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"I, Archer of the Kokiri, would wish for my friend to gain an army of fighters to save his people."
"I, Beat Grimsley, would wish for assistance in saving my people."
"I, Peter Baker, would wish for a way to save the Gerudo from civil war."
"I, Ace Gold, would wish for my dear friend Ivy's hand in marriage."
"I, Edmund Vanders, would wish for the hand of Princess Zelda in marriage."
"I, Vakanos, would wish for peace between Vakans and TerraSliders."
"I, Ivy Elson, would wish for freedom from Ace Gold."
"I, Mido of the Kokiri, would wish for a meeting with the King."
"I, Link, would wish for assistance in freeing the Gerudo."

"This wish ceremony is taking forever!" muttered Navi.
"Yeah, but did you see Link's face when that Edmund guy said his wish?" giggled Tatl.
"Or Beat's when Ace made his?" laughed Tael.
"Shhhh!" shushed Penny. 
"Hey, that Edmund guy was who helped me find you guys." whispered Gwen.
"Oh, he was the one who knew about us." muttered Richard.
"Sixty-four entrants, sixty-four wishes." moaned Skull Kid.
"Shhh! The knights are speaking!" ordered Penny.

"I, Sir Leonardo, would wish for my brother Richard to become a knight."
"I, Sir Percival, would wish for a wedding of royal proportion for my sweet Emily."
"Alright. That's the final wish. Now our King and Princess, will make their speeches." announced the judge.
"Thank you Ricky." stated the King. "Ladies and gentlemen, Zoras and Gorons, TerraSliders and Vakan, Hylians and Humans, Kokiri and Gerudo. You are all here to fight for a wish. Many of you have wishes for wealth, but some have wishes for peace. I noticed a large group all saying they wanted to help the Gerudo, they all want to save a race they have little relation with. Some want a marriage, to my daughter or not. But the one that caught my eye was the Vakan's wish for peace. He denies his races rivalry with the TerraSliders, and wishes for peace. Tell me is there a better wish?" announced the king.
"I must say I'm surprised Father. You failed to notice the Kokiri joining us for the first time. They have left the forest, and entered our competition. Let us welcome the Kokiri to the outside world." after Zelda's speech, the crowd applauded.
"Good point your majesty. Now, tomorrow the Blazing Fist Fighting Cup, begins. We shall hold a grand festival to kick off the cup. You are all welcome to partake, your friends too. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I wish you all the best of luck. If you just joined the crowd, I'm Ricky Hudson, royal master of ceremonies. So have a blast at the festival."
The crowd then cheered and went to explore different parts of the town festival.

"Leeooo!" roared Richard running towards his brother.
"Richard?" gasped Leo as he was tackled by his brother.
"Don't ever embarrass me like that!" ordered his brother pounding on his chest.
"Ah, Richard, long time no see." laughed Sir Percival.
"Yeah hey Percy. Now don't do that again Leo!" shouted Richard.
"Hey Leo." greeted Beat. "Richard, get off, or I'll shout to everyone about Maribelle."
"What about Maribelle?" growled a voice behind them.
"Oh, you're her brother. You're exactly how she described you." stated Richard noticing the pale boy behind him. 
"Caesar, lay off, nothing bad is going to be said. Beat doesn't have the heart to do it." laughed Link.
"Link you need a new shield!" gasped Beat.
"Why?" he asked pulling it out.
Beat punched it and it cracked. "It's broken." he laughed. The shield fell apart, and Beat gave an evil stare.
"Right I think I'll go get one." stammered Link running off.
"Wow, strong and handsome." laughed a kind voice behind them. Everyone turned to find Zelda standing behind them.
"Your majesty! I apologize." gasped Beat kneeling in front of her. Everyone followed his example.
"Relax. I thought it was rather amazing you can do that. How did it not hurt?" she asked.
"Practiced it. I punch things a lot. It hurts but doesn't kill. My main fighting style, open hand combat." he laughed standing up.
Richard left with Caesar to ask about something. Link returned to join Beat and Zelda. The knights had wandered off together to find something to eat.
"Hello, Princess." greeted Link.
"Link, Sheik told me you came back. And you have already got your first Sage Warrior." replied Zelda.
"Speaking of which where did Archer go?" asked Beat.
"I saw him head towards the windmill." answered Link. 
"Would you like to meet him Princess?"
"Sure, lead the way, Link." agreed Zelda.
"You two go ahead. I've got some warming up to do. I'll meet you two at lunch." Beat said as he walked off. "That spring will help me, my own meditation." he muttered.

Gwen was following Archer, where to, she didn't know. All she knew was he was adorable, and needed see how cute he could be. Unfortunately he knew she was following him. He ducked off into a back-alley and vanished. She didn't know he used his hookshot to climb onto a roof.
"Hmm. Now I just need to find Mido. Oh there he is!" he thought to himself running along the rooftop.
He dropped next to Mido and scared him.
"Agh, what's wrong with you?" he gasped.
"Why meet the King?" Archer asked.
"To make a law to make it so Kokiri are free from small charges of crime. We aren't sure of laws outside of the forest, so I thought if I talked to the king he'd understand what we were doing." explained Mido.
"I see. Oh look here comes Link. You brought the Gilded Sword, didn't you?"
"Yes I did, and let me leave before he shows up."
Mido ran off before Link arrived with the princess.
"Your majesty, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm aware you know of what's going on. I'm Archer, Forest Sage Warrior." introduced Archer.
"Relax Archer. I was already told about you. You are quite a loyal friend to Beat." laughed Zelda.
"He's like a brother, he protected me when he didn't even know me." stated Archer staring off. 
"Would you like to join us as we wander the festival?" invited Link.

Richard was around the Willow family home. He saw Tiffany and smiled. Caesar still didn't like him though. Good thing their father wasn't there.
"So how are things at the castle?" asked Caesar staring at the ceiling.
"I've been traveling. Helping a guy named Beat."
"The Gerudo?"asked Tiffany.
"Yeah, I met him at a bar. Took him to see the king because he caught a wanted man. Ended up on a journey to save the Gerudo. I decided to leave the fighting to Beat and Link." explained Richard.
"Oh, so you know those two." sighed Caesar. "Any ideas about Maribelle?"
"Caesar!" moaned Tiffany. "Can't you let him be? He loves our sister."
"Ugh!" he muttered blushing. "I kinda wanted to ask you something about her."
"What is it?" asked the two siblings.
"I want to marry her." he stated still blushing.

