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My love for you was never ending.

I don't know why I'm sitting here thinking...

Thinking about how I used to love you.

That's right, I said "i used to love you."

Never ending thoughts shoot right through me...

I thought we'd be together... forever...

But I was wrong.

You betrayed me badly.

I meant my love was never ending.

It had no beginning and it had no ending.

Just think, we could have had each other.

But no.

You destroyed what love we had together.

Now I'm sitting here letting the thoughts flow

through me...

Thoughts of what we could have had.

I've learned to move on...

Just think, you have no one...

But i do.

You ruined what you could have had.

And that was me.

But now i belong to someone else...


(A/N: this is MY poem that I made up... so dont steal it... if you do ill figure out where you live, and ill hunt you down! lol... maybe i wont do that, but its mean to steal ppls work. if you do ill cry!)

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