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Finn was with Lukas, a boy who was not from this world but he has uncommon light blue hair and dark purple eyes and has skin a bit darker than the gerudo. He wore what clothing like Finn's(a kokiri outfit)but it was purple trimmed and black base coloured. They were both looking for a quest to do on the Royal Behest board.
"What should we do? I mean everything here is, like, really, really, stupid or really, really boring. Like household chore stuff," Finn said, rolling his eyes.
"Here's one: Find and capture the man that stole...Lon Lon Milk? He's tall with black hair, with gerudo like skin and wears orange," Lukas replied.
"It's better than each and every single one here," Finn said.
"He was last seen running across Hyrule to Kakariko and is currently staying at an inn there. Seriously? Too lazy to get the guards there? Oh well," Lukas said, yawning. They took it off the board and left Hyrule City, headed for Kakariko.

"Beat hurry up we've got to go now," Richard told Beat.
"Yeah, yeah one sec...aha!Got it!" Beat exclaimed.
"Got what?"
"None of your business,"
"Okay, lets just leave the village to go to Hyrule Castle as the Princess wants us there, for the letter, remember?" Richard said putting a high tone in his voice at the end.
They checked out of the inn and went down to the steps that were the entrance/exit to Kakariko. At the bottom of the steps they bumped into a boy wearing a kokiri outfit and one wearing similar but with different colours. He also had light-blue hair. Beat looked at the kokiri boy first and then the strange looking one.
"Hey, Navi, know that boy up there?" Beat said, pointing to the Kokiri dressed boy. Navi came flying out of his pocket.
"Hey how about that weird one?" Richard said "Where do you think he's from?"
"Not here," Navi said.
They continued on until they got to Hyrule Castle. It was a slow walk because they really couldn't be bothered to walk all that way quickly.
"What could Zelda want?" Beat thought in his mind. Zelda was in the throne room. Looking distressed.

"Aw man, seriously?! You've already arrested the guy?!" Finn shouted, annoyed because he had to walk a long distance.
"Yeah sorry kid, tell you what heres a few rupees," said the inn keeper and he gave them 20 rupees.
"Dude, seriously? Twenty frickin rupees? Rip-off man," Finn said, still annoyed. Not wanting to say anything more Finn and Lukas exited Kakariko Village, to trek along the vast Hyrule Fields...again.
"They need to make a better system," Finn said.
"Yeah I know, they make a behest that they've already done a week ago, and they don't take it off is just plain wrong,"
They were close to the Castle Town and it was getting dark.
"Oh snap, run!" Lukas shouted and ran off to the drawbridge followed by Finn. They got there in time so that drawbridge didn't close but they were now alone, in a dark, Castle Town.
"Hey, lets go in here," Finn said and headed off for a random building to their right.
"Finn you can't just-!" Lukas started to say but was cut off by the sound of a door opening and closing.
"Ugh, gotta go follow him now,"
Lukas entered the same building Finn went into. There was a guard there.
"Hey what are you doing in here?" he said.
"Nothing," Finn and Lukas replied in unison.
"Ah heck, it gets lonely in here anyways. Come sit down,"
They sat down on the floor.
"Let me tell you something secret that I heard being on duty at the castle," He said in a low voice. He looked around. "I heard the King of Hyrule's last advisor Lake, no, Jake? Something like that. Anyways I heard he was actually evil and that he's ran off somewhere with some guy in a skeleton costume"
Finn's eyes widened. "When are you next on duty at the castle?"
He smiled,"Tommorrow, just get some rest and I'll wake you up to smuggle you into the castle"
"Thanks," Lukas said and went straight to sleep. As did Finn.

Lukas felt like he was being shook.
"Wake up! Wake up!" Finn said.
"Huh, what? Oh yeah the castle," Lukas replied.
"Come with me," the guard said.

"I wonder what Zelda will talk to us about," Richard said.
"Same here," Beat replied.
They entered the throne room. Zelda turned to them.
"I know you must-" Zelda was cut off to see a boy dressed in kokiri clothing and another boy who looked similiar but his features told you he wasn't from around anywhere in Hyrule. However she recognized the kokiri boy.
"Beat, Richard don't let them come near me!"
"No, no Princess! Its not like that!" Finn exclaimed.
"Then whats it like?" Beat said cracking his knuckles.
"We heard that Drake ran off with a guy in a skeleton suit and since we know about Drake and we've been in a few scrapes with him, we thought we'd check it out," Finn said, very fast and scaredly.
"A guy in a skeleton suit? Skull King is not is not some guy in a costume...relax I won't hurt you," Beat said,"In fact I think we can help eachother. What do you think Princess?"
"Alright, but I don't trust you," Zelda said pointing a finger at Finn.
"Alright, first introductions," Finn said,"I'm Finn Jackson and this is Lukas. He's not from around here,"
"I'm Beat Grimsley and this is Richard," Beat replied.
"So, now that everyone is done with introductions, I will explain what I saw," Zelda said,"I saw our former advisor Drake on the back of a skeletal horse and a skeletal man on top of it. I don't where you got a skeleton costume from, but anyways I saw them head into an open crack in the air,"
"No, not again," Lukas mumbled.
"What do you mean?" Finn asked.
Lukas sighed,"The place I was from, another world was destroyed by a rip in the air or an open crack, I saw that to save myself I had to jump in. Luckily, my family survived because they jumped in aswell but I guess that they got sent somewhere else too. I also got this weird shard in my pocket," He took it out and held it up. It was amazing, on the inside it shined different colours: white, red, green, blue, purple, light blue the whole spectrum.
"Wow," Beat said.
"I think we need that to make a crack in the air to get to where they are," Richard said.
"I don't think so, we might get sent somewhere else," Finn argued,"Was there anything else you saw?"
"I also saw that my family went one way, I went the other," Lukas explained.
"Ah, so its a matter of direction," Beat said,"Thats easy just go the way they went"
"Yeah but they could've gone any way, dumbass," Finn said.
"Guys!Stop! Lets test it out in the Castle Courtyard, no?" Zelda offerred.
They all nodded their heads in agreement and left the throne room. The courtyard was just to the left of it so they didn't go very far. Lukas stood in front of them all.
"Okay, Lukas just throw the shard," Zelda ordered
He threw it. It hit the ground and...nothing happened. He was about to pick it up when suddenly a rip appeared and opened up.
"Lets try going to the right," Beat offered. Everybody, except Zelda jumped in.
Once in, because there was no real footing they had to wave their arms about, swam to the right until they saw light.
The next thing they knew they were on a field in the middle of nowhere.
"Great where are we now?" Beat said, groaning from the pain of the bad landing he got.
"Not Hyrule and nothing down here, I think like everything is in the sky," Finn said, looking upwards.
"What?" Beat asked and looked up. Surely enough there were the bottom of the sky.

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