Navi was with Skull Kid and his fairies. They roamed the town looking for games. They did find a small stand that caught their attention.
"Oh dear. The imp." hissed the man behind the counter. "I must apologize for this but please leave."
"I already apologized for doing it! I was possessed!" pleaded the Skull Kid. "Besides I've got money to buy a mask."
"Oh really? I'm sorry for my rudeness, please forgive me. Which mask interests you?" asked the Mask Salesmen.
"That one!" laughed the Skull Kid pointing to Keaton mask.
"Ahh, one of my favorites. Here you go, ten rupees please." he said handing his customer the mask. He looked at the rupee he was given. "This is more than it costs."
"It's to show how sorry I am." replied the Skull Kid putting on the mask. He walked off followed by the three fairies.
"Huh. The curse was broken swiftly. Majora's Mask has no more control, and he still begs for forgiveness. My employers will be interested by this." muttered the mask salesmen. For the first time he opened his eyes, and revealed them. They were not bloodshot, like when he's angry, they showed their true color. A pale grey-green, looked upon his wares. "The Goddesses will be surprised by this." he said turning. Then his stand emptied of all wares inside it.
"Did you see that?" asked a Zora to his human friend.
"No, I didn't see that man vanish." denied his friend closing his eyes tight.

Beat stood waist-deep in the spring. It's warm waters preventing his muscles from cramping. He was in his swimming shorts he had Emilia make for him. They repelled the water only letting his body exposed to the water get wet. His movements didn't disturb the calm spring, not even a ripple showed as he moved. He assumed many stances that poised his body to attack. He was so absorbed he didn't notice someone watching him.
"That looks fun. Can I join you?" asked a familiar voice.
"Sure. After all, you probably need to warm up for the fighting." Beat invited. He turned to find Ivy, standing there in a blue swimsuit. 
"I suppose you're right. Do you think this is fitting enough?" she asked with smile.
"Two-piece is your thing. I think it's perfect." reassured Beat walking up to her.
"You certainly know how to flatter a girl." she said teasingly.
"I was cursed with a silver-tongue. My only flaw, besides my fiery temper." laughed Beat. "Feel the water it's warm, so you can do whatever warmups you do without cramping. I always do Sheikah meditation. I could teach it to you."
"Sure, I need relaxation anyway." she replied entering the warm water.
Beat taught Ivy the motions, and soon she was moving without disturbing the water. She calmed quickly, worries leaving her body. She was amazed by Grimsley. She had shared a passionate kiss with him, even thought they hardly knew each other. He had spent the time before sunrise with her, talking about things going on. Neither had mentioned a love-life, but they both felt a bond. They were going to have to find the explanation for these feelings. But it wasn't anytime soon, because they had a visitor.

"I think it's fine." repeated Tiffany.
"And like I said before, I don't!" shouted her brother.
Richard was stuck in a family argument and only one man could stop it. And lucky for Richard, he entered the room.
"Tiff, I'm home... And you've got a visitor." he gasped in surprise. "And Caesar here too?"
"Daddy, you should remember Richard. He was Mary's friend back when we lived in town. He works as a guard now. He asked a question, and I need you to settle this." explained Tiffany.
"Fire away Richard. It's been years since I'd seen you. Mary writes to us about you."
Richard blushed, and then asked, "Can I have your blessing to ask Maribelle to marry me?" 
The man stood there dumbfounded. He looked to his daughter who nodded vigorously, and his son who shook his head. The man wiped his forehead and sat down. "I need a while to digest the question. Can you come back tomorrow?"
"Of course. Take your time." nodded Richard. He rose from his seat and left.
When he exited the home he wiped his brow. He was worried they would say no. Caesar did, will their father say no too? Richard needed a drink. He looked around and saw Skull Kid playing with the fairies. He walked up to his young friend and talked to Navi.
"I'm headed towards a tavern, wanna join me? I'll buy." 
"Richard, our one shared quality. You can count on me to go with you." she laughed turning pink with anticipation.
"Good, let's go. I am way too stressed." he sighed wiping sweat from his brow again. 
At the bar they found the two knights talking to a young guy. He was dressed like a Kokiri but wasn't recognized by Navi. He was cracking jokes that made everyone in the bar laugh.
"And I told the guy, 'I am not going to judge your life style, but you try to sacrifice me to Vaati and I will break you.'" ended the boy. Everyone laughed and several drunks fell out of their chairs.
"Ah, Richard come here!" invited Percy. "This is Finn, he entered the contest. His wish is to find his father. Isn't that a great wish?"
"It's not that important." shrugged Finn. "Leo told me about this Beat guy. He seems well trained. Can you introduce me to him?"
"I would if I knew where he was." sighed Richard. "I had gone to talk to a friend of mine's family. He wanders off a lot. You have to watch for him."
"Please, probably left to find that girl he was with." hiccuped Navi who had stolen a drink of Leo's glass.
"A girl? The sly devil. Who is it?" asked Leo with a laugh.
"I dunno." shrugged Richard. He took a drink of a glass handed to him and wrinkled his face. "What is this crap?"
"Nayru's Brew. It has a different taste for everyone. Mine is pretty sweet." laughed Navi.
"You shouldn't let a fairy drink, they have problems handling it." advised Finn.
"She started on her own. I can't stop her." replied Richard drinking the foul liquid again.

