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Link couldn’t sleep that night, so he woke up early and took Sheik into town square with him. The early towns’ people stared at Sheik because of his odd looks. Link noticed this, but kept on walking to a small shop in the corner of the town square. Link took Sheik and tied him up to a post outside the shop, and entered. He looked around and found a nice looking shield and picked it up from the shelf and walked up to the front desk to pay. The man asked for 80 rubies, and then Link paid the man, and went to leave.

“Excuse me young sir, I noticed your sword, do you mind if I take a look at it?” The man behind the counter asked...

“Not at all,” Link replied and brought the sword to the man. He examined it with great interest.

“Where did you get this? It looks oddly familiar…” the man asked with a slightly puzzled look on his face.

“Well, I pulled it from the stone that was in the Temple of Time. Maybe that’s why it is familiar to you,” Link told the man.

“Take this back, and please leave my shop… now,” the man said, with somewhat of a worried look on his face. Link took the sword, confused by how demanding the man was. As he went back outside he noticed many people crowding around Sheik.

“Excuse me; move out of the way… please!” Link yelled pushing through the crowd to get to Sheik.

“Look at it! That… that horse, or whatever it is, is evil! Run away!” yelled some people in the crowd.

“No! No, he’s not evil he’s good! And he’s not a horse, he is a winged unicorn,” Link yelled to the crowd as he reached Sheik.

“Ahah! Look, he said it was a winged unicorn! Those are known to be gone, never to return!” someone yelled at Link.

“If they were supposed to be gone, then why would this one be here? Tell me that if you’re so smart,” Link yelled angrily to the crowd.

“Obviously he used black magic to bring this… this ‘winged unicorn’ back. Leave now and never to return!!” Yelled a town person. Link, got the hint, and mounted onto Sheik and flew off towards the forest that he was at last night. Sheik flew down to the path in the woods, but didn’t land. He just flew some feet above the path. After a few minutes of flying above the path, Sheik was forced to land because the trees had become so dense he could no longer see the path. As they were trotting through forest, Link suddenly heard hooves, many hooves. Link looked around and saw flashes of white all around him. Sheik began to gallop and suddenly they entered a small clearing. Link looked around, amazed at what he saw. At least 50 winged unicorns. Link dismounted Sheik and backed up to a nearby tree. Sheik walked up to the largest winged unicorn, it was a pale while with a red mane and tail and a red diamond on its nose. It also had a red streak from the tip of its nose to the start of its tail. Sheik continued to walk up to the chief-looking winged unicorn until they were face to face with each other. Both of the winged unicorns and all of the ones surrounding them started neighing fiercely. The Chief winged unicorn backed up and then ran towards Sheik and kicked him in the chest with his front hooves. The force of the blow knocked Sheik over and he fell. At that time Link took out his Master Sword and ran towards Sheik. As Link reached Sheik he ran in front of him and pointed his sword at the chief winged unicorn.

“Stay back! If you come any closer to Sheik then I’ll cut you to pieces,” Link yelled at the winged unicorn.

“We will be back to kill this traitor! You can count on that!” The Chief winged unicorn said as him and the rest flew off into the night. Link was amazed at the chief talking to him; he certainly didn’t expect that to happen. Sheik got up, slightly bruised but okay. Link mounted Sheik and they flew off into the direction of the Forest Temple. They arrived after sometime, Link noticing that it was well into the night. Link dismounted and walked up to the door to notice that there was a chain and a pad lock on it. He was looking around trying to find a good stick to try and pick the lock with when he noticed a patch of grass missing with a painted yellow Triforce on it. Link figured he needed to play a song, so he took out his ocarina and played Zelda’s Lullaby, but nothing happened. So Link went and sat on a log; as Sheik started to fall asleep waiting for Link to hurry up, he sat thinking of how to get into the Forest Temple when it hit him. *I might not need to play a song, so I should go and talk to Princess Zelda and maybe she will give me some kind of key to open the door,* he thought. Link ran over to Sheik and woke him up, and mounted him. Link looked around as they were flying towards the castle and noticed it was deep into the night, he wasn’t sure if they would get to the castle by morning. Judging by how late it was they might get there around day break, he didn’t want to get there to early.

After a while of flying, Link and Sheik saw the Hyrule Castle on the horizon. Link was excited to see the Princess so he could get his key and then he could go into the Forest Temple and find what awaits him. They didn’t have much more to go until they reached the castle grounds. Link and Sheik reached the market, which was right outside the Hyrule Castle grounds, they landed. Link dismounted Sheik and walked to the entrance to the Hyrule Castle grounds. There was a guard right in front of the entrance, so Link casually walked up to him and asked him to open the gate.

