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It was a bright morning link was struggling to sleep but the sun's rays reached through his treehouse window,another bright morning link said then he remembered that zelda was coming over to have a picnic at 3 he got up and searched through his stack of tunics he grabbed one and looked at it he saw one grass stain on the arm sleeve no one will notice he thought he put on his heroic tunic and headed off towards saria's place when he got there he sat down at the table,well look who finally woke up saria said as link got out a bowl and cereal he got the milk and a wooden spoon as he prepared it link talked to saria, saria would you mind coming on a picnic with me and zelda? saria thought for a moment sure link i,ll get my salad fruits ready for it,[meanwhile at the castle]zelda wokee up at the sound of chirping birds she got up and remembered that she was going on a picnic with malon link and herself she stood looking in her almost hole in the wall closet she grabbed a red green and blue dress she put it on and fixed her hair shee looked at the clock it read:[1:57 pm] i missed breakfast and lunch zelda thought with a sigh [2 hours later]zelda played minuet of forest and closed her eyes when she opened them she was in front of the forest temple link and saria was there already good afternoon zelda link and saria said in unison zelda sat down and opened her picnic basket saria and link did the same [30 mins later] wow im stuffed link said zelda and saria nodded in agreement they all got up and cleaned up they parted ways untill the next picnic comes around.

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