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The stars twinkled and told me to calm down.I was a slave in my own home.I was sitting by the small window in my very small bedroom.It only had room for a small cot and a chair.I had tear stanes down my cheeks.My god father was a selfish, stupid, dumbass.He always took me for granted and treated me like a pile of shit.Tonight was expeshually terrible because he had said something terrible to me.
I was giving him his tea when I tripped over his shoes.The hot tea flew in the air and hit him."You good for nothing bitch.Your worthless and I bet your parents left you because of this.Your stupid parents should have gotton rid of you.Your a useless basterd."When I picked myself up off the ground he saw the tears in my purple eyes and he slapped the life out of me.His many gold rings left gashes on my delicate cheek.I quickly stumbbled to the ground."Your weak."he spat as he kicked me in my stomach and left.I layed there, trying to regain my strength.But I had no strength.He was right,I was weak.I was the weakest person in this dreadful world.
Remebering that memory from an hour ago made my eyes well up with teaars.The gashes were still placed on my cheek along with a srong pain in her shoulder.I had felt pain emotionally and physically but this was inberible pain.I moaned in pain as the pain became worse.Soon it became so bad I passed out.

I was standing in a beutiful field when three lights apeared and spoke to me."Do not fear, young Samantha,we are the three godesses of the kingdom of Hirule.We have come to tell you to leave this selfish man.He has nothing but torture planned for you.Come to Hirule and live peacefully among the old race of Angels.We are awiating for you."
I opened my eyes and was in my room.

I thought about my dream,should I really leave?Will I really go to Hirule?What do I have to loose?I thoufght as I snuck out the front door.I ran to the woods behind the house.I kept running untill I came to a cliff I lost my balance and fell.

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