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Author's Note: This is one of my older stories, so if it seems different than my other, it's because this one is older and my skills weren't where they are now. I really do hope you enjoy this short story. ^_^
~Total Darkness


The iron door slowly creaked open on its ancient rusted hinges; the smell of water was thick in the air. A young Hylian boy named Link stepped through before the door closed behind him, his faithful fairy following quickly behind. Link now stood in a room made of stone, dimly lit, with no windows but an identical door on the opposite side. The scent of water remained thick. Link cautiously stepped off the stone on which he stood and slowly moved across the room, his footsteps echoing softly off the walls as he went.

Approaching the door, Link slowly reached out and tried its handle only to discover that it was locked. He swore softly under his breath. He wanted nothing more then to get out of this aquatic labyrinth, to see sunlight again. He turned around and leaned on his right shoulder against the door, crossing his arms. His face was twisted in a frown as his ocean blue eyes stared at the stone floor. He was beginning to doubt that accepting this quest was a good idea. It was only bringing him pain and trouble. He had been within the bowels of the Water Temple for several days now without much sleep. Being down as deep as he was, time seemed to flow slower than on the surface. His reason for not sleeping was doing so would only mean he'd be in there longer and the creatures within hunted him relentlessly, giving him only a few minutes rest. The room he was currently in held no signs of life allowing him to relax yet he remained where he stood, his body tense. The fairy slowly floated down to his face, her glow soft.

"You can't stay here forever," She whispered. "If this door is locked, then let us try another way."

Link didn't answer, his eyes still locked on the ground and his face wearing the same expression. Without even giving the fairy the slightest of glances, Link straightened himself and moved in the direction he had come. He took no notice of it but a fine, white, bone-chilling mist began to set in and swirl around his legs. It finally hit him when he felt its cold touch against his skin. He came to a sudden halt, his fairy resting on his shoulder reassuringly. He blinked, hoping the mist would clear but to his dismay did not.

"What's happening Navi?" He asked, his voice slightly on the nervous side.

Navi only made a gesture the showed she did not know. Link hissed angrily between his anger clenched teeth. The sooner he was out, the better but this mist wasn't helping him any. Slowly the mist began to give way, large trees faintly came into view. Bird chirps rang through the air and the gentle gurgle of a small stream reached his long perked ears. None of this was there before and almost led Link to believe that this was the escape he had been waiting for. Link looked to his feet and probably would've fallen over in surprise in he had not caught himself. He was standing on the surface of water but it was like standing on solid ground. Fish swan underneath him, ignoring his presence. Link felt like reaching into the water and picking one up with his bare hands but cast the idea aside. He looked up at the sky. Most of the mists had retreated but some still remained. Grey clouds drifted lazily above and Link saw the hazy form of the sun, what looked like a fading white circle. The was a strange feeling in the air that Link could not place. He slowly looked about his surroundings and noticed a tall dead oak tree standing in the center of a small sandy island. Link began to walk towards it, the water rippling gently with each step. He felt drawn to it, like he was being pulled in by an invisible rope. He had to approach the island. Navi followed silently, no doubt she felt the strange sensation in the air as well.

Link stepped onto the island's sandy shore, the lone tree in its center seemed unnaturally tall and ancient. He went closer and the bark wasn't the color a tree should be, it was fire-scorched black. The tree itself did not appear to have been scorched but it was dead. He looked closer and saw holes that appeared to show the someone had drove their very fingers into the tree. It was at these holes, the black bark was darkest. The dark black seemed to have bled through the tree, like poison and it was this that had killed it Link decided. His next question was who had killed it. He and Navi were the only creatures down there capable of doing the job but not as thorough. Link gently brushed his finger over the bark around the holes, afraid the black would kill him too but settled down when he saw it had not. He wasn't sure why he was so interested by the holes but his curiosity got the best of him. Navi was silently watching and made no move to stop him. She felt it was time to let him do something that interested him and to have a break from his task.

Link looked like a little kid who had seen something for the first time, totally entranced. There was a strange feeling coming from the tree's side that was confusing to Link. It felt distant yet familiar. He rested a finger against his chin and thought while staring at the tree's side. He blinked and tilted his head to the side slightly; a small frown on his face and an eyebrow raised. Link stepped closer to the tree and placed his hands over the holes and slowly inserted his fingers into them. His breath escaped through his mouth in a soft gasp. His fingers fit perfectly within the holes. He immediately drew his hands back.

"How is that possible!?" He stammered softly.

He looked down at his hands. He had never been in this room before and could never do what the tree's wound presented. A cackle suddenly echoed through the air. A chill ran up Link's spine, one that seemed to freeze it. Another strange sensation washed over him. The laugh sounded like his own but this one had an evil, cold tone to it. A breeze picked up from behind him. What Link felt now told him he had just awakened the slumbering beast, the master of this place and he was the intruder. Link spun around, Navi hiding behind his neck. A shadow appeared under the water, swirling mysteriously. Then, a boy rose headfirst from it to stand level with Link, the boy's head bowed hiding his face behind his ghost white hair. His clothing was identical to Link's from head to toe, but jet- black. His skin was pale, very little color; so little in fact Link decided if the boy blushed as hard as he could, his skin tone would reach normal. He took an immediate disliking to the boy's skin but was glad that at least the boy had enough color to prove that he was alive. Link narrowed his eyes. There was something strange about this boy. Before Link could react further, the boy lifted his head, his eyes closed. That's when Link's eyes widened in horror. The boy snapped open his eyes, an unpleasant grin crept across his face. Link felt the pain of being stabbed in the heart and was thrown back to hit the dead tree square with his spine. When he made contact with the tree, it made a sickening cracking sound but did not snap. When Link regained his breath, he felt his chest and was relieved to find no wound. He slowly stood and his eyes locked with those of the boy but looked away quickly. Looking the boy in the eyes made his burn. The boy had piercing blood-red eyes that burned with fire. He had had two canine positioned fangs that shone eerily. Link looked at the boy again and this time his eyes didn't burn. There was a dark aura coming from the boy's body, seeming capable of squeezing the life out of anything it touched. It was then Link knew who had killed the tree.

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