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Welcome one and all! To Cassie's show.

Link:I don't like that show! Can we change the channel?
Cassie:Link,hun This is MY show.
Zelda:don't EVER call Link hun!He is mine.
Cassie:NO he isn't.
Zelda:Yes he is.
Cassie:No way.
Zelda:Yes way.
Cassie:Fine he is yours
Zelda:No he is yours
Cassie*giggles* Okay if you say so
Cassie:So,Darunia are Gorons gay?
Darunia: No we are not... Well, then there's Goro....
Cassie:Where are the women?
Darunia:Let me explain:Technically Gorons can't multiply... We are all basically, evolved rocks...And fer some freakin' reason we are all male...And we treat each other like they don't think unnatural thoughts...
Cassie:Is that all?
Darunia:I think....
Cassie:Well there you have it folks! Gorons are not gay!But Ganondorf is!
Ganondorf:What?!Say that to my face asshole!
Cassie:What'd you call me? Son of a Bitch! Screw you!
Ganondorf:*flips Cassie off*Same to you woman!
Cassie:Hey!I'm Link's bitch only he can call me woman!
Link:That's right!Eh, woman get me a sandwhich!
Cassie:Aye men they are all the same.....

The end

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