"Hey, Beat?" sighed Ivy.
"What's wrong?" he said turning to her. She then splashed him with a big wave.
"Nothing." she smirked.
Beat pushed his hair away from his eyes and smiled. "It's on!" he laughed before diving under the surface.
They splashed each other for a while. They had been doing the stretches for two hours. They needed to have some fun. Beat dove under Ivy again and slowly resurfaced behind her. She quickly warned him.
"Stay low. Try to get behind one of the rocks over at the other end. Ace is coming I feel it."
He nodded and slowly sunk to the bottom before swimming off to the rocks. He watched Ace walk to the edge of the spring closest to Ivy. He couldn't stand what he was doing to her.
"Hello my sweet. Why are you here all alone?" he asked.
"I was relieving stress through meditation. A friend taught me this." she replied sadly.
"You know, I think we should go enjoy the festival. You and I could go have lunch. I want to talk about your little joke."
"I meant what I said about the wish." she stated.
"Very funny. Now let's go and talk. You are going to marry me!"
"No I won't!" she refused.
"You will obey me!" he shouted. He mounted one blade on his arm and pointed it at her. He advanced blade pointed at her. "Maybe a little humiliation is in order. How about I cut the strings covering your breasts?" 
"Ace don't, please!" she begged.
"Begging will get you nowhere." he cackled.
Beat couldn't stand any more. He jumped onto the rock, and jumped up. He landed beside Ace and landed a firm fist to his stomach.
"I advise you stop there if you wish to keep that blade whole. I can easily snap it in two. Much like I what I can do to the arm attached to it. Leave her. Wait till you win before you start selecting flower arrangements." growled Beat.
Ace saw the hatred in Beat's eyes. He spat on the ground and left. 
"Thank you so much Beat!" sighed Ivy. She ran up to him and hugged him.
"No problem. I can't stand watching people act that way. Especially when it endangers a woman's safety." shrugged Beat.
"Well, you certainly saved me and my dignity. Would you accompany me for lunch?" she invited.
"Certainly. I would love to join you. I believe you haven't heard my violin, or met my friends. But first, we should get you a safe place to stay." rambled Beat.
"I need to change into dry clothes, so look away." ordered Ivy.
"Yes ma'am." saluted Beat before he spun on his heel. He followed a dragonfly's path with his eyes as he waited. "Ivy, keep me waiting and I'll have to peek." he teased.
"Try it, I dare you!" she laughed. He turned to find her blade pointed at him. She was dressed differently. She was wearing a silver-blue dress going down to her knees. She wore her blades on gloves she wore.
"Wow! You look stunning!" gasped Beat. "Were you waiting for me to turn?"
"Yeah. I was. Thanks for the compliment. Now let's get my stuff from the windmill." she said pulling him along.
Beat had been dragged several times, but he enjoyed Ivy's the best. He could get used to her hands. He felt something for her. "But you said the same to Malon," he thought to himself. "Why am I always getting feelings for the girls I meet?"
"Oh dear. Ace is in there, I can't get my things." she whined.
"On the contrary, you are in the presence of a Gerudo. I'm bred to steal. Plus a Stone Mask helps. You wear it, I'll distract him." he then ran inside.
"Why did I fall for an idiot?" she muttered as she put on the mask. She walked in and saw Beat sneaking behind Ace. She laughed when he yanked her bag from under him.
"You ass!" screamed Ace.
"That's rude." teased Beat.
"I'll crush you!"
"I don't think that will be fun." replied Beat sadly.
Ace equipped the blades to his boots and dashed at Beat. He let out a roar and charged.
"Oh shit!" gasped Beat. He jumped out of a open window and ran screaming "Shit, shit, shit, shit!" 

Richard walked outside accompanied by Finn. As he walked out he saw a body laying on the ground, blood oozing out of it's body. 
"He's a human." gasped Finn.
"Get the knights. I'm gonna try and help him." 
"Right." nodded Finn.
Richard pulled a pack out and started stitching the gashes.
"Leave me," gasped the man. "I don't have much time. Beware the man with fiery hair." after that final warning.
"I'm not letting you die!" shouted Richard.
His shout attracted the attention of the local guards. They saw Richard covered in blood and arrested him. As he was dragged off he saw the knights and waved. His brother was outraged but the guards held him back.
"Hey, do you think I can make bail?" asked Richard sarcastically.
"Quiet murderer!" shouted a guard.
When they finally dropped him in a cell, he sighed. He sat on the cold hard floor. 
"Damn it!" he roared. "Jacob, he did this. He has to be the one."
"SHUTTUP!" shouted the guard.
"Screw you!" howled Richard.

"Your majesty, this is an outrage!" roared Leo bursting into the king's chamber.
"Leo, Percy, what's wrong?" gasped the king.
"Richard's been arrested for murder. He was covered in the blood of a man he was trying to save. The guards wouldn't listen to me. They tossed him into a cell, I know it! Oh I'm gonna kill someone!" howled Leo.
"Leo, you are my friend, and I know you only mean the best. But you will be no better than the man who got your brother arrested. So snap out of it!" shouted Percy seizing his friend by the scruff of his shirt.
"This is an outrage! Granville, go pay Richard's bail. I will go find those guards."
"Two things your majesty. One stop calling me Granville," started Ricky, the royal master of ceremonies, "and two, another body was found. This one was a Zora. Same slash marks as the human. Both were registered in the competition."
"Dear Farore!" gasped Percy.
"Two murders and it's not even night. How were they killed in broad daylight?" shouted Leo. "Ricky, forget my brother for now. Get Zelda, bring her here."
"Zelda first, then Richard." nodded Ricky as he ran out he door.
"I pray for her safety." sighed Percy.

Link, Zelda, and Archer were visiting several food booths getting junk food.
"Man, this candy stuff is great." laughed Archer.
"Haha, Archer you haven't seen anything yet. Wait till you try meat. It let's you grow muscle." laughed Link.
"Where does meat come from?" asked Archer.
"I think we should tell you later, after you've tried it." suggested Zelda. 
They laughed and talked until they heard shouting. Coming from two directions. One was Beat, with shouts of fear. The other Richard, shouts of anger. Beat's seemed to be closing in on them, and it was.
"Look out, I've got a crazy fan!" warned Beat as he passed his friends.
"That's that Ace guy! Archer stay with Zelda, I'm gonna go help Grimsley!" ordered Link rushing towards his friend.
"What the hell just happened?" asked Zelda.
"I don't know. But is that the master of ceremonies?" replied Archer.
"Princess, you need to return to your residence, now! It's not safe." warned Ricky. "Young Archer, please tell her to do as I advise."
"I think you should, he looks worried." advised Archer.
Suddenly an ear-piercing scream filled the air. They then saw a man with a black cloak circling him. Only a blazing red eye was visible.
"Where's Grimsley?" he roared.
"Run!" shouted Archer grabbing his hookshot. 
He ran forwards and aimed it at the monsters head. But before he could release the claw, the beast turned and faced him. A dark fear ran through Archer's body as he looked into the eyes.
"You!" hissed the beast.
"Oh Dear Nayru, I'm screwed!" he screamed.

