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Penname: Fado [Contact] Real name:
Member Since: Feb 28, 2005
To let those of you know, I am the same user under the name "Landon". But I decided to change my name and create a new account. My story that I previously had been working on (Forest of Autumn Twilight for those who don't know) is now over. Its destroyed. The fact is that I hated the story after having a friend of mine read it, and, unfortunately, I agreed with him. He stated that I went from one thing to another too, too quickly, and I agreed. So, I'm going to start off from scratch.
My first story to post is actually a version of Ocarina of Time that I thought up. Please do not worry; I'll keep the main events and everything in order, but I'm changing some events slightly and adding in new ideas. For more, just read on, fan fiction reader you...
Another thing I would like to say is that it may be a while in between chapters, because I just got a new GCN game: Resident Evil 4 -_- Even though I've beaten it, I'm going back through to see things I missed. And I'm very lucky to have gotten it, I'm only 13. But, I didn't steal it obviously, that would be suicide!
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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time by Fado Rated: PG [Reviews - 73]
Summary: Link, a Kokiri child, housed within the boundaries of the Kokiri Forest, has been having the same nightmare every night for weeks. It depicts him standing in front of a drawbridge and seeing a girl who looks royal with her bodyguard, running away from a man in black armor. Each time he glimpses the man's face, blank...

[ Categories: Fan Fiction | Characters: Zelda, Link (OoT & MM), Impa ]
[ Genres: None | Warnings: None ]
[ Chapters: 2 | Completed: No | Word count: 7385 ]

Published: Feb 28, 2005 | Updated: Feb 28, 2005

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