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This is my version of what happened ten years after the end of ocarina of time, when link was returned to his childhood and given the opportunity to live his life.


“Gimme another,” he slurred.

            A shot glass slid along the table and he cought it, raising it to his lips and downing the red liquid. He spluttered loudly and slammed the glass down.


            Again he drank and spluttered, wobbling on his stool as he did so. An old man came over and sat beside him, “Drowning your sorrows kid?”

            “what is it to you if I am?” He wobbled again as he turned away from the old man. A hand was placed gently on his shoulder.

            “It’s bad for the soul, drinking like this.”

            “Well ya’ know what? I don’t care.” He slapped the hand away and fell from his stool with a clatter. “You don’t know me. You don’t know what I’ve been through.” He struggled up again. “I used to be someone, people used to pass me in the street and tell their kids what a HERO I was.” Tears of drunken sadness filled his young eyes, “now I have nothing…noone remembers me, it’s like it never even happened.”

            “so what’d ya do to get so famous in the first place?”

            “you wouldn’t care, you wouldn’t believe me…nobody believes me.”

            “try me, I’ll listen.”

            “It was years ago. So long I can barely remember it myself. I-I saved the world, I killed the king of evil and protected the princess, I-“ a set of powerful hands seised him from behind.

            “That’s enough of your bullshit, pay up and get outta my bar. Next time I see you trying your sob story you won’t be so lucky.”

            He slammed a handful of rupees down on the bar and stumbled outside. Retching, he collapsed in the gutter, emptying is stomach onto the floor. As he lay there shivering the bar door opened and a set of footsteps came closer.

            “I believe you” the old man said, kneeling and wrapping a cloak around the fallen man. “I remember even if they don’t. It’s good to see you…link.”

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