Beat heard the scream of his friend and stopped running. He turned and ran back towards Archer. He jumped over Ace, and ran. He grabbed Link and followed Archer's voice. When he found Archer he was pinned to the ground, a monster in a black cloak sat on him with a jagged sword pointed at his neck.
"Let him go!" ordered Beat.
"Grimsley, I finally get my revenge." cackled the hooded monster. It rose and stood tall. Clenching it's fist around the blades handle. "This is for what you did to me in Baygreen!" it howled lunging towards him. But it was cut down by a flying kick by Ace.
"If anyone's killing Grimsley, it's me. But I know you kill for pleasure, not vengeance." 
"Hmmmm? You think that can stop me?" roared the beast. It rose and revealed it's face.
"Oh my goddesses!" gasped Link.
"Wavecrasher, I thought I killed you." sighed Beat. "You caused quite a stir."
"I assume you know who brought me back right?" cackled the former pirate.
"Judging by the lack of a face I'd say Skull King. But you were enhanced by Jacob. And I assume he let you stay in control so you would fight the same too."
"Not bad kid. But now you will pay for killing me, Onua Wavecrasher!" he howled.
"Link, get everyone away from here. The guy is dangerous, and won't hesitate to hold a hostage."
"No Beat, I'm staying. This guy is strong." denied Link.
"I'm staying too." nodded Ace.
"Count me in." added Archer, forming his symbol on his eye. He drew his hookshot and something happened.
It glowed green and enveloped Archer's right arm. When the glowing ceased he had a metal hand. It was the same green as the medallion shining in the palm. The metal climbed up Archer's arm, forming a protective shield around his arm. He noticed a small bulge near his hand. He looked and saw a fiercely polished spearhead inside. He then recalled Saria's explanation of what it could do. 

"Come on, let me out! People are in danger, let me help them!" screamed Richard as he pounded on his cells bars. "Let me out, please." he sobbed.
"Well only because you said please." laughed a familiar voice.
"Gwen, I never thought I'd be glad to see you." laughed Richard as he ran out and hugged her. "Where're the twins?"
"Safe. They stayed with Ms. Willows. Now come on, you're needed by Beat." 
"Right." nodded Richard. He ran to an armory and found a rapier, and a staff. "Use this." he ordered handing it to her.
"I'm not helping!" she exclaimed.
"It's so you can protect yourself, now go to the twins." he ordered. 

Ivy could feel the danger. She dropped her stuff off at Beat's cart and then flew across town using her bladed shoes. She saw the small group facing a skeletal figure. She decided to try a sneak attack. With a leap in the air she shouted to get it's attention.

"Ivy!" gasped Beat. He saw her plan and waited till everyone was ready. When she shouted he unleashed a narrow flame column that enveloped the monsters head. Link lunged forward and used his special spin-attack. Archer shot the spear through it's head. And Ace jumped up to bring a bladed boot crashing into the skull. The monster fell apart after the skull was destroyed. All that remained was the sword, and a red spirit.
"Damn you all!" it roared. "Now I'll never regain my body! I was a Bone General. I had power, why am I being defeated by children? My lords forgive me!" he roared as he dispersed in embers.
"I'm considering keeping the sword. Anyone else want it?" asked Beat.
Nobody answered so he brought it along with him. He found Richard running towards them, as they left the battleground.
"Are you guys alright?" asked Richard.
"Fine. Now take us to the king." replied Beat gruffly.
"I think I should, instead." answered a new voice. Suddenly Leo appeared next to them. "I'm here to inform you that the king would like to speak to all combatants participating in the contest. Richard, you come too."

When all members of the tournament gathered they were greeted by the king.
"Attention all contestants! We will be canceling the tournament." 
This was greeted by several shouts.
"This is ridiculous! We traveled for days to get here!"
"Just because a spirit attacks?"
"All of you silence!" roared the master of ceremonies. "Two entrants were killed by that spirit! A Zora by the name of Cobal, and a human named Luke. We are short two fighters, that's why we are canceling."
"Well, maybe we could get two more entrants." shouted a male voice. The owner of it stepped forward onto the stage. "I'll enter. Jackson Fright, wishing to gain access to the royal library."

"Link, your Triforce is glowing." whispered Beat.
"Your Antriforce is too." replied Link.
"He seems familiar, I don't like him." muttered Archer.

"Alright one new entrant. Now we need one more." announced Ricky. "I believe I know who else can enter. Richard Mellow, please step forward."
"Oh crap." murmured Richard as he walked up.
"Your wish?" laughed Ricky.
"I wish to marry Maribelle Willow, a royal maid." he replied boldly.
"Alright new contestants. I wish you all stay safe. We may not be under the attack of just one person. Please enjoy your lunch." shouted King Hyrule before leaving.

"Din, why did you make me enter?" sighed Richard.
"Relax, you dont have to join the Gerudo Corps." joked Beat. "Besides, I may be changing my wish."
"What do you mean?" asked Link, following his friends gaze. "Who's she?" he asked looking at the white haired girl in a blue dress.
"Ivy. She helped us, I should help her. She is being forced to marry someone she hates." explained Beat.
"Hey Beat we've got a visitor at our carts!" hollered Penny.
"Come on let's go." shouted Beat as he and his friends ran towards their carts. Beat's heart sank when he saw who it was.
"Malon?" gasped Link.
"Fairy-Boy!" she laughed running up to him. "I knew you were nearby if Epona was here."
Beat tried to sneak off but was seized by Richard.
"Beat!" exclaimed Malon. She ran up to him and hugged him.
"Hey, Malon." sighed Beat half-heartily.
"What's wrong?" she asked.
"Well, you see I... I'm... I, oh dammit! I.. I am too confused!" screamed Beat running off.
"What happened?" yawned Gwen, awaking from a nap she had in one of the carts. "Oh, it's you."
"Gwen. No! Bad girl." shouted Penny throwing a pouch at her. It hit Gwen, and knocked her out cold. 
"What did I do?" sobbed Malon.
"It's not you Malon. He's just a little conflicted right now." explained Richard. "I think we should tell you what we're really doing."

