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He'd managed to escape that boy, but not without a memory being seared across his left cheek. However, despite the boy knowing his evil intentions, he still maintained his position in the castle. A position that had some authority, but not enough.
As he followed his King to a meeting with military generals and advisors, discussing the rise of a new threat. This threat had amassed a powerful army of stalfos and other skeletal beings. This threat had manipulated a much trusted guard who had yet to be knighted by the King. This threat also seemed to have seven generals of his own. All of this, he was told beforehand when he talked with several advisors.
Still, this threat sparked his interest. The man's evil plans started flowing into his mind and he knew what he had to do. After this meeting, he would swiftly set his plan into motion...

All of Hyrule now knew of his power and soon all of Hyrule would be his. He could not keep still, as his greed grew evermore his patience would wear thinner.
He sent for one of his most loyal and trusted subjects. He gave him a mission and sent him on his way. He was to distract the boy, who had been a thorn in his backside for years, and his little 'army'. He would do this in order to complete an important step in his plan and the throne of Hyrule would almost certainly be his.
He leaned back on his throne and relaxed, comfortable knowing that the mission would be completed successfully.
After a few minutes of relaxing, a soldier burst into his room and told him that he had a visitor. The said visitor walked in not long after. He had an aura of confidence and arrogance around him. He also sensed that this man was powerful. He beckoned him to come forth and told the soldier to leave the room. They would have a meeting...

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