enemies in an instant."
"So you would be Ganondorf," said Voldemort, stepping into the light. His red, cat-like eyes glistened wickedly in the light of the flames and seemed to pierce Ganondorf to his very heart. "Lord Daragon has told me so much about your plans to take over that Hyrule of yours and kill the Hero of Time. Since you have never heard of me, I will fill you in on the more pertinent details of my adven-tures.
"I am Lord Voldemort, Ganondorf. I was born to a witch and her traitorous non-magical lover, Tom Riddle. My mother died just long enough to name me after my father, and I became Tom Marvolo Riddle. I grew up with other orphans in the local orphanage and I hated it, at least until I got into school. There, I made friends and found a pet Basilisk, a gigantic serpent whose gaze alone could kill. I used it to kill an annoying little girl who nobody liked, especially not my friends and I."
"When I left school, I wandered the world searching for others like me. I met Lord Daragon on one of my travels and he taught me a few powerful ways to torture those who refused my good ad-vice. My loyal followers, the Death Eaters, helped me torment those who refused my commands. I was fine, growing in power all the time, until one day thirteen years ago. My loyal servant Wormtail had betrayed two of his former classmates, Lily and James Potter, to me at a clandestine meeting. I killed Lily and James with my powers and tried to kill Harry, their infant brat. Lily, though, had placed a countercurse that reduced me to a form where I had no form, only mists and vapors.
"I fled far from that place that night, to a small country to the southeast called Albania. I tried possessing the bodies of snakes, rats, and other creatures, but I had no wand with which to focus my powers. Ten years after I arrived, I met a man from the school that Harry Potter would soon be attending. That school, the one I had attended, was now under the control of an absolute fool named Albus Dumbledore. I took control of that Quirrell man and forced him to bring me back here. He died when I tried to steal the Sorcerer's Stone from Harry Potter and Dumbledore the first day of June.
"I fled, and returned to my home in the Albanian forest. Wormtail had been revealed by Pot-ter and his friends after a couple years, so he found me with aid from his rodent friends. Wormtail brought me a Ministry of Magic, a backward government, witch named Bertha Jorkins. She revealed, after a little persuasion, that there would be held at Dumbledore's school that coming school year a Triwizard Tournament. I also learned of a Death Eater who was imprisoned by his own father, but willing to help my plan.
"Wormtail had already brought me back to a weak body, and we moved quickly. We killed an old gardener who had once worked for my father and his family, until I killed them. We then al-lowed my loyal Death Eater to disguise himself as a new teacher at Dumbledore's school. Potter won the tournament, and he took the golden trophy with one of his competitors. The spare was killed, thanks to Wormtail again, and Potter bound against my father's gravestone. Wormtail sacrificed his right hand, took my father's bones, and took Potter's blood to revive me. Potter and I dueled, but he managed to escape my clutches again.
"So I have waited, one week from that night, for this day. Ah, and here is Wormtail with the wine and cakes!" As Wormtail bore the tray of food and beverage toward his Master and guests, Ganondorf noticed that the servant had two hands, one of which glowed bright silver. He guessed that Voldemort gave him a magical hand to replace the one he sacrificed. The cakes were good, full of sugar and some strange confection called chocolate. The wine was vintage and made the Gerudo a little tipsy, but not excessively drunk.
Ganondorf soon grew full, and Wormtail led him to a bedroom. The Gerudo shut the door when the servant left and stripped out of his armor. The sheets on the bed were soft, even softer than the Gerudo silks he was accustomed to in Hyrule. Ganondorf wrapped himself in them and laid his head on the down pillow. He was fast asleep within a minute, glad to be back in the mortal worlds and ready for revenge.