"Dammit, shit!" screamed Beat as he entered the Graveyard. He ran to back and saw a fenced off area. Perfect for someone trying to get away from people. He jumped up and entered the cave. He found a platform similar to the one he saw in the Forest Temple. "A temple?" he gasped.
"The Shadow Temple." stated an unfamiliar voice.
"Are you the Shadow Sage?" asked Beat turning to face a large female Sheikah.
"Yes, I am Impa, one of the last Sheikah."
"No, you're not the last Sheikah." denied Beat.
"And why do you say that?" she asked lowering her head to look him in the eyes.
"I was raised by a whole tribe of Sheikah. We're by a town called Lanru, full of Sheikah. You should visit."
"I'm not alone?" she gasped.
"No." replied Beat shaking his head. "Now if you'll excuse me I need to go wallow in self-torment and hatred. I'm having troubles." he sighed.
Impa watched as he crawled into a corner and hung his head. "His appearance is similar to the boy of the legend," she thought.

"Wait, that's why he's like that?" asked Malon.
"Yeah, he's probably torn trying to find who it is he cares for more." comforted Penny hugging Malon.
"I just wish we could help." sighed Archer.
"I feel his pain." stated Link leaning against the cart. "Surrounded by girls who care for you, and you are really close. I am in the same situation. Just not with two girls."
"Hey I'm a perfect candidate too!" hissed Gwen grabbing Link.
"I still have more than three. There are even girls in Termina, I have feelings for. Romani, Cremia, those two had me torn. Plus I have three here in Hyrule. I'm not even counting Ruto, she scares the piss out of me." explained Link. "It's hard to make a choice when people love you, but its harder when you love more than one of them. I kinda feel relieved though. I now know one of them doesn't like me that way. Wait I just remembered, Cremia thought of me as a friend! Dammit, I had my ego tricking me. Now I'm tied with him."
"Who just left your list?" asked Gwen.
"Never mind that. We are talking about Beat."
"Hey Link, weren't we having lunch with Her?" nudged Archer.
"Right, sorry we gotta go." waved Link running off with Archer.
"Great, left with an imp, three fairies, a man-eater, and the twins. Malon I can handle, everyone else, hell no." muttered Richard getting up. "I'm gonna look for Grimsley.
As he walked away he ran into Ivy.
"Umm, excuse me?" she asked.
"Yeah?" replied Richard.
"Is that Beat's cart?" she asked pointing to the cart Skull Kid sat in.
"Yeah, why? You need to talk to Beat?"
"He said I could come by after the announcement. I left my stuff here before I went to help him with the demon thing."
"You're Ivy, he told me about you. I must say, you picked a horrible time to come here. A girl named Malon is..."
"Oh? Malon? Beat told me about his kiss with her. Is he there?"
"No, he ran off screaming he was confused. He's torn between you and Malon. I was about to go look for him. Wanna join me?"
"Yeah, I wanted to talk to Beat about something over lunch." she sighed.
"Don't worry, if we don't find him I'll treat you to lunch." smiled Richard.

"Ok, I think I'm calm." sighed Beat. He had begun doing Sheikah Meditation to relieve his stress. 
"May I ask what's troubling you?" replied Impa.
"It's girls. I'm torn between two of them. A Hylian named Malon, and a TerraSlider named Ivy. I have feelings for both of them, but I can't tell who they're stronger for." explained Beat.
"I must say, you are quite entertaining. I've heard of you from Nabooru, and Saria. You are hiding from the problems you have again. With this one you need to realize someone is going to be hurt. Nabooru warned you, now someone will get hurt. I will train you with my family's secret style. Then I will give you some clothes that you can fight in."
"Alright. I think I know who I feel stronger for anyway. But alright let's start training."

Link and Archer joined Zelda for a nice salad lunch. They ate near the gate to Death Mountain. They were just finishing up when a boulder came rolling down towards them. Link jumped up and stood in front of his friends, shielding them. But the boulder popped open revealing Darunia.
"Hello my friends!" he laughed heartily. "I thought I'd come see the tournament. Several Gorons entered you know."
"My brother!" cheered Link running to his Sworn Brother. He quickly regretted it for he was trapped by a death hug.
"Darunia you're crushing him!" gasped Zelda.
"Oops! Sorry Brother."
"Ki..kill me, end my suffering!" wheezed Link.
"Ok." shrugged Archer pointing his hookshot at Links head.
"Don't do it!" screamed Link cowering on the ground.
"Gotcha." laughed Archer.

Ivy and Richard had no luck. They searched the entire town.
"Did we check the graveyard?" asked Richard.
"Yes, three times!" sighed Ivy. "Where is he?"

Beat collapsed onto the cold hard floor. He was exhausted. She showed him a technique he knew he saw before, but never mastered.
"That was my brothers style. I had just learned it when we were separated. Oh Timber, wherever you are, be glad to know your teachings will live on."
"Wait," wheezed Beat. "Timber? His name's Timber? I knew the style was familiar! It's Chief Timber's style." he laughed sitting up.
"My brother is your chief?" gasped Impa.
"Yeah, I tried his teachings for a day, but my adopted mother Emilia made me stop."
"Emilia's alive?"
"Oh yeah, since you're related to Chief, you're related to Emilia because she's his sister. Wait that makes you my aunt. So..."
"You call me Auntie Impa and I will snap your neck."
"Threat acknowledged. Shutting up now." replied Beat in panic.
"You finished the training so I'm giving you a change of clothes. I know how Emilia will react. I'll step outside while you change."
Beat observed the shirt he was given. It was tough, and light. 
"Huh, tough to prevent tears, and a nice feature no sleeves. Black, Ooh with the Crying Eye symbol on the chest, perfect!" he laughed.
He pulled off his tunic, dropping his sword onto the ground with his hookshot. He pulled the new shirt on, and approved of the fit. He then put on the gloves Talon had given Richard. "They match." he thought. He looped the cord holding his spell next to his bombchu bag on his belt. He decided to place the rapiers scabbard across his back, and tucked the hookshot into his bombchu bag. He tossed his empty knife sheath aside, and found some bandages. He wrapped around his elbows down to his gloved hands.
"Hey Impa, have any war paint?" shouted Beat.
"Yes, do you want some?"

