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Penname: RavenTay [Contact] Real name: Sakura
Member Since: Nov 14, 2004
(sorry, after seeing Burn and Red Sparrow use this, I found it interesting way to greet u all as well)


Mwah 411

My name is Sakura, but my pen name is RavenTay, which I would like people to call me, (or Tay for short) anyways, I know its a strange name but I wanted to go for something simplistic but dark (love darkness *evil grin*), hence the name RavenTay...

I can be a little insane at some points my life... Here is a perfect example that explains me in a few sentences...

I am, Sakura! Queen of all Sakura-ishness! Protector of the ducks and kitties! Arch Nemesis of the brain-sucking pickles, killer termites, and the pink evil cuckoos, dogs, and pigs (and other seemingly harmless animal that attack you in the Zelda games)! My weapons include anything that can be thrown! roflmao!!!

The rest of me is consumed in utter darkness *another evil grin*. I'm just mainly the regular goth/punk, heavy metal lover, skulls, blood, death obsessor, and... some other stuff too...



Have mostly nothing done on Daily Session, although I will assume this into a deep plot twist pretty soon, that I haven't expected in the beginning of this fic. (Is that a spoiler???) I will definitely not delete this since it is my fav. story. Because as Red Sparrow says, "it's teh uber d4rkn3ss!!"


My Life

Which is currently very busy right now... I'm all over the place since I'm just a highschool freshman, who has karate practice (loves violence), a job (need money!), band practice (which sucks cause I want a break over the summer), and taking art classes pretty soon... And some other personal stuff going on, but that's only some of the reasons why I haven't been updating so much... But most of it is b/c of this damn writers block... I can't stand this... But I'll try to get rid of it somehow.

My thoughts have currently been going on about how President Bush is possibly sending assasins to kill bank accountants and steal their money and bribe the government to put us down... lol... j/k


Favorite Fics of Other Wonderful Writers...

Of course, I immediately have to recommend Red Sparrow's "Shadow and Light" one of the greatest fics on this website to me...
I've also noticed that Princess Zelda has a great story called "Big Black Clouds" which I find very interesting as well...


I scarcely more than muttered, "Other friends have flown before;
On the morrow he will leave me, as my hopes have flown before."

Then the Raven said, "Nevermore."

-Edgar Allen Poe "The Raven"

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