Meanwhile, back in Hyrule, the Seven Sages awoke with a start from dreams of the coming joy. Link, the popular Hero of Time, was getting married to Princess Zelda the following day. Prin-cess Ruto of the Zora and Nabooru of the Gerudo were of course opposed to this at first. However, Saria, the Kokiri Sage of Forest, explained that this was Link's decision and nothing they could do would dissuade him. Besides that, she pointed out, there was no way Link and Ruto could have kids and the people would hate Link if he married Nabooru. Saria had gotten over her crush on Link, knowing his place was with his own race and it wouldn't seem right if things got intimate between them.
The first sage to awaken was Princess Zelda, the Sage of Time, and bride-to-be. She had pro-phetic dreams like this when she was younger, showing how Ganondorf would take over Hyrule. Zelda rang a bell at her bedside, and Impa, her loyal attendant and Sage of Shadow, came into the room.
"Zelda," Impa said. "What's wrong?"
"I just had a prophetic dream," the Princess said, shivering. "Ganondorf has escaped from the seal we placed on him months ago. He's not in Hyrule, not yet at least, but he might come back at any time."
"Should I gather the other Sages, Majesty?"
"We'll tell them tomorrow about what's happened. I really wanted to give Link better news than this for our wedding, but, well, we have no choice."
"Get some rest, then, Zelda. We do not want you to worry your head about this all night and look bad for your big day tomorrow." Zelda nodded wordlessly and settled down onto her pillows, falling into a dream of Link.

Nabooru knew something was wrong as she walked the halls of Gerudo's Fortress. The Gerudo crown jewels by rights belonged to her, but they had vanished from her hair at sunset of the previous day. That could only mean one thing. Ganondorf was back in the lands of the living instead of the underworld he had been exiled to some months earlier in the alternate timeline. If that were the case, then the evil witches, Koume and Kotake, could be back as well. Nabooru shuddered, remem-bering her hypnosis at their hands seven years earlier.

Darunia, the Sage of Fire, was next to awaken with a start. He knew Ganondorf was back by the nature of the nightmares that had startled him. Link could tangle with Volvagia if the dragon re-turned, but Darunia, a dracophobic Goron, needed some help in that area. At least this time they could fight together, instead of separately. Darunia was proud of his Sworn Brother, who was ex-tremely lucky to marry someone as beautiful and kind as Princess Zelda. The Goron was proud of his own wife, the local shopkeeper, and of his son, named Link in honor of his Sworn Brother. There was nothing else to do but alert Saria, Ruto, and Rauru.
Saria, he thought at her. It's Darunia. Ganondorf is back in the mortal lands. We need to inform Ruto and Rauru.
I understand, the Kokiri girl thought back. I will inform Ruto, and I expect Rauru already knows. He is, after all, the only original Sage left.
Well, it was true. Of the original Seven Sages, only Rauru remained. They were needed a few hundred years earlier to forge the Master Sword and stop the Gerudo from enslaving the other races. The Kokiri Sage of Forest from those days, a tiny little girl named Plum, had sacrificed her eternal life to forge the unbreakable blade of the Master Sword. Navi was the fairy Plum had, accord-ing to what the Deku Tree Sprout said. The others were all mortals and died before the current era.
Terminating her thought link to Darunia, Saria turned to the northeast and concentrated her thoughts on Ruto.
Ruto, she thought, it's Saria. Are you awake yet?
Yes, Saria, came the thoughts of Princess Ruto. I am awake. Let me guess; Ganondorf broke out of the Evil Realm just now?
Clever as ever, Ruto. The others already know the bad news. I seriously hope Link finds out soon tomorrow. Of all the bad things that could possibly ruin his wedding!
I know, Saria. Link and Zelda are made for each other, but I'm worried that Ganondorf might have a few unpleasant surprises.

Link too woke up from a peaceful night spent dreaming of Zelda. He knew that Ganondorf had escaped-the Triforce of Courage gave him a seventh sense about that sort of thing. Link did not think that Nabooru and her Gerudo would like this news, nor would the king and the rest of the offi-cials. There was already one Gerudo Dragmire running about the world somewhere, driven from Hy-rule by the battle seven years earlier. Of all the times to be missing a guardian fairy.

Chapter Two: The Wedding

The day of the wedding dawned clear and bright all over Hyrule. So far, everything was go-ing perfectly, without any hitch or problem to complicate and delay things. The band, led by Guru-Guru of Kakariko Windmill and his organ grinder, had hired carpenters to build a stage on the lawns of the castle. The missing boy Grog, last seen in the Lost Woods, had reappeared to help his sister Anju with her Cuccos. Malon and Talon of Lon-Lon Ranch had managed to make Ingo, their bum-bling farmhand, sober enough to attend.

