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Princess Brianna was picking flowers in the castle courtyard with her two other sisters,fourteen year old Karen and ten year old Tiana,as Brianna was six.Her three brothers were practicing sword fighting.Her older brother, Johnthon was fifteen,and her two other brothers Robbert and Kile were eight.Their mother and father,Link and Zelda,were sitting on the porch. "Mother,dont you think these floweres are pretty.They remind me of the ones that grow in the forest?"Brianna asked her mother. "Yes,they look wonderful,Bree." Bree smiled and contenued picking. Then a little light brown puppy limped up to her."Oh, who is this?"She picked up the cute little animal and found a big cut and a few bruises."Oh you poor thing.I`ll fix you right up to health."She walked to the door then Zelda asked"What do you have there sweatheart?""Oh, a very hurt puppy.""Come in.We`ll fix it right up."They walked in and headed to the clinic.On the way they ran into Impa."Oh, hello Impa.How has your day been?"Zelda asked the nanny. "Very busy.Being a nanny and a sage is hard work.""Well we better go help this cute little puppy.""Oh it is cute.""Well see you later""Bye"They resumed down the hall and enterd the clinic."Hello, your highness." said the nurse."Hi, can you help this puppy?""Sure can."Zelda put the puppy on a table and Brianna strocked its head."Well it looks like it got beaten.But nothing we cant fix."She put a liquid on the cut and the puppy jumped and whined."What does this do?"Bree asked"Well, it makes the cut heal faster and keeps it from gitting infected."Bree nodded her head.The nurse rapped a cloth around the cut."It should heal in about a few weeks.""Thank you" "Any time princess"Bree picked up the puppy and her and her mom left the clinic"Mom,can I keep this puppy?""I dont see why not.But you have to take care of it.""Of course.I think I`ll name her...hmmm...I know,
Sophia.I`ll call you Sophia."She petted her back and she wagged her tail and barked.

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