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Juelietta had found the love of her life, the one she knew she'd marry, the one she had been waiting for.She was waiting on her back porch for him to come.He had called her yesterday saying they needed to talk.She was quite excited for his news.They had been together for five years and she was positive their love was extraordinary, or that's what she thought.She smiled when she caught sight of him coming up the stairs.She couldn't help but smile.She loved him to no extent and was more than sertain that he was going to purpose.He made a nervous, almost sad, smile and held her hands in his.She melt in his touch.It felt like she was chocolate over a fire."Juely, I have to tell you something."
"I do to."
"Why don't you go first."He insisted.
"Ryan, I just want you to know how much I love you.I love you so much and I hope we stay together forever."Ryan's face flushed.
"Mabye I should've gone first."He took a breath in and sighed."Juelietta, I don't know how to say this but..."She got ready for the "I love you" speech and for him to pop the big question."Yes, Ryan."Her excitment couldn't be contained inside.
"I want to breakup with you."
"Yes, of corse I-wait what?"She was so surprised, she didn't even know if she heard him right.
"I want to breakup with you, Jeuly."
"What?Why?"She had felt as if he had punched her in the gut.
"I just think we should try seeing other people."Jeulietta couldn't believe this.After five years, he wants to breakup.How could he do this to her after all the times they had spent together?She had thought he loved her.Then she relised something, something in his voice.It wasn't sadness, or greif, but more like he was glad he was breaking up with her.Not only that, but he seemed calm, a little too calm.People are only calm during a breakup if..."Your already seeing someone else aren't you?"
"What?Jeuly, I would never do that."
"I knew it.Every time you looked at me, I saw someone else in your eyes."
"I'm not seeing someone else."
"Kristy had always told me to be careful around you.She knew it from the day I met you that you were a two-timing jerk who can't keep his pants zipped up.I hate you."
"No, Jeulietta, I'm not cheating on you-"He put a hand to his cheek, now as red as the tomatos growing in the garden.Jeulietta had tears soaking her pale face as she pulled her hand away from his face."How could you do this to me after all I've done for you, with you?I can't believe I fell for your tricks.Get out of my yard."
"Jeuly, wait-"
"Get out of my yard!"She pointed to the gate as more tears followed the older ones."I never want to see your face again, you basterd!"He stepped back and whispered."Bye, Jeulietta."And walked away.Once out of sight, she ran in the house and stomped upstairs to her bed room and slamed the door shut, burring her face in her pillow.

Jeulietta shivered at the terrible memory.After that horrid day, she swore to never love another man to keep the few pieces of her heart whole.She cried and cried.Every day and night, she'd cry.her mother finally got her to stop a few days after New Years.She had decided to move into a small apartment for one and was offered a job as an attorney.Her mother always called her to try and convince her to find love.And today was no different."Mom, I have work to worry about.I don't even have time for love."
"I just think you should have a man in your life since your father died."
"I have plenty of guys in my life.Like the ones here at the office."
"jeuly, Karl is gay and Sid is a stupid, alcoholic intern who isn't even smart enough to spell his own name."
"Okey, but I have all my friends here like Vivian."
"Well, I'd like some grandkids."
"I'm sorry, I just want what's best for you and right now, I just think you should at least try to find love."
"If I tell you I'll try, will you drop the subject?"
"Oh, fine.I'll leave the problem alone."
"Thank you.I have to go, bye, Mom."
"Bye, Sweetheart."She pressed the red button on her phone and started typing some case files on her laptop.