Richard had convinced Ivy to look one more time before quitting. Good thing he did. When she entered the graveyard she saw a Dark-skinned boy, with Hylian ears standing on the large headstone in the back. He noticed her and smiled. He then vanished only to reappear next to her.
"Hi Ivy." he greeted.
She screamed, and then slapped him. "Stop doing that! And where've you been? And what happened to you? And..."
"I am going to stop you there. Let's get that lunch I promised you." he laughed.

Richard sat on a crate a short walk from the graveyard. What he saw surprised him. He saw Ivy, return with a completely different Beat.
He had strange symbols painted on his arms. A Sheikah crest on his chest. Plus he now had a gold ring in his left ear. 
"Hey Richard." greeted the new Beat.
"What the hel..." started Richard.
"Don't you start that too!" growled Beat.
"Where were you?" asked Richard.
"Spending time with some distant family. I met my aunt, and told her where to find her siblings." shrugged Beat. "She pieced my ear too!"
"Enough! I am starving, now one of you two men feed me!" ordered Ivy pushing them.
"No blades?" yawned Beat, "where'd you leave 'em?"
"Your campground." she replied. "Now let's go before I eat Richard!" 
"I'm gonna pass. I think I'll head back to camp." sighed Richard. He waved goodbye as Beat and Ivy headed off towards a stand.
Richard strolled back into camp to find Malon more relaxed.
"Hey there young Ms. Lon." laughed Richard. "Feeling better?"
"Much, after Gwen left I was much more relaxed. Peter ran off with Skull Kid. Now Penny is entertaining the fairies." explained Malon.
"Ah, I see. Well, I came to relax." he sighed climbing into the cart. But he was greeted by a scream from Penny and fell onto his behind.
"What happened?" asked Malon looking at Richard's glowing red face.
"He peeked at me changing!" shouted Penny.
"Penelope, you should of told me so I could have kept him from entering. Your fault, not his." explained Malon.
"Alright, sorry Richard." apologized the embarrassed girl.
"Hey Malon, why'd you come to town?" asked Tael landing on her shoulder.
"Oh? I was coming to watch the tournament." replied Malon.
"No other reason?" asked Tatl, hinting at something.
"Nope." answered Malon.

Beat and Ivy had decided to get a picnic lunch and take it to their small spring. Beat pulled out two glasses, and handed her a glass.
"Watch this." he advised taking an orange they had in the basket. He pinched the juice from the fruit, emptying it into her glass. "Freshly-squeezed." he laughed. He then took a piece of the orange rind and put in his mouth, making him look like a fool.
Ivy burst out laughing at her friends antics. "Beat, you are hilarious. I love that about you."
"And here I thought it was my devilish looks." he laughed.
"Oh shut up!" she laughed giving him a push.

