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Penname: Sage of Winds [Contact] Real name: Shannon Lee
Member Since: Aug 02, 2013

So, you happened to stumble upon here, eh? Before you read my bio which has no organization whatsoever, I would like to say that I may come off as conservative at first, but you will soon find out that I am actually very open-minded and eager to discover new aspects of life. I enjoy drawing, singing, reading, cosplaying, larping, and just about any other geeky thing that you can think of.

Although most of my work is published on DeviantART or Fanfiction, I found that publishing my works on many sites helps me gain more reviews and feedback. And as any aspiring writers would know, those two things are the lifeblood of a writer. I hope this doesn't sound like I'm advertizing. To those wishing to see more details about the development for each chapter, my own personal thoughts, or my beta-reading capabilities, go to my FanFiction page below. 

I try to update as frequently as possible. If I don't upload in two months ,it means that my creativity has decided to go on vacation or I'm drowning in AP homework. No matter how long the periods between uploads are, don't worry; I'm not dead.

Beta-reader: Yes

Yin and Yang by Sage of Winds Rated: PG-13 Round robin starstarstarstarstar [Reviews - 43]
Summary: The crops are dying. A drought is approaching. The three golden goddesses are nowhere to be seen, and another prophecy is being whispered on the wind's breath. It is time for the forgotten gods to rise, and for Shadow and Light to come together once more. But how can that happen, when the Twilight Princess has severed the only tie between their worlds?

[ Categories: Fan Fiction | Characters: Link ]
[ Genres: None | Warnings: None ]
[ Chapters: 5 | Completed: No | Word count: 11970 ]

Published: Aug 02, 2013 | Updated: Aug 02, 2013

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