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Chapter 1: An Old Home...

Link walked through the courtyard of an old abandon Castle. Debris scattered the land. This foreign land. This place looked familiar to Link, but he was sure he had never set foot here. As he walked across the dead grass nearing the castle, he stepped on something. He looked down, and noticed it was part of a sign.

“Hyrule Castle,” it had said. This place couldn’t possibly be Hyrule; the country of Hyrule that he had known was beautiful. The castle went high into the clouds. Flowers in the court yard, the sun shinning on any day. This place wasn’t Hyrule; Link had convinced himself of that. This was like an alternate reality; it had to be of Ganondorfs power. He had used ultimate power to make this waste land look like Hyrule under his control. ‘This place cannot possibly be the home I once lived at,’ Link told himself, ‘but why do I have the strange feeling that I am wrong.’

Link continued to walk toward what was left of the Hyrulian Castle. No, it was not Hyrule’s Castle, it wasn’t real. Link had jumped when he had heard laughing. Evil laughing. It echoed through the wasteland, making it seem like there was thousands of sorcerers laughing at him. Laughing at him because they believed that Link had thought this was Hyrule; but it wasn’t.

A figure glided out of the shadows, “Link! Hello, how have you been doing? Heh, I don’t care! So, do you like what I have done with Hyrule? Looks quite nice to me!”

“Ganondorf? What the fuck do you mean Hyrule? Oh, I see. This is another one of your tricks is it not?” Link retorted

“Excuse me, but it is Almighty Overlord Ganondorf to you! Damn, Link, you are so gullible,” The Almighty Overlord Ganondorf teased.

“Almighty Overlord Ganondorf? You have GOT to be kidding me! You and your imagination. I expected more of a challenge Almighty One!” Link said with sarcasm, “I don’t believe you! I KNOW this is not Hyrule. Nice try.”

“Link, you are so na´ve, and don’t forget ignorant. This IS Hyrule, yes, now that I think of it. This would have been a great, nasty trick I COULD have cooked up… But, I decided to do the real thing! Link, Welcome to Gangia. Formally known as Hyrule!” He started laughing uncontrollably.

“What? You mean…” Link cut his sentence short, his eyes widening considerably. This was Hyrule, Ganondorf would have done something like that, and he certainly had the power. But, if Ganondorf did have the power to rule Hyrule and make it his own, he wouldn’t settle for a stupid juvenile trick.

“Heh, heh, heh. Don’t believe me? Well, this might change your mind…” Ganondorf created a large golden orb of energy with his hands out stretched. Then, a figure was transported through the orb, and they fell to their knees at Ganondorfs feet. The orb faded away, it had done its job.

The figure was skinny, with golden hair. They had looked familiar to Link, but he want sure of who it could be. They turned to face Link; their face was half in the shadows, but Link, knew the face anywhere. It was Princess Zelda.

“Z-Zelda? What are you…? No, this cant be happening! This… this is Hyrule is it not?” Link stammered, staring into Zelda’s clear green eyes.

“…” She didn’t answer; she just looked in Links eyes, tears flowing freely from her eyes.

“Zelda, please! Answer me… Zelda…” Link
pleaded to the one he loved.

“Link, when you left long ago, The Almighty Overlord Ganondorf took this as a chance to take over Hyrule. He though that the goddess’ had given him what he truly wanted; the county of Hyrule…” She cried to Link struggling not to lose control.


“He slaughtered thousands of innocent people.
The ones who he hadn’t killed, he made them his personal slaves. I am not sure if any are still alive. He… he…” She stuttered, more salty tears flowing down her face, and dripping onto the ground.

“Tell me…”

“He killed… my father, and took over the throne. H-he made Hyrule into G-gangia…” At this she broke down, crying for her father, for the innocent ones who were slayed, for the slaves who died, for the slaves who were still alive, for herself, and for Link.

“Zelda…” Link ran over there and hugged her tightly, forgetting completely about Ganondorf watching quietly. He kissed her forehead, and wiped the tears from her face, and looked into her eyes. “Zelda, I do not know if I have ever told you this… but, I love you. Everyday that I was gone, all I thought about was the day in confessed my love for you…”

“Oh Link! I love you too!” At that, they shared a passionate kiss. Zelda moaned quietly, and Link deepened their kiss. When her lips parted he slithered his tongue into her mouth. They fought for dominance, but Link over powered her. He massaged her tongue with his, and explored her dark caverns. He pulled her close to him, as close as physically possible. He ran his fingers though her silky golden hair.

“…” Ganondorf stood there watching their intimacy. Clearly they forgot about him, no one forgets about him! He was the Almighty Overlord of Gangia. “Hem, hem,” he made a fake cough to get their attention, “Isn’t this sweet? Two young ones showing each other how much they love them… No, I don’t think it is… I think it’s sick.”

They pulled away from each other and glared at Ganondorf.

“Why don’t you crawl under a rock and die! No one wants you, so give it up! You’ll never be able to beat Link! He has the master sword!” Zelda spat at Ganondorf, looking utterly disgusted. ‘Link left long ago, in search for the Master Sword, and now he has it. I just know it. Once he found out he couldn’t defeat Ganondorf without it, he left immediately to find it… I guess it took longer then any of us thought. He’s been gone for almost 4 years. That was enough time for Ganondorf to take over. Now he will die at the hand of his nemesis…’ Zelda thought to herself as Link puller up from the ground.

“I finally have Zelda. The woman I have always wanted. But I still can’t believe that Hyrule has fallen so far, into Ganondorfs control. I was careless; it took me fucking four years just to find the master sword. But now I have it, now I can finally kill this evil man, and bring peace back to Hyrule.’ Link thought.

“Is this true?! Do you have the master sword?” Ganondorf screamed, showing a slight bit of worry. ‘Damn it, if that little piece of shit had that master sword, I could be defeated. No, I am invincible! But, I must be cautious none the less.

“Yes it is true? Why are you scared or something?” Link pestered.

“Oh trust me, I am not scared. Speaking of scared, are you? If I were you, I would be. I am MUCH more powerful than I was the last time me and you dueled. Come Zelda, we must go.”

“No you bastard, I am staying with Link!” She yelled, and turned back to Link and hugged him tightly.

“It’s okay Zelda…” Link whispered. ‘That wench, she will pay!’ Ganondorf screamed in his mind, clearly he was pissed at Zelda’s attitude. He unsheathed his sword and glided over to Zelda and raised it behind his head. Link opened his eyes just in time to see Ganondorf swing his sword toward Zelda’s head for a fatal blow. “Zelda, WATCH OUT!!” He tried to Push Zelda out of the way in time. Ganondorf had an evil grin on his face as his razor sharp sword neared Zelda’s head, the blow will her instantly.

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