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As the cart reached the inn, the jovial sounds of a violin ceased. A lone boy hopped down from the drivers bench. He then assisted his female companion down. At the back of the cart an older boy staggered out. A small ball of light fell off of this boy's shoulder onto the cold pavement.
"Malon, whatever you fed the cow that made this milk, stop giving it that!" moaned the ball of light.
"I dunno whatchoo talkin bou' Navi." hiccuped the older boy. "I tink it's swell."
"Malon, my dear they're drunk. I think we should take them up to my room." sighed the younger boy. "Richard let's get you upstairs."
"Ok Beat, I don' feel good." laughed Richard.

Malon, being a smart girl went in and found Cyris, the inns owner. He came out and carried the drunk guard upstairs. Beat followed them carrying Navi's small glowing body. Richard was lain in the larger of the two beds in Beat's room. Navi was laid down on a folded blanket. Beat stretched, yawning quietly.
"You take the bed Malon. I'm gonna take a stroll outside." suggested Beat.
"M'kay." yawned Malon. She climbed into the small bed tossing aside a black cloth, she nestled in to get warm.

Beat was in thief mode now. He had left his rapier and violin in his room. He only carried his newly sheathed knife, and a bag of bombchus. He slowly crept through town. If what Leo had said was true then he needed to visit this person. He slipped past the guard outside the castle path. He scaled the ledge, making sure not to cause too much noise. He crawled across the ground until he passed the gates arch. He then jumped down, landing silently on his feet. Pulling a bombchu out, he winded it up, pointing it towards a sign stating "dead end". He followed it's path until it climbed up a boulder at the paths end. It went around the boulder before exploding.

Since it was behind the boulder the sound was muffled. The flash was hidden also, but the golden eyes of this Gerudo saw it all. He crept over to the dead end, and before entering the hidden crawlspace, plucked a large blade of grass. Upon reaching the end of the tunnel he stretched his cramped limbs. He then stepped forward. "Here I go." he whispered.

Stepping upon the Triforce symbol he placed the grass against his mouth. It had been a while since he tried playing a grass-whistle. He took a deep breath and played the song Leo had taught him. Zelda's Lullaby echoed through the cave. Then a flash of light accompanied by a piercing laugh filled the cave.
"Welcome traveler." greeted the giant pink haired woman floating above the fountain. "I am the Great Fairy of Power. I will grant you a magical gift for reaching here."
With another flash Beat found himself holding a small crystal that held a red sphere in it's center.
"Din's Fire!" gasped Beat.
"Use it wisely Grimsley, it will aid you soon." warned the fairy. She then lifted her arms and a flash of light filled the room.

Beat found himself outside the Rusty Dagger, the inn his friends were staying in. He walked inside got a glass of Din's Blessing, a warmed mixture of honey, milk, and barley, and headed upstairs. Taking a drink of the fiery liquid, he opened his door.
"Tomorrow the journey begins." he sighed to himself.

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