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     Link rode Epona through Terminia Field at a fast pace as the sound of cheering faded into the background. Approaching the large hollow log, he spied the now free Skull Kid. Slowing Epona down to a trot he slowly approached as the Skull Kid greeted him with a friendly smile. "I thought I might find you here"said Link.

     "Why what would you need to find me for"replied the Skull Kid "oh and by the way thanks again for saving me."

     "Well hey, at least we're not going to be crushed by the moon"Link said sarcastically."But I do need to talk to you about something more serious.I've been wandering around here for three days, although you and I know it has been at least thirty. But I'm getting a bit homesick, so I was wondering, would you mind showing me how to get back up that tree to Hyrule?"

     "Sure I've been wanting to get back to the Lost Woods myself"replied Skull Kid.

     "Alright that sounds good"said Link "I just have to go do a few things and see a certain banker about a certian large sum of rupees.

     "Meet me in the clocktower when your ready to go"said the Skull Kid who vanished into nothingness a moment later.

     And with that, Link was about to turn around when he spied that drawing again. Upon closer inspection it looked like new figures had been scratched into the bark. They looked different from the older ones, more fresh Link thought. What he saw made him smile, the revised drawing now included Link and the Four Giants that had helped him save Terminia. Still having a faint glimmer of a smile on his face, Link mounted Epona who had been nibbling grass until Link turned her and galloped back to Clocktown. Upon arriving, Link put Epona in a stable and handed the clerk two red rupees. He would leave her in the stables for the night he thought to himself. Turning, he entered the merchant section of Clocktown and went to go see the Banker. Walking up to the banker he removed his hat so it would be easier for him to find the stamp on his scalp. "Hello little guy"said the Banker in his usual greeting.

     "Hello again"said Link"I'd like to withdraw all my money and close my account."

     "What! did you just say" shouted the Banker "You have the largest share in my bank, are you sure you want to?

     Nodding his head in agreement, Link readied the large burlap sacks that he had brought with him for this. When the Banker finally looked up from counting he said "It almost makes me cry to see this much go but here you are, 67431 rupees all counted for you. 

     Link's eyes widened in wonder at the golden rupees that were being scraped into his bags from the table. then eyebrow quirked up as he saw the Banker toss the last green red and blue rupees into a bag. This is not gonna be fun Link thought as he put the sacks over his shoulders. After about an hour of huffing and puffing he had them safely stowed away under the clock tower where no-one woud find them. Deciding to keep about three hundred rupees on him, Link walked out to enjoy the carnival. Realizing just how hungry he was, Link decided to try some of the food here. There was a vendor selling steaks, buying three for himslef, he retreated into a corner by a deku flower to eat without being in the way. Wishing he still had his mask's he realized that he still did have "the one" still. Still deep in thought he was intterupted by one of the bomber kids walking up to him looking hungrily at the steaks he was eating. Knowing that the boy was from a family without much wealth. Link decided to give him a steak, it's not line I don't have the money thought Link humorously.

     Finishing his other two steaks, Link deicded he was still hungry and bought these things called "funnel cakes." After taking the first bite of anything really sweet in Life, Link went sugar crazy buying and devouring at least six more funnel caked in the course of a half hour. Looking into his wallet, he thought, I could really get used to living here, I just wish my friends were here with me... And that's what stopped his thinking about residing here. Getting up, he decided that he wanted to be at home in his bed when the stomach pains hit. Walking into the stables, Link retreived Epona and when he got to the Clocktower went inside. Attaching the large sacks of rupees to Epona she began to whine. Link affectionately patted her nose and she seemed to know it would only be for a while. Reaching the skull kid Link knew what he had forgotten. "Hang on for a second" Link said as he dismounted Epona and went running back down the corridor. I hope it's still there Link thought to himslef as he went running toward the astronomy. Vaulting over the small child "guarding" the entrance, Link laughed and wondered why he'd never tried that before. After going through the sewers and arriving in the Astronomy, he spied a very very dusty jar that he'd never broken before. Smashing it an oddly colored iron rupee which dissolved in his hand when he picked it up. Feeling his wallet shrink, he realized that he had lost ten rupees. That's just a little bit sad he thought to himself, passing the old man and going out the door. Link was overjoyed that the Moon's tear was still where it had usually fallen. Putting it away for later he got back equally as fast to the Clocktower. "What was that about" questioned the Skull Kid.

     "Just getting a gift for someone who gave me one"replied Link."So how are we gonna get back up there climb, warp, or wish?"

     "You just leave that to me"said Skull Kid "I used to go back and forth a lot and the easiest way to do it is to is to play that song you taught me."

     Playing the song that Saria had taught him, they were bathed in a green light and appeared at the top of the tree stankind in the grass with the bags Epona and all. Smiling Link knew the route home said goodbye to the Skull Kid who wished him well and then dissappeared. Riding home a trot, Link put his money and most of his items into his treehouse. But he kept "it" with him as he rode for Lon Lon Ranch. Tired and wanting some sleep, Link simply put her in the stable and left, avoiding the Statch children popping up everywhere, Link made it home a little after one in the morning. Climbing up the ladder to his treehouse, he paused in the balcony and took in a breath of fresh forest air. "It's been to long since I've been home" he said to noone in particular.

     Putting "it" into a secret drawer in his house, Link rested his head on his pillow and thought changing clothes required too much effort. Five minutes later he was asleep snoring loudly and dreaming of the next day's events. 

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