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I stomped off to my room, but half way up the stairs, my step mother calls"Kiley.What happened to you?What happened to the cheerful girl your father and I loved?"I turned around.My brown braid swung around to my back.I was wearing a blue tee and jeans with black boots."Why do you care"
"Because, Kiley, I`m your mother."
"No your not!You didnt go through pain to give birth to me."I scowled
"Kiley!I love you like my own blood child"
"That doesnt matter."I turned and contenued up the stairs.I turned the knobb and entered my room were I sat on my bed.I put my hands to my face to rubb it.When my hands pulled away from my eyes I spotted a picture of my father, mother and I when I was two.I didnt know of the terrible tragedys that apeared in my diffacult life then.I was young and innocent.Now I`m just foolish and left with nothing more than a life full of people who dont listen.I jumped when I heard a knock at the door"Kiley,can I come?""I dont care."The door opened and sure enough stood the woman who never listened the most."Kiley, I`m sorry you dont think of me as your mother.I tried my best to be a great one but apperently failed.""Why try when you know you`ll fail?Whats the point""It`s always worth a try.You never know what could happen, like driving on an open highway, you never know what you will see.I just hope that somday you`ll look back at moments like this and say'she helped me through this'."She sighed"But, your right.Why try when you keep failing."She stood up and started for the door
"Wait.Do you know what it feels like being ignored?"
"Because that`s how I feel."
"Honey I listen to you"
"No, you dont."She looked at me and responded"Well, I`ll try"She then left the room.I layed on the bed, thinking deep thoughts.

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