The Gorons had used some quality stone to make statues of the bride and groom. Their chief-tain, Big Brother Darunia, and his son Link, had put them up to it. Princess Ruto had convinced her father and the Zora to provide some fine fish for the wedding reception. The royal chefs had outdone themselves this time, creating a seven-layer wedding cake with white frosting and the bride and groom in miniature on top. Everything was perfect, but the food, well, that was beyond mere words of any mortal.

Link waited restlessly in an anteroom of the castle for the ceremonies to begin. Darunia was his best man, and Malon and Saria were the bridesmaids. His ordinary Kokiri Tunic had been traded in today for a formal, pale blue tunic with black trim. Something didn't feel right, Link thought, but he wondered what it could be. He was suddenly startled by a blue fairy that flew through the open window with the Master Sword levitating behind her.

"Navi," Link shouted with glee. "Where have you been, old friend?"

"Guarding the Master Sword for a while," the fairy responded. "I thought you might need it sometime soon, Link. I have my suspicions, but I didn't want to spoil your wedding day with bad news, at least not yet."

"Whatever this bad news is, Navi, it can wait until this evening. Having you here makes eve-rything feel better, and now this wedding will go through as it should." Navi apparently blushed (she turned deep blue) and went to her place at Link's shoulder. Just then, a page knocked on the door.

"Come in," Link said. The page stepped in and bowed deeply to the hero.

"The delegates and ambassadors from Termina wish to speak with you before the ceremonies begin, milord."

"Termina, eh? Well, page, send them in, please."

"Very good, sir." The page stepped out of the room to let the guests into the chamber. The first two to enter were a tall, strapping man with purple hair with his red-haired wife.

"Is that you, Kafei," Link asked the purple-haired man, shocked. "It can't have been more than two years, four months in Termina since we met."

"Guilty as charged, old friend," Kafei said with a broad grin. "Anju and I thought we'd visit Hyrule sometime, and this seemed to be the perfect opportunity. Let me guess; you're getting mar-ried to Princess Zelda today?"

"Correct, old friend. I'm glad you could make it today. How is Clock Town, and your fami-lies?"

"Clock Town is a growing city, what with the baby boom we've had lately. We've had to build a few houses over the stores, but nothing in North Clock Town. Jim and his Bombers said that the kids have to play somewhere. My father is doing fine, and there have been no strange goings-on since the last time. Mom always seems to have her hands full, giving dad some well-deserved time off when he needs it."

"And what about your family, Anju?"

"Granny is still telling those extremely boring stories to anybody who listens, and mother is managing the inn well without me. My friends Cremia and Romani brought a few bottles of Chateau Romani to the wedding. You certainly gave the Gorman brothers quite a scare when you beat them off that one time, and they've stopped their thieving ways."

"Well, I'm glad Cremia and Romani are happy. I'll have to introduce you and the other am-bassadors to everyone after the ceremony. Until then, I would suggest you get settled on the lawn and wait for the service to begin." Anju and Kafei clapped Link on the shoulder and left the room, allow-ing the next three people to walk inside. One was a Deku Scrub about half as tall as Link was when he was a child. The second was a Goron with a necklace of sapphires around his neck and wearing a green loincloth. The third man was a Zora with a green loincloth whose head-fin had a green end.

"I never thought I would see you three again," Link said. "How did you three come back to life?"

"My dad," said the Deku Scrub. "He's the royal butler of the Deku Scrubs, you know, and he found me turned into a tree below Clock Tower. He cried when he found me turned into a tree, and his tears moved the Woodfall Giant to pity. I was transformed back to normal and awoke in my fa-ther's arms."

"I was lying in my tomb," said Darmani, "dead, when suddenly I woke up. All of the Gorons were extremely pleased to see me, and we arrived just in time for the second day of the carnival. That son of the Elder Goron is a fine strapping young Goron and growing like a new volcano."

