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A week ago, Link had defeated Ganondorf, the Gerudo king. Because of this, time turned back, as if none of it had ever hapened. Many people rejoiced, for peace had returned to the land of Hyrule. Still, something had been troubling Princess Zelda...

"Link, something is wrong!" She exclaimed.
"Zelda, don't worry," Link replied nonchalantly, "I defeated Ganondorf only a week ago."
Zelda paced the courtyard, traces of worry etched upon her face.
"But Link, I had another one!"
"Another what!?"
"Another dre--" Just then, they both felt a slight tremble.
"What was that?" asked Link.
Suddenly, the floor cracked, opening a chasm. The two ran for the door, but it was too late. The had fallen to their doom.

"Everyone! Under your desks, NOW!" Mrs.Ponsberry yelled, "This is not a drill!"
The kids rushed under their desks. They were in the middle of an earthquake, and things were begining to break. As Jess went for her desk, a chunk of ceiling fell on it. She was completely exposed. She went for cover, but there was no room under any more desks. "Damnit!" she exclaimed. OMG, she thought, I just said my first bad word. But there was no time for that. She got up and ran for the teacher's desk, thinking it might be big enough. Suddenly, she felt a throbbing pain. A rock had fallen on her head, and she knew it was bad for the dreadful pain peirced her head like a harpoon. She reached for her head and touched the wound. She looked at her hand and saw blood. A lot of it.
Her eyesight went fuzzy. She was blacking out. The last thing she heard was maniacal laughing, the kind that sent a chill down your back.

The smell of dust and rubble lingered in the air. Jess heard two unfamiliar voices. A girl and boy, a little younger than her.
"Zelda, look! Was she there before?"
"I don't know, but she looks injured."
Whoever they were, they were right. Jess managed to open one eye.
"She's awake! Link, give her some room."
Jess opened both eyes and heard an excited gasp.
"You're the one!" exclaimed the girl. Jess wasn't quite sure what was going on.
"What?" she asked.
"You're the one!!"

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