Peter was getting to know some of the entrants. He met with a boy named Lukas, who was here to cheer for his friend Finn. Finn was off looking for somebody.
"Do you know where he is?" asked Peter.
"Huh, I doubt it. He was look for someone named Rimbey, or something like that. I have no clue where he went." sighed Lukas.
"I know where Finn is." laughed Peter.
"Where?" asked Lukas.
"Behind you." replied a voice.
They turned and found Finn with a new shield. He had a large bow that he wore across his back. And at his side was a beautiful sword that gave off an air of purity.
"Nice to meet you Finn. I'm Peter, and the girl running towards us is my sister Penelope." introduced Peter.
"Hey there. I'm just stopping off. I can't find Beat, and Richard isn't in prison anymore."
"Wait Richard was in prison? I'm gonna go kill him now. Feel free to stay." stated Penny running off.
"I think I've doomed Richard." laughed Finn.
The sun began to set and everyone gathered in front of the well. They were holding practice matches there to warm-up the fighters. Only eight were going to fight, but it was exciting. The eight entrants were Ace, Beat, Vakanos, Finn, a boy named Allen Shade, Sir Percival, Link, and Peter. The fights were decided by King Hyrule himself. He paired Link and Percival, Vakanos and Finn, Ace and Beat, and Allen and Peter. "Good luck." wished Richard and his friends. "Heh, Link needs the luck, I've got skill on my side." laughed Beat. "Don't get yourself beaten before the competition." pleaded Malon. "You're doubting him? Beat will win for sure." stated Archer.  "All right, all right, nobody thinks I'll win. Let's go Grimsley." sighed Link dragging Beat. "Wait! Your taking me away from my adoring fans!" shouted Beat. Beat found himself on a special bench for those participating in the fight. He sat next to his Vakan friend and Finn. "Oh, you're Beat?" asked Finn. "Yeah. I am. You are?" "Finn. I lived with the Kokiri for awhile. But I left when I was told I was Hylian. I heard stories about my father, so now I'm searching for him. But enough about me. I want to know about you. Leo told me about how you fight. I wanna face you in the finals of this." "Alright, I'll see you there. Ooh, nice block Percival." muttered Beat. Link battled well, he blocked most attacks with his shield, and rolled under Percy to trip him. Link hopped onto the knight's back and pinned him to the ground. Link held his sword against his neck until the knight conceded the fight. "Next fight, Finn versus Vakanos." announced Ricky. "Good luck you two." sighed Beat leaning back. "How'd I do?" asked Link sitting next to his friend. "Pretty good, until you pinned him. You left your left side unguarded when you dropped your shield." "Aww who cares?" yawned Link. "Your opponent. If he can find an opening to attack you he will use it. Percival probably didn't do anything to preserve his energy for tomorrow." explained Beat. Link lowered his head, realizing he was allowed to win. Finn and Vakanos fought really well. Vakanos used a giant halberd against his Hylian opponent. But Finn was unaffected by the size of the weapon. He used a sword to ferociously attack the weapon causing it to vibrate fiercely. When the vibrations were too much the Vakan dropped his weapon, allowing Finn to attack. Finn jumped at the Vakan but was grabbed by the arms and thrown aside. "Haha, I'm a blacksmith, I'm used to vibrations like that!" laughed the Vakan warrior. Finn rolled to his feet and slammed his shield onto his opponent's back, causing him to fall to his knees. Finn sheathed his sword and drew a bow and notched a shaft. "One move and I'll shoot!" he shouted. The Vakan raised his hands, sighing "I surrender." "Wow, what an upset! Now it's time for Ace versus Beat." announced the referee. "I'm up!" laughed Beat. Ivy watched from the sidelines as Beat began to fight Ace. Beat seemed so relaxed. He made his foe look like a fool as he dodged effortlessly. He tripped to avoid a flying tackle, and rubbed his head comically asking how Ace ended up on the ground. "That boy is a fool." laughed a voice behind her. "Relax, I'm just here to enjoy Grimsley's show. It still amazes me he had to let Archer fight Jacob to win." "You're Edmund, that guy who wanted to marry Princess Zelda." she replied. "Yes, and I think my friend was a fool to lose to him." Beat laid on the ground looking at stars as he waited for Ace's next attack. "Look! Nayru's Gown, that constellation always looked beautiful." he shouted rising to point out the formation. As he did that Ace planted his blade into the ground. "Dammit, quit playing around!" roared Ace. "But I'm having so much fun!" he whined. "Fine, but you'll need some new blades when I'm done." Beat then rose to his feet. He cracked his knuckles, and shivered with anticipation. "I'll give you one last attack before I start getting serious." His taunt made Ace turn red as he lunged for the Gerudo. But this time, instead of dodging the blades, he caught them. "Hmm, not steel, easy." Beat smiled and snapped the edges off of the blades, making them useless. "My turn." Beat then punched Ace right in the stomach and sent him flying toward a wall. Before He smashed into it Beat caught him, and threw him towards the stars. Beat then jumped against a wall, kicked himself off launching towards Ace. He grabbed Ace by the collar of his shirt and slammed him into the well. There was a great splash, that soaked Ricky on his stage. Beat climbed out and shook himself dry. Ace crawled out and laid there shivering. "Sorry, I warned you." laughed Beat as he walked off. "I'm not done!" shouted Ace. He tried to rise but fell. "I'm not done." "Save it for tomorrow. Besides you need to fix your little blades." Beat replied sternly. Richard was amazed at what he saw. So was the rest of the crowd. They all stood silent as Beat walked to the bench where the other fighters waited.  Malon was amazed that Beat had been hiding his strength. But she then recalled the day she saw him show his dark-side. He seemed to have been protective, but was that even a fraction of his power? Archer laughed. He was told by Saria and Will how Beat had fought Jacob when he had passed put. Exactly as he pictured it. The well was a good extra added in, he got to see people get soaked. Ivy's reaction was different than the others. She cheered when the crowd was silent. She was truly happy to see Ace beaten. Her cheers motivated Beat's friends to cheer. First Link, then Archer, Richard, Gwen, Malon, Penny, Peter, even Finn and Vakanos. The entire audience cheered at the amazing fight. "After that fight, we have a stunning victory by Beat Grimsley. Next up, Peter versus Allen. Can someone get me a towel?" shouted Ricky, master of ceremonies. "I'm drenched." sighed Beat. He wiped the smeared war patterns off his arms and removed the soggy bandages. "I need to dry these." "Hey, nice fight!" congrafulated Finn. "Thanks. You know you two are fighting next, right?" "Yeah. But we know each other, even though it's been awhile since we've seen each other, right Finn?" asked Link. "Yeah, we finally get to have a fight against each other." laughed Finn. "Huh, friends facing each other in combat. Who will win?" sighed Beat. "I dunno, but I know Peter's having a tough time." replied Link pointing to the fight. Peter was not doing well. He was being pushed around by this kid and his staff. Every attack was blocked and countered. Peter was getting mad. He was also getting sloppier. He swiped at his foe with the rapier he borrowed from Richard, but had it knocked out of his hands. Then Allen began hitting Peter all over. He knocked him to the ground and twirled his staff pointing an end at Peter's forehead. "I'd surrender now." stated Allen straddling Peter's downed body. "Well I'd do this!" shouted Peter kicking his opponent in between his legs.  