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"A Beginning for a Shining Star"

A Beginning for a Shining Star

By: Chibi Sakura

A young woman was running through the field. War is bringing so many terrible things, she thought, everyone thinks it will solve our problems, but it is only making things worse.

The young woman ran to the entrance of an underground passage. Suddenly, she heard footsteps and voices coming up behind her.

"There she goes, sir," said one voice.

"The one with the Child of Destiny," added another.

A look of fear spread across the woman's face. What do they mean? The Child of Destiny? How could I possibly have the Child of Destiny? she thought, I haven't even heard of such a person! She stopped suddenly and looked down at her baby. Could he be the one? she asked herself.

Suddenly, a Gerudo jumped in front of her. "We have finally found you," said the Gerudo, "now hand over the child!" The Gerudo held out her hand.

The woman held on tightly to her baby and turned around to run away. But before she could take her first step, another Gerudo jumped in front of her. "You are cornered, hand me the baby!" she growled.

The woman wouldn't give up. Still clutching her baby, she kicked the Gerudo in the shins, and dashed to the exit. That was close, she thought as she stopped to catch her breath, a bit too close. Suddenly, a Gerudo came up from behind her. The Gerudo pulled her back and put a knife to her neck. "Give me the Child of Destiny, and you shall live," said the Gerudo roughly.

"Never," whispered the woman.

"Then feel the pain," growled the Gerudo, preparing to use her knife.

"Stop right there, Gerudo!" commanded a young man's voice. The young man jumped from a tree, and quickly plunged his sword into the Gerudo's back. The Gerudo fell dead.

"Oh, Wallace! You saved me!" cried the young woman.

"Anything for you, dear," smiled Wallace.

"I guess my mother was right on marrying you," the woman said teasingly as she hugged her husband.

"Yes, and it is a pity that I will have to kill you if I am to get what I want," said a booming voice. A large Gerudo man was sitting on his armored stallion. He wore black armor with cloths that had Gerudo markings sewn on. The piercing gaze of his red eyes struck fear into both shocked people.

"W-who is that?" asked the woman.

"That is Ganondorf, Kind of Thieves," replied Wallace, as he unsheathed his sword.

"What is this? Looks like the Captain of the enemy team wants to take me on," mocked Ganondorf.

"You leave the Child of Destiny alone. I've known that we've had him ever since the day the Goddesses came when he was born. They told us that he was special," growled Wallace.

Ganondorf raised a eyebrow. "You lied." He pointed at the young woman.

"What? Marie lied to you ?" gasped Wallace. Marie nodded her head. Wallace smiled at her. "Good job," he whispered.

"Hand over the child," ordered Ganondorf.

"Never," whispered Wallace.

   Ganondorf  was furious. "Didn't your mother tell you to never say never!" he roared. Taking his spear, Ganondorf jumped from his horse. "Battle until the end," he said.

"The one who stands the victor gets to keep the baby" said Wallace. With a batlle cry, both men clashed their weapons at each other.

"I want that Child of Destiny!" roared Ganondorf. He kicked Wallace to the ground, and struck his spear into Wallace's  body.

"No!" cried Marie.

"Give me the child!" commanded Ganondorf.

"No way!" shouted Marie. She ran to the nearest place-Kokiri Forest.

Ganonfdorf was right behind Marie, he shot an arrow into her leg. The arrow was covered in poison. Marie felt the poison taking effect in her body. She ran into the forest and rushed to a large tree.

"I knew thou wouldst come here. 'Tis where thou hast come to hide the Child of Destiny," said the tree.

"Listen, I have been shot with a poison arrow, and my time is almost gone. I need someone to take care of my baby," pleaded Marie.

Just then, a green-haired girl arrived. ''I'll take care of your baby ma'am," the girl offered.

Marie nodded. Afterward, she fell to the ground.

"What is the baby's name?" asked the girl.

"His name is Link," replied Marie, "he is the Child of Destiny, so what ever he is meant for, please raise him well to prepare for it..."

Marie closed her eyes and died. The girl faced the tree. "I promise to take care of him," she said. "After all, he is going to be a future shining star."