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Link exited the Temple of Time and walked down its stone steps to the town square. He looked around as he was making his way to the drawbridge to leave the town below the Hyrule Castle; he was carrying his sword. A town folk glanced in his direction and noticed links sword.

"Look! That man has a sword! Run!" The town folk yelled to the town people, pointing viciously at Link. Everyone ran for cover, and Link looked around just then he noticed he was carrying his sword in his right hand for everyone to see.

"Drop the sword young man, and walk away slowly. Then put your hands where we can see them," yelled a guard somewhere behind him. He did what he was told.
Link sat in a dark cold prison cell under the castle. *Boy do I hate dark places...* link thought as he heard many pairs of footsteps coming towards his cell. As two guards approached Links cell, he jumped up and ran to the cell bars. As he did this he noticed a third man, not any man, The King of Hyrule.

“Young man, The King is here to speak with you,” a guard said to Link as he opened the cell door, “please come this way.” Link followed the guard out of his cell and into a small room with a few chairs and a wooden couch. The guards closed the door behind The King, *so it’s just me and The King, here all alone, in this room, I wonder if he will believe my story or not,* Link thought.

“Well, young… man, what is your name?” The King asked him.

“My name is Link, and I am here to find the three Stones of Time and to restore the Triforce of Time and banish Ganondorf.” Link replied proudly.

“Well, Link, what makes you make up far-fetched lies?” As The King said this there was a knock on the door and the guard came in carrying the sword the Link had.

“Your Majesty, this was the sword that, that young man was carrying. I think you better have a good look at it…” said the guard. The King took the Sword and gasped at what he saw. And what he saw was the Master Sword.

“I demand you tell me how you got this sword!”

“I pulled it out of the stone at the Temple of Time.”

“But… how... it can’t be! Surly he’s not… impossible… well he said his name was Link… not ‘the’ Link?” The King said more to himself than anyone else.

“Uh… Your Majesty, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what do you mean ‘The Link?’” Link said, confused.

“I have never seen you here before, Link. How did you get here?” Asked The King.

“Well…I remember waking up in this dark place. This voice was talking to me…” Link had recited what had happened in the other realm, “then he gave me this Triforce thingy, and I like warped here and I needed a weapon so I tried to pull that sword out of the stone and it just… came out.” Link finished up his story very lamely.

“It is he!” The King said with excitement.

“But how? Link was banished by Ganondorf centuries ago, it can’t be,” said a guard with a worried look on his face.

“But it is! As you said, he was banished; he was killed but since he hadn’t for filled his duties on Earth he went to another realm, a dark realm. He is sent to Earth again to do what he had set out to do! Give the sword to him. Link, you must go, find the Stones of Time. Go southeast of here to the Kokiri Forest; there you must defeat the evil monster inside that… forest temple thing. He might have the Emerald that you are looking for, if not look far and wide, all through Hyrule to find them. You must find them. Go, NOW Link. Good luck on your journey…” Said The King as the guard gave him back his Sword.

* * *

Link was currently searching through the Kokiri Forest like The King had told him to. But, he was hearing strange noises coming from somewhere close by. He took out his sword and began walking towards the source of the cry. He hacked away tall weeds and saw the strangest scene. Some large monster was attacking this, beautiful creature. This creature looked somewhat like a horse, yet far from it. It was pearl white with a black diamond on the nose, at the top of the diamond was a large horn proceeding out from the forehead; it had a black mane and tail that shimmered gold in the sunlight. But the strangest thing about this creature was that it had wings. It wasn’t a winged horse because of the horn, and because it was known that none were left. But it wasn’t a unicorn because of the wings therefore it was something like a winged unicorn. A large cry escaped the winged unicorn’s mouth. Link stopped staring at the beautiful creature in the strange scene and took his sword and charged at the beast attacking that poor winged unicorn. He stabbed the beast in the back, his sword sinking deep into the beasts flesh; right to the bone. As Link pulled his sword out of its back, blood was gushing everywhere, the winged unicorn escaped. The monster turned towards him and slashed at him, just then link realized he had no shield. Link jumped from the beast’s claws just before they would have sunk deep into his chest. Then as he was battling this beast, he heard a beautiful call and took the chance and looked up to see the winged unicorn soaring right to him. It flew close enough to the ground for Link to jump onto its back. As him and the winged unicorn flew off into the direction of the next town, Link could see the sunset: the sky was swirling with bright colors as the sun sank letting Hyrule flood with the inky black night.

Link and his winged unicorn landed in a town to find it completely dark. They went to a near by Tavern, and he tied up the winged unicorn in the stables behind the tavern. Just then he realized that the winged unicorn had no name.

“Okay, boy, what should your name be?” He asked the winged unicorn, at that time he just had a feeling at what the winged unicorns name was.

“Is your name Sheik?” He asked him even though he couldn’t talk. The horse looked at him and noticed he had golden eyes, which were twinkling. He took that as a yes. *I wonder where Sheik came from. Maybe tomorrow we can go back into the woods and I can look around for more, he’s such a beautiful creature.* Link entered the tavern to find it noticeably crowded. He walked up to the front desk where an old man was sitting behind reading an old book.

“Excuse me? Sir, I want a room for the night here…” Link asked the man.

“Okay, thas’ 45 rubies a night, an’ food, depends on what ya’ get. Ya’ can find the food down here. Here’s ya’s key. G’night,” said the man, in an odd voice.

“Thank you,” Link said as he walked to the bar to get something quick to eat. He ordered his food and ate quickly, then went upstairs to his room. He changed out of his cloths and put his sword on the desk and got into bed, and then blew out the lit candle.

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