The whole male audience gasped in pain. Allen eyes watered and a tear rolled down his cheek as he fell onto his side. Peter ran to retrieve his weapon, but before he reached it Allen threw the staff at Peter. It hit him in the back of the head knocking him out cold. "Allen Shade wins. Next up, semifinal match one Link versus Finn." announced the host. He still had a towel draped across his shoulders. "Good luck." laughed Beat. Princess Zelda sat bored in her seat. She wanted to be closer to the fight and watch. She watched Link's fight closely like everyone else. Beat sat in silence watching the two boys fight. He watched as the attacker would be pushed into a defensive stance quickly. Finn was often on the offensive, but Link dodged the sword swipes and blocked once. He put his shield up and rolled aside to avoid a downward slash. He jumped up and tried to pounce on his foe. "Tsk, idiot." muttered Beat. Link jumped right into Finn's shield making his nose bleed. Link wiped the blood and dodged a horizontal slash. He backflipped to avoid a stab and landed in the well. Link climbed up and was quickly ceased by Finn and pinned to the ground by his friend. Finn stood on Link's arm, and had his sword pointed at Link's right eye. "I give." muttered Link. "Wow, that lasted longer than I thought." laughed Beat walking out to help him up. "Link is defeated. He will get to face the loser of the next fight to see who places third in this fight. Beat and Allen are fighting next." "Hey Allen, I think you're gonna die!" shouted a girl slightly older than him. "Shut up Alice, I can handle this." he shouted back. Beat stood in the center of the ring, waiting for his opponent with a grin. "I hope you don't mind me saying I'm gonna win without moving from this spot." yawned Beat. "Big words." muttered Allen. "Fight!" shouted Ricky. Beat stayed his ground dodging every attack. "Miss, miss, miss." laughed Beat moving his head to avoid swipes. "Miss!" "Shut up!" howled Allen swinging at Beat's feet. "Another miss." sighed Beat as he jumped and landed on the staff. "I'd let go if you don't want this getting broken like Ace's toys." advised Beat. Allen refused to let go and tried to lift Beat with the staff. "Huh, they never learn." muttered Beat. He lifted one leg and brought it down snapping the staff like a toothpick. "If you wanna try again I'll understand." Allen roared and swung with the portion of his staff he still had. "Oh my, looks like I'm gonna stay true to my word." laughed Beat. He kicked the part of the staff he had under his feet up and caught it. It was small but would serve it's purpose. Beat threw the hunk of wood he had at his opponent and hit him in the head. Allen fell to the ground clutching his head. "Oww! Ow, ow ow ow!" screamed Allen. "Beat wins." laughed Ricky clutching his sides. "Next we'll have Link versus Allen for third." "Screw that! I'm going to fix my staff!" shouted Allen stalking off. "Link wins by default." shrugged Ricky. "Finn versus Beat. Now prepare for your fight." Finn walked into the ring and shook hands with Beat. "Good luck Beat." "You too."  nodded Beat. "Ready? Begin!"  Beat jumped back to avoid the first swipe of Finn's sword. Finn sheathed his sword and drew his Mad Bow. He notched a shaft and fired at Beat. "Oh please." yawned Beat. He grabbed the arrow out of the air and snapped it in half. Beat then vanished from everyone's sight. He reappeared next to Finn. "He's not there anymore." he whispered in Finn's ear. Finn jumped back and drew his sword and shield. "I don't know how you did that, but you're not gonna sneak up on me again." "I just did." whispered Beat in his ear again. Finn swing his sword at thin air. Beat stood next to the well and waved. He then dashed towards Finn. Finn raised his shield to defend himself. "Thats not gonna work." muttered Link. Beat punched the shield and it broke in two. Finn gasped in shock but that made matters worse. Beat seized Finn by his collar and pulled him close. "You're gonna get wet." he laughed. Beat threw Finn into the well, and laughed as Finn made a big splash.  "I give, just get me out!" laughed Finn. Beat helped him out and shook hands. Finn them pushed Beat into the well. "Not cool Finn!" he shouted climbing out. Richard pulled Beat out, and punched Beat on the shoulder. "Not bad." "Just shut up." growled Beat. "Congrats Beat." laughed Link. "Great job!" cheered Archer. "Huh? What happened?" yawned Peter. "Beat won moron." sighed Penny. "Guys please stop. I'm exhausted." wheezed Beat. "Beat Grimsley, please come to the podium." shouted Ricky. "You're required to claim your prize." "There was a prize?" gasped Richard. Beat claimed the reward of a kiss from Princess Zelda. Beat blushed after the kiss. He rubbed his cheek where she kissed him. He wandered away and was confronted by Malon. "So, you enjoy the kiss?" she asked. "A little. I mean how often do you get kissed by royalty?" he shrugged nervously. "I've kissed royalty." she laughed moving closer to him. "Oh? Who told you?" "Richard. Now, could I kiss the king again?" she asked getting close enough to reach him. "I don't know, there's kind of another girl. She..." "Do you love her?" she asked. "Yes, but I..." "Love me too?" "You read me like a book." "Just so you know, I won't give you up without a fight." she stated poking him in the stomach. She then kissed him before running off. "Oh my goddesses why am I in this situation?" he sighed. Link then came running towards Beat. He grabbed him and began shaking the Gerudo. "How'd it feel?" "What?" "How'd it feel being kissed by Zelda?" he said shaking him. "Alright. I mean she kind of kissed the king of Gerudos. So yeah, it was ok." "I hate you." sighed Link. "Come on. Everyone is eating at the cart. Richard made soup." "Food, best thing I've heard all night!" cheered Beat running to the carts. Malon walked up to Zelda, and curtsied. "Hello Princess." "Malon, great to see you!" greeted Zelda hugging her friend. "What's wrong?" "Beat. I can't figure him out." she sighed. "I doubt anyone can. He seems pretty confusing." "I mean, I can't figure out who he loves! I love him, but does he love me too?" she sobbed, tears filling her eyes. "Malon relax!" comforted Zelda stroking Malons red hair. "He will tell you how he feels." "He also said there was someone else." she cried. "Malon, well then you have to fight for him. Hurry up and win him before I try to take a shot at it." teased Zelda. "Alright, I will try to win him over, before he falls for that Ivy girl." "I must say, your soup is amazing Richard!" cheered Archer. Skull Kid nodded in agreement.  "I Love it!" sighed Ivy in joy. "Heh, soup makes us happy!" stated Link holding out his bowl for more. Beat laughed with his friends. He was relaxed. Things couldn't get any worse than they had been today. Oh wait, they could. After everyone fell asleep Ivy crawled next to Beat. "Mind if I lay with you? My blanket isn't that warm." "Sure, I'd love to make you happy." whispered Beat. "Why don't you let me make you happy?" she whispered with an evil grin. She pulled the blanket across the two of them and laid on top of him. She pulled him close to her, and kissed him passionately until they fell asleep. Beat found himself with Ganondorf and Nabooru. But they weren't in the same void they usually met in. "Like my new quarters?" asked Ganondorf.   "Real cozy." shrugged Beat. "What's up?" "You've got two people targeting you, both work for Skull King." explained Nabooru. "No idea who, but we know it. One had to have entered, but the other couldn't so they had a Bone Soldier go around killing contestants." suggested Ganondorf.  "Jackson has to be one!" exclaimed Beat. "Maybe, or maybe they wanted him as a target, Richard too." sighed Ganondorf. "But we know they will reveal themselves. Plus you have a radar to find out who one is. Your Antriforce." reassured Nabooru. "But this isn't my main message. You seemed to forget my advice." "Which bit? Because if it's running your wrong I run a lot." joked Beat. "No, choosing a girl and not breaking any hearts." reminded Nabooru. "You have to cut him a break. He's young, and you couldn't expect Ivy showing up." sighed Ganondorf. "Alright, quit talking about my love life! Sheesh, my life isn't a romance novel!" shouted Beat. "Just be prepared. Someone will end up hating you." warned Nabooru, as she turned into mist. "Oh don't mind her. Enjoy your stay here." Ganondorf laughed plopping onto a sofa. "It is a nice place." sighed Beat relaxing in a cozy chair. "Yeah, the sages moved me into a less isolated realm. Of course I'm still banished, but I was given more freedom. I even get a few books to read. I'm mainly focusing on finding more about the Antriforce." "Alright congrats. But if you'll excuse me, I've got to rest for tomorrow. First round starts. And they decided to make it so a new round every day. I'll see you next time I pass out." sighed Beat before he vanished. Beat found himself back in camp. He was hugging Ivy close to him. He smiled and pulled her closer to him. He kissed her on her head, and went back to sleep. "I guess I'm going to hurt someone, but I couldn't stand hurting you Ivy." he whispered. "I love you Grimsley." she muttered. "I love you too, Elson." he sighed holding her closer.

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