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A shadow fell across him as he moved forward. A large wooden door barred his way to his ultimate triumph. He would kill him. The man that stood beyond this last obstacle. After seven years of searching, this was it. The end. He was about to achieve ultimate revenge.
Goddesses it had been tough.
The entire continent was hunting him.
A criminal. They thought he was a criminal!
How could he kill the person he loved?
He couldn’t. But they don’t realize that.
How could they not realize that?
Shaking it off, he reached into his pouch and pulled out a small crystal. In it, was the very essence of fire. Din’s fire. Smirking, he tossed it at the door. The crystal shattered upon the door’s wooden surface, releasing the fire within it. The door quickly became consumed in fire, and at the same time, weakening, until it collapsed. Stepping over the burning embers, he walked into the next room. It was illuminated strangely, by blue fire, crackling on the candles’ wick. He wasn’t here. The man he had been hunting, was not here. No, only a mirror at the back of the room. A mirror? Why a mirror. The old man said he would be here. The old man said the killer would be here. Looking into the mirror, he saw himself. Link stared back at him. It couldn’t be? Could it?
‘Yes. Yes it could. It is!’
‘No. No!’
‘Fool. You did it. You have been hunting yourself for seven years. What a waste.’
‘Yes! Yes you foo1! It was so obvious! The blood stained clothes, the memory loss! How could you not see it?’
‘Shut up!’
‘You did it! You killed Zelda!’
The mirror shattered, sending pieces of glass into Link’s knuckles and hand. His bloodied fist hung there for a moment, before falling to his side. Link smiled.
Yes. It was true. Why didn’t he realize it before? He killed Zelda. And he loved it.
Well this is it. The end of the road. He knows the truth now. He reached down, and grabbed a shard of glass. Laughing maniacally, he brought it to his throat.

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