Evil Never Dies
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"Evil Never Dies" Chapters 1 & 2

Evil Never Dies

By: Peter Norlund

Chapter One

The rain was falling from the heavens and thunder ruled the sky. Not a soul was outside. In Hyrule Castle, a young girl was standing by a window, looking at the weather. This was Queen Zelda of Hyrule. Her father had died after a heart attack, two months after the defeat of the evil Ganondorf. She had taken her father's death hard but she was lucky to have her nanny Impa to comfort her and also her friend Link. He was a true friend. Sometimes Zelda had nightmares about her father's death and she had woken up and started to cry. Link had heard it and he had come to her and stayed with her till she had fallen asleep again. Zelda smiled as she thought of those memories.

The time was about 9:30 pm and the only reason that Zelda was staying up was that Link was on his way home from one of his travels and she just wanted to see him before she went to bed. After a while, a door opened and Impa stepped into the room. "What are you still doing up young lady?" she asked Zelda.

The young queen turned to face Impa. Now Impa could see in Zelda's eyes that she was tired. "Iīm just waiting for Link to come home." Zelda replied.

Impa took a deep sigh and walked up to Zelda and said, "He will be home soon. Don't worry about it child. Now you should get some sleep and in the morning you can be with him." Zelda nodded and was escorted by Impa to her room. Zelda changed into her nightgown and got under the covers. "Sleep well my queen," Impa said.

Just as Impa was about to leave the room, Zelda called, "Impa! Couldn't you play my lullaby for me?"

Impa smiled. "Of course." Impa sat down on a chair beside Zeldas bed and took an ocarina from one of her pockets. She played the lullaby and Zelda fell asleep. Impa stood up and walked out the room and closed the door behind her.

The next morning, Zelda got up when she heard a knock on her door. "Who is it?" she asked.

"It's me, Impa. It's 7:30 AM and breakfast is ready," Impa called.

"I'm just going to get dressed," Zelda replied and so she did. When she was done she opened the door and stepped out. "Has Link arrived?" she asked Impa.

"Yes he has. He is having his breakfast now. Why don't you join him?" Impa asked.

"I think I will," Zelda said and walked away to the dinning room. Link was sitting at the table, eating. For once he didn't have his little green hat on. "Hi Link!" Zelda simply said as she walked into the room. Link stood up and gave her a hug.

"Hi Zel! How are you?"

Zelda sat down opposite Link at the table and her breakfast was served at once by a servant. "Oh I'm fine and you?" she asked.

"I'm fine," Link replied.

"That's good. So." Zelda started, "What have you been up to?" she asked.

"Nabooru has been showing me how the Gerudos live and work in the desert," he said.

"Oh that's nice," Zelda said and started to eat her breakfast.

"What have you been doing while I was gone?" Link asked.

"Nothing special, just the same old thing. Paper work and stuff," Zelda said.

"That sounds boring," Link said.

"It is! That's why I'm so glad that you are back. Now we can go on horse rides like we use to do," she said happily.

"Why don't we take a little ride out on the field later today?" Link asked.

"That would be fun. Letīs do so!" Zelda replied. Then they sat there and talked while eating their breakfast. Later on Zelda left for her room and Link went to the Castle Market to buy some arrows. Later on that day they met in the Castle Courtyard and then went to the royal stables. Link got his Epona and Zelda got her new horse named Moondust. They galloped out on Hyrule Field. Once they been out on the field for a while, they found it boring so they went to Lake Hylia instead. Link got some fishing rods from the fishing pond and then Zelda and himself sat down by the water. They sat there and talked for hours. Link put his fishing rod aside and layed down on the ground, looking up at the sky.

Zelda also took her fishing rod aside, but she didnīt just lay herself down on the ground, she lay her head to rest on Links chest. "Isn't Hyrule beautiful Link?" she asked.

"Yes it is. And to think that Ganondorf almost destroyed it."

"Well it was a good thing that you came along," Zelda said.

"I guess so," Link replied. Zelda turned around so that she could look at Link.

"Were you scared when you battled with Ganondorf?" she asked.

"A little, and do you know what?" Link asked.

"What?" Zelda asked back.

"I never got to kiss you!" Link said.

Zelda blushed. "Link!?" she said.

"Well I mean that the hero usually get to kiss the girl when the danger is over," Link replied.

"Well I guess that one little kiss won't harm anyone. But this doesn't mean anything okay?" Zelda said.

"Okay!" Link replied. Zelda moved her face closer to Links and their lips were just about to meet when they heard a voice call them.

"Queen Zelda!? Sir Link!?" the voice called. Zelda moved away from Link and tried to locate were the voice was coming from. It came from one of the soldiers from the Hyrulian army who was looking for them.

"We are here! What do you want?" Zelda asked as she stood up. Link also stood up.

The guard ran over to them. "Some of the other guards have found a big, black horse out on Hyrule Field," the guard stated.

"And?" Zelda asked.

"We believe that thatīs the horse that belonged to Ganondorf!" the soldier replied.

Zelda turned to Link. "I think that we should go and take a look at this horse!" Link said.

"Let's do so!" Zelda replied and then they got up on their horses and galloped towards Hyrule Field.

Chapter Two

Link and Zelda arrived at Hyrule Field about 15 minutes later. Link looked around the field. Not so far away, Link could see a big black horse standing still, looking at some of the soldiers satnding in front of it. "It is Ganondorf's horse!" Zelda said after she moved closer.

"Where did it come from?" Link wonderd. They both joined the soldiers in front of the horse. The horse looked at them with an angry look on its face. Link slowly walked closer to it. "It's okay. I won't hurt you," he said as he got closer. The horse backed away from Link, looking even more angry. Link looked back at Zelda. "What now?"