"I had a similar experience," said Mikau. "I was guarding my memorial when suddenly I was playing my guitar in the Milk Bar, fully alive. Lulu and I raised her kids and they now know every-thing I do. The band will be performing today and then taking some well-deserved time for a little R&R. Is that Princess Ruto of yours available?"

"Is she available? Mikau, you could probably get her to go on a date with you in a heartbeat, for Nayru's sake! Ruto and I used to be engaged, but we broke it off when she realized we couldn't have kids. She needs a Zora shoulder to cry on, and I think you'll do that job perfectly, especially if you find a way to impress her with combat skills."

"Thanks a bunch, Link. If you'll excuse us, we need to get going and find our peoples." The three left, leaving Link to deal with a very confused Navi.

"Link, who were all those people?"

"Navi, after I left you in the Temple of Time seven years ago, I had a few adventures looking for you. On one of them, just three months later, I met those people in a country called Termina. I also used another fairy on that adventure. Her name was Tatl, and she helped me defeat a monster called Majora's Mask to save her Skull Kid friend. You two really ought to get together sometime and have a fairy-to-fairy chat."

Before Navi could respond to that, Darunia entered the room and gave his Sworn Brother a glass of water. Link took the glass and gulped it down slowly.

"Thanks a lot, Brother. Is everything ready to begin?"

"Yeah, and I'll be here in case you faint or anything during the ceremony." Link gave Da-runia a shaky smile and walked out of the room and onto the lawn of the castle. He marched over to the altar to tremendous applause and stood next to the King.

"Are you nervous," asked Rauru, the Sage of Light, an old cleric and friend to the royal fam-ily.

"A little, Rauru," admitted Link. "I just want to get this over with so the butterflies in my stomach can fly away." By that time, Rauru had taken his place as minister behind the altar. Malsio, the Happy Mask Salesman, was playing "Here Comes the Bride" on an organ he brought all the way from the Clock Tower in Termina. Link looked down the aisle and saw Princess Zelda with her face veiled and wearing a white dress. Malon and Saria did well holding up the train, and they looked fine in their dresses of white and green silk.

Princess Zelda soon came to the altar and stood near Link with her face bowed.

"Esteemed guests, loyal friends, and loving family," Rauru began. "We are gathered here to-day to join the two people you see before you in holy wedlock before the three goddesses. The grace of Din, the love of Nayru, and the courage of Farore be with you all."

"And also with you," the congregation responded in the tradition.

"Let us pray," continued Rauru. "Great goddesses, our creators and healers, as you blessed our ancestors with the presence of the Triforce, so by its presence now bring joy into this wedding. Look favorably upon Hero Link and Ruzantaze Zelda and grant that they, celebrating all your gifts, may at length celebrate with you the marriage feast which has no end."

There was a great Shai tairas (Hylian for 'so be it', the literal meaning of Amen), and the ceremony began in earnest. A minstrel sang the tale of Link's defeat of Ganondorf, nothing new to most of the people there. Kafei, Anju, and the rest of the Terminian delegation, though, listened in-tently. Afterwards, Rauru said a few more words, something like this:

"The goddesses in their goodness created us male and female, and by the gift of marriage they founded Hyrulian community in a joy that begins now and comes to perfection in heaven. Be-cause of Drakan the Corrupter and his induced rebellion, the joy of marriage may be shadowed and the gift of family become a burden. But because Nayru, who established marriage, continues to bless it with her abundant and ever-present support, we can survive through weariness and have joy re-stored. Hero Link and Ruzantaze Zelda, you have come before the goddesses and your fellow mortals to join yourselves in the bond of holy wedlock. If you are resolved in this action, you should ex-change your vows now."

Link took out a Sun's Mask from the folds of his tunic and Zelda took a moon's mask from her veil. Anju and Kafei were pleasantly surprised that their old friend would remember their wed-ding. The masks touched, and then turned into a Couple's Mask after a blinding flash of light. Rauru turned the page from the Hyrulian Book of Worship and said these words.

"By this exchange of tokens, you have proven your love. However, the goddesses must be certain that you are not going to back out of this. Link, Hero of Time, do you take Ruzantaze Zelda to be your wife, to have and to hold, to cherish and to keep, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?"

"I do," said Link.