“Why do you need to go to the castle?” The guard asked.

“Well, I need to speak with Princess Zelda.” Link replied looking annoyed because he was on a tight schedule.

“Well, you look safe… What is your name Sir?”

“My name is Link, now can I please see the Princess?” Link asked, now very annoyed.

“Yes, please go to the gate and they should let you in. But I must tell you, I’m not sure that the Princess will have time for you today or even this week. Maybe you should just come back some other time… Link...” Said the guard, eyeing him slightly.

“No thank you, I will try to see her now. I can’t give up; what I
need to tell her is important. Good bye.”

Link passed the guard and walked up the grounds to the castle. He reached another gate which was followed by a mote. Link walked up to the guard and told him that he needed to see the Princess.

“Yes, very well, please enter the castle and there will be another guard to call the Princess down for you to talk with her. You are very lucky that she has an empty schedule today.” The guard said.

“Wait, she has an empty schedule? But the other guard that I was talking to said that she was very busy today. Well that tells you whose lying and who’s not,” Link told the guard. Link walked up to the mote and waited as the draw bridge lowered. Then he entered the castle and approached the guard.

“The Princess will be down shortly to speak with you. Please come this way to the waiting room,” the guard told him motioning for him to follow. Link followed the guard into the waiting room and sat down on a comfortable chair. After a short while the Princess finally came down into the waiting room to speak with him.

“Yes Link, you wanted to speak with me about something very important?” Asked Princess Zelda.

“Yes Princess, I wanted to ask you if you had some kind of key so I can enter the Forest Temple. So, do you?”

“Well, come with me into the library it’ll be quiet there and, Link, I want to show you this ancient book I have, it might help you on your journey.”

“Alright, Princess, but you didn’t answer my question. Do you have the key to the Forest Temple?”

“Link, please come this way. Like I said, this book might help you. If it doesn’t then I will help you with your problem if you help me with mine,” Princess Zelda told Link, slightly annoyed that he wouldn’t come into the library. After a few moments of hesitation, Link followed the Princess into the library to look at the ancient book. The Princess sat down at a nicely polished table at the back of the library, so Link went over there and sat down across from her.

“So… Where’s this book that you were talking about, Princess?” Link asked looking around at the highly expensive looking library. As Link said this, Princess Zelda pulled out a large, old and very dusty book.

“This is the book I was talking about. Here turn to page 666, and read the second paragraph. It’s about you, when the last time you were here on Earth, it tells the person who reads it about what you did. You were the “Legendary Link’ you were a great hero and many were devastated when you were killed or banished or whatever. It might tell you what you need to know, if not then I will help you out only if you help me out.”

“Well alright…” Link said, then he skimmed the page and it gave him some info but not what he needed, “well this didn’t help at all. Can you give me the key or something…?”

“Alright, here I want you to learn this song, listen closely it might help you out with your problem,” Princess Zelda Said as she played the song, and Link quickly learned it.

“Thank you Princess, now what do you need me to help you out with?”

“Well it’s rather embracing… See my father wants me to marry this man, his name is Prince Volvagia. Everyone thinks he’s just this great man, but to me he acts very suspicious, I think that he’s just putting on an act to get everyone to like him.”

“Well, what do you want me to do? Break up your wedding or something? I’m sorry about your problem but it seems like there’s nothing that I can do for you,” Link replied.

“Well, not exactly, but I was hoping that you would talk to my father about this whole situation and try to get him to realize that I don’t want to marry him.”

“Okay, I guess that I could do that,” Link said to Princess Zelda.

“If you can’t put any sense into him, then on my wedding day will you come and destroy it, or break it up or something?”

“Well, since it’s you Princess Zelda, then I guess I can. When is the wedding day?”

“The wedding day is in about two months. Be there… Please?” Princess Zelda pleaded.

“Yes, I will be there. Now what was the name of the song you taught me?” Link asked her.

“It is called The Forest of Evil song. Now you better hurry up and find that stone! Good luck Link,” Princess Zelda said, slightly grinning. Link got up from the highly polished table and left the library. He passed through the waiting room and left the castle. Then he climbed down the many steps to the mote to leave the grounds of the castle. After he passed through the bridge and through the castle grounds and went into the market, he met up with Sheik. He mounted Sheik and they flew off into the direction of the Forest Temple.

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