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Link awoke into a dark place that was unknown to him. All he could see was darkness upon darkness. Not knowing where he was, he panicked. He screamed for help, but obviously no one could hear him. Suddenly a green light flashed followed by a red and a blue flash. Then link heard a voice inside his mind. *Obviously I’m going crazy if I’m hearing odd voices inside my head that I can't even understand,* he thought. So just for the hell of it he said, "Uh, what? I can't understand you, and who are you?"

"Who I am doesn't matter. As I was saying, a great and evil man, hardly even worth calling a man, killed you. But it is your destiny to ward off evil and to banish this man to the Evil Realm for good, never to come again. As you tried this, Link, he had killed you with a powerful spell, The Unspeakable spell. But you mere mortal, and couldn't handle this spell. Link, it has been centuries since this evil monster, Ganondorf, killed you. When he killed you he was banished also, to a dark place similar to where you are now. But, he has escaped and is invading the land of Hyrule..."

"Uh, I am the hero that is to kill of this... this Ganondorf? But, I don't remember anything."

"Yes, Link, you are the destined hero of Hyrule. Even though, you are from a small forest village, Kokiri, you are the hero to banish Ganondorf for good.

A young princess, Princess Zelda of Hyrule owns what is called the Triforce. The Triforce is three prisms, one blue, one green, and one red."

"The flash of light, green, blue, and red, does that have to do with the Triforce?"

"Well, no. On with what I was saying, the three prisms that make up the Triforce were made by three goddesses, they also created Earth. Din, Goddess of Power which is the red Triforce, Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom which is the blue Triforce, and, Farore Goddess of Courage which is the green Triforce. Each prism has its rightful owner. Zelda is Wisdom, Ganondorf is Power, and you Link, you are Courage. When each person has their Triforce they can form a circle their arms interlocked holding their Triforce, may chant and ancient Hyrulian spell to lock the three Triforces together to create one golden Triforce, The Triforce of Time. But young Link, little did Ganondorf now this. He shattered each Triforce. But as you were here in this dark realm Ganondorf figured out that the Triforce of Power belonged to him. He restored it, as did Zelda with her Triforce of Wisdom. I have recovered the Triforce of Courage, and I am here to give it to you," the disembodied voice told Link as he sat in silence concentrating on every word the voice was telling him.

"Okay, so do I have to find Zelda and Ganondorf to restore the Triforce of Time, or something?"

"No, not exactly. For each Triforce there is a stone to go along with it to make it functional to interlock with the other triforces and to be made into the Triforce of Time. But when Ganondorf destroyed each Triforce the stones were lost and haven't been found. These stones are called The Stones of Time. The Triforce of Power's stone is: Din's Ruby. The Triforce of Wisdom's stone is: Nayru's Sapphire. And the Triforce of Courage's stone is: Farore's Emerald. All stones together make them called The Stones of time, thus making the last piece to the Triforce of Time. Each Triforce is a triangular prism, when made into the Triforce of Time it is a larger triangular prism, but in the middle of the Triforce of Time is a missing triangle, where the Stones of Time fit. They don't make up a triangle to fit into the missing one; each stone is floating in the middle of the open space between each prism. You need to search to find those stones so the Triforce of Time can be restored."

"Okay, so need to find each stone so the Triforce of time can be restored, got that. But you said that in order for it to be restored each Triforce holder must chant a spell for each Triforce to be made into one. But that means Ganondorf will be present so there for he will take it, and won't that mean the whole of the world will be under his control?" Link said, unsure what the voice would tell him.

"You listen well young Link. That problem will be sorted out when it comes to it. You and Zelda will figure out a plan to get Ganondorf to help restore the Triforce of Time but not taking it for his own use. I cannot tell anymore to you young Link," the voice told him.


"Yes young Link, you have a question?"

"At least tell me how old I am, and how long have I been here? I have been pondering that since I awoke."

"Young Link, you are the age of 17. You have been here 7 years," The voice said to him, slightly amused at the unimportant question that Link asked it.

"Alright, but you said that it's been centuries since I tried to defeat Ganondorf and was sent to here. It is impossible for centuries to be 7 years..." said a very confused Link.

"Yes you are right young Link. It has been centuries for the outside realm but a mere 7 years for you. You were a strong lad when you took on the all-powerful Ganondorf, you were 10 then. You were just a boy. Perhaps that's why you couldn't defeat him, or maybe not. But Link, you are 17, the age to go into a real battle. As you were here you gained power, while Ganondorf lost power."

"Now I’m starting to understand."

"Yes young Link, you are now ready to enter this realm that Ganondorf is destroying. I now give you the Triforce of Courage, take good care of it, and never let Ganondorf take

As the disembodied voice stopped it's talking a bright green prism appeared in front of Link. *That must be the Triforce,* Link thought. Link looked around, darkness everywhere except for the Triforce. *The Triforce is the only source of light in this... this place. It must be producing its own light, how strange...,* Link thought staring at the Triforces beauty.

"Okay, now how and I suppose to get of here?" Link thought out loud.

"Good question, young Link. The place you shall go is the land of Hyrule. Take the Triforce and think nothing but the land of Hyrule and it shall take you there. Good luck finding the stones and restoring the Triforce of Time. Oh and you will need to learn this song: Zelda’s Lullaby…" said the disembodied voice as it played the song, and Link learned it then it faded away into nothingness.

Link took the Triforce and held it in his hands, and thought of Hyrule, nothing but Hyrule. A tingling sensation flowed throughout Links body and the Triforce brought him to Hyrule. Link opened his eyes. Light flooded a high ceiling room, he squinted, *where am I?* Link thought. He looked around the room as his eyes adjusted to the sudden light and saw a large stone door. Above the stone door it said in Hylian: The Temple of Time. On the stone door was a large picture, carved into the stone, of the Triforce of Time. Link looked down towards the bottom of the stone door and saw a large beautifully crafted sword, stuck into a stone block. Link walked toward the sword and read the markings on the stone, which the sword was jammed in. The markings said in Hylian: Thou who wishes to use this Master Sword for good, and to banish the Great Evil One, will be thou only one who has great strength to pull this Master Sword out of this stone. Link stared puzzled at what the stone said. *Well, I am supposed to banish Ganondorf and his evil... Oh what the hell, I’ll just try and pull this Master Sword out of this stone.* Thought Link. He walked over and grabbed the handle of the sword and pulled. Link thought he used great strength at first, but then realized that it came easy to him, that he just pulled the Master Sword out of this extremely hard stone without breaking a sweat. He was the 'Chosen One' the only one who could pull out the sword from the stone because he was only put back on earth to banish Ganondorf. As Link thought of this it dawned on him, that once, if, he banished Ganondorf he was to disappear from this earth as he did before. *Well, I’m here now and I must save Hyrule... No, the world from Ganondorfs evil plan to rule...everything...*

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