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"A Hero's Destiny"

The Legend of Zelda: A Hero's Destiny

By: Demon_Lord_Suzaku

Chapter One

    A lone thirteen year old lay on a large rock on the majestic Hyrule Field. The soft emerald grass, the clear, sapphire blue sky, and the light breeze made it a perfect day. A tall, brown horse ran across this field, Epona. Lon Lon Ranch was in the center of it, the main place to gather milk and other things for the people of Hyrule.

The teen closed his eyes and put his strong hands behind his head.  The breeze swung his tall, blonde hair across his face, but he didn't care. His earrings moved a bit on his pointed ears, his hat swaying also. Ah, that green hat and shirt... Kokirish clothing... Yet although he was Hylian, he was raised as a Kokiri. He also wore a Hylian Shield, and a sheath for- Well, what used to hold the legendary Master Sword. He opened his eyes, revealing the shimmering blue eyes that always made a strange gaze...

This teenager was Link, the Hero of Time.

He had saved Hyrule once, another land called Termina once, and was ready for a break. He had fought long and hard, and he deserved this long sought out rest. He had no more Ocarina of Time, and decided he would finally go back. Go back, to the place the real adventure began...

The Temple of Time.

This place held the Master Sword, the unstoppable blade. Link had pulled it out many a time, and it was still there now. Every time he pulled the sword, he underwent a seven year slumber. It passed with a blink of an eye for Link, but it was an eternity for everyone else. Link had played a song here... A song that would never be forgotten... The song of time, learned from none other than Princess Zelda.

Link's daydreaming was cut short by Epona's rough neigh. "Woah! Epona, you startled me!" Link said as he stood up, recovering from the fall he took because he was so surprised. Epona neighed again. "Sure, you can go," he said, pointing to Lon Lon Ranch.

"Guess it's time to go," Link said, taking a glance at the shrinking dot that was Epona. He also looked at the now orange and dark blue sky, he couldn't believe he was daydreaming this long. Before hopping off the rock, he took a gander at the huge flock of Keese and Guays near Lake Hylia. He always saw this, so he just jumped off the rock and ran towards Hyrule Castle.

Right after Link was out of sight, a huge Guay appeared. Larger than any other Guay, it was about, oh let's say about three times a normal Guay's size. It was glowing a purple aura, than a silent flash and every airborn creature there, except the huge Guay fell down and died. The Guay grinned, than glanced at Lake Hylia. It dove down, than seemed to transform... A large splash was heard, and then nothing could see it anymore.

Link snuck past the guards at the castle, easily tricking them. In fact, he was lucky he even made it past the drawbridge in time. Anyway, he got to the grapple wall, climbed up, then used the Hookshot to climb up the castle walls. He was searching for her; the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda.

He found the right window and climbed through. Zelda was sitting at her mirror in a nightgown, brushing her hair. She gasped at the sight of Link, but calmed down. She too was thirteen. Her golden hair went down to the middle of her back, and she had piercing blue eyes, just like Link's. She wore white gloves that went up to her elbows, and the pink nightgown she was in was a bit large for her, enabling it to be dragged across the floor when she walked.

"Link! What are you doing here?" she asked, startled and surprised.

"Oh, dropping by.... Okay, just wanted to see you!" he finished after Zelda gave him a questionable look. "But Zel, do you happen to still have-" he was stopped by the shaking of the ground. Zelda fell down to her side, Link collided with a falling vase, and a whole lot of debris was being strewn across Hyrule Field. Once they regained the ability to stand up right, they checked the outside. They were in both shock and horror.

As far as they could see, debris and destruction were everywhere.  They could see as far as the entrance to Lake Hylia, and they were thankful. They didn't want to see anymore. Fires were raging at Lon Lon Ranch. Horses were racing across the field of Hyrule, more likely than not to have been from the ranch. Kokiri Forest's trees were being uprooted and thrown around Hyrule. Zora's Domain and Fountain were being turned into ice from what they could see, and from the looks of the steam, things were getting a bit hot over there too. Gerudo Valley was being hit by tornados and earthquakes simultaneously.

They didn't look down, for they knew they would see worse. They quickly ran out, running for shelter. But nothing would protect them from what was about to come...