She didn't know. After a few minutes of trying to get the horse to trust them, Link noticed his friend Malon from Lon Lon Ranch approaching them on her horse. "Hi fairy boy! What are you doing out here?" she asked as she got of her horse. Link hated when Malon called him fairy boy but he didn't show it. Malon walked away to Link and Zelda. "Your Highness! It's so good to see you again," Malon said.

"It's good to see you to Malon, and please call me Zelda!" Zelda replied.

Malon noded and then turned to Link. "So what's up fairy boy?" she asked.

"You see that horse over there? Well that's the same horse that Ganondorf had and we are trying to gain its trust," he explained.

"Have you tried to give it some carrots?" Malon wonderd.

"No! Should we?" Link asked.

"Well that's a good way to start. Horses love carrots and we are lucky because I happen to have some carrots with me," Malon said as she reached into her backpack and got some carrots. Then she started to walk up to the horse. "Hey there! Do you want some carrots?" she asked the horse with a friendly voice. And believe it or not, the horse walked over to Malon and started to eat the carrots. Malon stroked the horse and then said to Link, "I think he is safe now!"

Link walked over to the horse and said to Malon, "Thanks! I never could have thought that this would be so easy. Thanks for the help but I think that we should get back with this guy back to the castle now."

Malon smiled at Link. "Okay! See you later fairy boy!" she said and gave Link a hug and a quick kiss on his cheek. Zelda didn't like that at all. Link belonged to her, she thought. Anyway, Link, Zelda, and the soldiers made it back to the castle with the horse.

When they left him in the royal stables, Link asked Zelda, "Should we give him a name?"

"That's a good idea! How about Lightning?" she wonderd.

"What!? No no, we should call him Fred!" Link stated.

"Why Fred?" Zelda asked.

"Because girls always pick stupid names for their horses. Like Moondust!"

Zelda got mad. "So you are saying that my horse has a stupid name!?"

"Well. yes. He is a boy and if he could talk I'm sure that he would complain about it," Link said.

Zelda almost wanted to hit Link but she didn't. "You are just about the most anoying person I have ever meet. I think that you can entertain yourself for the rest of the day and I will see you at dinner." Zelda treid to sound as important as possible and turned started to walk away from Link.

"Don't break a nail or something!" Link shouted after her.

Zelda quickly turned to Link as she was walking, "You are so irritating!" she said as she walked into the castle.

Later that day, Link joined Zelda for dinner in the royal dinning hall. After a short time of silence, Zelda spoke,  "Do you think that the return of Ganondorf's horse could mean the return of Ganondorf as well?"

Link looked up at Zelda. "I don't know. Do you?" he asked.

"Well. I just got a bad feeling about all this. I mean that the last time you saw the horse was when you battled Phantom Ganon in the Forest Temple right?"

"Right," Link replied.

"Then." Zelda continued, "Why does the horse show up now?" Zelda wondered.

"What if Ganondorf is coming back?" Link asked.

Zelda looked at Link and then said, "I think that I should call all the Sages and have a meeting to discuss this."

"That's a good idea. Maybe you are not such a bad queen after all," Link said with a wide grin.

"Oh shut up Link!" Zelda said as she threw a piece of bread at Link. He dodged it and laughed a bit. Then they were silent for a couple of minutes until they had finished their dinner and Zelda spoke, "What do you think we should do now?" she said as she stood up from the table as did Link.

"I don't know," Link stated.

"Well then.Would you mind following me to my room and help me to brush my hair?" Zelda asked.

"Okay but I thought they tell you not to bring boys up to your room?" he wonderd.

"Well yes but I'm the queen here so I decide!" Zelda replied.

"Then let's go to your room then," Link said as he followed Zelda to her room.

When they got to Zelda's room, she closed the door behind them and then went over to her big mirror which was hanging on the wall and sat in front of it. She told Link to begin brushing her hair and so he did. "Link? Do you really think that Ganondorf."  Zelda started.

"Oh give it a rest Zelda! If he is coming back then I will deal with him, okay?" Link said quickly.

"Okay." Zelda said quietly. Then they were silent for a while till Zelda spoke again, "Have you ever been in love Link?" she said while watching Link in the mirror.

Link was a little bit surprised by the question but he answerd quickly, "Why? Are you finally going to confess your love to me?" he smiled.

Zelda's jaw almost dropped. "How dare you!" she said as she reached for a pillow nearby and tried to hit Link with it. Link, of course, avoided it and laughed out loud. "Ohh be quiet!" Zelda commanded.

"Ohhh Link! I love you so much!!!" Link said with a funny voice and that was the final drop for Zelda. She grabbed a new pillow and ran up to Link and hit him. Link laughed even more and made a run over to Zelda's bed. She tried to follow him the same way but she slipped in the middle of the bed and Link saw his chance. He also grabbed a pillow and attacked Zelda. She begged hin to stop but he just kept on going. When Zelda finally could stand up on her knees they kept on the pillow fight until they both fell, tired of course, down onto Zelda's bed. They looked at each other and smiled.

"That should teach you not to fight with the queen!" Zelda said while cathing her breath. She then moved closer to Link.

"I don't know if it's just the moonlight but you look really beautiful," he pointed out. Zelda just looked at him and moved really close. Now their faces  almost touched each other's. There was a short moment of silence and then Link kissed her. Zelda was a little bit surprised but she kissed back. They kissed a while till Zelda turned away from Link.

"I think it's getting late. We should go to bed," she said while blushing.

"Maybe your right. Good night Zelda!" Link said as he gave Zelda a quick hug, stepped out of the bed, walked out of the room and closed the door behind him. Now he had something to dream about and so did Zelda. Impa saw Link coming out of Zelda's room. She smiled to herself knowing that Zelda had fallen in love. Then Impa also went to bed.