"Princess Ruzantaze Zelda," said Rauru, turning slightly. "Do you take Hero Link to be your husband, to have and to hold, to cherish and to keep, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?"

"I do," said Zelda.

"You may now kiss the bride," said Rauru, grinning. Link grinned and removed the veil from Zelda's face, bending down over her mouth. They kissed, and the cloud applauded tremendously, throwing hats into the air. Princess Zelda then took a bouquet of flowers and threw it into the audi-ence. As on Earth, whoever catches the bouquet thrown by the bride is the next person to get married after the bride and groom. To everyone's surprise and delight, Princess Ruto and Malon caught the bouquet together!

"Well, ladies, it looks like you'll both get married on the same day," said Link with a grin. "I hope you find people who care about you as much as I care about Zelda." Just then, a ferocious wind began to howl around the castle grounds and down into Hyrule Castle Town. Several Moblins charged into the gardens, brandishing their spears and causing general havoc. The royal guards hit some of the creatures with crossbow bolts, and Link finished the rest off with his Longshot.

"I don't like this," said Zelda as she held on to Link and shuddered slightly. "I mean, during my masquerade as Sheik I saw those things at the Sacred Forest Meadow, but never anywhere near here."

"That means one thing," said Link, his frown deepening. "Ganondorf has managed to escape his seal in the Evil Realm. That means there are now two copies of this century's evil Gerudo Drag-mire on the loose in mortal lands. Let me guess, Navi-this is the bad news you were going to warn me about later on?"

"Yes, Link," said the fairy with a sigh.

"I had a dream about this last night," said Zelda. "And everyone knows that my dreams are prophecies and warnings after that last time." Just then, a hooded figure in black robes appeared on the edge of the battle scene. Soon, there were twenty-eight of those chilling figures, and all of them had the Gerudo star-and-moon crest on their robes in the form of a red badge.

"The cult of Ganondorf," said Nabooru with contempt. "I hate these sons-of-Twinrova al-most as much as their master."

"You watch your mouth," said one of the cultists, pulling a Gerudo scimitar from underneath the cloaks. "You think that Hyrule is safe, but you do not know anything about what Lord Ganondorf can do. He is the Dragmire, and he will wreak his vengeance on his enemies until you all bow before him as slaves! Until then, we will make his castle ready for him to occupy it for the whole of the Seven Ages!" The cultists moved to circle the castle, knocking guards unconscious when they felt like it.

"Elzium muthos Ganondorfus Alkromar fosin," chanted the head cultist in a deep voice. The rest of the evil figures began chanting it as they emitted strands of black magic from their hands at the castle. The towers began to look darker, turning from fine marble and granite to ugly basalt and sco-ria. The castle moat began turning into molten lava and the pit below began to open when a white shaft of lightning hit the head of the cult. Link traced the shaft of lightning back to its source and saw a man standing on the gate built into the path to the castle.

"Nobody will bring back Ganon's Castle while I'm around," said the man. "Link, if you would zap these losers with Light Arrows, please?" Link complied, drinking some Blue Potion when he ran low on MP, until each of the cultists was trapped in a shaft of yellow light. "Thank you, and, now, I will deal with these creatures as befits their foul kind." The man took out a crystal phial from a pocket and uncorked it. The castle returned to normal as the cultists turned into black mist streaked with red and flew, shrieking, into the phial.

"Who are you, and how do you know my name?"

"Oh yes, I'd forgotten; we haven't met before, according to your memory. Yet, according to mine, we are old friends, so there has to be some sort of time travel involved here. Well then, Link, if you want answers, I would suggest you come with me. Also requested are the Princess Zelda, the Six Sages, the Indigo-go's, Darmani, the son of the Deku butler, Guru-Guru the Sheikah, Malon of Lon-Lon Ranch, Mido the Kokiri, and Link of the Gorons. We depart from the Temple of Time within the hour." The man threw a jewel onto the ground and vanished without a trace, in the manner of the Sheikahs.

"I have a feeling this is not the honeymoon we'd planned," said Zelda. Link nodded and then hurried to his quarters at the castle to change and pack. It looked like their honeymoon would have to be delayed a while.