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"Link, why? WHY? Why did you do this to me?" The green haired 10-year-old girl was crying and sobbing on her couch. The blond haired 10-year-old young child was gonna touch the girl, but she pushed his arm away. He felt awful and guilty about himself. He could only say one thing, "Saria, I'm sorry! It's just we weren't meant to be together! I didn't know what was happening and I didn't want to upset you!"
So the green haired girl is named Saria. She sobbed some more, harder than before. She managed to say throught her tears, "Well, you did upset me! Link, how could you do this to me!" She started crying again.
The boy was named Link. Link was very sorry for Saria. What could he do?
"Saria, I know you thought we were meant to be together, but we aren't meant! You knew since the day the Great Deku Tree took me in that I will grow! Now you understand why weren't meant to be together?"
Saria managed to stop crying, but she was still sobbing a little. She spoke a again, "Link, I just wanted you to have a happy life! I thought that if you knew, you would leave the forest! And you did! Sob! I should have never told you!"
She was on the verge of crying again, but Link's guilty look made her feel a bit happier. She wanted him to look guilty for what he did! Now he was feeling what Saria did.
"I hope we can still be friends." said Link hopefully.
"I hope so too." Saria had stop crying.
Now they were giving themselves a big hug. Saria saw the look on Link's face and knew he wanted to leave. Saria walked Link to the door. Then Link said before leaving, " Saria, I wanted you to know that I will be going to Hyrule Market right now. I'm sorry, but the Great Deku Tree told me I had to leave the forest and go there for my destiny. Well, I have to leave with Navi, so later, sis"
Sis. Saria tried hard to form a smile in her face. She just said, "Go. But please remember that you are like a brother to me. And soon you will be like my big brother."
Those were small words, but they meant a lot to Link. He knows Saria since he was sent to the forest by his mother. Saria's is now Link's ex-girlfriend and now best friend again.
Link nodded back to Saria and started to leave. He went to his house first before leaving. He needed to pick out a few things of his. Well, in second thought, who cares? He would be coming back. This was not the last time he would be in the forest.....yet.

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