Meanwhile, in Castle town in a whole different world, the Hero of Time wandered the bust streets, making his way to his little apartment he had bought two years ago.He found the little wooden door and took his key out of his pocket and turned it in the doorknob.He pushed it open and stepped inside, closing it behind him.He turned on the lights and headed to his room.He had a secret room he had built into the apartment that led into Hyrule field.He opened his curtains and found the hidden door beside his window.He stepped in and closed the door.He whent down the dark hallway and saw the hidden door in the cieling with little srips of light shining through.He opened it and the light became brighter and he climbed up, and out.He breathed in the nice, cool air of autum and stood to his feet.The field was huge and beutiful, though no one was allowed outside after dark because of the stalchilds.Link remembered the days when running into stalchilds, or any other monster for that matter, just became second nature.He looked up at the full moon and the twinkling stars that surounded it.Almost evry night was asd beutiful as this in Hyrule.Even when it rained, it was beutiful.No ome knew exactly the true beuty of Hyrule like Link did.There wasn't a place in Hyrule he didn't venture to.Very few Hyleans go to the Gerudo fortress, the Dessert Collusus, Death Mountain Crater, the Sacred foest Meadow, or the bottom of Lake Hylia.And yet, Link whent to all of them and more in  just one adventure.Also, very few Hyleans or any other race in Hyrule go to Termina either, like Link did to search for his little fairy companian.He had been almost every where, and he liked that he was known for something every where he whent.He just couldn't say no to adventure.Link heard a howl and looked over a hill at a pack of wolfos running after a small boy.Link grabbed his sword he had stashed behind a rock and leaped into action, running towards the wolfos attack.The boy tripped and fell as the beasts growled with milky foam oozing out of their mouths.The boy cried and, suddenly, the wolfos left the boy for Link.The howled at him and Link held his weapon tightly.The pack leader jumped at Link, but was knocked back to the ground as soon as Link swung his sword.Hed liquid streamed out of the wolfo's abdamen and Link attacked the others as well.Once they were all lying on the ground, whimpering and  whining, the ones that still had a little strength, fled the area away from them.Link walked over to the boy and he opened his eyes."A-are they gone, M-mister?"Link smiled at him and nodded.
"They're all gone."The boy sat up and looked around.Seeing it was safe, he stood up."What are you doing out here all a lone, anyways?"The boy was about to answer, but boney heads stuck out of the ground and stopped him.Link grabbed the boy's hand and started running to his appartment.Link lowered the boy inside and climbed in after him, locking the door shut.He heard pounding on the door from the stalchilds.Link led the boy down the dim lit hallway and out the door to his bedroom."Thank you, Mister.For saving me."
"What were you doing out in the field after dark?You do know it's dangorous, right?"
"I've never been outside my master's home.He told us it was to risky and he didn't want us kidnapped."
"Your master?What do you mean?"
"Master Farian.He never let's us leave the house except for Kari and Erin who work outside in the garden.We all have to stay inside and clean and cook for master Farian, or else he hurts us.Landon slipped a month ago and broke a glass on accident.Master Farian took him to the punishment room.We haven't seen him since.Emma said he got sick and died."
"Your his slave?"
"He says that we're his servants that he loves very much.But Talor escaped last week, and I wanted to too.I hate it there."He coughed and shivered."I've been really cold since Landon left.I feel really sick and I cough alot."
"Where did he get all of you?"
"He told us that our parents didn't treat us good so he took us.I'm the youngest.He took me when I was first born.I don't have a name, but everyone calls me Ifor."The boy coughed again and fell over from the force of the cough.
"Why don't you lay down in the bed.I'll take you to Zelda first day in the morning."
"But what about you?Where will you sleep?"
"The couch is all right.You get some rest.You'll need all the strength you can get."Link started walking away when Ifor stopped him.
"Thank you."
"Your welcome."

Farian pounded his fist against his desk and growled as the child in front of him jumped."How could he have escaped?!I had this place surounded by my barrier!It's impossible!"The child shrugged."Perhaps I underestimated his true power.Mabye he is more powerful than I had first thought.How will I be able to bring Lord Ganondorf back now?!"
"Mabye these will help."Farian looked up and saw a man in the doorway.He was cloaked, but with his hood down.He was bald with very pale skin exactlly like snow and his eyes were as red as blood, staring into your very soul making you scream to death.He was holding a bunch of roses in his hand, all black to match his cloak."Why do I need roses?!"
"Ah, but these aren't just any roses.They're special roses only grown in the darkest, scariest, deadliest place in Hyrule."
"How will these help?"
"These roses have the power to make anyone curious.I know of a girl.A girl who lives in a far away place, but she can be brought here and back in a matter of seconds.Now, your power only works here in Hyrule, correct?"
"Yes...I'm listening."
"These roses can bring her to Hyrule.She is of great power.I have searched the future, and if you agree, she will follow the Hero of time here and you may use her to open the path from the Sacred realm, alowing Ganondorf to be brought back to life."Farian thought for a second.
"How can I believe you?"
"Take a look..."He held out his hand and a giant glass ball apeared in his hand.Color began swirling inside when an image came up.It was a young girl with long brown hair walking to a building."This girl is powerful beyond imagionible."
"I believe you now."He smiled wickidlly, and chuckled.

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